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I've always been inspired by Genet, Henry Miller and Hu

I’ve always been inspired by Genet, Henry Miller and Hubert Selby, Jr., who taught me that you’ve got to tell a bigger truth in whatever you’re doing, but the truth is not popular.
Lydia Lunch
Henry Miller wrote novels, but he calls his protagonist Henry, often Henry Miller, and his books are in this gray area between memoir and novel.
Leslie Fiedler
One of my best friends, James Miller, managed to find the only Cubs hat that is all red.
Ben Zobrist
I was fortunate to work with some very powerful producers like Tom Miller and Bob Boyett.
Jaleel White
My favorite pre-Ponzi schemer was known as ‘520 Percent Miller’ because he promised 10 percent returns a week, or 520 percent a year. Of course he was just using new investors’ money to pay old investors, and soon he was on the lam.
Mitchell Zuckoff
Archie Miller does a fantastic job at Dayton.
Ben Howland
Hmm, limelight… No, I’m not Sienna Miller or Angelina Jolie. I’m very lucky and happy, but I still find it very difficult to get good scripts and good roles. It’s really a jungle out there.
Eva Green
I worked with many directors in my life, but Tim Miller is definitely my favorite. He not only has a beautiful sense of directing actors, but he also shares a great love and passion for the comic book world, as I do.
Stefan Kapicic
I’m really inspired by British style, like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
Emma Roberts
One of my biggest influences is Mac Miller, so to follow in his footsteps would be incredible. He’s definitely a big inspiration to me.
Lil Xan
Being on ‘Nashville’ and working with some incredible people like T-Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller – so many wonderful, incredible musicians that I’ve been blessed to play with and observe – that has continued to shape the process of arranging music, writing music.
Jonathan Jackson
I would want to do a role like the one Ezra Miller had in ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin.’ That is a real juicy role.
Cody Fern
I pay lots of homages. I wanted to pay tribute to a leading Iranian writer, Gholam – Hossein Sa’edi, who is buried in Paris – he is an Iranian Arthur Miller. He is of a similar stature, and his work is similar to that of Arthur Miller.
Asghar Farhadi
I love the theatre and Miller is one of my all-time favourite playwrights. ‘All My Sons’ is a very socialist play, which exposes the lack of empathy that can accompany capitalism when it is left unchecked.
David Lammy
‘Twenty One Pilots’ is a play by Arthur Miller, who also wrote ‘All My Sons.’ It’s about a guy who’s creating and developing parts for airplanes in war time, when it comes to his attention that some of these parts were faulty.
Josh Dun
There’s a long tradition – certainly with country, but in all kinds of genres of music – to have humorous lyrics. Certainly with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and, if you look at country, Roger Miller and Jim Stafford.
Rick Moranis
I guess I’m like Roger Miller who used to say that he didn’t have as many jokes as he thought he did.
Glen Campbell
I do a lot of American plays. I’ve done a lot of Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and Neil Simon. I was in ‘Sisters Rosensweig,’ ‘Six Degrees of Separation,’ all of that stuff. So we’re very familiar with America. I did 400 performances of ‘Born Yesterday.’ I did 700 performances of ‘They’re Playing Our Song.’
Jacki Weaver
I’m stunned at some of the stuff Johnny Miller comes out with sometimes. He is very harsh and frankly I find some of the stuff he sees very disrespectful.
Ian Poulter
What a lot of people don’t know is that I got started as a professional gamemaker when I moved out to Texas to join George Broussard and Scott Miller and Allen Blum who created Duke Nukem, to join those guys and become part of the ‘Duke Nukem 3D.’
Randy Pitchford
From Abby Lee Miller’s intensity and her students’ incredible performances to their devoted moms and its high drama, ‘Dance Moms’ has become one of the most compelling shows on television.
Nancy Dubuc
Mitch Miller knew exactly what he wanted me to sing. He didn’t want me to improvise at all.
Johnny Mathis
Frank Miller is more of a visionary than any director I’ve ever worked with, and he achieves that vision better than anyone I’ve ever worked with.
Gabriel Macht
What I’m concerned about are two things. I think one that John Miller talked about, and that’s the radicalization over the Internet that ISIS is very adept at doing. The other one is a foreign fighter threat.
Michael McCaul
I love Mac Miller. I’m a big Drake fan. I love Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley.
Christian McCaffrey
I’m pretty fast getting up and down the court, especially with Andre Miller.
Andre Iguodala
Roger Miller opened a lot of people’s eyes to the possibilities of country music, and it’s making more impact now because it’s earthy material: stories and things that happen to everyday people. I call it ‘people music.’
