Top 90 Indulge Quotes

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Why is the public so interested in movies about the wea

Why is the public so interested in movies about the wealthy? My answer is that Shakespeare wrote about kings. That’s where the action is. And it’s the classic, cathartic thing. You get to indulge in a lifestyle you’re not part of, a tragic error leads to a downfall, and you get to say, ‘Thank God I’m not him.’
Nicholas Jarecki
Verily, we know not what an evil it is to indulge ourselves, and to make an idol of our will.
Samuel Rutherford
It’s a part of my lifestyle to be healthy and eat healthy. I don’t feel like I need to be like, ‘You can’t have this. You can’t have that. You have to have this. You have to have that,’ because then I feel like I will get inconsistent. I indulge when I want to, but try to be healthy every single day, too.
Ali Krieger
My biggest problem areas are my stomach and face. If I indulge too much, I gain weight at these wrong places. So, I stick to a very strict diet in order to avoid that.
Prateik Babbar
Once you have conquered your profession and are standing at the summit, it is all very well to look back down the slope and indulge yourself with regrets.
Katie Hopkins
That’s usually what I indulge in if I play some games – pinball.
Matt Hardy
I never retreat from films, as it were, I simply indulge in other interests, that’s all.
Daniel Day-Lewis
Television preachers extract money from the poor to live in a style and to indulge in shameful acts which equal or outdo the worst of the Renaissance Popes.
J. Irwin Miller
I like to indulge all the facets of my personality. There’s none that I don’t think, in a way, I would want to take away from.
Paolo Nutini
A studio allows you to indulge your untidiness and your penchant for toys and curiosities that really wouldn’t work in a grown-up house.
Jamie Cullum
Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.
George Washington
I prefer ‘cooling foods’ for the summer – lots of fruits like watermelons, a few strands of kesar with raisins that have been soaked overnight, and lots of coconut water. Dinner is usually dahi chawal. I am a big foodie, so depending on my cravings, I indulge – maybe pasta or risotto.
Alia Bhatt
The downside to the Whole Foods experience is that its success is driven by one of our era’s more grotesque phenomena: the upwardly-mobile urban dweller, the one who wants to indulge class-conscious epicurean yearnings and save the world, too.
Andrew Breitbart
I believe, as human beings, we sometimes indulge in self pity more than it’s necessary. Over my life’s journey, I have realised that overthinking about your problems and indulging in self-pity is not the answer to get through tough times.
Sonali Bendre
Net-a-porter is an environment where a woman can really indulge, browsing through more than 160 brands in our fashion playground.
Natalie Massenet
One of the best things I get to do is meet people that have been to the shows and listened to the music. I still don’t indulge in the social media side of things, so that’s my way of starting conversations – actually hearing people talk.
Paolo Nutini
Those who sentimentally indulge humanity do it no favours.
Terry Eagleton
I want Americans to enjoy food. I want them to celebrate food. I want them to, on occasions, to have big cakes and great things. And I want them to indulge.
Jamie Oliver
Revenge is not a positive state of mind or energy to indulge your self in.
Michael K. Williams
‘Hill Street,’ because of the wacky nature of many of our characters, really allowed us to indulge a kind of cheek-to-jowl juxtaposition of high drama with very low humor.
Steven Bochco
When life catches up with us, we all need space to dream and indulge, so I have created my own special range of bath & beauty loveliness to help you find your happy place.
Zoe Sugg
All men want to be treated like kings in a relationship, and I think if women don’t indulge that sometimes, their men are likely to stray and look for someone who can give that to them.
Giada De Laurentiis
Edgy’ music has always formed the cornerstone to any teenage rebellion. Most indulge in it precisely because adults like me don’t like them doing so.
David Lammy
I need to have small morsels of sweets. If I have a day with the fam with a big family dinner, then I’ll indulge… but then the next day or two I’ll really be strict. I learned that from Dolly Parton, by the way!
Kimberly Schlapman
Desires collide; the wish to eat bumping up against the wish to be thin, the desire to indulge conflicting with the injunction to restrain. Small wonder food makes a woman nervous.
Caroline Knapp
People who try to tackle failure attract failure. The more you indulge in analysis, it gets tougher. So just keep making mistakes and learn.
Sushmita Sen
Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of certain income can indulge.
George William Curtis
In writing ‘The Satanic Verses,’ I think I was writing for the first time from the whole of myself. The English part, the Indian part. The part of me that loves London, and the part that longs for Bombay. And at my typewriter, alone, I could indulge this.
Salman Rushdie
Labor organizations are formed, not to employ combined effort for a common object, but to indulge in declamation and denunciation, and especially to furnish an easy living to some officers who do not want to work.
William Graham Sumner
I make sure I eat well without depriving myself of the things that I love: a cheeseburger and fries, creamy white-truffle pasta, bowls of ice cream. Everything in moderation, but I indulge at least three times a week.
Kate Hudson
You must have the willpower to avoid what is bad. It’s simple: If you indulge, you will develop a bulge.
It is true I gained muscular vigour, but with it a prod

