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Life is not a waste of time.

Life is not a waste of time.
Anthony McCarten
I think rehearsal can be important if it’s done in a way that works. Often, rehearsal can be a waste of time.
Ewan McGregor
You put choice on the table, you change the whole game. Everything is about control. If an ad is interesting to you, you’ll have the conversation with the brand. If it’s not, it’s a waste of time.
David Droga
Eventually, I believe, current attempts to understand the mind by analogy with man-made computers that can perform superbly some of the same external tasks as conscious beings will be recognized as a gigantic waste of time.
Thomas Nagel
It’s a waste of time for people to say things they think other people want to hear, or try and come off in a certain way. I try to be as honest as I can.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Any acceleration constitutes progress, Miss Glory. Nature had no understanding of the modern rate of work. From a technical standpoint the whole of childhood is pure nonsense. Simply wasted time. An untenable waste of time.
Karel Capek
I really hate drama. It’s draining; it’s mentally draining. It’s a waste of time.
Carli Lloyd
I would love nothing more than compromise. But I would say to you that compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.
Marco Rubio
I’ve used the term ‘Facebook for the enterprise,’ and everyone goes, ‘We don’t want Facebook in the enterprise,’ because it conjures up that it’s not secure, and it’s going to be a waste of time. All these things are true, which is why Facebook is not in the enterprise.
Parker Harris
I have had time to analyze my feelings. I am certain that they are totally neurotic, sexist, silly, and a big waste of time.
Phil Donahue
The single biggest misconception about games is that they’re an escapist waste of time.
Jane McGonigal
Sometimes I wonder if I loved anybody, and yet I think of all the tears I shed and the heartache. It was all such a waste of time.
June Brown
I regard it as a waste of time to think only of selling: one forgets one’s art and exaggerates one’s value.
Camille Pissarro
No boyfriends please. They are just waste of time, and frankly speaking I don’t have time or energy to run after boyfriends.
Riya Sen
I wouldn’t give Peter Dutton any of my time. It’s a waste of time speaking to someone like him because they just spread lies and propaganda. He doesn’t represent me, he doesn’t care about people, and I wouldn’t give him the time of day, to tell you the truth.
Jimmy Barnes
Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self-esteem. They’re no good at all.
Kurt Cobain
When I was 14 my mum told my chemistry teacher she thought it was a waste of time girls going to university because they’d only just get married. I remember being so angry with her.
Dido Harding
The biggest waste of time is to do well something that we need not do at all.
Gretchen Rubin
I don’t want to write any more screenplays, I’ll tell you that right now. It’s a waste of time. You’ve got too many people who think they have the answer to a good screenplay and they don’t. No one knows.
Elmore Leonard
To pay attention to flattery or criticism is a waste of time for artists.
John McLaughlin
I can do whatever I want. They will tell me if what I am doing is stupid or a total waste of time. I may tell them that they are wrong, and we will come to an agreement.
Bill Budge
We had a few non-fiction books at home, but my dad was of the opinion that fiction was a complete and utter waste of time because it wasn’t real – so what was the point of reading it?
Malorie Blackman
I like reading books with both hands, with my heart pumping, with blood on the page. So I’m interested in people who make stuff, and I’m interested in the lives that make the text. To read a book or watch a movie any other way, to me, personally, feels like a waste of time and misapplication of energy.
Tom Bissell
After high school, I enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but I stayed only a year and a half. I felt college was a waste of time; I wanted to start working.
Evan Williams
You can’t just walk away when somebody recognizes you. You have to take some time out and talk to them. It’s not a waste of time – I just love talking to people. And I don’t do this to sell records. The truth is, I do what I do because I love it.
Kenny G
Gary Neville said he thought it was a waste of time playing for England because he has not won anything. I kind of understand where he is coming from. But the players we have here, a lot of them have won things and have the attitude that we need to win.
Ashley Cole
Nothing is a bigger waste of time than regretting the past and worrying about the future.
James Meredith
I don’t get involved in politics. I think that it is a waste of time and money because very often a politician cannot do much, and if you give him money, you embarrass him, so he can’t do anything.
