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The first thing that strikes a person when it comes to

The first thing that strikes a person when it comes to Southern film industries is the hard work, professionalism and the punctuality that people religiously adhere to.
Abhimanyu Singh
I studied about the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War and about how the Constitution was written by men, many of whom were slave owners. So I suppose the travel ban strikes me as coming from an era I thought we’d left behind, but I guess we haven’t entirely left it behind.
Mohsin Hamid
If ISIS strikes, it’s going to strike Americans – not Republicans or Democrats. This is not partisan politics.
Ryan Zinke
Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.
Winston Churchill
That’s when I’m at my best. When I can throw a fastball over in the count, just throw strikes both in and away, it just sets up all my stuff.
Max Scherzer
The average GOP presidential vote in these last five elections was 44.5 percent. In the last three, it was 48.1 percent. Give Romney an extra point for voter disillusionment with Obama, and a half-point for being better financed than his predecessors. It still strikes me as a path to narrow defeat.
Bill Kristol
The thing about the banjo is, when you first hear it, it strikes many people as ‘What’s that?’ There’s something very compelling about it to certain people; that’s the way I was; that’s the way a lot of banjo players and people who love the banjo are.
Steve Martin
The first thing that strikes a visitor to Paris is a taxi.
Fred Allen
We do as much harm holding onto programs and people past their natural life span as we do when we employ massive organizational air strikes. However, destroying comes at the end of life’s cycle, not as a first response.
Margaret J. Wheatley
More than a half, maybe as much as two-thirds of my life as a writer is rewriting. I wouldn’t say I have a talent that’s special. It strikes me that I have an unusual kind of stamina.
John Irving
When you sit down and focus on the matches and series that took place during the 12 month period it strikes you just how broad the talent pool is in international cricket is today.
Sunil Gavaskar
It strikes me as bad manners for a magazine to accept one of my advertisements and then attack it editorially – like inviting a man to dinner then spitting in his eye.
David Ogilvy
I haven’t seen ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ – I’m not gonna lie.
Tom Holland
No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases it strikes the eye.
I just watch movies I like over and over. It seems to be a lot of sci-fi stuff. My favorites are probably – besides the first two ‘Alien’ films, I watch ‘2001’, I watch ‘Star Wars’, the first ones, because those actually had a huge effect on me as well, ‘Empire Strikes Back’ especially.
Neill Blomkamp
A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword.
Robert Burton
The life of the village became more and more affected by strikes and lock-outs.
John Grierson
When tragedy strikes, feeling helpless is understandable.
Ted Lieu
I think there is a role for courts in a variety of areas, but the notion that we can allow a federal judge to run our greenhouse gas policy strikes me as preposterous.
Neal Katyal
One characteristic of modern poetry is that arrangement of parts which strikes many people as being violent or obscure.
Muriel Rukeyser
My father and his eight siblings grew up in the kind of poverty that Americans don’t like to talk about unless a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina strikes, and then the conversation only lasts as long as the news cycle. His family squatted in shacks. The children scavenged for food.
Karin Slaughter
The courtroom is a quiet place, Judge Roberts, where you park your political ideology, and you call the balls and you call the strikes.
Lindsey Graham
Missile strikes – or any other such action – against a sovereign nation is an act of war.
Scott Garrett
To me, nothing in the art world is neutral. The idea of ‘disinterest’ strikes me as boring, dishonest, dubious, and uninteresting.
Jerry Saltz
Just take the ball and throw it where you want to. Throw strikes. Home plate don’t move.
Satchel Paige
The result is that you are now experiencing what we experienced in the war in Algeria: The Israeli government says that it is a victim of terrorist activity, but this activity is less visible than the military strikes.
Jean-Marie Le Pen
More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution.
James Thomson
You know the trait of a crocodile, don’t you? It never hunts outside water. It always goes into the water to catch its prey. It never goes in the villages or in the bush looking for food. It strikes at the appropriate time. So a good guerrilla leader strikes at the appropriate time.
Emmerson Mnangagwa
Anytime I have an idea, I’ll make sure that I put it down so that when we do sit down to write an album, I don’t have to dream it all out of thin air. I don’t have to be creative on the spur of the moment, or spontaneously artistic. I just take advantage of whenever creativity strikes.
