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New highways, ports, and runways appear economically fo

New highways, ports, and runways appear economically foolish if we don’t understand the economic growth that flows from such investments.
John Delaney
When you’ve done so many records in 20 years like I have, you’re going to have ebbs and flows and go through peaks and valleys.
Joe Bonamassa
When things line up, the music just flows.
I’ve noticed, in the ebbs and flows of success and popularity, so much of it is fraudulent and to be distrusted.
Paul Bettany
We know that ISIS desires operationally to use the Syrian refugee program to infiltrate countries, to use migrant flows as a way to gain an operational foothold in other countries.
Stephen Miller
Some days writing flows like a stream and there are times I get stuck.
Aishwarya R. Dhanush
An exceptional career is one that provides an opportunity to serve. It is a satisfying career in which you can’t wait to get up in the morning to begin! You have a sense of purpose and mission. You know why you do what you do. It is a response to a call to serve. Once we do that, everything flows positively.
Frances Hesselbein
If a voice is just too nice, without an edge, it kinda all flows by. You forget it. You don’t listen to the lyrics.
Stephen Malkmus
Relative to most of the energy and material flows on Earth, the machinations of humankind are puny. The planet’s powers are much, much bigger than our own. But in a few sensitive places, we’re making an impact on a planetary scale, and that impact is not a good one.
Donella Meadows
If you ever decide to build a boat out of wet newspaper, it’s important to remember to lay down the sheets like shingles on a house: One issue at a time, starting at the bow and moving aft, so water flows over the layers, not under them.
Jamie Hyneman
The law changes and flows like water, and the stream of women’s rights law has become a sudden rushing torrent.
Shana Alexander
I’m not much of a plotter. I start off with an inciting incident, and in classic crime fiction what happens is that all the action flows from that incident. It’s very comfy when it all ties up and feels like a complete universe, but my stuff doesn’t always work that way.
Denise Mina
Every film that you make has to have a scene that is the heart that blood flows through in every other scene. That scene doesn’t always have to be in the beginning of the film. But it can also be at the end, or in the middle, and that can sometimes make the film more effective.
Nicolas Winding Refn
I definitely feel that plot flows from character. I don’t believe that you can construct a plot and insert people into it.
Lisa Unger
In Korea, the director is on top, and the power flows down vertically. On the set, I love to come up with ideas on the spot. But in Hollywood, if I were to come up with a certain idea on set, the idea had to be taken to all these different people who had to agree.
Kim Jee-woon
I really believe in albums, even though some people believe the year of the album has passed. I love singular pop songs or tracks, but what really affects me most deeply is if there’s an hour of music or 45 minutes of music that flows really well and tells a story.
St. Lucia
The leaders of the world’s largest economies agreed during the November 2008 G20 summit not to create barriers hindering global trade and capital flows. Russia shares these principles.
Vladimir Putin
It’s hard to know really how it’s going to happen, but the career ebbs and flows and now there’s a nicer feeling of interest than there has been at other times.
Gretchen Mol
A lot flows from the question: Is having decent, stable housing part of what it means to live in this country? And I think we should answer ‘yes.’
Matthew Desmond
What happens is, in my own case – my own LLCs – the income flows to my personal tax return, whatever is left over after taxes are paid, I feed my family on the one hand, and on the other hand, I reinvest in my business.
John Fleming
I’ve done strategic planning, all kind of cash flows, but in fad marketing, it is all really irrelevant. It is marketing by total gut feeling. There is no market research. You either sell 500 of something, and it is a total bomb, or you sell 500 million.
Ken Hakuta
I feel like unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment, it blocks the flows of God’s blessings in life.
Ja Rule
Alas, how quickly the gratitude owed to the dead flows off, how quick to be proved a deceiver.
The whole idea of doing an album is overwhelming sometimes. But, I get inspired when I get inspired and that’s when it flows easily.
Kim Shattuck
Not much has been written about the Nereids of modern Greece. Wherever there is a warm, healing stream they believe that it flows from the breasts of the Nereids.
