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I don't really get hate mail, which surprises me, but p

I don’t really get hate mail, which surprises me, but people have better things to do than to write hate mail to somebody who writes a book about hating everything, I guess.
Jhonen Vasquez
I like the serendipitous surprises of reality.
Lawrence Wright
Whatever precautions you take so the photograph will look like this or that, there comes a moment when the photograph surprises you. It is the other’s gaze that wins out and decides.
Jacques Derrida
Comedy is surprises, so if you’re intending to make somebody laugh and they don’t laugh, that’s funny.
Norm MacDonald
So, we know that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I still believe that is the good thing about Nigerian players. We can always spring up so many surprises.
Jay-Jay Okocha
It still surprises me when I get cast in something. I’m not your, you know, I’m… I remember thinking really early on that you have to look a particular way and I’m quite aware of my look, so I always thought I wouldn’t get a lot of screen work.
Rachel House
I can count on one hand the people who are legendary in my book, and Tom Waits is certainly right at the top. It’s funny, though: When I tell people that I like Tom’s music, it surprises them.
Steve Vai
I’m crazy about surprises. I love chance.
Joel Grey
I’d like to be that chameleon. That’s really ultimately what I want to hear from people eventually: ‘I really love when I see him in stuff, but I never know he’s gonna be here.’ I want to be that actor that surprises you when you see him in a project, and you go, ‘Yes! I love that guy. He’s in this? Awesome.’
David Gallagher
It surprises me that criticism on social media is worst than ever… more and more people tend to seek perfection in others.
Karol G
From Jefferson to Jackson to Lincoln to FDR to Reagan, every great president inspires enormous affection and enormous hostility. We’ll all be much saner, I think, if we remember that history is full of surprises and things that seemed absolutely certain one day are often unimaginable the next.
Jon Meacham
There are no words to describe Messi; he always surprises you.
Angel Di Maria
I do not believe they’ve run out of surprises.
Larry Niven
One of the surprises to me was the willingness of many people in the conservative media to roll over, to abandon long-held conservative principles, and to embrace Donald Trump.
Charlie Sykes
Everybody has the clarity of telling I haven’t seen a player like Lionel Messi, and I am fortunate for training and seeing him every day at the training field. And even sometimes he surprises you with some good performances. There is not comparison with other players I have seen along my life. He is unique.
Luis Enrique
Gordon Brown doesn’t often spring surprises. He’s usually far too cautious to deliver the unexpected.
Grant Shapps
So much had already been done in space before that, it had all been documented and there were no real surprises in store for us.
Rakesh Sharma
In football, surprises are always possible.
Philipp Lahm
When you have traveled the world, won Olympic gold, and gone through a very public court battle against your parents all by the age of seventeen, surprises don’t come easy.
Dominique Moceanu
There’s a moment in every book when the book turns and it surprises me.
Chuck Palahniuk
If India breaks your heart with untold inequalities, it also surprises you with the unheralded achievements of its most humble citizens.
Amitava Kumar
Onstage at Build, Phil Spencer said the Xbox is an open platform – which surprises me, because you have to get your game concept approved before you start developing it. Then you have to get every update approved. Microsoft has absolute control.
Tim Sweeney
Nature gives us all, including Prof. Lorentz, surprises. It was very quickly found that there are many exceptions to the rule of splitting of the lines only into triplets.
Pieter Zeeman
One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.
Henry Ford
Pro wrestling fans love surprises, so let’s surprise them, and not just give them the old stuff.
Jake Hager
No dog means no disgusting surprises on carpets – thank goodness for those irrigating vacuums they sell at Canadian Tire – no hefty vet bills, no destruction of everything from eyeglasses to baseboards to legs of furniture, and no responsibility.
Neil Macdonald
Unforeseen surprises are the rule in science, not the exception. Remember: Stuff happens.
Leonard Susskind
I like surprises.
Christopher Hitchens
The history of football has always thrown up big surprises.
Arjen Robben
The act of writing surprises me all the time. A miraculous thing happens when you have an idea and you want to convert it into words… and then you start to create a work of art, and that’s another miracle, and it remains mysterious to the writer, or to this writer anyway.
