Top 80 Better Job Quotes

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Individuals usually do a better job than the government

Individuals usually do a better job than the government.
Rob Lowe
Every time the Octagon door closes everything that is written on paper doesn’t matter, it depends on who does a better job. It’s two fighters; they have legs, they have elbows and they have feet.
Jan Blachowicz
Everyone is told to go to high school and get good grades and go to college and get good grades and then get a job and then get a better job. There’s no one really telling a story about how they totally blew it, and they figured it out.
Sophia Amoruso
There are millions of women who are trapped in lower-paying jobs and don’t have the skills for a higher-paying job, and don’t have the money or the time to access the higher education that they need for a better job.
Marco Rubio
Part of that problem is women don’t run. We don’t run for office. It’s not that people are overwhelmingly voting against us. We just don’t step up to the plate. So we have to do a better job of recruiting women and getting women to step up.
Amy McGrath
I try to do a good job of contesting shots and blocking shots and altering shots, but I’ve got to do a better job of doing more.
Roy Hibbert
Asylum is for people fleeing persecution, not those searching for a better job. Yet our broken system – with its debilitating court rulings, a crushing backlog, and gaping loopholes – allows illegal migrants to get into our country anyway and for whatever reason they want. This gaming of the system is unacceptable.
Kirstjen Nielsen
I have become a housewife and there is no better job.
Celine Dion
I think we have got to do a better job explaining to people why their vote does count. I think people feel disconnected from some of their elected officials, as well as the system, because, sometimes, it is very complicated.
Martin Luther King III
We, all of us, could do a much better job of evoking what someone has called the universal principle of human altruism: the urge in us all to help others who are in danger.
Bart Starr
I have to do a better job of learning how to adjust.
Drew Pomeranz
I may not be able to re-record a song, but I can do a better job each time I sing it.
Patty Loveless
I need to develop a car and engineer a car in a position that feels comfortable for me, and I don’t think anyone can do a better job than I can in that position. The problem for me is if I can’t get the car there I do struggle more than some.
Jenson Button
I have always found it difficult to wait for things – whether it was to see my father or sailor brother, Alan, again after their long sea trips, or the chance of a better job, or even new curtains.
Anna Neagle
Our message of opportunity and inclusion is, I think, a very powerful message that does indeed speak to Americans, but we’ve got to do a better job of listening.
Tom Perez
Parliament must do a better job at holding the Government to account than it managed in the Article 50 debates.
Clive Lewis
At Harvard, where students tend to respond to real-world celebrities with the vague sense that they could do a better job themselves, the recipe for celebrity is complex.
Alexandra Petri
We need to do a much better job when people are addicted to take them through treatment and recovery.
Rob Portman
I had to turn down films and plays because I had a job, and I could not take up better job offers that required me to relocate, because I did not want to lose the link with theatre. It was a huge decision for me to quit my job.
Pratik Gandhi
I hope I can do a better job than Mr. Bettman.
Bobby Hull
I started singing by default, I think. Because there was a guy in the group that thought the group wasn’t going to ever be anything. And I was getting ready to record, and I’d never recorded my voice. It was always other people that I featured because I thought they did a much better job.
Andrae Crouch
I’m not perfect; I make mistakes all the time. All I can do is to try my best to learn from my mistakes, take responsibility for them, and do a better job tomorrow.
YouTube does a better job of monetizing for the creators. Like, that is the home for me as a creator where, not only can my content be seen, consumed, digested, but also they pay.
Logan Paul
Well, I’m not saying that we’re solving every problem or arresting every person that ought to be arrested and deported, but we’re doing a better job than has been done in the past.
Thad Cochran
We in the media have been guilty about not doing a better job of making people understand how really simple cooking is. We’ve made everyone feel like they have to be a chef.
Ruth Reichl
The Republican Party does such a better job of grooming the next generation of Republican leaders. The Democratic Party does not, and I think that we need to change that.
Amy McGrath
I’m not one of these guys who thinks testing is the only thing. But testing is a piece but there has to be more human ways to evaluate what job teachers are doing and we have to do a better job of that.
Davis Guggenheim