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As a means to an end, modelling was good, but I had to

As a means to an end, modelling was good, but I had to distance myself from it when I started working as an actress, because even though I wasn’t high-profile, I found in my first write-ups that I’d be referred to as ‘model Gemma Chan.’
Gemma Chan
Our free enterprise system of disseminating information is collectively referred to as The Media. But there is no collective.
Jessica Savitch
I am merely an amateur; being referred as a lyricist is a far fetched dream for me, and I feel I don’t entirely deserve it yet.
Vignesh Shivan
Obama was referred to in terms so glowing, so fulsome, so toadying that it was easy to pin down the journalist class of 2008 as a group of fangirls squeeing and fainting at his every utterance.
Rick Wilson
Gribenes have been referred to as Jewish popcorn or kosher pork rinds. It’s basically chicken skin fried in schmaltz. They’re crispy and mixed with fried onions. I’m telling you, when you have it with chopped liver, it’s the most incredible thing because you get this crunch and this surge of chicken flavor.
David Sax
Those of us referred to food banks are the lucky ones with a good doctor or health visitor who knows us well enough to recognise that something has gone seriously wrong.
Jack Monroe
The problem with most children’s hospitals is that they are passive. They are high quality. They are filled with the best doctors. But their function is to wait until kids get sick and get referred in.
Irwin Redlener
I would also point out that many governments that chose not to support this war – certainly, the French president, Jacques Chirac, as I recall in April of last year, referred to Iraq’s possession of WMD.
David Kay
I was reared on American TV and films. There was a huge sense of occasion about going to the cinema in Moy in the late 1950s and early ’60s, and I absolutely loved those Hollywood sword-and-sandal movies like Ben-Hur and the dime-a-dozen cowboy-and-Indian films, as we then referred to them.
Paul Muldoon
We seriously have to question the motivation of those people referred to as climate change sceptics, who are denying the evidence of human-caused climate change and preventing us from moving forward by spreading disinformation and supporting unchecked carbon pollution.
Kofi Annan
My style of singing has always been referred to ‘soul’ singing when it fact it’s more influenced by English R&B Blues Shouting. I’m closer to Led Zeppelin as a vocalist than to Ella Fitzgerald. It was torture dealing with major labels.
Alison Moyet
Now I’m a wife and a mother of two. It’s a really different role. I always referred to No Doubt as a marriage, because that’s what it’s like to be together for so long and go through what we’ve been through. I can’t really have that relationship with them anymore.
Gwen Stefani
Ant and Dec seemed a natural name for us – it was just how people referred to us, cos we were always together. I’ve never resented the fact that his name comes first.
Declan Donnelly
Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology.
Emily Greene Balch
I was probably the only revolutionary referred to as cute.
Abbie Hoffman
In all my 26 years in Parliament, we had referred to Mr. Ong Teng Cheong as the first Elected President.
Tan Cheng Bock
The situation in the sciences is this: A concept or an idea which cannot be measured or cannot be referred directly to experiment may or may not be useful. It need not exist in a theory.
Richard P. Feynman
I chose to personally support Donald Trump for president early on and referred to him as America’s blue-collar billionaire at the Republican National Convention because of his love for ordinary Americans and his kindness, generosity, and bold leadership qualities.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
I don’t mind being, in the public context, referred to as the inventor of the World Wide Web. What I like is that image to be separate from private life, because celebrity damages private life.
Tim Berners-Lee
I think I would actually be offended if I was referred to as a donkey in any way. Sorry, nothing personal against donkeys!
Cynthia Bailey
I was doing some research and stuff and reading about Bowie. When he referred to his music as ‘plastic soul,’ I was like, ‘That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.’
Joshua Ostrander
I went through a phase where all I was doing was commercials, and not that it was a bad thing, but I was referred to as ‘the Allstate guy’ as I was walking the streets. Someone comes up to you on the street, you would like them to know your name.
Dennis Haysbert
Music critics have made it quite clear that any composer who ever contributed a four-bar jingle to a film was to be referred to as a ‘Hollywood composer’ from then on, even if the rest of his output were to consist solely of liturgical organ sonatas.
Andre Previn
In full accordance with the law – and in order to prevent terrorist attacks on the United States and to save American lives – the United States government conducts targeted strikes against specific al-Qa’ida terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft, often referred to publicly as drones.
John O. Brennan
During his public life, Barack Obama has often referred to his biracial background and itinerant childhood and has said, ‘In no other country on Earth is my story even possible.’ True.
Monica Crowley
They were targeting those people I referred to as ‘little Eichmanns.’ These were legitimate targets.
Ward Churchill
In the government schools, which are referred to as public schools, Indian policy has been instituted there, and its a policy where they do not encourage, in fact, discourage, critical thinking and the creation of ideas and public education.