It is true I gained muscular vigour, but with it a prodigious appetite, which I was compelled to indulge, and consequently increased in weight, until my kind old friend advised me to forsake the exercise.
William Banting
Bollywood always expected me to indulge in slapstick. I don’t mind it, but for how long!
Satish Kaushik
I am an innocent man, but I don’t want to indulge in any controversy.
Abdul Qadeer Khan
I hope many people can indulge themselves in the power of audio cinema.
Lee Je-hoon
The glib, facile, simplistic, and prefabricated language by which we as consumers are constantly surrounded is a language that flatters us, that urges us to indulge ourselves, to get away from it all, to be unique by opting in, talking back, liking us on Facebook, leaving a review, sharing, retweeting, etc.
Tracy K. Smith
It’s enough to indulge and to be selfish but true happiness is really when you start giving back.
Adrian Grenier
Music is the only passion I shamelessly indulge in. However, for recreation I enjoy watching movies. ‘Wizard of Oz’ was the first film I ever saw, followed by the ‘Bond’ movies. I also watch a lot of World cinema through DVDs mostly brought by one of my best friends who’s now based in Toronto.
A. R. Rahman
I had the taste of the alcohol since I was 11. It allowed me to be clever, charming and to behave outrageously. Acting also allowed me not to be me. So I could indulge every fantasy in this paradise of America.
Malachy McCourt
There are fads in life and old people indulge things to excess sometimes.
Dennis Skinner
In Mumbai I have to keep an eye on my diet so that I stay in shape, but at home I just indulge.
Ankit Tiwari
It’s nice being married to someone who likes to read because you can indulge in geeky conversations about books.
Sophie Dahl
I’m pretty healthy, so I eat a lot of vegetables and fish. But I’m a huge sweets fan. It’s really bad. I love ice cream and cookies and cake and all that stuff. So on the weekends, I will definitely indulge.
Shanina Shaik
When you’re young is the one time when you get to indulge in being morose and take yourself most seriously.
My body is like a rubber gum, I will transform as the character demands, but at the same time I would like to say that we should indulge in sports and be physically active to stay fit.
Ammy Virk
Hip-hop – it’s the safari: it allows people who aren’t under those circumstances to come closer to inner-city life, to explore it without actually being in danger. It’s something kids in middle America indulge in to be rebellious.
Curtis Jackson
Be charitable and indulge to everyone, but thyself.
Joseph Joubert
I just have to stay away from craft services. Having that routine allows me to keep absolute focus on the physical shape I want to be in. It’s also important to allow yourself to have treats every once in awhile, so I indulge in dark chocolate. It’s just a balance, for the most part!
Darby Stanchfield
We need to confront our real problems, not indulge in false solutions that make them worse.
Jo Johnson
When you’ve travelled for 34 years as a musician, you do all the culture stuff when you’re young and full of energy. In the middle stage, you indulge too much and are scared of daylight. Then, in the final stage, you’ve seen it all, so you tend to take things a lot easier.
Peter Hook
Of course there is no denying the possible pleasure of holing up with a fat, slow-moving, mediocre novel; still, we all know that we can indulge ourselves in that fashion only so much. In the end, we read not for reading’s sake, but to learn.
Joseph Brodsky
I like to keep the median age in my lab low because they will indulge me in my dreams. They don’t yet think things are impossible.
George M. Church
I will indulge my sorrows, and give way to all the pangs and fury of despair.
Joseph Addison
I don’t indulge in double meaning humor.
Sajid Khan
I suppose that there are many novels that are set during the summer because it’s a lonely time of year. Friends come and go, comfort comes and goes, which makes it a perfect time of year to indulge in melancholia.
Hilton Als