James Theodore Bent
A constant stream of ‘free’ money is a perfect way to keep an inefficient or simply bad government in power. As aid flows in, there is nothing more for the government to do – it doesn’t need to raise taxes, and as long as it pays the army, it doesn’t have to take account of its disgruntled citizens.
Dambisa Moyo
The blues is a mighty long road. Or it could be a river, one that twists and turns and flows into a sea of limitless musical potential.
Billy Gibbons
I’m not the perfect person. I’m not the most happy person. I get angry, and I get mad sometimes, but I try my best to control my thoughts. Because that flows throughout your body.
Karrueche Tran
I think the relationship between memory and time is a very deep and tricky one, to tell you the truth. I don’t consider memory another sense. I do consider memory that which allows us to think that time flows.
Brian Greene
I believe – and this is my opinion – that at some point, football is not going to be the No. 1 sport. You talk about the ebbs and flows of what’s popular and what’s not. At some point, the TV ratings are not going to be there.
Troy Aikman
The big idea of, ‘Hey, I can pay anyone, anywhere, with whatever digital wallet they have, and it just flows around the Internet’ – that’s on the horizon; that’s how we built everything we do.
Jeremy Allaire
We seek to better integrate Brazil into the world... an

We seek to better integrate Brazil into the world… and eliminate unfair trade practices and uncertainty for foreign trade flows.
Jair Bolsonaro
The way that I work as an actress, I always prefer to read the whole story and tell the whole story and feel what the whole story’s going to be, the journey for the audience and how it ebbs and flows, the highs and the lows.
Jes Macallan
If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.
Jack Canfield
Prediction is structurally inseparable from the business of punditry: It creates the essential image of indefatigable authority that is punditry’s very architecture; it flows from that calcified image, and it provides the substance for the story that keeps getting told about the inevitability of American progress.
Rick Perlstein
It is in the interest of France that the United States and Russia speak to each other and act in good faith against the scourge of terrorism in Syria, and contribute with our country to stabilizing a region where uncontrolled migrant flows begin today.
Marine Le Pen
I enjoy scenes in films, which do not have the pressure of the story so much… and it flows. I’ve tried to go in that direction.
Imtiaz Ali
The stream of civilisation flows on like a river: it is rapid in mid- current, slow at the sides, and has its backwaters. At best, civilisation advances by spirals.
Sabine Baring-Gould
I pick up my pen. It flows. A building appears. There it is. There is nothing more to say.
Oscar Niemeyer
Mutual fund managers are trapped in this rather deadly vicious circle: the more successful they are, the more money flows into their mutual fund. Then, it is more difficult for them to beat the market averages or even to match their own past performance.
Ron Chernow
If G20 leaders are serious about sustainable growth and job creation and want to stem migration flows and promote long-term stability, education is an essential investment.
Julia Gillard
The pollution that flows from the Tijuana River Valley into the Pacific Ocean threatens San Diego’s environment.
Kevin Faulconer
The dominant characteristic of an authentic spiritual life is the gratitude that flows from trust – not only for all the gifts that I receive from God, but gratitude for all the suffering. Because in that purifying experience, suffering has often been the shortest path to intimacy with God.
Brennan Manning
Weddings are super expensive. It is difficult to make money, but it flows out in weddings. Everybody wants it so elaborate without realizing it. People take loans to impress people. We didn’t want to do that.
Angad Bedi
Happy is the man whom the Muses love: sweet speech flows from his mouth.
Genres aren’t closed boxes. Stuff flows back and forth across the borders all the time.
Margaret Atwood
For some reason when I write in cursive, it’s easier and flows better for me to read that when I print.
Ashley Scott
When I’m home on a break, I lock myself in my room and play guitar. After two or three hours, I start getting into this total meditation. It’s a feeling few people experience, and that’s usually when I come up with weird stuff. It just flows. I can’t force myself. I don’t sit down and say I’ve got to practice.
Eddie Van Halen
For the myth is the foundation of life; it is the timeless schema, the pious formula into which life flows when it reproduces its traits out of the unconscious.
Thomas Mann
Since music is so important to me, I don’t need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It’s as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.
Armaan Malik
There are so many ebbs and flows in life, but when you’re raising small children, your family means everything.
Uma Thurman