Russell Means
I will no longer be referred to as Miss Steinem of Ms. magazine.
Gloria Steinem
For years, I was either referred to as a ‘rubber-faced funny man’ or ‘the ‘Men Behaving Badly’ star.’
Martin Clunes
Countries all around the world, starting with the U.K., have started behavioural insight teams, often referred to as nudge units. And they seem to be doing lots of good.
Richard Thaler
When I began my career, I was constantly referred to as the kid who could play the blues.
Jonny Lang
I've always referred to my father as 'my coach' because

I’ve always referred to my father as ‘my coach’ because we were always able to separate our relationship into the roles of coach and parent.
Sebastian Coe
People have referred to me as ‘innocent’, which makes me feel disingenuous.
Mae Martin
European nations began World War I with a glamorous vision of war, only to be psychologically shattered by the realities of the trenches. The experience changed the way people referred to the glamour of battle; they treated it no longer as a positive quality but as a dangerous illusion.
Virginia Postrel
One of the most important tasks as a leader in a startup is to pick the right metric to track. This is often referred to as the ‘compass metric’ because it will be your compass for growth. It’s important to note that ‘compass metrics’ will likely change over the lifetime of a business.
Tobias Lutke
Think of Donald Trump’s personal qualities, the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third-grade theatrics. We have long referred to him as ‘The Donald.’ He is the only person in America to whom we have added an article before his name. It wasn’t because he had attributes we admired.
Mitt Romney
Poe was a student of many things, and among those things he read and referred to in his work was the Bible.
John Astin
What is clear is that in 1900, Galveston was growing fast, had already become the number one cotton port on the Gulf Coast, and was already being referred to as ‘the New York of the Gulf.’
Erik Larson
Artists were always referred to as great artists. I thought that’s what the profession was. One word: great-artist. There wasn’t one moment in my life when I thought I wanted to be anything else.
Hedda Sterne
There was a time when all dark-skinned people were called Ethiopians, for the Greeks referred to Africa as, ‘The Land Of The Burnt-Face People.’
John Henrik Clarke
Wong Kar-Wai is a really great inspiration. He’s always referred to as the Jimi Hendrix of filmmaking.
Gus Van Sant
The Bible is referred to in scripture as the sword of the spirit.
Andy Mineo
I’m very often referred to as ‘Sir’ in elevators and such. I think it has to do with being this tall and not wearing much lipstick. I think people just can’t imagine I’d be a woman if I look like this.
Tilda Swinton
To be frank, I am confused. If an actress does a cameo dance sequence, it is often referred to as an item number, if an actor does the same, it is just a dance number!
Shamna Kasim
For years, I referred to climate change as an ‘existential’ threat to human civilization, and called it a ‘crisis.’
Michael Shellenberger
Now, forty years after his passing, Winston Churchill is still quoted, read, revered, and referred to as much, if not more, than when he was alive.
Mac Thornberry
The space between keepers and defenders is referred to as the ‘corridor of opportunity’ – a well-hit pass in there has the goalie questioning whether to come into traffic and defenders unsure of whether or where to clear the ball.
Glenn Murray
In Canada, anything that’s not in the city is referred to as a cottage. Or a log cabin.
Dolores O’Riordan
When I was a child, I was referred to as the Danny Kaye of the family, because I was always impersonating and mimicking people. I was a song and dance man.
Jason Mantzoukas
Parliamentarian rules, the rules of the House, how you get bills referred, really the nuts and bolts that most members don’t ever want to know because it’s a lot of work. But that’s what really makes you successful.
Jimmy Gomez
The underbelly of the human psyche, what is often referred to as our dark side, is the origin of every act of self-sabotage. Birthed out of shame, fear, and denial, it misdirects our good intentions and drives us to unthinkable acts of self-destruction and not-so-unbelievable acts of self-sabotage.
Debbie Ford
When I was growing up there, North Gulfport was referred to as ‘Little Vietnam’ because of the perception of crime and depravity within its borders – as if its denizens were simply a congregation of the downtrodden.
Natasha Trethewey
Broadway has changed tremendously from the early days when the shows were referred to as musical comedies. Musical Theater is now a more expanded art form. Back then, singer/actors were not the norm. From the 60’s to now, it is necessary to do it all to be a consummate Broadway performer.
Betty Buckley
Ocean acidification is often referred to as osteoporosis of the oceans because as acidity rises, shell building creatures such as lobster, oyster, crab, shrimp, and coral are unable to extract the calcium carbonate from the water that they need to build their shells and are thus unable to survive.
Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
One of the things I always thought about as a young coach was finding solutions to things that happened, but the most important thing I always referred to was never giving in.