Harry Triguboff
As a fan, when I hear that a film is going to be turned into a television show, I do go to that place immediately of, ‘Is it going to be any good? Is it going to be a waste of time? Why are they doing it?’ It’s ’12 Monkeys,’ and ’12 Monkeys’ is awesome, so I wanted to be a part of it and work on it.
Aaron Stanford
It may seem like sort of a waste of time to play ‘World of Warcraft’ with your son. But you’re actually interacting with each other. You’re solving problems. They may seem like simple problems, but you’re solving them. You’re posed with challenges that you have to overcome. You’re on a quest to gain certain capabilities.
Vint Cerf
In some sense, what you might have suspected from the first day of high-school chemistry is true: The periodic table is a colossal waste of time. Nine out of every 10 atoms in the universe are hydrogen, the first element and the major constituent of stars. The other 10 percent of all atoms are helium.
Sam Kean
Insecurity is such a waste of time.

Insecurity is such a waste of time.
Catherine O’Hara
I never rehearse. Never! I think it’s a waste of time.
Robert Carlyle
I’m never sick. Why get sick? It’s a waste of time.
Martha Stewart
Not having to own a car has made me realize what a waste of time the automobile is.
Diane Johnson
I don’t wake up saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to die.’ It’s a waste of time. It really is.
Valerie Harper
It seems like a gross waste of time to continue our career predicated on the idea that we’re going to divide opinion. What’s more important is just doing something that you love.
Andy Biersack
Remember that no relationship is a total waste of time. You can always learn something about yourself.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
I completely understand social media as a method of promotion and digesting information, but it just seems like a colossal waste of time to me, and there’s a million other ways I’d rather waste my time.
Jason Mantzoukas
I soon became convinced… that all the theorizing would be empty brain exercise and therefore a waste of time unless one first ascertained what the population of the universe really consists of.
Fritz Zwicky
I want to go working with good people on something that’s good, because otherwise it’s a big waste of time. I don’t have that much time.
Stockard Channing
Film work can be anything from just really hard and stressful and you’re subjected to really weird deadlines to really draconian and weird and disconnected. You’re working in service of the thing, and that can be really amazing for everyone involved, or be kind of just a waste of time.
Oneohtrix Point Never
Madness is a waste of time. It creates nothing.
Anne Sexton
The ‘Net is a waste of time, and that’s exactly what’s right about it.
William Gibson
I have never been in a natural place and felt that it was a waste of time. I never have. And it’s a relief. If I’m walking around a desert or whatever, every second is worthwhile.
Viggo Mortensen
Don’t live in the past. There’s no point. You can’t change anything. What a waste of time.
Bob Newhart
Regret is a waste of time and energy and doesn’t do a thing for me.
Inbar Lavi
Inequality is a terrible waste of time, a waste of people’s resources.
Jeremy Corbyn
Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.
Victor Hugo
It’s good to be a martyr for your art, but it’s just such a waste of time.
Ian Harding
School was a waste of time for me. I was bored and left at 16. I started taking correspondence courses at college instead. I did incredibly well. I won an award for my grades.
Amber Heard
My sense is that the wonderful technology that we have to visualize the inside of the body often leaves physicians feeling that the exam is a waste of time and so they may shortchange the ritual.
Abraham Verghese
I wondered a little why God was such a useless thing. It seemed a waste of time to have him. After that he became less and less, until he was… nothingness.
Frances Farmer
I went to one year of college. I only went to class twice a quarter to pass the tests. I thought it was a waste of time.
Mike Lindell
Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do. Real brains don’t do that.
Ray Bradbury
I don’t play videogames and generally think that online activism is a giant waste of time.
Ryan Holiday
Some people have iconic directors in their mind, or they want to make particular styles of films they have seen before. I think this is a waste of time and energy.
Takashi Miike
People who have got to know Western educational methods always claim that the reading of the Classics was a useless waste of time and should be abolished. Such chatter is to be heard from hundreds of people and cannot be stopped. But it is a serious mistake.
Zhang Zhidong
Popping broad beans out of their skins can be therapeutic, but it isn’t everybody’s favourite waste of time.
Yotam Ottolenghi
Criticising the other fellow because he’s in and you are not seems to me a futile waste of time.
Hartley William Shawcross