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All families had their special Christmas food. Ours was

All families had their special Christmas food. Ours was called Dutch Bread, made from a dough halfway between bread and cake, stuffed with citron and every sort of nut from the farm – hazel, black walnut, hickory, butternut.
Paul Engle
A beautiful print is a thing in itself, not just a halfway house on the way to the page.
Irving Penn
What I enjoy so much about the Tonys’ uniqueness is that anyone who’s tuning in has an interest in seeing the show, so our job is halfway done.
Neil Patrick Harris
Being halfway through my life, I think we start feeling less invincible and we start thinking more about the important things.
Pamela Anderson
We make music for a living. Like I’ve always said, if you like what you’re doing, you’re halfway there; if someone else likes it, that’s even better. If they don’t like it, at least you like it. Not to be selfish, but you kind of have to be.
Eddie Van Halen
I didn’t really get into acting until halfway through college. Once I graduated I pursued it professionally, but it wasn’t like I was always an actress.
Kelly Rohrbach
You play a couple of shows, and these label guys come – and they leave halfway through a show. Then the phone calls just stop. And your heart is broken.
James Vincent McMorrow
I’m not gonna play a part that doesn’t instill some kind of fear in me. If I read a part, and suddenly, I’m thinking halfway through, ‘I’m not sure I could get away with this,’ I think of everything I can think of to keep me from doing it, that’s the one I should do.
Vincent D’Onofrio
He did not arrive at this conclusion by the decent process of quiet, logical deduction, nor yet by the blinding flash of glorious intuition, but by the shoddy, untidy process halfway between the two by which one usually gets to know things.
Margery Allingham
I think it’s natural when a team has such high expectations, under .500 halfway through the season, they’re going to go after a brand new coach.
Dan Gilbert
I think, because of the kind of writer I am, I can’t do it halfway. I can’t do it without dedicating my entire life to it. I have to give it a hundred percent.
Mary Gauthier
We can collaborate with a Netscape employee or partner who’s halfway around the world. We can distribute information and software to customers and shareholders, and get their feedback.
Jim Barksdale
There have been many times when I was working out intensely and in the best shape of my life, and then, for whatever reason, I got off track. Before I knew it, 3 or 4 months would go by, and all of a sudden, I’d find myself exhausted halfway up a flight of stairs!
Lewis Howes
When I interviewed a bloke wearing a balaclava on Newsnight. He refused to remove it and halfway through our interview he forgot he was wearing it, took a sip of water and couldn’t find his mouth. It’s quite hard to hold it together when that happens.
Emily Maitlis
If you are going to make a change, don’t go halfway. Make it with conviction and stick with your new idea. Ignore the scoffers. Remember, it is a law of nature that if something is different you’re going to be taunted, jeered, and told the world is flat. Let the doubters fall off the edge.
Gary McCord
There were times when rehab and the halfway house were very, very tough, but I never felt that I wanted to leave.
Trinny Woodall
I was spending all my time at the ‘Crimson’ – like, 70 hours a week – and I didn’t go to class for, like, a year. I failed out of school. I had to leave Harvard, really, halfway through my tenure as the ‘Crimson’ managing editor. It was this incredibly humiliating and shocking experience.
Parker Conrad
Sometimes you film in your hometown, sometimes you go halfway across the world.
Jodelle Ferland
To my mind, ‘Dear Brutus’ stands halfway between Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s ‘Into the Woods’. Like them, it is a play about enchantment and disillusion, dreams and reality.
Michael Dirda
I’ve always, for whatever my faults have been, felt like I’ve never done anything halfway.
Andy Roddick
Early on, it was real tough for me to stick to my guns and say ‘I’m retired, I’m not rapping, don’t ask me for nothing.’ But I had to do that because I love rapping and I love music, so if I don’t do that, you can’t be halfway in it and halfway out.
Joe Budden
The most important thing in the face is the eyes, and if you can make the eyes talk, you’re halfway there.
Ian Holm
The best way to learn is live, in person, cooking, feeling, smelling and tasting, but TV is the second-best thing to that; it’s a halfway facsimile.
