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Who needs checks and balances when the left, seemingly,

Who needs checks and balances when the left, seemingly, knows and can decide right from wrong? When the left can decide what can be said and what cannot be said? When the left can decide how much money you’re allowed to make or whether or not you deserve health care? It is a quest for power. And, it is dangerous.
Trish Regan
We are not saying that every idiot out there should own a gun – and there should be better background checks on guns. Not everybody should have the right.
Johnny Van Zant
Every year when I get my health checks they come out better and better.
Bill Ward
Even my Mormon sister checks my rankings on
Chelsea Handler
I don’t understand why it’s not okay to be plus-size. I don’t know why people hate that phrase. Many models have built their careers as plus-size women and then suddenly don’t want to be called that anymore. But you’re still cashing checks from plus-size designers.
Tess Holliday
The framers hated the tyranny of King George, but they were also afraid of the mob. That’s why they put so many checks and balances into our system, to guard against the excesses of a government that might be inflamed by public passion or perverted by a dictator’s whim.
David Ignatius
We should advocate that the North should stay in the customs union and the single market and that any customs checks should be in the ports and airports, not on land borders.
Leo Varadkar
That is why people have jobs and pay checks… it helps keep you from unanswerable questions.
Diane Arbus
Should we have background checks, waiting periods? To drive a car you have to pass a test that shows you know how to drive your car safely, you should have to do the same thing with guns.
Michael D. Barnes
The basic idea of retirement income is, to me, to get a check, two checks every month, one from your fixed income and one from equity account. And you want them to grow over time.
John C. Bogle
I think most of us in America want our security. There’re so many people out there that are fearful and now with this realization of immigration, with the terrorists, we need to have better checks and balances in regards to who’s emigrating into our country.
Jan Brewer
The Constitutional framework of checks and balances matters.
Scott Pruitt
Exit checks are absolutely critical to monitor if those who come into the U.S. on visas actually do in fact leave the country when their visa is up.
Mark Meadows
Common experience is the gold reserve which confers an exchange value on the currency which words are; without this reserve of shared experiences, all our pronouncements are checks drawn on insufficient funds.
Rene Daumal
Marco Rubio is interesting because he checks so many boxes when you think about what a Republican nominee needs. He brings Florida, he’s young, he’s Hispanic, the Tea Party likes him. But that said, he’s got issues, actually surprisingly, ironically, with Mexican-American voters.
Mark McKinnon
Don’t ever forget two things I’m going to tell you. One, don’t believe everything that’s written about you. Two, don’t pick up too many checks.
Babe Ruth
We need a comprehensive strategy that includes expanding criminal background checks for all commercial gun sales, dedicated federal law to combat gun trafficking, and a strong commitment to mental health services.
Elizabeth Esty
This election isn’t about Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. It’s about you. The other guys write $10 million checks and make $10,000 bets. But we’ve bet this campaign on you.
Jim Messina
Under Ceta the E.U. checks products coming from Canada to ensure they do not originate in any other country – because if they did, they would be subject to E.U. tariffs. The same would happen if the U.K. had a Canada-style deal with the E.U.
Gina Miller
I haven’t sold to the movies. In other words, I haven’t gotten any enormous checks yet.
Jack Vance
I seethe at the humiliation of airport security checks.
Tom Hodgkinson
My mother had never had a day’s illness in her life and never thought to have checks. Then, at 78, she discovered she had breast cancer and passed away the next year. But if she’d had a check two years before, they could have done something about it, they could have saved her.
Rick Wakeman
When I was very young in London, I had a bank account, which didn’t have a great deal in it. I should think at least every three months the bank manager would call me up and threaten to strangle me because I had no money, and I was writing checks.
Peter Mayle
Most Americans think there’s already universal background checks. They don’t understand why there wouldn’t be a background check to purchase a weapon.
Joe Biden
I could have just received royalty checks every month by lending my name to a collection, but I didn’t want to do that. My name is a reflection of me.
Nicky Hilton
How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn’t, like, cashing Social Security checks; he wasn’t hanging out – he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work.
Greg Gianforte
The excess of our youth are checks written against our age and they are payable with interest thirty years later.
