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When we were working on 'Taxi to the Dark Side,' we wou

When we were working on ‘Taxi to the Dark Side,’ we would purposefully not show it to certain people in the cutting room, because we would include a lot of horrible material and would need a fresh pespective. They would look at us and say, ‘Are you out of your minds? You can’t include that!’
Alex Gibney
If you’re gay and you can’t hold hands, or you’re black and you can’t catch a taxi, or you’re a woman and you can’t go into the park, you are aware there’s a menace. That’s costly on a psychic level. The world should be striving to make all its members secure.
Tony Kushner
Some of our favorite films are obviously not written by the person who directed it. And yet a ‘Taxi Driver,’ or some Nicholas Ray movie, like ‘In a Lonely Place,’ seems so personal or obsessive or whatever.
Richard Linklater
I’m a terrible singer, but it helps when I have to call a taxi.
Gordon Getty
My father worked in the Post Office. A lot of double shifts. All his friends were in the same situation – truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, grocery clerks. Blue collar guys punching the clock and working long, hard hours. The thought that sustained them was the one at the center of the American dream.
Gary David Goldberg
What’s interesting about the transportation market is that you’re often dabbling in multiple categories. The same person who might own a car is still using Uber, is still using a taxi, still might go to Avis on a business trip and rent a car.
Jennifer Hyman
The first thing that strikes a visitor to Paris is a taxi.
Fred Allen
I’ve never been derogatory towards taxi drivers.
Travis Kalanick
I think the word for me is survival, not ambition. I’m really a lucky man. I’ve always accepted whatever I was in, whether it was driving a taxi or entertaining. The jet set might not enjoy what I do, but I deal with the average person.
Don Ho
Taxi Driver’ is about taking revenge for the people who were hurt.
Lee Je-hoon
For sure, Potrero Chico is a super nice winter vacation climbing area. It’s really convenient to fly into Monterrey, one of the nicer cities in Mex, and get a taxi to Potero. Then you can just live in the camping area and walk everywhere. It’s muy tranquilo, as they say there.
Alex Honnold
Women often don’t want to admit that they like fashion. And yet fashion enthralls everyone, from the taxi driver to the mega-intellectual. I have often asked myself why this is. I don’t know the answer.
Miuccia Prada
It’s very, very difficult to reinvent yourself when you’re 40 or 50, whether you are a taxi driver who now needs to become a web designer, or anything else. It just becomes more difficult and more scary.
Yuval Noah Harari
I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards, New York.
Milos Forman
I was 16. In the middle of the night, I took a taxi to the Detroit train station – or maybe it was the Pontiac train station? – and got on a train to Chicago, then transferred to a train to San Diego where my boyfriend was living at the time.
Elizabeth Reaser
There used to be a strong belief that if you wanted to know what was really going on in a country, the best thing to do was to go there and ask a taxi driver.
Michael Korda
That was my pride and joy – that I made it through all those years of minor hockey without losing any of my teeth; then, I ended up losing them in a car accident in New York when I was riding in a taxi. So, I end up losing my teeth, but not in the glamorous fashion I envisioned.
Tom Glavine
‘Taxi Driver’ was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t become a weirdo and squawk like a chicken.
Jodie Foster
If transportation technology was moving along as fast as microprocessor technology, then the day after tomorrow I would be able to get in a taxi cab and be in Tokyo in 30 seconds.
W. Daniel Hillis
No collection of people who are all waiting for the same thing are capable of holding a natural conversation. Even if the thing they are waiting for is only a taxi.
Ben Elton
We were in love with ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘Taxi Driver.’ We had no idea why nothing remotely like that was done in Denmark.
Mads Mikkelsen
I have no limo. In cities, I usually hail a taxi like everyone else.
Robin Leach
I’ve been fortunate when in government to have a car at my disposal, which takes away the nightmare of getting a taxi.
David Blunkett
I used to be the sort of person who’d listen to a taxi driver going on about the-country-going-to-the-dogs-blah-blah, and let him rant on. But now I don’t. I find myself letting rip.
Sheila Hancock
My paternal poppa, Alec, was a taxi driver and swimming coach. He taught all his grandchildren how to swim and loved all kinds of sport.
