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When, in 1949, I decided to join the little band of ear

When, in 1949, I decided to join the little band of early explorers who had followed Albert Claude in his pioneering expeditions, electron microscopy was still in its infancy.
Christian de Duve
I went to my son’s graduation this weekend, and I heard a great quote I’ve never heard before from Albert Einstein. It was that the greatest danger to the world is not the bad people but it’s the good people who don’t speak out.
Hamilton Jordan
Senator Albert Gore Sr. was one of the first outspoken critics of the Vietnam War.
Peter Jennings
I guess I was the class clown – with a name like Albert Einstein, you don’t hide in the back. I’d read the school bulletin to the class, and I’d add activities and make stuff up. It was good, a good 10 minutes every morning.
Albert Brooks
Albert Grossman called my office and spoke with my partner Richard Leacock and asked if we’d be interested in making a film with his client, Bob Dylan.
D. A. Pennebaker
We grew up watching Woody Allen and Albert Brooks movies, and we see this neurotic, annoying, unlikeable male at the center of a story, and people root for him anyway. I think that’s really what we have been craving as women is the hero who doesn’t look perfect and doesn’t act perfectly.
Jill Soloway
I was offered ‘Pretty Woman.’ I was offered ‘Big’ and ‘Dead Poets Society.’ But what was important to me in those years was to make movies, to make these Albert Brooks movies.
Albert Brooks
I think the first British actor who really worked well in cinema was Albert Finney. He was a back-street Marlon Brando. He brought a great wittiness and power to the screen. The best actor we’ve had.
Anthony Hopkins
My mother was born on February 8, 1944, in Lucknow, India. Her father, Albert, was half-Indian and half-Portuguese.
Lisa Jewell
I love Jimmy Bryant, and I love Albert Lee. Roy Clark. Chet Atkins. I love those pickers.
John 5
I’m a fan of Louis C.K., I’m a fan of Lena Dunham. I love shows about people that other people would consider unlikable, or, like, the work of Woody Allen and Albert Brooks.
Jill Soloway
If you make your robot look exactly like Albert Einstein, then the robot better be as smart as Einstein, or its user is going to feel cheated.
Rodney Brooks
The point is that the arts are important enough to have influenced the greatest minds and talents we know. Albert Einstein said that if he were not a physicist, he would probably be a musician.
Mickey Hart
Bohr’s influence on the physics and the physicists of our century was stronger than that of anyone else, even than that of Albert Einstein.
Werner Heisenberg
The teacher crisis is something we are really worried about during the byelection in Mount Albert. I counted, across a month, seven teachers I identified just in my area who were all leaving – not the profession but Auckland.
Jacinda Ardern
Imagine if Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein were all alive 10, 20, 30 years before we know them to be alive; it would have advanced the world that much sooner.
Marc Guggenheim
I love all of Albert Brooks’ work from ‘Defending Your Life’ back to his first film, ‘Real Life’, but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work.
Douglas Wood
There is the odd exception, like Albert Einstein, but as a breed, scientists tend not be very good at presenting themselves.
Bill Bryson
My favorite country blues player was Big Bill Broonzy. City blues was Freddie King, but I liked them all – Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Ralph Willis, Lonnie Johnson, Brownie McGhee and the three Kings, B.B., Albert and Freddie. Jazz-wise, I listened to Django, Barney Kessel and Wes Montgomery.
Alvin Lee
She didn’t hide her relationship with Albert Finney. I can’t imagine two people who were better suited, but thank God it didn’t work out, or she and I would never have met.
Robert Wolders
Albert Brooks. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Larry David. The best comedic actors play broad and real simultaneously, coming across as both larger than life and all too human.
Nell Scovell
I really didn’t understand how I got from my singing teacher’s living room to the Albert Hall.
Charlotte Ritchie
It is an honour to fight at the Royal Albert Hall.
Billy Joe Saunders
I remember, my mom, she’s lived in Spain for about thirty years, and we were playing the Royal Albert Hall, and she was with some friends from New York. Morrissey came out with the sign ‘The Queen is Dead,’ and my mom’s friends are like, ‘Oh my God.’ They took it literally.
Andy Rourke
I never set out to be a journalist. I wanted to be a humanitarian doctor like Albert Schweitzer, working in Africa.
Janine di Giovanni
In 1968, I left Cambridge and went to work in New York with Irving M. London, who was then the chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Tim Hunt
If I were to write my epitaph… Epitaph? Hey, shut-up Albert. I’d want to be remembered as someone who loved his sport and tried his best.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
I don’t think Albert Einstein could have devised an equation to guide the leader of the free world during the wildly tumultuous post-9/11 realities without a modicum of help from the opposition party and the vast majority of the print and electronic media.
Andrew Breitbart
I had the sets that meant so much to this character built – right in my home, especially the kitchen, which was important both for her character and for your introduction to her when Albert comes to visit.
