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I am so conscious of my image because I have a daughter

I am so conscious of my image because I have a daughter and have said no to offers for item numbers down South.
Manini Mishra
If I win the gold medal, I will be set for the rest of my life. The medal itself doesn’t give you anything, but it makes you a marketable item. You take it and see what you can do.
Caitlyn Jenner
No matter how your breading or batter is constructed, it serves the same function: Adding a layer of ‘stuff’ around the item being fried means the oil has a tough time coming in direct contact with it, and thus has a hard time transferring energy to it.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I take it to heart that, for example, there aren’t enough funds for AIDS research, but people pay 20 times the value of an item of clothing.
Azzedine Alaia
It’s amazing to think that every item of clothing we wear began as an idea in somebodies head. Whether it’s a designer dress or a cheap remake, someone somewhere had an idea and brought it to life.
Dawn O’Porter
To me, the most worrisome part of traveling comes before any of the traveling actually occurs: the suitcase-packing process. It’s a challenging and anxiety-filled process – I am caught between wanting my suitcase to be light and worrying I am going to need every single item in my bedroom.
Laura Marano
I didn’t want to get typecast doing an item number in ‘Corporate,’ so I didn’t do it then.
Payal Rohatgi
When you strip hope from people, it leaves a void, and that void needs to be filled. And very likely, that void is going to be filled by an ideology… Hope and faith are so connected. Now, when ideology connects with faith, the ideology becomes an item of faith, not a point of discussion.
Alfonso Cuaron
I don’t judge people who are in item numbers.
Athiya Shetty
I was active on Facebook for a while, responding to comments and thanking fans for their appreciation. But I found that the Facebook feed was numbing my emotions. I’d see an extraordinarily tragic news item, and even before I could react to it, see a hilarious meme right below it. This was confusing me.
Vijay Sethupathi
Delicate fabrics should not be ironed. But if you don’t have a steamer, next time you take a hot shower hang the item in the bathroom with you. The steam from the shower will help get the creases out.
Dawn O’Porter
There’s no other major item most of us own that is as confusing, unpredictable and unreliable as our personal computers.
Walt Mossberg
We just simply want to get back to basics, get – restore essentially the constitutional foundation of the country, and that means the federal government becoming less onerous, less involved in every – basically every item of our lives. And what that means is there does have to be some transition.
Joe Miller
Too many people treat parenting like it’s the 20th item on their to-do list.
John Kennedy
The concept of Shwopping is so clever, I think. The idea is that every time someone goes shopping, they can take an unwanted item of clothing and pop it in the recycling bin in their M&S store for Oxfam.
Joanna Lumley
I would love to feel satisfied doing a Hindi film when there is no restriction of commerce, which is song and dance, item numbers.
Mahesh Manjrekar
I am not in Bollywood for item songs. I have to do some meaty roles and realistic films.
Kashmira Shah
If I find an item of clothing I like, I tend to buy it in multiples.
Alexander Gilkes
During Holi, my mom prepares lovely puran polis, and everyone in my family makes an exception in their diet plan to include this delicious food item!
Sonali Bendre
My revenue was $4 million my first year in business, off of one $20 item.
Sara Blakely
It’s been eight years now that I have been working in Bollywood and have done everything – from item songs to character roles to reality shows.
Payal Rohatgi
I don’t want to be known as an item dancer. I want to be known as an actress only.
Nargis Fakhri
I was in the ‘Alvin and the Chipmunk’ movie, which was a real bucket list item.
John Waters
The salability of an item can often be improved while the value itself remains unchanged.
Roy H. Williams
There’s nothing worse than looking as if you’ve tried too hard or preened to within an inch of your life. If I’m wearing a strong item like a really beautiful dress, then I’ll play down my shoes and accessories and make my hair really natural.
Louise Nurding
A lot of TV people buy more than one of an item, in case they spot or stain it, but I don’t like buying duplicates – it’s wasteful.
Martha Stewart
Item numbers are not for me.
Ayesha Takia
Sometimes I think everything I touch turns into a Page Six item.
Jay McInerney
As far as how I approach the humor, I think the best comedy is going to happen when I’m myself and act organically to a news item or situation.
Nikki Glaser
Every other piece of industrial design is a pot or a dish or something insignificant. But when you have a chair, it’s like a sculpture of a person: it’s alive. It’s big. You can’t miss it. It’s a ‘look at me!’ item.
