Top 12 Short-Sighted Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Short-Sighted Quotes from famous people such as Amanda Knox, Rebecca Hall, Henry Martyn, Stacey Dooley, Frances O’Grady, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Even if Trump means well, his schemes tend to be blunt,

Even if Trump means well, his schemes tend to be blunt, selfish, and short-sighted rather than nuanced, empathetic, and thought through.
Amanda Knox
I think it’s a bit short-sighted to play any character and not explore, in some respects, the way they act when things get really bad.
Rebecca Hall
Do not suppose, dearest Sir, that I am so short-sighted as to destroy my life by English preaching, or any other preaching. St. Paul did much good by his preaching, but how much more by his writings.
Henry Martyn
There are always people who are desperate to put you in your one camp and never let you leave. The idea that you could be interested in the Yazidi community and also in lipstick blows people’s minds. It’s a really short-sighted, Stone Age attitude; it’s boring, actually.
Stacey Dooley
The TUC’s new slogan ‘a future that works’ sets a profound challenge. Austerity and rapid deficit reduction is failing in its own terms, but even at its best it is short-sighted, muddle-through politics with no vision of a new economic model.
Frances O’Grady
We see the tendency in the world to criticise democracy and sometimes even to say that authoritarian countries like China are more efficient. That is very short-sighted. China looks efficient only because it can sacrifice most people’s rights. This is not something the west should be happy about.
Ai Weiwei
Short of a space-alien invasion or an Oklahoma tornado, there is almost no problem that a democracy can tackle in a year. But that isn’t why we have a government. We have a government to solve the problems that greedy, short-sighted businessmen like me can’t.
Glenn Kelman
Responsible statesmen have only one choice – to do everything possible to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Any other position is short-sighted; more so, it is suicidal.
Yuri Andropov
I don’t think generally politician come from democratic country. I think not that thinking. But sometimes little bit short-sighted. They are mainly looking for their next vote.
Dalai Lama
Philanthropy is not about giving money but about solving problems. While well-meaning, the idea of writing a check and calling it ‘philanthropy’ is extremely short-sighted and unfortunately, extremely pervasive.
Naveen Jain
It is both wrong and short-sighted to believe that we can better protect our national security interests by ignoring or sidelining human rights.
Todd Young
I’m too short-sighted, too squeamish for contact lenses and too vain for glasses.
Victoria Coren Mitchell