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I feel like my entire career and life, I've been judged

I feel like my entire career and life, I’ve been judged by people who did not really know me. I definitely think that they probably were right to assume what they had assumed about me, because there was such little to go on out there.
Nicki Minaj
The Philippines is a country in which a man of morals can’t be president, in which a politician who hasn’t been linked to any wrongdoing isn’t assumed to be honest, but merely better at hiding his corruption.
Raymond Bonner
I had no aspirations after wrestling. I truly just assumed I would retire, grow a big beard, sit on my deck, and figure out what was next. If it was nothing, I was OK with that.
As a child, I was always getting into risky situations with the potential to hurt myself, but mum and dad never stopped me doing what I wanted to do, and they assumed that if I fell and hurt myself, I would learn from that and maybe not do it again.
Eddie the Eagle
Foreigners who speak Arabic in the Middle East are often assumed to be working for the C.I.A. or Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad.
Richard Engel
Looking back now on our workload, I just shake my head at our pace. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was my first series, so I didn’t know anything about that when I started. I just assumed it was normal to make 26 episodes a year on a seven-day shooting schedule.
Ronald D. Moore
I kind of assumed all of Australia was like the Gold Coast – so I was telling people Australians just work out and go to the beach. Like, Australia has it figured out! But then I went to Sydney, and it was nothing like the Gold Coast – but I still loved it.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
I’ve never bribed my way into a restaurant. I’ve never slipped a C-note or greased a palm. In truth, I’ve never even considered it. I’ve assumed, of course, that people do such things.
David Chang
Writing fueled me, and my task was to make it fit into my life. I practiced my trade as an attorney, and on weekends and holidays, I typed away. I assumed a nom de plume, Selena Montgomery, to separate my fiction from more academic publications.
Stacey Abrams
I get a lot of people that say, ‘You know what, I heard that you’re a painter, and I thought, ‘Oh, another model who is saying she’s an artist.’ They assumed it was going to be a few splashes on a canvas.
Tali Lennox
A culture in which guilt is automatically assumed to be neurotic and unhealthy has devised a remarkably clever way of protecting its self-interest.
Jonathan Kozol
I was so surprised, astonished, when I lost my mind, because I didn’t think that I ever would. I assumed I would always be just fine.
Margaret Trudeau
‘America has no culture!’ is a phrase that we’ve all heard many times in our lives. As is often the case, a lie repeated often enough becomes an assumed truth (kind of like the tall tale of Janeane Garofalo being a comedian).
Steven Crowder
I think that people always just assumed that I was a liberal because I came from Southeast Seattle.
Gary Locke
As a science fiction fan, I had always assumed that when computers supplemented our intelligence, it would be because we outsourced some of our memory to them. We would ask questions, and our machines would give oracular – or supremely practical – replies.
Gary Wolf
I didn’t know who I was writing for initially. I assumed ‘Miss Peregrine’ was for adults, because I was an adult – but I didn’t know much about publishing back then.
Ransom Riggs
It’s politely assumed that democracy is a means of containing and restraining violence. But violence comes not from genes but from ideas.
Edward Bond
I had been a reporter for 15 years when I set out to write my first novel. I knew how to research an article or profile a subject – skills that I assumed would be useless when it came to fiction. It was from my imagination that the characters in my story would emerge.
Amy Waldman
I assumed that, if I put my head down and did great work, what I deserved would come to me. What you deserve will not come to you. It is only in advocating for yourself that you will receive what you deserve.
Caroline Ghosn
Like ‘Lost in Translation,’ I worked on an advertisement where a Hollywood star was doing a commercial just for Japan. The star was Hugh Jackman. Since I’m Australian, they just assumed I knew him, and I didn’t correct them.
Michael Gracey
Preventative measures should be taken to provide the fundamentals of recognizing and addressing sexual harassment. If all community members are required to undergo such training, it will be assumed in any case of sexual harassment that the perpetrator understood the effect of his actions.
Meena Harris
When I was younger, I always assumed that when I grew up, I would be living in the country, and my kids would be going to a state school. But that’s not how things have turned out. I can’t see myself being able to leave London.
Stella McCartney
Like a lot of New Yorkers, I assumed that I knew all about the U.N. I was shocked to find out it’s not like anything I had in mind. There are only six languages accepted there. It’s considered international territory.
Sydney Pollack
When I was a child, I lived in Morocco, and I would always buy a lot of beads from the markets and to make jewellery for friends. Later, at 18, I would do my own clothes and make my own patterns. When I first came to New York, people just assumed I was a stylist because I was so into fashion.
When I became a ‘rock musician,’ I assumed pop music was easy to write and that interesting rock music, or alternative music, was hard. It was only later I realised that writing a pop song is the hardest thing musically.
Kevin Parker
I never dreamt I could be an author when I grew up. It just didn’t occur to me, because I thought you had to be a) academic, so go to university, things like that, and I didn’t think I was clever, or b) dead because I just assumed all the authors in the library were dead.
Geraldine McCaughrean
For the most part, it was never assumed that I was gay, and I’ve had people be sort of surprised that I was gay or act apologetic like they didn’t know, which would just make me really uncomfortable. And I never had shame for it, but I never felt like introducing myself as, ‘I’m Antoni. I’m gay. How are you?’
Antoni Porowski
A great hope gets crushed every time someone reminds us that happiness can be neither assumed nor earned; that we are all prisoners of our own flawed brains; that the ultimate aloneness in each of us is, finally, inviolable.
Andrew Solomon
The education I received was a British education, in which British ideas, British culture, British institutions, were automatically assumed to be superior. There was no such thing as African culture.