Neil Peart
A lot of the Force stuff, what Yoda says in ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ resonates with me a lot.
Brook Lopez
When you don’t have one that you throw for strikes – they are good hitters – they can cancel out one pitch and go to another. Now I have four pitches. If one’s not working, I’ve got three others. It makes the game totally different.
Drew Pomeranz
I remember when I was - I must've been 17 or 18 years o

I remember when I was – I must’ve been 17 or 18 years old – I remember ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ had a big cliffhanger ending, and it was, like, three years before the next one came out.
Peter Jackson
In my bullpen sessions, I’m just trying to feel comfortable, throw strikes, and not get too complicated.
Drew Pomeranz
This is the big leagues; pitchers throw a lot of strikes. I feel like they attack me. That’s why I go up there and swing.
Jose Altuve
I’m a prime example of the way kidney disease strikes silently.
Sean Elliott
If a hurricane strikes, we can blame the president for not being there; we can blame Congress and FEMA; we can blame the state governments; but in the end, it’s the mayors and the local city governments that have to be prepared for emergencies and be prepared to act.
Michael Bloomberg
I’ve seen guys get hurt from strikes. I’ve seen guys get hurt from flips. It’s the risk we take. I feel the fear of getting hurt will get you hurt.
Mustafa Ali
If you only write when the muse strikes, you won’t get anything done. You have to write consistently, when your schedule says you should. And that’s hard.
Ramez Naam
I already had three strikes against me. One, I have light skin. Two, I’m from Miami, which wasn’t getting looked at at the time. Three, I’m Cuban. But now, I’ve made everything that stacked against me into a virtue.
So, I can’t tell you the mentality behind the stuff, because that’s thousands of hours manifested into one moment, maybe in the shower or driving down the road that the idea comes and the genius strikes and sometimes, it happens moments before you go to the ring.
Matt Sydal
I saw ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ the week that it came out. My father was a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan. And so when it came out, my dad took me.
Donald Faison
The first fight I saw live, the fighter I was shadowing lost in front of a crowd of forty thousand people. The scale of that is staggering to me. Undergoing that overlap between something very personal and something very public strikes me as both admirable and also somewhat terrifying.
Katie Kitamura
When I was in the Western Command from 1964 to 1967, I think 100 strikes must have happened. They just have given it a new name ‘surgical strikes.’ We used to call it cross border raid.
Amarinder Singh
I was early taught by sorrow to shed tears, and now when sudden joy lights up, or any unexpected sorrow strikes my heart, I find it difficult to repress the full and swelling tide of feeling.
Dorothea Dix
Happiness is a sunbeam which may pass through a thousand bosoms without losing a particle of its original ray; nay, when it strikes on a kindred heart, like the converged light on a mirror, it reflects itself with redoubled brightness. It is not perfected till it is shared.
Jane Porter
Of all the things I do, acting is the thing that grabs most, but there’s another level on which it strikes me as being a little silly. In the end you’re dressing up and deciding to be somebody.
Jane Asher
I can’t help it: when something strikes me, I write it down.
Happiness doesn’t just happen. It must be pursued. And if the pursuit of the ‘ultimate currency’ of happiness helps us choose occupations that confer present and future benefit, and these choices, in turn, motivate us to succeed, this strikes me as perhaps the most powerful non-cognitive skill of all.
Rachel Simmons
The United States is the first nation to regularly conduct strikes using remotely piloted aircraft in an armed conflict. Other nations also possess this technology. Many more nations are seeking it, and more will succeed in acquiring it.
John O. Brennan
I just came from South Africa, a place that had been in a perpetual uprising since 1653, so the uprising had become a way of life in our culture and we grew up with rallies and strikes and marches and boycotts.
Hugh Masekela
Some white people are privileged, some aren’t. Some black people are, some aren’t. It’s strikes me as, by definition, a racist attack in that it’s making a generalization – a negative one – based on skin color.
Tucker Carlson
In Kosovo, the U.S. has chosen a course of action that escalates atrocities and violence. It is also a course of action that strikes a blow against the regime of international order, but which offers the weak at least some protection from predatory states.
Noam Chomsky