Top 125 Whites Quotes

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I am not naive, and I do realize that racism is alive a

I am not naive, and I do realize that racism is alive and well in the United States of America. I am also fully aware that when segregation ended, we didn’t all live happily ever after. No one can convince me, however, that life in America would be better if blacks and whites had stayed separate and unequal.
Maysoon Zayid
We’ve begun to put fear into those whites who think they can do anything they want to a black person and get away with it.
Charles Evers
Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America and across the entire Western world. Black children today are hammered with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet racial pride in whites constitutes a grave evil.
Shelby Steele
All right-wing antigovernment rage in America bears a racial component, because liberalism is understood, consciously or unconsciously, as the ideology that steals from hard-working, taxpaying whites and gives the spoils to indolent, grasping blacks.
Rick Perlstein
Until blacks and whites see each other as brother and sister, we will not have parity. It’s very clear.
Maya Angelou
In fact, there is clear evidence of black intellectual superiority: in 1984, 92 percent of blacks voted to retire Ronald Reagan, compared to only 36 percent of whites.
Barbara Ehrenreich
The whites have resolved to destroy our liberty and have therefore brought a force commensurate to their intentions. The Cape, after a proper resistance, has fallen into their hands, but the enemy found only a town and plain in ashes; the forts were blown up, and all was burnt.
Toussaint Louverture
I grew up in South Florida, and my family was pretty poor. We weren’t your upper-class whites by any means.
Dickey Betts
No one had ever told me that whites were supposed to sing one kind of music and blacks another – I sang what I liked in the only voice I had.
Charley Pride
I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together.
Marcus Garvey
The life of General Alex Dumas is so extraordinary on so many levels that it’s easy to forget the most extraordinary fact about it: that it was led by a black man, in a world of whites, at the end of the eighteenth century.
Tom Reiss
Even if it’s a white crowd, I tell my jokes for the four black people in the room, not the 100 whites.
Gary Owen
Whites know never tell blacks what you really think and what you really feel because you risk being seen as a racist. And the result of that is that to a degree, we as blacks live in a bubble. Nobody tells us the truth. Nobody tells us what they would do if they were in our situation. Nobody really helps us.
Shelby Steele
I prefer a home-made breakfast of brown bread and egg whites.
Rituparna Sengupta
The whites come to applaud a Negro performer just like the colored do. When you’ve got the respect of white and colored, you can ease a lot of things.
Nat King Cole
Obviously, you want to wear the whites. If someone calls you a Test player, there is no bigger compliment.
Yuzvendra Chahal
I go for all sharing the privileges of the government, who assist in bearing its burdens. Consequently, I go for admitting all whites to the right of suffrage, who pay taxes or bear arms (by no means excluding females).
Abraham Lincoln
I do not deny that I planned sabotage. I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness nor because I have any love of violence. I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation and oppression of my people by the whites.
Nelson Mandela
I never ceased to be surprised when southern whites, at their homes or clubs, told racial jokes and spoke so derogatorily of blacks while longtime servants, for whom they quite clearly had some affection, were well within earshot.
Walter Cronkite
Given the historical power differential between blacks and whites, blacks are required to be attentive to the way their white counterparts see themselves in relation to people of color if they want to survive and even thrive.
James A. Forbes
I only eat fish – no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites.
Jack LaLanne
I used to work in the cotton fields a lot when I was young. There were a lot of African Americans working out there. A lot of Mexicans – the blacks and the whites and the Mexicans, all out there singing, and it was like an opera in the cotton fields, and I can still hear it in the music that I write and play today.
Willie Nelson
I’ve always eaten egg whites because when I was little, I didn’t like the color yellow, so my mom would trick me into eating eggs by taking out the yolk.
Eva Longoria
‘Helter-Skelter’ was the motive for the murders. Manson borrowed that term from a Beatles song on the ‘White Album.’ In England, helter-skelter is a playground ride. To Manson, helter-skelter meant a war between whites and blacks that the Beatles were in favor of.
Vincent Bugliosi
I’m the kind of person whose clothes are all hung up and color-coordinated, to the point where my whites don’t touch my creams.
Gabrielle Union
Too many whites still see blacks as a group apart.
Constance Baker Motley
I do like my eggs in the morning, if I was trying to be good I’d have a piece of rye bread with a bit of avocado and scrambled egg whites.
Michelle Keegan
Once in a while, I’ll slip and get off my vegan diet and have egg whites in the morning, that’s a good source of protein while I’m out on the road. If I can feel my body starting to tire, those are good to keep you healthy.
Travis Barker
For black people who are really dark – and a lot of black people were averse to be dark skinned – it was believed that you’d be so dark that you couldn’t see them at night unless they were smiling or you could see the whites of their eyes. At one time, it was a sharp comic barb that got levelled at some people.
Kerry James Marshall
Be nice to whites, they need you to rediscover their humanity.
Desmond Tutu
Blacks are tired of seeing whites saying, ‘I understand you.’ You need a black to direct a black film.
Melvin Van Peebles
I was nearing the end of childhood when I started to pa

