Top 130 Hard-Working Quotes

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I don't think people have an appreciation for the work

I don’t think people have an appreciation for the work that it takes to pull these missions off, like humans living on the space station continuously for 15 years. It is a huge army of hard-working people to make it happen.
Scott Kelly
The Libertarian position on immigration is to have, not open borders with no restrictions, but to have controlled borders that allow hard-working people to come into America to help raise their standard of living and improve the American economy.
Michael Badnarik
I’ve heard it said that umpires are necessary evil. Well, we are necessary, but we are not evil. We are hard-working and dedicated people whose primary interest is to make sure the game is played fairly. We are the integrity of the game.
Doug Harvey
Our young immigrants have a lot to offer. They are motivated and hard-working, and in many cases have already contributed significantly to our society – by excelling in school, by volunteering in their communities, or by serving in the military.
Gerald Chertavian
Cleveland’s a great city. I love the city. The people here are awesome. They’re loyal and hard-working, and they’re loyal to our sports scene, and things are changing here.
Stipe Miocic
My teams have always been very hard-working and competitive.
Tony Pulis
I think, Koreans, they’re really hard-working people. They’re really innovative, and they try new things all the time, so I think it’s just a matter of time when everyone will know K-pop.
Jessica Jung
What is at risk are the lives of hard-working Salvadoran families. In fact, unchecked violence was one of the main drivers of immigration from this country to the United States.
Nayib Bukele
It is worthwhile for anyone to have behind him a few generations of honest, hard-working ancestry.
John Phillips Marquand
All the things that can happen to an artist regardless of how prepared they are and how smart they are and hard-working they are and attractive – doesn’t matter. There’s always somebody cuter. There just is.
George C. Wolfe
When I went on ‘The Hills,’ I never showed my personal life. It was always about my career life – I thought people could take me seriously because they’d see I’m a hard-working girl. Then when I chose to do ‘The City,’ I took the next step to show my personal life.
Whitney Port
I have been a hard-working politician.
Jaya Prada
Hey, it’s tough not to have a ton of admiration for the fans of Baltimore. And, for it me, it’s because they are such a hard-working, blue-collar fan base that loves football.
Joe Flacco
I’m a hard-working guy, I’m a humble guy, I know I have to work hard to be where I am, but I always have confidence in myself and know what I can do on the pitch.
Victor Lindelof
Brits, Scandinavians, Finns, Estonians consider themselves rational, logical, unencumbered by emotional arguments; we are businesslike, stubborn, and hard-working.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
If a budget is designed to show our values, it’s clear where the majority stands: against opportunity, against education, and against America’s hard-working, tax-paying middle class.
Ellen Tauscher
I would say that regardless of how the brand has been created, we are four hard-working women who have succeeded in making our dream to become artists a more possible reality through this.
Lauren Jauregui
I am very hard-working, I try not to give up, and I am disciplined about the hours I work.
Carol Drinkwater
Because we in the mainland didn’t have a youth. We were all busy being hard-working in our youthful years. We were studying hard, working hard, getting married and buying a flat, and striving to give the best education to our children.
Zhao Wei
I personally think that gentrification happens long before you start seeing white people in formerly people-of-color neighborhoods. It starts happening when we start telling the young, hard-working, quote-unquote ‘smart’ kids that they need to measure success by how far they get away from our communities.
Majora Carter
I like the idea of an open, international London that thrives on attracting hard-working, talented people but has the confidence to tell them they must play by the same rules as everyone else.
Mohsin Hamid
One of the things that is great about this country is that we’re a meritocracy. Aspirational, hard-working people who want to come here – and who have the talent and skills to contribute to our economy and society – are very welcome.
Priti Patel
My dad was actually my first mentor. Decent man, hard-working man, never missed a day of work plumber.
Joe Maddon
There is growing inequality. The families of the all-powerful Ministers are getting richer. The poor and hard-working Belizeans are getting poorer.
Said Musa
There are those who profess to support law enforcement but who have attempted to undermine the efforts of hard-working officers who make difficult decisions.
Janet Reno
I am proud to join the many state legislators, governors, businessmen and hard-working Americans who have worked to build support and momentum for the idea of the Health Care Compact, and I am proud to introduce the common-sense bill for this sensible solution.
James Lankford
I have a lot of hard-working, blue-collar people in my district who are at the end of their unemployment benefits.
Gene Green
I thought if we could put our hard-working culture as traders into the asset management, it will be a great combination, and we did do that.
Ivan Glasenberg
I mean, I’m married first of all to one of, if not the most wonderful women in the world. She is everything – funny, attractive, hard-working, she has integrity, she loves me to bits.
My mum and dad ran a family cafe in Sligo for 35 years and worked long hours. We grew up in a very hard-working family and had a lovely atmosphere, as we lived above the restaurant. It definitely made me want to work hard, whatever I chose to do. As the baby of seven kids, I was definitely a bit spoilt.
Shane Filan
Congress has a responsibility to review research paid for by hard-working American taxpayers.
Lamar S. Smith
As Governor, I've worked to solve problems the New Hamp

