Top 125 Suited Quotes

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Back in the day, the album was king in many ways. And,

Back in the day, the album was king in many ways. And, of course, we were very tied in with the birth of FM/college radio in the States, and what we were doing suited the format of those young radio stations.
Chris Squire
I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid. It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time. Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem.
Sam Allardyce
Baseball grew rapidly in favor; the field was ripe. America needed a live outdoor sport, and this game exactly suited the national temperament. It required all the manly qualities of activity, endurance, pluck, and skill peculiar to cricket, and was immeasurably superior to that game in exciting features.
John Montgomery Ward
I like track suits and sometimes to be suited up. I like to be like a chameleon.
J Balvin
It’s that I wasn’t suited to do the kind of comedy that these people were coming to hear – mainstream comedy.
Larry David
We can certainly go further than cats, but why should it be that our brains are somehow so suited to the universe that our brains will be able to understand the deepest workings?
Brian Greene
I was never ambitious to be a good actor. I just love doing it and I seem to be quite suited for it.
Katherine Helmond
The arts are the most uniquely suited to provide young people with critical-thinking skills, problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, empathy and tolerance and compassion, looking at the other point of views.
Emma Walton Hamilton
I do laugh when I hear myself saying, ‘I am a ventriloquist.’ I am definitely suited to it, though. I took it and ran with it quite hungrily. It is not for everyone, but it is just the chance to write for a character.
Nina Conti
Some of my fans tell me that my voice is more suited for romantic numbers, some others say I do Sufi songs better. But that just goes to say that people are more aware of the different genres now. More people are getting exposed to sufi music because of Bollywood, which is good.
Javed Ali
But I was an utterly hopeless politician and I worked out that I would be much better suited to making money and running businesses than the compromise that is politics.
Dido Harding
In nerve-free multicellular organisms, the relationships of the cells to each other can only be of a chemical nature. In multicellular organisms with nerve systems, the nerve cells only represent cells like any others, but they have extensions suited to the purpose which they serve, namely the nerves.
Otto Loewi
For a while, when I got out of college, I tried to write fiction. I’d grown up more around novelists, and my initial attraction was to write fiction. But I was much less suited for it. I always struggled to figure out what people were saying or doing in a particular moment.
David Grann
I’m not a big fan of dealing with stereotypes because I think everybody’s unique and I have met plenty of people who have bucked their stereotypes. But there are things that women are physiologically better suited to.
MJ Hegar
Attacking players are the ones who are best suited to break a record.
Brian Lara
I think, to a degree, I’m maybe more suited for voice work. And I don’t just mean my face and body. Because maybe there’s something about what I do that just, for some reason, is better to just hear me.
H. Jon Benjamin
What’s the first thing I remember about the University of New Brunswick? That’s easy. The year before I had gone to Mount St. Vincent in Halifax, which was an all girls’ school. That didn’t really work out for me. But at UNB, there were six or seven men for every woman, which suited me just fine.
Anne Murray
Various religious systems have been given to humanity at different times, each suited to meet the spiritual needs of the people among whom it was promulgated, and, coming from the same divine source: – God, all religions exhibit similar fundamentals or first principles.
Max Heindel
I succeeded on sort of chutzpah and charm. No technique at all, didn’t know what I was doing, but it worked and the character suited me.
Jeremy Irons
I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America. I am a working mother.
Victoria Beckham
It’s hard to compare. Different times, different players. The administration four years ago did not have 9/11. I could tell you this; this particular administration was better suited to handle that than the former.
Montel Williams
When they come here, the English make a choice: New York or L.A. L.A. suited me better, I just feel comfortable here.
Ringo Starr
I definitely caught the acting bug, but that lasted for about two seconds when I found my way to L.A. and found that my talents were better suited behind the cameras.
Lee Daniels
A married couple are well suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time.
Jean Rostand
I’ve always played negative roles because I think I’m better suited for them.
Mukesh Tiwari
I think I am a writer, but professionally I feel drawn to and suited for directing.
Mary Stuart Masterson
First, the American legislative process isn’t well suited to large and complex measures.
George J. Mitchell
I’m sure I can work the Premier League, maybe my style of play is better suited to the Premier League than in the Championship.
Jaap Stam
Political parties need to look at the different kinds of support that people may need, suited to their way of life, and provide cost-effective solutions.
Charles Kennedy
You have to train the best way that is suited to you, a way that will allow you to progress.
Ronnie Coleman
But I see no reason why a woman should not grow and develop in all those outlets which are suited to her nature, it matters not at all what they may be.
Agnes Smedley
Maybe I'm more suited to making small independent films

