Top 15 Moby Dick Quotes

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Race is the true protagonist of the American novel. Our

Race is the true protagonist of the American novel. Our most popular classic fictions have known this, from ‘Moby Dick’ to ‘Beloved;’ all these books take on race or talk it out, often in other forms; they are less ‘horror stories for boys’ than ghost stories from a haunted conscience.
Kevin Young
Most action is based on redemption and revenge, and that’s a formula. Moby Dick was formula. It’s how you get to the conclusion that makes it interesting.
Sylvester Stallone
I don’t have a favorite author; I have favorite books. ‘Moby Dick’ is a favorite book, but Melville was a drunk who beat his wife. ‘Moveable Feast’ by Hemingway, but I would not like him personally. He was a stupid macho person who believed in shooting animals for fun, but that book was incredible!
Gary Paulsen
If you live on Nantucket, you can’t avoid its history, and ‘Moby Dick’ is the way most of us get into Nantucket’s history.
Nathaniel Philbrick
The thing about Moby Dick is that, at heart, it’s a very simple plot – there’s only one white whale in the ocean. When you’re a boy growing up in a hostile home, you imagine it’s unique: it’s happening only to you.
Gavin O’Connor
Sometimes, readers, when they’re young, are given, say, a book like ‘Moby Dick’ to read. And it is an interesting, complicated book, but it’s not something that somebody who has never read a book before should be given as an example of why you’ll really love to read, necessarily.
Gabrielle Zevin
I love to read. I was in AP English in high school, and we were assigned books every few months. ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ are two of my favorite ones.
Spencer Boldman
‘Baltimore’ the series is inspired by all kinds of things, from ‘Moby Dick’ to ‘Dracula.’
Christopher Golden
Many, many of my paintings have come from the first chapter of Moby Dick.
Robert Indiana
I’m so optimistic, I’d go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.
Zig Ziglar
No highbrow literary type would ever say ‘Moby Dick’ is good but it’s just about a whale, or a Jane Austen would be important if she wasn’t just writing about romantic relationships.
Sophie Hannah
I think people have the wrong idea of ‘Moby Dick’ as this somber, boring thing.
Chad Harbach
Besides all those whaling details, Moby Dick is about someone who’s looking for something so huge, something they’ve wanted all their life, yet they know when they find it, it will kill them.
Laurie Anderson
There’s the typical books, Moby Dick and, I guess in my adult life I began to read biographies more than fiction. I started to want to relate to other people’s lives, things that had really happened.
Julius Erving
Moby Dick – that book is so amazing. I just realized that it starts with two characters meeting in bed; that’s how my book begins, too, but I hadn’t noticed the parallel before, two characters forced to share a bed, reluctantly.
Michael Chabon