Ellyse Perry
I was born here in the city, born in the Bronx. Son of a cop. One grandfather was a taxi driver; the other was a firefighter. New York is in my DNA.
Joe Lhota
I’d sing with Roberta Flack in a taxi if you called up and said she’d be in it.
Peabo Bryson
I don’t have a lot to share with other men. My heart sinks when I get into a taxi and someone starts talking to me about football.
David Walliams
A couple of taxi drivers have asked me if we can survive financially as an independent nation. I say, how come we are more stupid than Denmark or Finland or Sweden? They’ve all got the same amount of people. Are we all going to down tools? Is everybody in Scotland going to stop working?
Eddi Reader
When you’re hot, you stride confidently down the street, extending your form to hail a taxi to take you from place to place. My body is designed for squeezing into packed subway cars and apologizing to those whose feet I clumsily step on.
Josh Gondelman
From ‘Midnight Cowboy’ to ‘Taxi Driver’ is a brief era whose grit, beauty, and violence has been quite mythologized.
Rachel Kushner
There's a misconception that Lyft is just a better vers

There’s a misconception that Lyft is just a better version of the taxi. You know, I think that’s just scratching the surface of what we’re doing.
Logan Green
With ‘Taxi Driver,’ I had this eureka moment. I realized that acting could be much more than what I had been doing. I had to build a character that wasn’t me.
Jodie Foster
I remember being very influenced by ‘Taxi Driver’, and also Tommy Lee Jones in ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ a little bit.
Sam Rockwell
So many queer people come out constantly for the rest of their lives, ya know? To the people they work with, to people in taxi cabs. Whatever it is, it isn’t the one day.
Olly Alexander
I think that anybody’s craft is fascinating. A taxi driver talking about taxi driving is going to be very, very interesting.
James Lipton
Personally, I would really like the entire production staff of Taxi Driver,’ and all the characters including prosecutor Kang Ha Na, to come back together and continue the stories of Rainbow Taxi.
Lee Je-hoon
It’s totally mystifying to me how anyone could have canceled ‘Taxi.’ I don’t understand it because that stuff is rare.
Carol Kane
Nine times out of 10, you see electric bikes being used for deliveries, but you’re getting in a taxi, using a commuter train, not realizing that you can be a part of the green, clean energy movement as well.
Ray J
The part in ‘Taxi’ was originally written for a guy named Phil Ryan, so they made it Phil Banta, and then they made it Tony Banta, which sounded a lot better anyway.
Tony Danza
When my husband and I are getting into a taxi, I always stop the taxi and say where I want to go. My husband jumps in the car and says, ‘This is where we are going.’ That’s the same when men and women approach wanting to become a candidate.
Kemi Badenoch
Taking the stairs instead of an elevator, walking to an appointment rather than taking a bus, subway or taxi, and spending times outdoors in warm and sunny weather are all easy ways to increase daily physical activity.
Margaret Cuomo
Looking back at ‘Taxi Driver’ or, really, any of the Martin Scorsese films, he really filmed New York City in a way that I saw New York City.
Sam Esmail
I’m shocked at being recognized. You go to places you don’t think you would be and still, you are. Taxi drivers often recognise me… but I haven’t got a free ride yet.
Dan Stevens
So often people read conspiracy into a thing when it’s really a confluence of cock-ups and the wrong button being pressed at the wrong time, or the guest you wanted gets into the wrong taxi and doesn’t show up.
Emily Maitlis
I think the first song I remember hearing was Joni Michell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’ my mom played it for me on the car radio.
Mura Masa
‘Taxi Driver’ wasn’t autobiographical in terms of the actual events, but I did draw on my own mental state.
Paul Schrader
We are Americans. We – we – we are – we are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers. We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are – we are part of the fabric of America. And the way that America today treats its Muslims is being watched by over a billion Muslims worldwide.
Feisal Abdul Rauf
I wish I could write ‘Taxi Driver,’ or ‘Blue Velvet,’ something brave, audacious, dramatic and dark. I don’t know if I have the darkness in my own soul to be able to tap into it, unfortunately.
Stephen Merchant
I quickly discovered that trying to go play golf while living in Manhattan was about as easy as trying to grab a taxi while standing out in front of Saks Fifth Avenue in the freezing rain on the last shopping day before Christmas.