Debbie Reynolds
My most firmly held value is what Albert Schweitzer termed ‘reverence for life.’ I take this seriously; many would say that because I extend it to nonhumans, I take it too far.
Victoria Moran
I’m like Albert Schweitzer and Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein in that I have a respect for life – in any form. I believe in nature, in the birds, the sea, the sky, in everything I can see or that there is real evidence for. If these things are what you mean by God, then I believe in God.
Frank Sinatra
You don't have to be Albert Einstein to see that we, as

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to see that we, as a race of people, we Australians, are being buried by a mass migration program to line the pockets of the rich and powerful.
Fraser Anning
Albert Einstein is reported to have said compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. Obviously, a dollar invested in your 20s is worth so much more than a dollar invested in your 60s.
Sallie Krawcheck
My foundation in acting has been serious theatre: Albert Camus, Arthur Miller, Shakespeare. It’s really the best medium to learn the craft.
Rajesh Khattar
I was recording stuff with my dad when I was like five, six years old. I played with him on tour. I’d gone with him to Japan in ’91, played some gigs, did a couple shows at the Albert Hall.
Dhani Harrison
Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Albert Camus, Graham Greene – they influenced my life to a profound extent.
Paul Theroux
One of the big surprises for me about Einstein was… that he wasn’t this big introvert; he was more like a novelist or a painter. It’s amazing how close society came to not benefiting from Albert Einstein’s genius.
Ron Howard
For reasons probably related to the popular vision of Albert Einstein and, also, the threat posed by black holes in comic books and science fiction, our gravitational wave discoveries have had an amazing public impact.
Rainer Weiss
Thomas Pynchon looks exactly like Thomas Pynchon should look. He is tall, he wears lumberjack shirts and blue jeans. He has Albert Einstein white hair and Bugs Bunny front teeth.
Salman Rushdie
I love performing in front of a live audience and just stepping out in front of ruddy Royal Albert Hall is just something, I can’t describe it.
Mel Giedroyc
I blew amps like they were made of tissue paper. Once I blew out the sound system at Royal Albert Hall in London.
Dick Dale
I have an amazing collaborative relationship with Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba. They always understand my vision and also have their own references to bring to the table, the results are always incredible.
Violet Chachki
I’ve always been fascinated by real scientists – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and so many others – how they’ve come up with solutions to very complicated problems that nobody else can seem to figure out.
Christopher Lloyd
I am deeply honored that my team is being recognized by H.S.H. Prince Albert II and the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo for Disney/ABC’s role in creating television that inspires and captivates audiences wherever they live.
Anne Sweeney
I’m a big fan of Albert Brooks, Nichols and May. I’d like to follow in their footsteps and do comedy films.
Illeana Douglas
Bob was fascinating to watch. It was like being a student of Albert Einstein. This guy was really brilliant, and I got to watch and experience it.
Ann Reinking
What was done is measure directly, with exquisitely sensitive instruments, gravitational waves predicted about 100 years ago by Albert Einstein. These waves are a new way to study the universe and are expected to have significant impact on astronomy and astrophysics in the years ahead.
Rainer Weiss
I would like Albert Brooks to have received the Oscars for best actor, best director and best screenplay for ‘Modern Romance.’ I love that movie.
Andy Kindler
I didn’t know Albert back then – I just learned to play that way. He and I were the only guys that played left-handed. Then left-handed people came from every direction.
Otis Rush
One day when I was 8 years old, everyone was talking in hushed tones about a great scientist that had just died. His name was Albert Einstein.
Michio Kaku
I love the building and the history. I understand not many people like me have played there. But the aim is not to conform to that building. It’s to bring the Albert Hall into my world.
Don’t get me wrong, growing up in Edinburgh, I was all too familiar with the Hibs and Hearts rivalry. My father grew up in Leith – Hibee territory – just off of Easter Road on Albert Street.
Graeme Souness
When John Coltrane passed, we were in the church for the memorial. Albert Ayler came walking in playing, real out there. He was actually mourning through his horn. Mourning, but it was also like a call to wake up. Wake up!
Wayne Shorter
I love the way Monteverdi’s opera embodies the triumph of evil love in such a luscious way. The closing love duet is just pure amoral, liquid passion. The Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment sound great in the Albert Hall, and the Glyndebourne cast is fabulous.
Charles Hazlewood
I first played the Royal Albert Hall when I was 14. I was a violinist with the Birmingham Schools Concert Orchestra, and we travelled down from the Midlands for the last night of the School Proms. We played some pieces from the Harry Potter films, and the violin parts were really hard.
Laura Mvula
I grew up in a city just outside of Edmonton, St. Albert. So I watched NHL games with my grandpa. I watched a lot of games, back then it was called the Smythe Division, and it was just Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Jarome Iginla
Civil rights leaders, including my husband and Albert Turner, have fought long and hard to achieve free and unfettered access to the ballot box. Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge.
Coretta Scott King
In 1905 Albert discovered Relativity, in 1906 he invented Rock and Roll.