Alex Ferguson
James Taylor is the kind of person I always thought the word ‘folksinger’ referred to. He writes and sings songs that are reflections of his own life, and performs in them in his own style. All of his performances are marked by an eloquent simplicity.
Jon Landau
The first person is a tradition I relate to and that I use; historically, it’s been the voice I work in. But the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I’m referred to as a ‘confessional’ writer.
Meghan Daum
The RNA World referred to an hypothetical stage in the origin of life on Earth.
Sidney Altman
I have referred to myself as an accidental activist on more than one occasion.
Joan Blades
I have never really referred to my voice as ‘gay.’
Gavin Creel
You know, people always ask me how I describe my music. First of all I tell them that’s their job and then that also one day I hope to have things referred to as Martha Wainwright -esque.
Martha Wainwright
I got to a point where I referred to myself as Dolores of the Cranberries instead of myself because I alienated my real self from what I became so much.
Dolores O’Riordan
Typically diagnosed during childhood and adolescent yea

Typically diagnosed during childhood and adolescent years, juvenile diabetes, also referred to as Type I diabetes, currently affects more than 3 million Americans and more then 13,000 children are diagnosed each year.
Elijah Cummings
In the summer of 1866, as Leo Tolstoy prepared for his serialized novel ‘War and Peace’ to be published as a single volume, he wrote to illustrator Mikhail Bashilov, hoping to commission drawings for the new edition of the novel, which he referred to by its original title,1805.
Alexander Chee
The Boxer Rebellion is a war that was fought on Chinese soil in the year 1900. The Europeans, the Japanese and their Chinese Christian allies were on one side. On the other were poor, starving, illiterate Chinese teenagers whom the Europeans referred to as the Boxers.
Gene Luen Yang
The ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time is something the human race has never had before. This new set of tools, often referred by the lofty term ‘Big Data,’ has begun to emerge as a new approach to addressing some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.
Rick Smolan
At times, I’ve referred to Christ’s miracles, and have said, ‘Well, Christ multiplied the fish and the loaves to feed the people. That is precisely what we want to do with the Revolution and socialism.’
Fidel Castro
I do not like to use the term ‘Free-to-play.’ I have come to realize that there is a degree of insincerity to consumers with this terminology, since so-called ‘Free-to-play’ should be referred to more accurately as ‘Free-to-start.’
Satoru Iwata
Honestly, in retrospect, when I referred to the actors from ‘Prince’ as non-actors or non-professionals, it was actually a great disservice to them. The fact is that they are all actors and should be viewed that way by the industry. It was our casting process that was non-professional.
Sean Baker
The best thing I can say about ‘Teen Wolf Too’ is that it’s the only time anyone ever referred to me as Preston Sturges. Leonard Maltin wrote that ‘Teen Wolf Too’ made ‘Teen Wolf’ look like Preston Sturges. I’ve always prided myself on that.
Jeph Loeb
President Reagan, expanding on President Lincoln’s phrase, referred to America as ‘the last, best hope of man on Earth.’ But this last, best hope is beginning to fade.
Edwin Meese
I have, since the age of about 2, been a twitchy bundle of phobias, fears, and neuroses. And I have, since the age of 10, when I was first taken to a mental hospital for evaluation and then referred to a psychiatrist for treatment, tried in various ways to overcome my anxiety.
Scott Stossel
I am often considered almost not a part of the profession of Establishment economists. I am even referred to as a sociologist. And by that, economists usually do not mean anything flattering.
Gunnar Myrdal
Probably when I was about 16 or 17 I started writing. I wouldn’t call it poetry, even though I’ve referred to it as poetry a couple times. But I don’t think that’s right. It was more scribblings and stream of consciousness.
Aldous Harding
John Howard, willing to apologise to home owners for rising interest rates, would not say sorry to Aborigines. He refused to condone what he referred to as ‘a black armband version’ of history, preferring a jingoistic nationalism.
Richard Flanagan
For me to want to play the trumpet was a very, very odd thing for my clan as a whole. One of my uncles was a high school principal, and he referred to my trumpet as a bugle, which really hurt me.
Hugh Masekela
When are we going to stop labeling everyone? How many times have I been referred to as ‘out gay actor?’ Do we say, ‘out heterosexual actor’ when we refer to Tom Hanks?
Bryan Batt
Someone once referred to modeling as being like winning the lottery gene pool. It’s such an odd way to put things, but what is different about modelling is that the industry often picks you.
Erin O’Connor
Personal philanthropy must be separated from corporate philanthropy. Personal philanthropy is more about giving back to society, or giving forward, as it is now referred to.
Rohini Nilekani
The ‘Perez’ in me was the outsider, the Latino guy, the homosexual, the person who stuck out, and the ‘Hilton’ referred to Hollywood, the mainstream.
Perez Hilton