Ted Allen
Altuve is just so good at that. He can decide halfway to the plate where he’s going to place the ball. I’ve never seen that kind of talent before in my life, and I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again.
Gerrit Cole
I think that we in the West expect people to adapt to our culture very, very quickly when they come to our country. But when we go over to someone else’s, I don’t think we are willing to meet them halfway like we expect them to meet us. I think having cultural sensitivity is a lot more important than we realize.
Tan France
Only by keeping oneself in constant process of growth, under the constant influence of the best things in one’s own age, does one become a companion halfway good enough for one’s children.
Ellen Key
London, Ontario, sits halfway between Detroit and Buffalo, a description that applies as much to its soul as to its geographical coordinates.
Mary Pilon
The fellow who says he’ll meet you halfway usually thinks he’s standing on the dividing line.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
You can’t be halfway in this business. If you don’t meet the fans, you lose all you’ve got.
Loretta Lynn
You don’t necessarily have to go to some exotic location halfway around the world. You can find that other world very close to where you live.
Jeremy Wade
Performing is the craziest workout for me, because I feel like, on the first day of tour, I’m going nuts. Halfway through, I’m just so tired but obviously you keep pushing yourself because you have fans watching you.
Hayley Williams
I don't have time to read much. I'm trying to read 'The

I don’t have time to read much. I’m trying to read ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ again, for a year now – I keep getting halfway, and then there’s a lot of work, and I forget it, and I have to go back to the beginning.
Yorgos Lanthimos
A lie can be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.
James Callaghan
Even if you’re not ready to live at your full volume, turn it up halfway and get there.
Bobby Berk
I can never finish a burger, and even if it’s just a millimetre, I’ll leave it. I don’t know why I can’t finish it. I don’t know if it is physiological, but I just feel like I’m full halfway through it.
Sara Sampaio
Keep in my mind my dad didn’t become a huge, huge mega actor until I was halfway through high school – so right around the time he’s going through his big renaissance is right when I’m starting to do my high school revolting.
Colin Hanks
I only halfway paid attention in high school Spanish class, and it may be too late now to catch up, no matter how many levels of Rosetta Stone I order.
W. Kamau Bell
I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I go all the way.
Tom Cruise
‘Veronica Mars’ was my first job, and for some reason, my character changed her hairstyle halfway through the season from curly to – I don’t even know why – suddenly straight.
Tessa Thompson
I was always brought up to have a cup of tea at halfway up a rock face.
Bear Grylls
I can’t permit myself to do things halfway; I never was like that.
Marion Bartoli
I was so competitive, I wanted to win games but… I lost 13 games in my first three years in college. I lost 13 games in my first month in the league and it felt like nobody cared. So, eventually halfway through the season, I’m like ‘well, why the hell do I care?’ If they don’t care, why do I care.
Jay Williams
Astronomers are greatly disappointed when, having traveled halfway around the world to see an eclipse, clouds prevent a sight of it; and yet a sense of relief accompanies the disappointment.
Simon Newcomb
I hate to do anything halfway so I leave the guitar alone.
Henry Mancini
I was maybe halfway through my career, and I was shooting a Nike commercial, and the director came to the trailer and said, ‘Hey man, you’re really gifted at this. I get a lot of athletes that come in, but you were prepared, and you made everything seem very natural. I really think you should look into this.’
Nnamdi Asomugha
A well-ordered life is like climbing a tower; the view halfway up is better than the view from the base, and it steadily becomes finer as the horizon expands.
William Lyon Phelps
I don’t think I’ve found the perfect job for me, but I know what I like, so that’s halfway there, right?
Colleen Haskell
I’m known for changing halfway through the day if my mood swings.
Ashley Madekwe
I think, doing a first film, at some point you get halfway through, and you wonder, ‘Is this is good enough to define who I am for the coming decade?’
Sam Jaeger
The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.
