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We were using Brooke as an actress; she was playing dif

We were using Brooke as an actress; she was playing different roles: a liberated woman, a teenager, a vamp.
Calvin Klein
I like playing the contrasting roles. It what inspires me to act. If I look back on my career I am happy that I have gotten to play a wide variety of different roles, from Mike Dexter, to Van Ray in Fast Lane, to Dr. Cullen to Coop.
Peter Facinelli
I always look so different in different roles, people are never quite sure. Which is the way I like it.
Katherine Kelly
I try to do as many different roles as the system will allow me. That’s the benefit of not being in a giant blockbuster where you’re the lead and you get typecast in that kind of role. I am able to slip in or out of a lot of different parts.
Patrick Wilson
As a player you get asked to do different roles within the side.
Stuart Broad
Every player has a dream to play at Barcelona for a long time, but you have different roles for the team.
Adama Traore
I’ve always wanted to demonstrate a variety of different roles when I act and do different projects and not ever do one of the same.
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
I’ve played so many different roles over more than 15 years, but I still hope to play more various characters.
Hyun Bin
I would say I am more comfortable in the centre of midfield. But when you are at a big club like Liverpool, you maybe get played in positions with which you might not be so familiar. But you have got to learn the different roles, because it gives you a better opportunity to play.
Jordan Henderson
I think what’s so interesting for me is the different roles that I play. I love doing the research, and I love – I feel fortunate in the sense that I get to explore many different worlds, of things that I may not really get to learn a lot about.
Kim Raver
I’m looking for a Justice who appreciates the awesome responsibility that she will be given, if confirmed. A Justice who understands the gravity of the office and who respects the very different roles that the Constitution provides for each of the three branches of government.
Amy Klobuchar
All I will say is that I’m playing a lot of different roles that, to be honest, are more interesting and demanding than any I’ve played before.
Sophie Marceau
I am obsessed with the idea of transformation. I have been very lucky so far to play very different roles – and I would love for that to continue.
Eugene Simon
My dream as an actor growing up was always to challenge myself to different genres, different roles, and it’s actually rare that an actor’s given that opportunity to do that.
Taylor Lautner
I was doing well for myself and wanted to play different roles and not just be happy portraying glamorous characters.
Payal Rohatgi
I want as much as I can to try and explore different roles and different characters; that’s important to me to get involved in as many different parts as I can.
George MacKay
I just wanted to get out there and do different roles and try new things.
Ben Hardy
Now that I am a part of the Hindi film industry, I hope I can do different roles with a lot of scope.
I wouldn’t want to be associated with one character, because I want to be able to do different roles.
Bill Skarsgard
What’s wonderful about acting is that you get to play different roles. For instance, in ‘Amelie,’ I played a young mother. Some of the photoshoots, you’re playing a role. I like to be able to look at a photo and say, ‘Wow – that isn’t even me.’ I enjoy being able to project.
Sarah Bolger
When I have to play the same role every day, I have the flexibility to play the character in so many different ways. It’s almost like playing five different roles.
Simon Baker
There’s always going to be something from one season to the next that’s going to be a challenge, that’s going to have change, that’s going to force people to step up, force different roles on people.
Jason McCourty
I did flirt with the idea of going to law school, but not for long. Maybe I’ll play a lawyer one day – the beauty of acting is that you can try on so many different roles without having to commit to them in real life.
Elizabeth Debicki
I’ve pitched in a lot of different roles in my career. I’ve been the middle-inning guy. I’ve been a lefty matchup guy. I’ve closed. I’ve kind of done a little bit of everything.
Sean Doolittle
M&A at Microsoft is a team sport for the senior leadership group. They’re all involved in it, and we all play different roles. My role is the first centralized business development role at Microsoft.
Peggy Johnson
Well you know, I think a lot of us in marriage know that you play different roles at different times. And Mitt can get very intense, and I can have the ability to kind of talk him off the rails sometimes and say, ‘Hey let’s look at what is really important and let’s do that now.’
Ann Romney
My fans will see me in a lot of different roles.
Payal Rohatgi