Glen Campbell
I think Henry Miller has had huge influence not because he wrote about sex, but because the memoir or the nonfiction novel has become such a monumental force in American publishing, if not in literature.
Leslie Fiedler
When my wife left me, in real life, T. J. Miller was like, ‘I’m shooting a movie in Pittsburgh. I’ll fly you out and get you a hotel room,’ and I spent a week with him.
Pete Holmes
I also appreciate the lasting friendships I’ve made while working with our great sponsors through the years, including Miller Lite, Shell and Dodge.
Kurt Busch
When I was in the 9th or 10th grade, Cheryl was All-American, and she was getting all the pub. I thought to myself, ‘Why isn’t anyone paying any attention to me?’ I used to wish that I wasn’t Reggie Miller, that I was Reggie Smith or Reggie Jackson.
Reggie Miller
When I read Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns', I

When I read Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, I think it’s a wonderful record of the Reagan era. I think it’s amazing. This is the time I lived in.
Max Brooks
And then, all of a sudden, you’re like, all that’s great and fun, but Arthur Miller’s in my dressing room. This is the third night he’s been here and he sits in my dressing room for an hour after each show, and talks to me for an hour. So I’m pretty spoiled right now.
Peter Krause
I remember when I was doing ‘The Crucible’ on Broadway with Laura Linney, and Arthur Miller had been in rehearsal with us and was on stage on opening night. She turned to me during the curtain call and said, ‘Let’s make sure we remember this.’
John Benjamin Hickey
Charles Miller cannot bring down my government.
Denzil Douglas
It blows my mind the way Frank Miller can write.
Brittany Murphy
Jon Miller would be amazing for Yahoo because he is extremely good at building display advertising businesses and buying young startups.
Jason Calacanis
One of the fun things in the old days about writing with Frank Miller was that every issue of ‘Daredevil’ was a challenge to every issue of ‘X-Men.’
Chris Claremont
T.J. Miller and Rob Corddry and Casey Wilson, they’re just great people.
Jason Nash
Things can change quickly in the UFC. I lost to Nate Marquardt in my first loss as a middleweight and then I defeated Dan Miller and fought for the title against Anderson Silva.
Demian Maia
The important information you need at the beginning of an issue. Like way they did the old Frank Miller Daredevil issues in the first five pages he always had to state his origins and how he got his powers.
Robert Kirkman
I went to work with George Miller on game stuff, but to also learn every possible thing I could from somebody I admire so much.
Cory Barlog
Whenever I Google for clothes, I always look at what Angelina Jolie is wearing. I love Sienna Miller, and I really like Rihanna’s style, too. There’s the edgy girl, classy girl, and the Bohemian chic girl. I guess I’m all of that combined into one.
Like everyone else, I love ‘Born Again:’ that was a seminal work for me. Everything Frank Miller did on ‘Daredevil’ is like the Bible.
Drew Goddard
I read Henry Miller’s ‘Nexus,’ ‘Sexus’ and ‘Plexus’ the summer after I graduated from college. It cemented my decision to spurn any and all careers.
David Berman
When John Kerry and Zell Miller and George Bush can agree on an issue, you know it’s got legs.
Phil Bredesen
Braxton Miller is a special football player and has been special since he stepped on campus.
Cris Carter
When I write something, I want the best director to direct it. And that’s not going to be me. So when David Fincher comes along and wants to direct ‘The Social Network,’ when Bennett Miller comes along and wants to direct ‘Moneyball,’ or when Danny Boyle wants to direct ‘Jobs’? Hallelujah. I want them directing it.
Aaron Sorkin
Guys like Andre Miller and Kevin Garnett – they’re posting up hoping a second guy will run at them so they can pass. You’re better just playing one-on-one in the post if you can.
Kelvin Sampson
I always thought backpack swag was cool, but the more I do it, the more it is in light of Mac Miller.
Lil Xan
When I was on stage in the ’50s, it was a glory time, a golden time with Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. There was real talent. And now, the theater is a little Disney-fied.
Lee Grant
I’ve had quite a wide spread of a career. But it’s not like I’ve had to negotiate what Sienna Miller has had to negotiate, or even Felicity Jones, for example.
Genevieve O’Reilly
From the time I moved to San Francisco in 1967 to play with the Steve Miller Band, there was a lot of support in the music community for one cause or another, but this one was special because it was put on by people who understood where musicians’ hearts are.
Boz Scaggs
I care less about selling tickets and getting Twitter followers than I do about making as many people laugh as I can. I’d rather make people laugh than make them know who T.J. Miller is.
T. J. Miller
Unilever, Nestle and SAB Miller are all taking a long-term approach to investing in sustainable resource consumption. Each is driving through better resource management, which is expected to yield positive returns in the future.
Jacob Rothschild