Charles Caleb Colton
If I have a roof over my head and if I’m cashing checks and choking some necks I’m always happy.
Tony Ferguson
I’ll always understand the Schadenfreude aspect to short-selling. I get that no one will always like it. I’m also convinced to the deepest part of my bones that short-selling plays the role of real-time financial watchdog. It’s one of the few checks and balances in the market.
James Chanos
There’s a reason that you hear something like 90 percent of our country wants universal background checks, but we can’t get it passed legislatively. If we had a true representative democracy, 90 percent of our elected officials would want universal background checks.
MJ Hegar
The checks and balances is a way to prevent government from either devolving into an autocratic tyranny or an autocratic mob mentality.
Beau Willimon
I think the government, if you measure it in terms of t

I think the government, if you measure it in terms of the dollars out the door, about 83 percent of the government stays open in a government shutdown. Social Security checks go out; military still exists. The FBI still chases bad guys. I think the consequences have been blown out of proportion.
Mick Mulvaney
I think the founding fathers, in their genius, created a system of three co-equal branches of government and a built-in system of checks and balances.
James Clapper
You get the reality checks during the course of your adult life and your career, and you realize that as good as the money in boxing is, most of the time people most don’t make Ray Leonard or Oscar De La Hoya money, even if you make very good money.
Paulie Malignaggi
Background checks will never stop every criminal from getting their hands on a gun and every single act of gun violence – but the evidence is clear that it’s the single most effective policy to help keep guns out of dangerous hands and save lives.
Lucy McBath
There’s no reason that there shouldn’t be universal background checks to ensure guns don’t get in the hands of people who should not have those guns.
Jen Psaki
Childfree women are actually great assets to the planet. Our carbon footprint is smaller than a mom’s! And we have enough money to write checks to organizations that help kids get vaccinations, vitamins, and educations yet have plenty of free time to advise your daughter that one day she will regret piercing her lip.
Jen Kirkman
Physical money, whether it’s checks or cash or credit card, are digitizing in front of us.
Dan Schulman
Billie and I did wonders for women’s tennis. They owe me a piece of their checks.
Bobby Riggs
Non-crazy gun advocates – the ones who aren’t stockpiling in preparation for a zombie invasion – don’t like the idea of expanding background checks because they think it’ll be a lot more paperwork. And it probably would make it more difficult to sell guns at, say, a flea market.
Gail Collins
Everyone checks out my mom. My mom’s hot.
Ashley Scott
Some people, you can see that they’re in a house just because it functions OK for them. It checks the boxes for certain things that they need, but you can tell that they’re not emotionally connected to the house.
Jonathan Scott
Our culture is just a series of checks and balances. The whole idea that we’re in a battle between tyranny and freedom – it’s a series of pendulum swings.
Jon Stewart
One of the things you learn as a journalist is that when there’s no accountability, we humans are capable of tremendous avarice and venality. That’s true of union bosses – and of corporate tycoons. Unions, even flawed ones, can provide checks and balances for flawed corporations.
Nicholas Kristof
I know what time a customer checked in, what he ordered, did it get delivered on time, did he order for sling bags, and so on. And when the customer checks out, he can walk out like how you get out of cabs because if you have a wallet it’s completely hassle-free.
Ritesh Agarwal
Since I entered the league, half of my checks have always gone into a separate account… I pride myself on doing that. I’ve done it no matter the size of my contract or salary.
Iman Shumpert
Allowing staff to dictate frameworks and policy outcomes without appropriate checks by elected leaders has corrosive effects.
Michael O’Rielly
I mean, Chris is, I’m sure, a wonderful guy. But in those days he also very, very late. For all appointments and departures and arrivals and sound checks and anything.
Bill Bruford
Our country, if you read the ‘Federalist Papers,’ is about disagreement. It’s about pitting faction against faction, divided government, checks and balances. The hero in American political tradition is the man who stands up to the mob – not the mob itself.
Jonah Goldberg
Because several ‘Titans’ characters have been used in video games, I’ve got royalty checks for six figures. And I had no knowledge of this until I opened the mailbox, because I don’t follow the video game world!
George Perez