Charles Pollock
If you splurge, do it on an item that’s fun, because you’ll feel good whenever you put it on.
Lela Rose
To be frank, I am confused. If an actress does a cameo

To be frank, I am confused. If an actress does a cameo dance sequence, it is often referred to as an item number, if an actor does the same, it is just a dance number!
Shamna Kasim
Your average pop song or film is a very sophisticated item, with very sophisticated ways of listening and viewing that we have not really consciously developed over the years – because we were having such a good time.
Paul Muldoon
Television executives only commission something that somebody else has already commissioned that’s doing well on another station – they’re afraid of expecting an audience to concentrate for longer than three minutes on any particular item.
Mariella Frostrup
The hardest thing about being a full time chef is leaving my work behind when I go home at night. I’ll toss and turn about a menu item or forget to order produce and wake up at 4 A.M. in a cold sweat over some artichokes.
Alex Guarnaschelli
I dislike turtlenecks at the best of times, as they are always unflattering to the imperfect male physique, but when worn in combination with a v-neck sweater, they say ‘Grandpa’ louder than any other item of clothing.
Russell Smith
No matter how expensive an item is or how good it looks, if it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s not going to deliver the same image that it should.
Jeannie Mai
Everybody says they want good films and when one turns up, they go watch item songs.
Ranvir Shorey
If you subscribe to any online service, whether it be AOL, Google, Yahoo, or the Huffington Post, have you noticed that you are forced to watch a seemingly endless ad before the video story appears about a news item that caught your eye? AOL and the Huffington Post are especially annoying.
Mark Skousen
It can be tough when you’re on the road, but I think food is meant to be enjoyed, so whenever we go to a new place, we look for the specialty item there.
Hannah Kearney
One of my favorite products at Warby Parker also happens to be our worst-selling item: the monocle.
Neil Blumenthal
For Google, the problem with being a free, abundant, and rather infinite set of services is that it’s hard to create much of a stir about anything. There are so many major software service options under the ‘more’ menu on the Gmail page that they’ve had to go and add a final item called ‘even more.’
Douglas Rushkoff
At fancy and expensive restaurants (say, $50 and up for a dinner), you can follow a simple procedure to choose the best meal. Look at the menu and ask yourself: ‘Which of these items do I least want to order?’ Or: ‘Which one sounds the least appetizing?’ Then order that item.
Tyler Cowen
If I don’t have room for an item, I put it in warehouses.
Ursula Andress
I’m a traditionalist with suits. It doesn’t need extra pockets, and I don’t want headphone jacks in my jacket. I appreciate designers who do different things, but for me, the most basic version of that item is what I want.
Waris Ahluwalia
When it comes to breakfast, baked goods are my weakness (besides coffee): toast, croissants, heck, even a scone on the weekend. There is one bakery item, though, that you will never see in my life, and that’s a muffin.
Chris Morocco
We were so poor. Every item of clothing came from a thrift store.
Gina Schock
Any item in your wardrobe should satisfy one of two criteria: utility and joy.
Stacy London
If I walk into a store, I’m going to buy the best jacket or the best item in the store, hands down.
Theophilus London
I think a big bucket list item for me and Jonathan is to produce some of our own scripted films and series.
Drew Scott
Luxury is not a $4,000 T-shirt – that’s just an expensive item, the same as if a can of Coca-Cola cost $5,000.
Marco Zanini
I want to prove to my fans that I am beyond candy floss roles and item numbers.
Amruta Khanvilkar
Sometimes a single item can wrap up, in a nutshell, who a person is. In my grandparents’ home, a clear plastic container was enthroned on top of the mahogany bar for at least a decade. Painted on the lid in pink, yellow and light blue was ‘Have a Nosh With Mort & Ethel’.
Lisa Lutz
Brand is not a product, that’s for sure; it’s not one item. It’s an idea, it’s a theory, it’s a meaning, it’s how you carry yourself. It’s aspirational, it’s inspirational.
Kevin Plank
Seeing clients as people with goals and desires helps you to understand their perspective, animating their existence beyond a line item in a sales pipeline report.
Rana el Kaliouby
I like my social media space to be somewhere very positive… I like to just be able to just share any images they see, or a piece of art or an item of clothing, and get to share that with the world.
Poppy Delevingne
Marilyn and I were rumored to be an item. We were friends. Nothing more. Marilyn was one of the sweetest creatures that ever lived.
Sammy Davis, Jr.