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Every time you play a different role with different act

Every time you play a different role with different actors in different locations, you’re developing a greater level of comfort in the act of doing this, which is why you’re getting better all the time.
Killian Scott
One of the most amazing locations I’ve ever been is the top of the volcano in Tanzania, Africa. It’s an actual volcano where you really have this lava every day.
Jan de Bont
Here in Bhopal, the scenic locations give me peace of mind.
Shakti Mohan
We know that, relative to GPS, radar is not as accurate – we’d be seeing our planes’ precise positions in 3-D, not just approximate locations every eight seconds.
Elizabeth Esty
I’m a firm believer, and some people may disagree, and I’m happy to have a beer with them and talk about it, but I believe that locations are such an integral character to the movie.
Greig Fraser
My wife and two children traveled with me on locations all last season.
Martin Milner
The strange thing about living somewhere for a couple of years and then moving on and not returning is that those locations become ghosts of themselves in your mind.
Sarah Pinborough
All these directors who do different locations forget that one room can be shot from a million different angles and a million different ways. When I direct a movie, I’m going to use that.
Michael Pitt
Film, you get to go to other locations and live the culture for a little while. You also form a strong bond with your cast, which is a lot of fun. Plus, you only have to live with the character for a couple months at a time.
Matt Lanter
My father was a commercial deep-sea diver in exotic locations and my mom was British and we would travel there every year. So I always had that wanderlust in me.
Josh Gates
Filming is quite exciting because every day is different, but it can involve long hours standing around in chilly locations. Theatre is a very different challenge because every night you’re striving to keep it fresh, even though you might have been performing the same play for months.
Samantha Bond
‘Chocolat’ was a joy to make, as we were filming in beautiful locations in France and England. Lasse Hallstrom is such an amazing director – overall it was a wonderful experience.
Carrie-Anne Moss
In Egypt, I do survey work on the ground. That’s really the most important part of using satellite images. You know, it helps us to find potential locations for sites, and then we get to go there on the ground and confirm what we’ve seen.
Sarah Parcak
I’ve met so many new fans and amazing people while traveling to new cities and locations throughout 2017 in support of my album ‘American Teen.’
I like to be in locations that I kind of feel are very creative, that stimulate me in a creative process.
Marc Benioff
I like finding things in locations where I’ve worked and things from down South and things from flea markets or even the sidewalks.
Parker Posey
When you’re able to shoot in Europe and internationally, those locations don’t lie. The feeling doesn’t lie, the quality of the light. You can always tell when it’s shot in London.
Sandra Oh
There are such beautiful locations outside India, and the experience of shooting in Istanbul was awesome.
Sanjeeda Sheikh
The way I work with my cinematographer is not based on general principles, but the ideas are triggered by the locations where we shoot.
Paolo Sorrentino
When a number of crimes – for instance, burglaries – can be linked to the same offender, police often plot the locations on a map. The art of finding the location of the criminal’s home based on the crime sites is a key objective in what is known as geographical profiling.
Daniel Goldstein
‘Game of Thrones’ is taking dense novels and trying to shrink it all down to a slightly manageable series in the sense that there are so many characters and so many locations.
Jim Rash
Shooting on location and dressing locations in Los Angeles is shockingly expensive, especially when you’re talking about webseries-level budgets, so the opportunity to build our sets in YouTube’s space gives us a lot more room in our budget in being able to create the world of ‘VGHS’ properly.
Freddie Wong
I always prefer shooting on locations, because when I’m at home, it’s harder to sort of get lost in the world of whatever you’re making. It does, it does force this bond and community amongst a group.
Max Minghella
That’s one great thing about my profession, traveling to locations.
Dean Stockwell
Good buildings make and are made by their settings, and they are appropriately different in different locations. Climate, culture, topography and materials have helped create regional architectural languages that seem curiously right for their locations and for all times.
Jaquelin T. Robertson
I try to turn a place on film into a mental state. I always have three or four locations that I repeat and return to in a film, to make it more mythic. But my fiction films are relatively subjective stories, experienced though one character. And that always justifies a little stylisation in terms of landscape.
