Top 110 Authenticity Quotes

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There's just something, maybe it's the authenticity. I

There’s just something, maybe it’s the authenticity. I think that’s the appeal and why people choose to watch really unpolished and unprofessional videos on YouTube over these multi-million dollar television shows.
Lindsay Ellis
If there’s one theme in all my work, it’s about authenticity and self-expression. It’s the idea that some things are, in some real sense, really you – or express what you and others aren’t.
Bernard Williams
I think the bar is higher these days in terms of audience expectations of authenticity.
Shawn Ryan
I think if you put 100% into anything and you do it with authenticity and enthusiasm, then it really shines through.
Robert Rinder
Yes, in all my research, the greatest leaders looked inward and were able to tell a good story with authenticity and passion.
Deepak Chopra
I once wrote that Lord Moran, Churchill’s doctor, had doctored his diaries as well as his famous patient. That was true but unfair. Although their authenticity as contemporary, daily accounts is often questionable, the observations are quite wonderful.
Nigel Hamilton
There is a certain kind of respect for authenticity today that there wasn’t back in the days when they did ‘Cleopatra,’ where everything looked like a giant motel. People want to have it be authentic in the look, and authentic in the way people behave.
John Milius
I think when people listen to music, they can truly feel authenticity. For me personally, as a listener, there’s certain songs where I’m just like, ‘Man, I know that person was really feeling that.’
With ‘Divergent’ and ‘Insurgent,’ there isn’t great emphasis on uniformity; it’s a vigilante military, the state is in disarray, and there is no reference point for authenticity, so it’s just weapons work and circumstantial fighting.
Jai Courtney
I never try and tune anything out. I think that’s a mistake. You want to bring all the honest stuff that’s going on inside you into your work. Otherwise, you’re keeping a lot of authenticity out.
Sam Esmail
Authenticity in branding requires a step by step, measured methodology that doesn’t veer from a brand’s key identity.
Debbie Millman
I’m always looking for authenticity in my films. They’re based in realism.
Sean Baker
I’m one of those people, when I see a film, I believe it to be true. You know, sort of the authenticity of the camera and seeing things on a screen.
Eddie Redmayne
The authenticity thing has never been an issue for me.
Marcus Mumford
I find more of an authenticity in people who are a little strange – so I really like characters who are just the tiniest bit weird. I find enormous comfort in that – someone who’s kind of normal just doesn’t feel as true.
Missi Pyle
If you’re trying to write something that you don’t understand and embrace at the very core of you, it’s not going to turn out with quite the authenticity and passion it should have.
Terrence McNally
If the Reddit community cannot learn to balance authenticity and compassion, it may be a great website, but it will never be a truly great community.
Sam Altman
There’s a generation that doesn’t care if Tom Cruise is at the top of the movie. They want authenticity.
Rick Famuyiwa
Our vulnerability is that both blacks and whites can use our impossible racial authenticity against us. Both races can throw up our mixed background to challenge our authority to speak.
Shelby Steele
With so much of music blurring the lines between ersatz and authenticity, at least the ‘Rock Band’ game is a tribute to rock rather than an affront.
Carrie Brownstein
We have to preserve folk in its authenticity. Else folk will become fake.
Museums are like the quiet car of the world. It’s a place you can come to escape, where there’s authenticity, there’s uniqueness, there’s calm, there’s physicality.
Thomas P. Campbell
It’s never too late to try authenticity.
Miranda Devine
Architecture is about aging well, about precision and authenticity. There is much more to the success of a building than what you can see. I’m not suggesting that gestural architecture is always superficial, but solid reasoning has its place.
Annabelle Selldorf
Authenticity can’t be replicated or faked. You’re either real or you’re not.
Bibi Bourelly
What patients seek is not scientific knowledge that doctors hide, but existential authenticity each person must find on her own… the angst of facing mortality has no remedy in probability.
Paul Kalanithi
There’s a sense of authenticity that comes with ‘Ebony.’ There are very few national media outlets that are majority-African-American owned and really speak to our community with a sense of pride, authority, and ownership. That’s what we do.
Linda Johnson Rice
Michael Fassbender is just a creative force: he finds authenticity in singularity with what he brings, and it’s always authentic. He doesn’t try to be creative and different for the sake of it.
Marion Cotillard
Children go where they find sincerity and authenticity.
Eric Cantona
Museums provide places of relaxation and inspiration. And most importantly, they are a place of authenticity. We live in a world of reproductions – the objects in museums are real. It’s a way to get away from the overload of digital technology.
Thomas P. Campbell
Research indicates that a pause tends to be a signal that a cluster of deceptive cues is on its way. This is a key reason why voters routinely associate Trump with authenticity: He rarely pauses.
Pamela Meyer
Architecture is about aging well, about precision and a