Dan Jenkins
No, in Lethal Weapon I was a taxi cab driver that Mel jumps in front of the taxi and pulls me out of the car and steals the taxi. Then I did some other indie driving for some of the car sequences.
David R. Ellis
As far as characters that are written as Muslims, we’re only seeing one dimension. It’s either the good Muslim who is helping the FBI, or the taxi driver-terrorist bundled in one.
Maysoon Zayid
I usually have a driver, or take a taxi. But I’m down to earth. I like to clean the kitchen, I iron and wash my wife’s car! I just don’t usually take trains.
Gino D’Acampo
Americans have so much natural entrepreneurial drive. The caveat is that it is technology that should be a tool making lives better in the real world, and in line with the American spirit of getting better and better at something, whether it’s curing cancer or creating a better taxi service.
Michael Burry
I watched ‘Rocky’ and ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ over and over again. They spoke to you, man.
Paddy Considine
The idea of Twitter started with me working in dispatch since I was 15 years old, where taxi cabs or firetrucks would broadcast where they were and what they were doing.
Jack Dorsey
Of course, De Niro has had a long history of memorable performances. Everyone knows ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Raging Bull,’ but ‘Awakenings’ really did something for me.
Adriane Lenox
I was a young film student around the time of the new wave in film in the 1970s; old Hollywood was naff and over. For me, as a film student, I was going to see French and Italian cinema; American cinema was ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘Taxi Driver.’ Everything was gritty.
Gillian Armstrong
It would be meaningful if ‘Taxi Driver’ were to reinterpret cases that were unresolved in the past. A 16-episode miniseries was too short to contain all the stories that we could have told.
Lee Je-hoon
There’s been so much corruption and so much cronyism in the taxi industry and so much regulatory capture, that if you ask for permission upfront for something that’s already legal, you’ll never get it.
Travis Kalanick
Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. You never know what’s going to happen.
Morgan Freeman
Certainly, I know what it’s like to be obsessed. I haven’t always been there for my children. They could reach me, but I wasn’t always there. But, you know, that’s not necessarily anything to do with being a writer. I mean, a taxi driver could have the same problem… Maybe.
Henning Mankell
When people grow up in atmospheres of violence or atmos

When people grow up in atmospheres of violence or atmospheres of poverty, they don’t normally use hi-falutin’ language to describe those things. They would describe some brutal event the same way we would describe getting a taxi or missing the bus.
Philipp Meyer
A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.
Groucho Marx
What happened is, when I was doing ‘Taxi,’ the last year, we did this thing where we had on top hats and tails, and we pretended to tap-dance. And I said to myself, ‘You know, I always wanted to know how to do this.’ So I got myself a teacher, and I started studying, and I got hooked.
Tony Danza
‘Taxi’ made a big difference because it got me into comedy.
Carol Kane
Emotionally, shows like ‘Cheers’ and ‘Taxi’ were classic sitcoms when I was growing up.
Dan Harmon
I think I would rather be a prime minister than a taxi driver.
Jens Stoltenberg
Once, I took a taxi. I hate those limousines. They stink and their drivers have been driving dead people to the cemeteries.
Klaus Kinski
My school didn’t have a drama department. I was one of the lucky four children who got to travel twice a week to another school because our school could only afford one taxi.
Richard Madden
Believe me, there’s nothing worse than the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re sat in the back of a taxi, listening to someone else doing your show as you dash to the studio.
Sara Cox
‘Taxi Driver’ is one of those films that is groundbreaking in how much you’re inside this character’s head. It uses voice-over in a revolutionary way where the audience is invited as a co-conspirator to the whole story line.
Sam Esmail
I have a driver’s licence, but the truth is that I hardly ever drive. I prefer to get around by taxi.
Ferran Adria
‘The Taxi Ride,’ from my second album, is one people want to hear a lot. I’m consciously trying to walk on the sunny side of the street, to really lift myself into a place of greater positivity, and that’s a sad song.
Jane Siberry
I took a cabbie to taxi court once. Years ago, this guy didn’t want to take me to Brooklyn. Just refused. I explained that I would absolutely take him to Taxi Court because, see, I’m an actor and have pretty much nothing but free time.