Michael Pollan
I’m not particularly interested in painting, per se. I’m interested in a painting that has that mysterious life to it. Anything that doesn’t partake of that magic is halfway dead – it returns to its physical elements, it’s just paint and canvas.
Caio Fonseca
Whatever you do, don’t do it halfway.
Bob Beamon
I think everything should happen at halfway to dawn. That’s when all the heads of government should meet. I think everybody would fall in love.
Billy Strayhorn
When I was 18, I was halfway up the Eiffel Tower with my friend, Tom, when we decided to stick our heads through the railings. The gap between the railings was exactly the right size to be able to put your head through and nearly get stuck. Which is exactly what happened.
Robert Webb
My grandmother really inspires me. I lived with her until halfway through middle school, since both my parents worked a lot.
Sometimes I realize halfway through a story, I’m like, ‘Why would anyone care about this? It’s uninteresting.’
Kyle Kinane
I’m such a magpie. I’ll get halfway through one thing and pick up something else. I always have 5 or 6 books open and spine-up by my bed: it’s like a row of tents. I don’t finish nearly as many books as I should.
Steven Hall
Respect me at all means. No halfway disrespect.
Jermell Charlo
The Thames Torso murders almost fell into my lap. After deciding to use a real historical crime as the focus for the book, I went to Google and searched for unsolved murders in Victorian London, and they basically popped out at me about halfway down the first results page.
Sarah Pinborough
The flavour of something fresh out of the ground is 10 times better than something that’s been flown halfway across the world.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
Obviously, getting traded halfway through the year is always tough. New faces, new teammates, guys you played against but don’t know on a personal level.
Manny Machado
I would leave halfway through a photoshoot, because I couldn’t bear looking at myself or being in front of a camera. I used to feel disgusted in myself.
Jesy Nelson
I go to the House of Lords in the afternoon and try to

I go to the House of Lords in the afternoon and try to walk halfway. I may be thinking about what I’m going to write. It’s much more satisfying than sitting in a chair.
Ruth Rendell
If you hear something you like, and you’re halfway like the public, chances are they’ll like it too.
Chet Atkins
I started doing sculpture rather than painting. I was halfway through my degree, and I hadn’t really done any introduction courses in sculpture… I’d missed all the technical stuff. I didn’t really know how to weld or forge or carve or model. I’d sort of evaded all those technique classes, so I had no technique.
Cornelia Parker
There is no point changing coach halfway through the year.
I think everybody wants someone who understands them and is able to compromise and meet them halfway. I mean, it goes both ways, you know?
I live halfway between reality and theater at all times. And I was born this way.
Lady Gaga
When I’m putting a story together, I generally know the ending and a couple of the points halfway through, and I’ve got sort of an idea about the beginning, and although I do write the story one sentence at a time, when I’m thinking it up, I’m thinking it up all at once.
Alan Moore
So the first season about halfway through he just sort of put us together and then broke us up all within one episode. One of the ideas is to have us do that once a year – to have everything blow up in our faces and not work out.
Sarah Chalke
Man, as we know him, is a poor creature; he is halfway between an ape and a god and he is travelling in the right direction.
William Inge
After college, I went on a real big classics kick. Read everything by Faulkner, Hemingway, Woolf, Proust, Dostoevsky. And that classics train dropped me off at ‘Dracula.’ Halfway through it, I understood I’d never be going back, never ‘leaving’ the genre again. Since then, I’ve been on a fairly strict horror diet.
Josh Malerman
When it was announced I had won the Tony Award, I was in Bangkok doing a movie with Judi Dench. I remember coming back from the location to the Oriental Hotel and hearing someone yelling across the reception area, ‘You’ve won the Tony!’ It was wonderful and strange to be halfway around the world.
Roger Rees
I love big, sprawling movies where there are too many characters, and people get introduced halfway through, and you’re like, ‘Wait, who are these people?’
Greta Gerwig
I had a history for starting something and maybe getting halfway done. Then I’d see the same thing I was doing on the bestseller list! My ideas were right, but I hadn’t done them fast enough.
Lori Greiner
You can’t be playing halfway or you are gonna get halfway results.