Maybe I’m more suited to making small independent films.
Rick Famuyiwa
Granted, I’m someone who loves words. I’ve always loved poetry – so it’s suited to me.
Aimee Bender
I think we’ve got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment.
Steven Gerrard
I was asked if I would play President Obama in ‘My Name is Khan.’ I didn’t feel comfortable with doing it. Partly because he was still in office, but mainly because I felt that there were other people who were better suited to doing the role.
Forest Whitaker
I worked with many great assistants to Sir Alex Ferguson over the years. Yet sometimes a manager’s second-in-command is more suited to that role than any other. You confide in them – you tell them things that you would not tell the manager – and they are that bridge between the boss and the players.
Paul Scholes
Film is probably the medium best suited to reach the most people – the visual, the aural, the limbic, the intellectual: it captures all these parts of our mind and soul. No other art form comes close.
Peter Landesman
What I responded to, on the page, was the way a poem could liberate, by means of a word’s setting, through subtleties of timing, of pacing, that word’s full and surprising range of meaning. It seemed to me that simple language best suited this enterprise.
Louise Gluck
My management skills are more suited to developing teams to be better than what they were before, and not just about avoiding relegation.
Sam Allardyce
Fortunately, no country was ever more suited for anarchist agitation than present-day America.
Johann Most
I think that women are uniquely suited to the job of directing, and I’ve seen it firsthand.
Donna Langley
I never felt I was quite the ticket academically. I always felt I had to put in an enormous amount of effort not to be disappointing. So I worked really hard, but at the time it suited me, because I didn’t do very much else.
Emily Mortimer
She didn’t hide her relationship with Albert Finney. I can’t imagine two people who were better suited, but thank God it didn’t work out, or she and I would never have met.
Robert Wolders
For a photographer, sharks are a stirring subject, possessing a perfect blend of grace and power. They have been sculpted by evolution and are ideally suited for whichever ecosystem they inhabit, from coral reefs to the open ocean.
Brian Skerry
We should work for simple, good, undecorated things, but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street.
Alvar Aalto
Certain product lines are more suited to be manufactured in proximity with the customer, while others are more suitable to be manufactured in India.
Azim Premji
I’m creative in my own life. I’m creative when I step out the door. I’m creative when I pick up a glass. Do you know what I mean? I’m one of those dreadful people who probably should have been born at the end of the 19th century and been in cafe society. That would have suited me fine.
Jaye Davidson
I was more used to acting onstage, for a long time. I don’t know, maybe I was temperamentally more suited to stage stuff. And there are things about the stage that I miss in a lot of ways.
Paul Giamatti
Polyester is easy to work with and results in clothing that is well suited to the needs of a modern lifestyle.
Issey Miyake
If you were not a sinful, polluted, helpless, and miserable creature, this Savior would not be suited to you, and you would not be comprehended in his gracious invitations to the children of men.
Archibald Alexander
I think some men like to be hands-on dads. It’s up to individuals. We did it the way that suited us.
Tana Ramsay
I had been lucky that my physiology is well suited to space training.
Helen Sharman
I guess I was phenomenally lucky that I was introduced to dancing because I’m suited to it. It would be very weird if you had this natural ability for something and you never discovered it. It must happen all the time.
Damian Woetzel
I have been told that my voice is very suited to oldies albums.
Anne Murray