Architecture is about aging well, about precision and authenticity. There is much more to the success of a building than what you can see. I’m not suggesting that gestural architecture is always superficial, but solid reasoning has its place.
Annabelle Selldorf
I want authenticity, I don’t want players to make a show. I want players to be able to be themselves on court and express all kinds of emotions.
Patrick Mouratoglou
I respond to authenticity and originality, and I’ve been a fan of Don Winslow’s ever since ‘The Power Of The Dog.’
Chuck Hogan
When you are real in your music, people know it and they feel your authenticity.
Wynonna Judd
Authenticity is a virtue. But just as you can have too little authenticity, you can also have too much.
Adam Grant
Americans care a lot about authenticity, rightly so. Every election is a quest for the genuine article. This is precisely what makes the long con of American politics such a rich and mystifying study.
Ben Fountain
The hallmarks of the ‘Brothers in Arms’ series are about authenticity, squad combat, brotherhood between soldiers.
Randy Pitchford
People love authenticity in comedy and, coming from a region, you get a very strong sense of place. They can place you straight away, so they can relax.
Ardal O’Hanlon
What gives my books authenticity is that I actually do what it is I’m writing about. I think the fact that I am in the autopsy room, I go to the crime scene and I do work in the lab gives my books this flavor that otherwise they wouldn’t have.
Kathy Reichs
The thing I learned about being in this industry is the core of hosting and the core of acting is authenticity. So if you’re just real in those moments, no matter what you’re doing, that’s what translates and makes you successful.
Hannah Simone
The audience will show up if you have authenticity. Like ‘Moonlight,’ there was stuff in there that is so specific to that community where the filmmakers grew up. Even if I don’t understand everything they’re talking about, I will love it if I feel that it’s real.
Keiko Agena
Some of the sexiest things to me in a man are confidence, authenticity, honesty, kindness and masculinity.
Sara Evans
Our generation, I think, has a demand for authenticity that exceeds any prior generation.
Matt Gaetz
People’s passion and desire for authenticity is strong.
Constance Wu
The movie that really ‘did it for me’ was ‘All About Eve.’ The backstage feeling, the authenticity, the passion those people had for their lives in the theater. I must say, the movie ‘All About Eve,’ what a great movie! ‘All About Eve’ had a profound effect on my life.
Valerie Harper
I think people can read authenticity and they know when you’re involved and when you’re just slapping your name on something.
La La Anthony
Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.
Neil Blumenthal
I think authenticity is the name of the game.
Wendy Williams
I try to make music with emotion and integrity. And authenticity. You can feel when something’s authentic, and you can feel when it’s not: you know when someone’s trying to make the club record, or trying to make the girl record, or trying to make the thug record. It’s none of that. It’s just my emotions.
I know of nothing more valuable, when it comes to the all-important virtue of authenticity, than simply being who you are.
Charles R. Swindoll
If I go way back to Loretta Lynn, I always cite her as being able to capture what I think is every woman’s story… she very openly used her art as an expression of what she was going through in her life. So that authenticity is something I admire.
Jennifer Nettles
I take particular care in authenticity and specificity when working in cultures not my own. Every aspect of the filmmaking here was meticulously researched, and not just by me but across every department.
Niki Caro
Authenticity, living your truth, kindness – these are necessary virtues.
Merle Dandridge
I’m all about authenticity.
The worst frame of mind to be in is what the fans like or what the fans want, because then you lose the authenticity of who you are as an artist and who you are as a person.
BeBe Zahara Benet
Perhaps the right to authenticity and the reverence of authenticity should be reserved for people like John McCain. John McCain who at his most authentic chose to stay and face years of torture rather than leave before his brothers.
Krystal Ball
It’s not about just diversity; it’s about authenticity. Audiences are really excited to see more of themselves on the screen.
Channing Dungey