I was nearing the end of childhood when I started to pay real attention to jazz singers. Women excelled as jazz singers; they surpassed most of the men. Black women excelled as jazz singers; they surpassed most of the whites.
Margo Jefferson
Combining proteins like egg whites and oatmeal with berries is the best and most important food of the day. The mix will help energize you. And you should have it in the first 30 minutes of rolling out of bed.
David Kirsch
I was so inspired by Dr. King that in 1956, with some of my brothers and sisters and first cousins – I was only 16 years old – we went down to the public library trying to check out some books, and we were told by the librarian that the library was for whites only and not for colors. It was a public library.
John Lewis
Ninety years after slavery, blacks were still segregated from whites. They still had separate drinking fountains, separate restrooms, separate neighborhoods, and separate schools. They still were expected to sit at the back of the bus.
Benjamin Watson
I was told that Daddy was murdered by a white man. I could have adopted an attitude of hating whites. But then in 1974 my grandmother was killed by a black man, so I could have hated blacks too.
Martin Luther King III
Breakfast would be, like, egg whites with tomatoes, turkey sausage and feta cheese. Then for lunch I’d have salmon and spinach or something like that.
Baron Davis
In west London where I live, white people are a minority. In the area I am in, which is the borough of Brent, whites are less than 50%.
Louis Theroux
As soon as white folks say a play’s good, the theater is jammed with blacks and whites.
August Wilson
I grew up knowing my grandfather had served our country for decades in the Navy, buried in his whites in Arlington; I have family members who are veterans.
Brooke Baldwin
I have a cup of tea in my hand at all times. I have about 10 a day. I don’t go for this hipster coffee nonsense. No flat whites for me!
Lucy Worsley
I would always advise if you were to have several egg whites, include a couple of yolks in there because there are some amino acids in the yolks that are slightly lacking in the whites.
Dorian Yates
Once one understands that ‘racial tensions’ is a euphemism for a black animosity toward whites and a left-wing construct, one begins to understand why the election of a black president has had no impact on most blacks or on the left.
Dennis Prager
It’s an unfortunate fact that in the male black population, a very significant percentage of them, more so than whites or other minority candidates, because of convictions, prison records, are never going to be hired by a police department. That’s a reality. That’s not a byproduct of stop-and-frisk.
William Bratton
Yes, for blacks, racism functions without the actual presence of whites, just as for whites it functions without the actual presence of blacks! Beliefs, conventions, history do the work.
Margo Jefferson
I’ve never seen baseball advertise for a job, and I’ve never heard of whites applying for a job. I mean, there’s an old boy network, and it’s lily white.
Frank Robinson
Friends and brothers, The Almighty created us Indians. We are as he made us. The Almighty has given to the whites a book to read, and they have plenty of things to work with. The Indian has no book. He cannot read.
Standing Bear
Blacks have traditionally had to operate in a situation where whites have set themselves up as the custodians of the black experience.
August Wilson
We all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. We’re in a relay race, relying on the financial and human capital of our parents and grandparents. Blacks were shackled for the early part of that relay race, and although many of the fetters have come off, whites have developed a huge lead.
Nicholas Kristof