Chris Eigeman
There are so few jobs for comedians on networks, that taxi TV and elevator TV and all this stuff are what I and every other comedian now are gunning for.
Scott Rogowsky
Just as the traditional taxi system revolted against ride sharing, so too does the education establishment feel threatened by the rise of school choice.
Betsy DeVos
My dad was a taxi driver – he’s a long distance lorry driver now – and he has an amazing work ethic.
Rob Beckett
Fame is great when everything in your life is going well. But when it goes wrong, when you’re having to jump on a bus, because you can’t afford to pay for a taxi, and you catch people looking at you. It might sound strange, but you feel ashamed. And that’s hard to deal with.
Martin Kemp
When I was growing up in New York City, my father was a taxi driver for a time.
Diane Lane
Once upon a time, I was morbidly sensitive about the impertinence born of sociology. Taxi drivers would not stop for me after dark; white girls jogged to keep ahead of my shadow thrown at their heels by the amber street lamps. Part of me didn’t blame them, but most of me was hurt.
Darryl Pinckney
I think if you look back at all those great comedies on television in the past, it’s all lovable losers that gathered together – ‘Taxi’ and ‘Cheers,’ ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends.’
Matthew Perry
Is that your final answer? Here in New York garbage men, bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, bus drivers, whoever, you know, people just yell it out to me. So that was a lot of fun.
Regis Philbin
Taxi drivers up and down the country are at the vanguard of the electric vehicle revolution.
Grant Shapps
I was going to some fabulous party, and my taxi got stuck in traffic, and I looked out the window, and I saw a homeless woman rooting through the garbage, and I realized it was my mother. And I was so mortified that I ducked down, and I hid.
Jeannette Walls
After all, what is your host’s purpose in having a party? Surely not for you to enjoy yourself; if that were their sole purpose, they’d have simply sent champagne and women over to your place by taxi.
P. J. O’Rourke
The most romantic thing someone did was surprise me at the airport, after being away for 3 months in Los Angeles. You always see people with signs, and you’re like, ‘Isn’t that lovely?’ and then you see your own name on one – that isn’t a taxi driver’s! I was very impressed.
Ophelia Lovibond
Venissa is a perfect destination for day-trippers from Venice proper who are searching for great food and a little adventure; it’s a 30-minute jaunt by vaporetto from St. Mark’s, quicker by water taxi.
Roger Morris
I had told my agents that I didn’t want to do television. I can’t believe I had that gall, looking back on it. I would never condescend to do TV, and then ‘Taxi’ called up for a guest spot in the first season. And my common sense kind of took over, I guess.
Christopher Lloyd
Men still wear cologne, but I wish they wouldn’t. No matter what you may believe, all men’s fragrances smell like the air freshener in a taxi.
Patricia Marx
I almost got kidnapped trying to find a taxi in the street. In Saudi Arabia, it’s not normal for a woman to walk in the street alone, and I don’t cover my face, so I am an open target.
Manal al-Sharif
We have to bring out the truth about how dark and dangerous and evil the taxi side is.
Travis Kalanick
I guess I’m lucky in that I started working very young in all three of the mediums. I started in stage first, and then I moved into film, also very young, and when I did ‘Taxi,’ for instance, it was live in front of an audience but also filmed; that was a fun combination.
Carol Kane
Everyone should try a taxi, as it is part of the New Yo

Everyone should try a taxi, as it is part of the New York experience.
David Baddiel
We write with the souls of thousands of lives saved, the lives of millions of jobs created, liberating multitudes of drivers from the shackles of servitude to iniquitous taxi cartels of corrupt cabals that choked cities with their pollution of air and morals.
Shervin Pishevar
I’ve played Beckett. I put on in the 1950s the first Australian production of ‘Waiting for Godot.’ I played Estragon. The most interesting conversation I’ve had about Beckett was with a Dublin taxi driver.
Barry Humphries
Our goal was never to create a better taxi.
Logan Green
I don’t ride the subway. Either I walk, or I take a New York City taxi.
Nina Garcia
One of the things about the ’70s films I love – the films ‘Nightcrawler’ is being compared to, like, ‘Taxi Driver’ – is that they never put their flawed characters into any one box.
Dan Gilroy