Yahoo Serious
I didn’t want to go into the papal bureaucracy, so I thought of doing a postdoctoral thesis, which they call a ‘Habilitation’ in German universities, on alchemy in the work of Albert the Great.
Ivan Illich
All we did in Alabama was have a read through with the script, but there was, ‘No, well, it needs more. You’ve got to do this, Albert. You’ve got to do that, Jessica.’ It didn’t feel like that at all.
Albert Finney
Albert Einstein when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe answered: Compound interest! What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.
Mignon McLaughlin
The most fun I ever had on a movie was working with Albert Brooks. He’s the caviar of comedy. I mean, nobody’s funnier; nobody is smarter than Albert Brooks.
Sharon Stone
I've been told there's a special golden shelf, in the s

I’ve been told there’s a special golden shelf, in the secret vault kept at the back of every bookstore in America, that contains the Bible, ‘War and Peace,’ and ‘Driving Mr. Albert.’
Michael Paterniti
I went to London and performed in Eric Clapton’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ll work with him any time he asks me.
Carole King
I had lived with my mother in anger and love – I suppose most daughters do – but my children only knew her in one way: As the lady who thought they were smarter than Albert Einstein. As the lady who thought they wrote better than William Shakespeare. As the lady who thought every picture they drew was a Rembrandt.
Judith Viorst
Indeed, the Royal Family still retain the German custom – introduced by Prince Albert – of opening their presents on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning.
Ingrid Seward
My mother, twenty-two, was Harriet Gautier Brooks, named for her paternal grandmother, but always called Hallie. My father, twenty-six, was Albert Horton Foote, named for his father and great-grandfather, and I was named Albert Horton Foote, Jr.
Horton Foote
The name Albert Murray was never household familiar. Yet he was one of the truly original minds of 20th-century American letters.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
Albert Camus, a great humanist and existentialist voice, pointed out that to commit to a just cause with no hope of success is absurd. But then, he also noted that not committing to a just cause is equally absurd. But only one choice offers the possibility for dignity. And dignity matters. Dignity matters.
David Simon
Albert Frederick Mummery and Chris Bonington are the British climbers I most admire.
Reinhold Messner
If I wasn’t Eddie Albert’s son, I’d be someone else’s. It gave me a chance to do a lot of traveling, but mostly I’m glad I’m his son because he’s such a good man.
Edward Albert
I did Albert Hall, I got to play the Hall of Fame with Prince. So I’ve done that kind of stuff for ages. It wasn’t until after we finished working on Brainwash, my dad’s album after he died, then it was like ‘That phase is over in my life now, now we can get on with our music, with our band.’
Dhani Harrison
I have always had a longing to talk about this Nazi period because my parents’ generation wouldn’t talk about it after the war at all. From an actor’s point of view, it’s amazing to play in one year the Nazi Albert Speer and Claus von Stauffenberg.
Sebastian Koch
Do you know why Albert Camus was so prolific? He wrote to keep from screaming.
Henry Rollins
I’ve always been pleased with the investments I’ve made with my friend Albert Frere and I regret not having followed him more, because I would have been a lot richer.
Bernard Arnault
My friends that are snobs think its cool I did a movie with Albert Brooks.
Robin Tunney
My influences as a comedian and filmmaker are Albert Brooks, Lenny Bruce, Woody Allen, Andy Kaufman and John Cassevettes.
Sam Seder
Vogue has always loved the design and structure of bridges and she loves Albert Bridge, which we live right next to.
Spencer Matthews
My dad was part of that generation with Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay, of working-class actors breaking through. They’d never had an actor in the family.
Tom Burke
So, okay, I’m not a genius. Vincent Van Gogh and Albert Einstein were geniuses.
Bonnie Bassler
I started playing for the Flames at 19 but even in minor hockey I remember traveling to Calgary for tournaments, from St. Albert, and I imagined playing in the Saddledome.
Jarome Iginla
We don’t have to look back at da Vinci’s work and Albert Einstein’s work and Mozart’s work. We’re actually living in the time period that David Lynch is creating his art. We’re so lucky.
Madchen Amick
If I wasn’t Eddie Albert’s son, I’d be someone else’s. It gave me a chance to do a lot of traveling, but mostly I’m glad I’m his son because he’s such a good man.
Eddie Albert
I used to lie in bed and imagine I was performing at the Albert Hall, not that I’d ever been there. I took lessons with a German teacher when I was quite young. But it turned out I had a very high soprano voice, which I didn’t like at all.
Anne Reid
I’ve played the Royal Albert Hall to 8,500 people, and there wasn’t a nerve in my body.
Sandi Toksvig
There we were, hundreds of us lined up, waving at the great man as he tipped his hat to us. And that is the extent of my acquaintance with Albert Einstein.
Gregory Peck
I am very thankful to the Royal Albert Hall for the opportunity to dance here; it’s been a long hope of mine.
Sergei Polunin
I’m proud to be an Albert Gore Democrat.
Terry Sanford