Young Dolph
I’ve flown halfway around the world to kiss a girl. I jumped on a plane and flew to Australia.
Geoff Stults
The loneliest Chinese man I ever met lived halfway up the Three Gorges, in Sichuan Province.
Paolo Bacigalupi
The cuckoo who is on to himself is halfway out of the clock.
Wilson Mizner
The next series of ‘Mr Selfridge’ has moved on five years. It’s 1914 now, and the war is brewing. Halfway through the series, some of the Selfridges staff have to go off to fight, so they get women in to do the men’s jobs.
Katherine Kelly
That’s why I felt so at home when I went to Africa. It didn’t matter that I was halfway around the world in a foreign country, because all those elements are universal. And I think that’s one thing about my work: It’s universal.
Herb Ritts
A halfway decent haircut will go a long way!
Quit now, you’ll never make it. If you disregard this advice, you’ll be halfway there.
David Zucker
You can’t halfway disrespect me ever in my life and think we are going to be OK later.
Jermell Charlo
Short boots are cool, in my humble opinion. They say, ‘Hey! Winter is over, but summer hasn’t yet arrived – so enjoy this halfway point!’
Rachel Nichols
I thought that you had to work, work, work and try to be the best musician you could, and that’s the only way you could make it. Then it turns out, halfway through the scene, they change the rules on you!
Steve Lukather
I think the most romantic thing you can do is just turn up. Turn up when it’s difficult for you. Travel halfway around the world or just up the road. Whatever it is, just be there.
James McAvoy
Not everybody gets to travel halfway around the world to see a whole different perspective. If we can see that on TV, we’ll know that society is bigger than the small world we all live in.
Danielle Macdonald
In my view, the biggest challenge facing this country is that we are not living within our means. Spending cuts can only get us halfway there.
Kevin Brady
I always tell people I’m not one of these guys that was, like, born with, like, a halfway decent body.
Max Greenfield
If I play somebody’s mixtape, if it gets on my nerves halfway through because it’s too loud or everything sounds the same, it makes me want to approach every song I do differently. I don’t want somebody saying, ‘That’s enough of this,’ when they listen to my music.
By writing… in the language of his society, a poet takes a large step toward it. It is society’s job to meet him halfway, that is, to open his book and read it.
Joseph Brodsky
When I was growing up in the early noughties, I remember the time being very serene, peaceful and innocent. But actually there was Tony Blair’s oil wars going on halfway across the world.
Mura Masa
As long as I can sing halfway decent, I'd rather sing t

As long as I can sing halfway decent, I’d rather sing than act. There’s nothing like being in good voice, feeling good, having good numbers to do and having a fine orchestra.
Howard Keel
Scoring from a metre out is just as beautiful as lobbing a goalkeeper from the halfway line.
Mario Gomez
I didn’t know the term ‘synesthesia’ until I was working on ‘Cruel Summer.’ Halfway into writing that, I really understood that, my entire life, I had been trying to describe this condition of mine: through painting, through this seven-screen Surround Vision film we shot in Qatar, through all these things.
Kanye West
I was training in Spain for 15 months, and while I was there, my parents didn’t want to be halfway around the world away from their 14-year-old daughter. So they migrated to the U.K. because they had Hungarian passports, and that’s in the E.U., so they could work there.
Johanna Konta
Halfway through any work, one is often tempted to go off on a tangent. Once you have yielded, you will be tempted to yield again and again… Finally, you would only produce something hybrid.
Barbara Hepworth
I did green screen for the first time! I wouldn’t like to do a whole movie of green screen, though. You kind of forget the plot a little – like being in a Broadway play and doing it over and over and forgetting your line halfway through.
Idris Elba
Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave.
Georg Buchner
Walt Disney had always tried to get more dimension in his animation and when I saw these tapes, I thought, This is it! This is what Walt was waiting for! But when I looked around, nobody at the studio at the time was even halfway interested in it.
John Lasseter
Because you can’t do anything halfway, you’ve got to go all the way in anything you do.