Janette Turner Hospital
Probably the biggest thing that surprises people is that I am obsessed with hockey. I grew up in the Boston area so I am obsessed with hockey since I was a little kid.
Rob Zombie
Korean audiences are amazing. The fans scream so loud,

Korean audiences are amazing. The fans scream so loud, and that really surprises skaters when they first perform in my shows.
Kim Yuna
Nothing surprises me when it comes to people in the entertainment business.
Adam Goldberg
When people who are close to me say that they see positive changes in me as I grow, it makes me work harder on myself. Life always surprises us with something new, and I want to be capable enough to handle it.
Harshvardhan Rane
When we practice cleaning our slate and interacting without motive, what we actually ‘get’ in return is greater than what we might have expected. Life can open up and be full of surprises that blow past our narrow expectations.
Tara Stiles
My biggest surprises in my everyday job have to do with the challenges of trying to be slightly more responsible as a brand.
Stella McCartney
Nothing surprises me as far as racism is concerned in this country.
Lenny Henry
I usually know where I want to end up when I begin, but I have no idea how I’m going to get there… I don’t write with an outline, and surprises happen on the way, and sometimes it changes.
Kevin Henkes
It really surprises me that people in this day and age still write such busy music and fill up every space with layer upon layer of sound… it’s like musical landfill.
James Blake
Sometimes you surprise the goalkeeper and sometimes the goalkeeper surprises you. In my career, I tried to do more of the first than the second.
Eric Cantona
I go to the movies a lot, and I regret when I see some actor that I used to like, to find them offering no more surprises.
Catherine Deneuve
Once a month, try something you don’t think you’d be good at. You can find such happy surprises.
Dianna Agron
I always play so many different styles that I don’t think anything I do surprises anyone.
John 5
I never look at twists as a way to trick the audience. Obviously, I think a good story has surprises and unexpected turns, and you always want to do that with an audience. But it has nothing to do with conning them or making them believe so strongly in one thing and then kind of going the other way.
Sam Esmail
What I love is that ‘Game of Thrones’ is always up for surprises.
Ramin Djawadi
The paradox of modernism is, writers make the decision to work with the continuous present, and to work with… stream of consciousness, as it’s called, for emotional reasons, and the main emotional reason is verisimilitude. I mean, this is what surprises people: Life is not in the simple past.
Will Self
In baseball, nothing surprises me. I understand this is a business.
Jose Reyes
I can’t imagine that, now that we have another way to look at the universe, that there isn’t going to be some enormous surprises. Things that have nothing to do with what we already know.
Barry Barish
We expect surprises. There has to be surprises.
Rainer Weiss
But, I know enough people in that court, through the years, to know one thing: There’s always somebody who surprises you, who rises above what they thought they appointed him for, and stays with the separation of powers, and with the right of the law to decide.
Arthur Hertzberg
I don’t want to set the world up for surprises.
Barry Diller
Chaplin was my idol. I remember watching those movies at this little theater in Woodstock, N.Y., when I was probably 6 and laughing so hard at the surprises, like Keaton suddenly being dragged by a streetcar.
Chevy Chase
It was important on The Shipping News to have my house far enough away from each location so I had this time in the morning to think about my shots and still remain open to surprises once I got to the set.
Lasse Hallstrom
Anything that I’m passionate about and surprises me usually ends up turning into a joke simply because I have questions about it and I’m curious and I want to talk about it.
Katherine Ryan
Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.
Jane Austen
My idea is to bring out the inner child that my generation has inside, which does not go to sleep because of so much angst over the day-to-day routine. With so much going on, you start tuning out emotions and surprises.
Life surprises you. It happens to the best of actors, we have good and bad phases.
Amrita Rao
One of the surprises to me was the willingness of many people in the conservative media to roll over, to abandon long-held conservative principles, and to embrace Donald Trump.
Charlie Sykes
Nothing surprises me anymore in the NFL.
Tom Brady
Sometimes, lovely surprises come out of things going wrong.
Deborah Meaden
New York is a fascinating city. I think it’s a very inspiring city, but it’s overpowering when you get older. It tires me now. But it’s wonderful for young people – very inspiring and full of surprises and full of ideas.
Max von Sydow