As Governor, I’ve worked to solve problems the New Hampshire way – bringing together Democrats, Republicans and Independents to help hard-working Granite Staters adapt to our changing economy so that everyone has the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead.
Maggie Hassan
I have been in Wall Street all of my life. I love it. It has been good to me. I know many wonderful, decent, honorable, ethical, hard-working people that were in Wall Street with me.
Kenneth Langone
The Philippines is strategically located and blessed with the greatest resource: its people, who are hard-working, very loyal, and very adaptive.
Benigno Aquino III
Dr Dre has never told me a lie. I look up to him, not only as a business man, but just as someone who has become his own man in this business. He’s always recognised the hard-working ethic that I have and given me opportunities based on that.
I think I had a really hard-working and authentic wrestling style, so people liked the way I was – that I was a ‘no-quit’ kind of wrestler – and I was very realistic and credible in my style.
Bret Hart
To wear this shirt, especially with the West Ham badge on it – it takes an honest player, hard-working, a player that leaves everything on the pitch and plays for the crest on the shirt.
Mark Noble
As a former recipient of these services I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of TANF recipients are hard-working Americans who are down on their luck, and just want an opportunity to better their lives and those of their family through work and access to education.
Gwen Moore
Most arguments for instituting or raising a minimum wage are based on fairness and redistribution. Even if workers are getting a competitive wage, many of us are deeply disturbed that some hard-working families still have very little.
Christina Romer
I heard New York fans and people in New York are hard-working fans, so they want to see players work hard on the court. That’s the first thing I’ve got to do.
Kristaps Porzingis
What employing thousands of people in the middle of the country has taught me is how good and hard-working Americans in all cities are, and how much most of the country resents our wealthiest cities’ sense of entitlement and condescension.
Glenn Kelman
In real life, Oxford and Cambridge are two excellent universities, like many others in the country. They are full of highly intelligent, hard-working, and quite ordinary students and teachers.
Mary Beard
No one who works a full-time job should live in poverty. It’s that simple. We must stand on the side of hard-working Americans.
Alex Padilla
It’s an appeal as old as America and its presidency: This is an extraordinary country populated by hard-working, big-dreaming, freedom-loving people graced by God when they’re not pulling themselves up by the bootstraps.
Ron Fournier
The Tory party is at is strongest when it is in tune with the hopes and aspirations of Britain’s hard-working, law-abiding majority, and when it governs through clear Conservative principles.
Priti Patel
There are a lot of young kids serving in Washington, D.C.: kids that are smart, hard-working, but they’ve never farmed. They’ve never run a business. They’ve never been in the private sector. They went from high school into college and right into Washington, D.C.
Ron Johnson
I firmly believe that the best way to stimulate our economy and create jobs is to let hard-working Americans keep more of their money – after all, the money belongs to them, not to Washington.
Rob Bishop
An energy-dominant America will bring even more hard-working Americans into the high-skill, well-paying jobs and careers the energy sector offers.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
There are a lot of hard-working parents out there for whom it is hard to support their families during Thanksgiving.
Tobias Harris