Jerry Bruckheimer
The Garden of Gethsemane is halfway up the Mount of Olives, where Christ grappled with his courage during those last dark hours of life. Today it is a Franciscan monastery.
Carol Drinkwater
As a halfway decent college DJ, I had been exposed to some great progressive stuff and always took pride in unearthing musical gems.
Mick Foley
A goal properly set is halfway reached.
Zig Ziglar
I didn’t get to see Predator until halfway through shooting. It was great to get an education while I was shooting because it made me excited to be part of this legacy.
Sanaa Lathan
My father was weaned on books. I’m halfway between being weaned on books and weaned on television. And if you’re weaned on television, you’re not as good a writer as if you were weaned on books.
James Burrows
I wasn’t going to great schools, because my parents didn’t believe in public education. They wanted the education to be influenced by their religion, so I was going to these halfway education-slash-Christian schools that were like pop-up shop-style education.
Katy Perry
I lived in Bandra East, on the 12th floor. There was a small earthquake; I could feel the building shaking. I was halfway down the stairs when I realised I’d forgotten my laptop, and all my scripts were on it. If I lost the laptop, I’d lose all my work. I ran back up to get it!
Rajkumar Hirani
Sometimes I really believe in something and I’ll always take it up to God… cuz I always meet God halfway.
Bree Runway
I think if I weren’t an actress, I might have made a halfway decent attorney! I like the way they think.
Lorraine Toussaint
A novel quite possibly won’t be good and, even more possibly, will have not-good parts, but at least it won’t shape-shift on you; at least you can say that you’re halfway through and know that this maps onto some clear, visualizable chunk of narrative.
Ben Dolnick
A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.
Brendan Behan
When I wrote ‘Noughts and Crosses’, I was halfway through it when I realised this was very like ‘Romeo and Juliet’… as long as you make it your own, and put your own spin on it, I think it’s brilliant to use other great work to find your own voice.
Malorie Blackman
In general, shorter is better. If you can encapsulate your idea into a single captivating sentence, you’re halfway home.
Len Wein
Knowing what you’re up against is part of the strength of writing something that is even, I guess, considered halfway original, knowing what’s out there to begin with.
Phil Anselmo
Some people are so fond of ill luck that they run halfway to meet it.
Douglas William Jerrold
You know, I can’t remember the last movie I walked out of. If I pay, I’ll see it through. I can’t be halfway through a movie and think that I know everything that’s going to happen, because I hope that I’m wrong.
Bobby Farrelly
I apologize for being obvious, but every time I watch the curtain come down on even a halfway decent production of a Shakespeare play I feel a little sorrowful that I’ll never know the man, or any man of such warm intelligence.
Ian Mcewan
There never was a God. ‘God is dead’ is a halfway measure I won’t go with.
Penn Jillette
I thought that I would have a huge literary novel coming out when I was, like, 29. I quit my banking job, and I was halfway through my second novel – and I will never publish it, because it’s very mediocre.
Philipp Meyer
I’m not a massive reader, to be honest. I try and fill my time with other things. But I remember getting halfway through a book once. It was ‘The Client’ by John Grisham, which was quite interesting.
Joe Root
If you dream big and you make it halfway and can find someone else that know the rest of the way you can still get there.
Ben Wallace
Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.
Edward R. Murrow
In my career as a director, there's always been some po

In my career as a director, there’s always been some point where you get halfway through it, or three-quarters, and you go: ‘What is this thing all about, and why am I telling the story? Does anybody really care about seeing this?’ At that time you have to say: ‘OK, forget that and just go ahead.’
Clint Eastwood
I got halfway through ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ I don’t get it at all. What’s the big thrill? It’s boring.
Elmore Leonard
I grew up in Morocco. I was born a Muslim, and, every year, I celebrated Christmas in a big white house in the country, halfway between Meknes and Fez.
Leila Slimani
God doesn’t do things halfway. He goes all out! When God does something, it’s not just barely enough, mediocre or lukewarm.
Joyce Meyer
The climate is doing its usual tricks. There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now.
