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We are cannibalizing our audience by only giving them r

We are cannibalizing our audience by only giving them regurgitated material. Every movie is either a remake, a sequel, based on something else. Based on a former television series. Based on a successful videogame.
Dean Devlin
I really liked ‘Premam,’ and when we decided to remake it, our intention was never to make a better film.
Naga Chaitanya
I remember I would always joke among my friends about a remake of ‘Point Break’. I would say, ‘You know what? Whenever there’s a remake of ‘Point Break’, I’m going to do it.’
Edgar Ramirez
If you are going to remake a film, you may as well remake a classic.
Liev Schreiber
In fact, the Bengali film industry is becoming more balanced between creativity and commercialization. And if Bollywood can remake south Indian and Hollywood films, why can’t we do so!
Rituparna Sengupta
No, it’s interesting to remake a film for the contemporary audience today. I think it’s a good idea; it needs to respect the original idea. Don’t just take the title and change everything else.
Dario Argento
The remake of ‘Gulaabi Aankhein’ went into a bad spin and I’ll only hold myself responsible for it. I shouldn’t have done it.
Amaal Mallik
I don’t remake any movie, whether old or of other language.
Mahesh Babu
After all my hard work, I ventured into Bollywood with ‘Traffic,’ which is a remake of a Malayalam movie.
Nikita Thukral
On a flight, I saw the ‘Chashme Buddoor’ remake. It did nothing to me. It had no impact. Watching the remake, I missed the original team even more.
Deepti Naval
Every film is a remake of a previous film, or a remake of a television series that everyone loved in the 1960s, or a remake of a television series that everyone hated in the 1960s. Or it’s a theme park ride; it will soon come to breakfast cereal mascots.
Alan Moore
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think it’s really important to remake things. If you never remake the classics, no one would know Shakespeare.
Ryan McCartan
Amitabh Bachchan’s role in ‘Deewar’… I’d love to do that if someone does a remake.
Siddharth Shukla
I saw ‘Billy Elliot’ again, and what I loved about it was the way it had become a social document, a reminder of what happened with the mining communities in the ’80s. And I thought, ‘Everyone keeps wanting me to make a sequel to ‘Beckham,’ but maybe a musical remake is the answer, embracing all this theatricality.’
Gurinder Chadha
I would love to act in the remake of ‘Pushpak.’ However, I would expect to be given the same freedom that director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao gave us on the sets of the film.
Tinnu Anand
After starting with ‘Premam,’ asking director Chandoo Mondeti to do a remake was a mistake because he has much more potential and creative ability to direct.
Naga Chaitanya
In Santhosh Sethumadhavan’s remake of the yesteryear hit, Chattakkari,’ I was required to wear short skirts and frocks as I play an Anglo-Indian girl in it. But my role as Julie is hardly a show of glamour.
Shamna Kasim
It’s a remake of a film called Inferno Affairs. It’s a Hong Kong film, and if we come anywhere close to what they did in the original, we’re going to have a hot property on our hands, because Inferno Affairs is a great piece.
Anthony Anderson
A few years ago, there were requests to me, Can we make this? I said that I have no rights. Contact the Hitchcock estate, which won’t release it for a remake.
Patricia Highsmith
It’s going to take generations of gay people marrying before these things start to feel natural. We haven’t had it long enough to remake it as our own, so it does feel like you’re getting dressed up in straight drag to do it.
Dan Savage
I surf. I would love to do a remake of ‘Gidget.’ It could be, like, black ‘Gidget.’
Tiffany Haddish
After ‘Saw,’ we got offered every horror remake under the sun, and I was just always thinking, ‘I don’t see how this could be interesting for me.’
Leigh Whannell
The thing about startups is you can make it, and if it’s wrong you can remake it, and you can build a team that you want to have, a product that you want to have. You’re utterly focused on your users or your customers and their needs, and trying to figure out how to meet those needs.
John Katzman
Loveleen Tandon, the casting director of ‘Brick Lane,’ understood my capacity and suggested my name to director Sarah Gavron. The film has such universal appeal that given a chance I would like to remake it in Hindi.
Satish Kaushik
Why would you want to remake a movie that has endured for more than 25 years?
Peter Billingsley
Instead of focusing on growing jobs and reigniting our economy, President Obama focused on growing government and tried to remake the United States into the image of the debt-laden countries of Europe. His approach has been more spending, more regulation, and higher taxes.