Pawel Pawlikowski
Iran has had a very harmful effect in a variety of ways in the region… fomenting unrest to a degree in Saudi Arabia, undoubtedly in Bahrain, and definitely in Yemen with Hamas, with Lebanese Hezbollah among other activities in locations.
David Petraeus
Most small businesses in this country today are taxed at the individual level as Corporation LLC. So whatever is cut out of those earnings is money taken out of capital for reinvestment for creating more jobs and opening up more locations.
John Fleming
It was like two different photographers, and shot in three different locations and it was really fun to do. There were 12 beautiful girls in it. It was great.
Gisele Bundchen
I’ve never returned to the locations. I do remember certain days more clearly than others and certain locations with a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps one day, I’ll bring my daughter to see them, if she’s interested.
Madeleine Stowe
Film is much more visual, a scene is typically a lot shorter, you’re dealing with a lot more characters, a lot more locations, and you’re able to rely on things that you just can never do on the stage.
Beau Willimon
Shooting 'Adam & Paul' was very tough. There was barely

Shooting ‘Adam & Paul’ was very tough. There was barely enough time, and the budget was tiny. On top of that, we shot in dangerous locations where we had little or no control or security.
Lenny Abrahamson
Professionalism and punctuality are extremely important, especially in the career path I’ve chosen. Being on sets, film schedules can be very stringent and tight. They are sometimes at odd hours in various locations. Being there when you’re called just ensures that the day starts smoothly.
Radhika Apte
There’s no way you can shoot low-budget stuff on lots of locations. It’s just a practicality thing because every time you move, it costs time and money.
Ben Wheatley
We have more franchisees that want to pay us money than we have locations to go into.
Jimmy John Liautaud
I think it’s good to have different locations for different modes you want to be in throughout the day, and to keep them separate.
Matt Mullenweg
I have spent time in many of the world’s popular wilderness locations and I would say Nepal should be proud. It is an example of man repairing the damage he has done.
Ben Fogle
I always felt that we don’t have dearth of beautiful locations in our country, but we still don’t have proper infrastructure. Because of that, most of the times, we are not able to reach those locations.
Satish Kaushik
Venture capital today is clustered in just a few locations – Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, and D.C. It’s far from efficiently distributed and accessible.
Jose Ferreira
The construction of permanent sea walls can be taken up only in places where there is sea erosion due to heavy anthropogenic pressures. The locations for such non-living barriers should be determined on the basis of a carefully conducted erosion-vulnerability analysis.
M. S. Swaminathan
If I could film, we’d film every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ in New York. I have an affinity with the city. It has some wonderful locations and it is devastatingly vast and huge. Central Park looks amazing on camera.
Matt Smith
You’re following your track, the story, your only plan, your map for the audience, and all the other stuff is, like, the fun stuff: the costumes, the locations, the set-dressing and the actors. They can all be variable as you like if you stick – however roughly – to the path.
Gus Van Sant
Writing a screenplay is so spare, it kind of reminded me that I really should celebrate what I can do in a book, which is description: for example, places, people, locations.
Michael Connelly
As a Christian, Israel has a very special place in my heart. There’s no question about that. I grew up with a Bible, and the back of the Bible has all these pictures of Israel in it. And so all these locations are incredibly significant to me personally in my faith.
James Lankford
It has been a privilege to meet and work with so many great people and, from the workshop to the joy rides, to be allowed to experience so many fabulous cars and amazing locations.
Edd China
My songs don’t deal with locations that specifically, even if there are very specific references to them in there; they’re sort of just where stories happen, not the stories themselves.
Jens Lekman
We filmed one scene on the beach and there was definitely weird energy around, and we were followed around by a white owl to several different locations, and little things like that, or certain mishaps would happen and you’d have to wonder what that was about.
Rachel True
I’m always up for new places and new locations… I think it’s the funnest part about the job.
Jade Bird
I really like shooting in real locations.
Aishwarya Rajesh
I’ve been overexposed to so much energy – not just ghosts and spirits but residual energy – overexposing myself to locations where bad things have happened and to levels of electro-geometric energy.
Zak Bagans