James Lovelock
I do whatever entertains me. If it entertains me to throw flowers halfway across the room, then that’s what I’ll do.
Kevin Owens
That’s what so sad about a lot of modern music, in my opinion, so many young bands never stay around long enough to fulfill their ultimate promise. They only get halfway there or a quarter of the way there.
Alan Vega
In 2006, I started making a film called ‘Restraint of Beasts.’ While I was making it, I had a personal disaster. My wife fell ill, so we stopped shooting halfway through. And then sadly, my wife died.
Pawel Pawlikowski
It was a disaster. I need to play with freedom, and Hodgson didn’t let me cross the halfway line.
Roberto Carlos
Traverse City sits halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, and our summer days are long. The light seems to take forever to vanish from the sky, and when it does, it goes out like someone folding a white sheet in the dark. A flare on the horizon. Then a rustle: Goodnight.
Doug Stanton
When people come up to me and say ‘I hate you’ or ‘I love to hate you,’ it’s not the usual response that I thought I would’ve gotten halfway into my career. And then they say, ‘I love your work.’
Robert Knepper
It’s funny, because when you’re younger you’re in a rush to be 18 or 21 or whatever. But then you hit 30. And now, the days go by like hours. You think, 40, man, this could be the halfway point. It could be the three-quarters point, you know? Who knows?
Mark Wahlberg
Every patient tends to bury the most important story inside some other story, just the way new writers often ‘bury the lede.’ ‘Burying the lede’ is an old journalism term for when you only find out the real point about halfway into the article, but it also applies to therapy.
Gina Barreca
I went to Australia from England when I was right at that age when you learn to read. It’s a very confronting thing, traveling halfway around the world and having a mother who was deeply unhappy at ending up in Australia, so you look for some way to find comfort, I guess, and I found it in books.
Terry Hayes
What about Hong Chau? In typical supporting-part fashion, she shows up halfway through ‘Downsizing,’ already shrunk, an imperious Vietnamese house cleaner with a limp and sharp angles. The movie’s satirical cleverness upstages its rage; then Ms. Chau proves she’s capable of managing both.
Wesley Morris
With Skype video calling, teachers can provide their students with first-hand knowledge from experts around the world and with other classes who are studying the same subject halfway across the world.
Tony Bates
I think I am really easygoing. Well… as I was about halfway through that sentence, I thought, ‘No, actually you’re really picky.’ But the things I ask for are really simple to do.
Amanda Harlech
My mother was a – she worked at a halfway house. And one of the former inmates slid me a mix-tape full of different hip-hop songs. And so that was my first kind of experience with rap music.
I love trying to forge a contract between creator and audience in which we are able to meet halfway, each injecting a part of our own experiences into a story that’s being told.
Nate Powell
I read that book ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, got a bit desperate halfway through and ate it.
Jo Brand
The man who says he is willing to meet you halfway is usually a poor judge of distance.
Laurence J. Peter
Courage stands halfway between cowardice and rashness, one of which is a lack, the other an excess of courage.
Although, my experience when I’ve been depressed, not only am I too depressed to sit down and write a song, I’m too depressed to pick up my feet. So if you can at least write about it, you’re halfway away from it.
Paul Westerberg
I once saw my mother playing Mary Magdalene in a parish event. But she had to put the role aside in order to go and front the choir who were singing at the same occasion. She left the stage halfway through the Crucifixion.
Fiona Shaw
Many people send me letters in England saying, ‘I want to be a war photographer,’ and I say, go out into the community that you live in. There’s wars going on out there; you don’t have to go halfway around the world on an airplane where there are bombs and shells. There are social wars that are worthwhile.
Don McCullin
It really wasn’t until halfway through my career that I learned had to jab and to box and to kickbox.
Ryan Bader
What I realized halfway through writing romance is that you start out intuitive, and you make all these choices mostly based on yourself and what you like and what talent you have, and… if you want to have any quality control over your product, you have to stop being intuitive and start being more of an analyst.
Janet Evanovich