Rob Portman
With any movie that gets remade, whether I like the remake or not, I’m glad that I can still go watch the original that I love. If the remake is offering something different, I really value that because I’m having a new experience and adding something new to my life.
David Lowery
There is no assurity that something will be a success because it is a remake or because it does/does not have a superstar.
Nikita Dutta
We used to watch the muscle movies on Saturday matinees, such as ‘Hercules Unchained.’ Then we’d go outside and do a remake of it.
Ethan Coen
Doing a remake is an open admission that, ‘boss, I don’t have anything of my own.’
Vijay Krishna Acharya
I’m just curious how it’d look like if someone tried to remake my work. But I really believe that it’s hard to remake of any of my work.
Takashi Miike
Often I would get offers to remake films and that didn'

Often I would get offers to remake films and that didn’t interest me. I have no interest in remaking a film in Hindi which has been made in the south already. I prefer adapting from a book than a movie.
Sriram Raghavan
When I was nominated for an Oscar and seated next to Martin Scorsese, there was nothing in my mind that made me think, ‘Hey, in three years maybe I’ll make another remake of ‘Punisher.”
Lexi Alexander
I hope they remake ‘Look Who’s Talking’ – then I’d make some money!
Amy Heckerling
We did a remake of Lost in Space. Filmed it in London for four months.
Lacey Chabert
Though there’s the pressure of matching to ‘Pink,’ I did not see ‘Ner Konda Paarvai’ as a remake.
Shraddha Srinath
Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.
Alexis Carrel
I really wanted to do ‘Band Baaja Baraat.’ No regrets though, I did its remake in Tamil and felt a little content.
Vaani Kapoor
I guess if they ever do a remake of ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ I could play the Meryl Streep part. I’ve got to work on my Polish accent. Maybe I’ll be the definitive King Lear one day. You know, if they ever feel that King Lear should be more Jewy.
Gilbert Gottfried
I don’t think it’s sacrilegious to remake any movie, including a good or even great movie.
Jonathan Demme
I think the executives at the studios today realize that it’s easier and safer to go the – to some known territory which is a remake of a successful film. It’s less chancy than taking a fresh idea.
Richard D. Zanuck
The most extreme among the Brexiters are convinced they can ride the chaos and deploy the ‘shock doctrine’ to remake the nation in their ideological image.
David Olusoga
I would compare my ‘Frankenstein’ to Cronenberg’s remake of ‘The Fly.’ The monster in the original Fifties version of ‘The Fly’ was a crude, anatomical combination of man and insect, whereas Cronenberg’s version exploited knowledge of DNA to depict him as a transgenic chimera.
Jed Mercurio
Success of a film has got nothing to do with whether it’s a remake or an original.
I would never try and do a remake off a movie. I think that’s a whole different thing. I think everyone will always remember the first movie, and they will always compare it with the second one.
Carly Schroeder
I’d love to do a superhero movie, like a remake of Wonder Woman.
Alessandra Torresani
‘Oh, Daddy,’ was a remake of the Ritchie Valens’ song ‘Oh Donna,’ and I really like that one because it’s a story of a pregnant woman who was dumped by her baby daddy, but she was always waiting for him. It’s a sweet-and-sour situation.
Natti Natasha
The pressure to take irrelevant characteristics like race and sex into account in academic science is dangerous enough. But Silicon Valley continues to remake itself in the image of the campus diversity bureaucracy.
Heather Mac Donald
Whether you’re a believer or not, a flawed biblical epic is going to be more entertaining than a remake of a Paul Verhoeven movie or some third-rate sci-fi flick.
David Harsanyi
No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there is wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. This is sick.
Erma Bombeck
Sanely applied advertising could remake the world.
Stuart Chase
I wouldn’t be posting videos of me in drag or doing a remake of Zoolander’s orange mocha frappuccino scene if I didn’t still like attention.
Marc Jacobs
My father is a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and always wanted to work or star in a remake of any of his film. But he didn’t get the opportunity.
Ram Charan
If a remake is not good, no one wants to see it and, again, it doesn’t hurt the original.
Sam Raimi
Whatever my father did were great films. I don’t want to remake any of them.
Mahesh Babu
I’m a passionate believer in revision, and a lot of my writing gets done during revision process. It isn’t just tweaking: I tend to break it apart and remake it every time I do a new draft.
John Jeremiah Sullivan
There was a time that I was only known for being a plagiarist. It used to hurt at times because there was so much effort I was putting into music. And instead of that, it was a couple tunes that I had reproduced from folk songs to remake as film songs, which were being written about.
Pritam Chakraborty