Nelson Mandela
My mom can’t defend herself to the world. She is such an amazing woman, with such an open heart. It’s a real hard line, and I crossed it. I took everyone’s life story and assumed it would be a great thing to put on screen. I was being selfish and I feel so horrible about it. I feel so guilty.
Nikki Reed
I’m from a family of doctors, and I think they really wanted me to be a doctor. I even sort of assumed I would be a doctor.
Kumail Nanjiani
I happen to be a Christian. I was brought up and drench

I happen to be a Christian. I was brought up and drenched in that. I am very orthodox in thinking that Jesus acted in his life the way God would have acted if God had assumed human form.
Huston Smith
On the Internet, it is assumed people are in business to sell out, not to build something they can pass along to their grandkids.
Howard Rheingold
In the United States, if you’re African-American, it can be assumed that your family has been here for generations. In Europe, colonialism is much more alive, and it’s assumed you’re from Nigeria or Senegal.
Zazie Beetz
The country is too often assumed to be a backward place: The First World has trouble remembering that Haitians were two centuries ahead of us in abolishing slavery and in extending full rights of citizenship to everyone, regardless of race.
Madison Smartt Bell
The reason I was successful in launching my first book with bloggers is this: I assumed that I should spend as much time on a blogger with a million-person readership as I would pitching an editor of a publication with a million person subscription-base.
Tim Ferriss
There’s an oft-used shorthand for the technologist’s view of the world. It is assumed that libertarianism dominates Silicon Valley, and that isn’t wholly wrong. High-profile devotees of Ayn Rand can be found there.
Franklin Foer
After my eye test, I was told I was showing symptoms of glaucoma. I realised – but only in retrospect – that pains in my eyes and the feeling of pressure that I had been experiencing must have been because of that. I’d assumed they were symptoms of migraines.
Jane Fallon
When you are being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, you are the prisoner in the dock: assumed guilty unless proved innocent, under intense pressure, on the defensive. There are very few people who can look relaxed in that position.
Michael Portillo
The famous saying ‘God is love’, it is generally assumed, means that God is like our immediate emotional indulgence, not that the meaning of love ought to have something of the ‘otherness’ and terror of God.
Charles Williams
Week by week my orders grew, and the flat of the old mill soon assumed a very busy aspect.
James Nasmyth
I always assumed that, like my mother before me, one day I would have children. When I was 5, my fantasy was to have a hundred dogs and a hundred kids.
Kim Cattrall
I was bullied from the age of 11 onwards. I was always much bigger than the other kids. I spoke nicely, didn’t swear, and I refused to try to fit in and be like everyone else. People assumed I thought I was above everyone else.
Penny Lancaster
I had assumed I’d pack my bags and head elsewhere after ‘Constellation,’ but Chechnya is creeping its way into the margins of my second book.
Anthony Marra
We just assumed that Walter Cronkite was unbiased. In hindsight, it is clear that Walter Cronkite was biased and that he used feigned objectivity as the cudgel to change the American narrative from being a right of center one to being a left of center one.
Andrew Breitbart
It has generally been assumed that of two opposing systems of philosophy, e.g., realism and idealism, one only can be true and one must be false; and so philosophers have been hopelessly divided on the question, which is the true one.
Morris Raphael Cohen
I’m still insecure, but when I first started acting, I was really insecure. I glared at a lot of people. I assumed everyone hated me. Somehow that scowl has turned into an acting career.
Norman Reedus
I would say that I have an aspect of my personality which is that I have no personality. That’s why I work as an agent. I have the assumed personality of the people I represent. I am like a sponge.
Andrew Wylie
For years, Israeli and American intelligence agencies assumed that if Iran were to gain the ability to build a bomb, it would be a result of its relationship with Russia, which was building a nuclear reactor for Iran at a site called Bushehr and had assisted the Iranians in their missile-development program.
Ronen Bergman
Definition of a classic: a book everyone is assumed to have read and often thinks they have.
Alan Bennett
I feel so overwhelmed by the kind of double hitter of a successful book and record. I just assumed at least one of them… would hopefully stick. So it’s nice that both did so well.
Michelle Zauner
That’s what makes me insufferable to be around, is that most of my life I have assumed that everyone wants to see me perform and do things all the time.
Andy Biersack
It cannot be assumed that equity was following common law whenever they agreed, any more than the converse.
Frederick Pollock
Although I grew up around movies, I don’t know that I assumed I was going to be an actor.
Frank Dillane
I was out dancing with one actress or another. And that got press. Even when it didn’t, the whole town knew I was a dancing fool, and since I couldn’t very well dance with a man, they saw me dancing with a lady, and they assumed the rest.
Cesar Romero
If the widespread attempts to block Brexit gave us a glimpse into how fragile our commitment to democracy had become – reduced to a technocratic in-name-only veneer – reactions to Covid are a stark reminder that freedom cannot be assumed as a social norm that’s deeply embedded into our institutions and our psyche.
Claire Fox
The original project began because we know the universe is expanding. Everybody had assumed that gravity would slow down the expansion of the universe and everything would come to a halt and collapse. The big surprise was it was actually speeding up.
Saul Perlmutter
I just assumed the world was full of solo percussionists. I couldn’t find sticks or music or anything where I was, but that was expected because there was nothing there anyway. And I think that was possibly the greatest asset for me, just not knowing.
Evelyn Glennie
I have six sisters, so I assumed I’d have a girl. Learning I was having a boy was really weird.
Melissa Joan Hart
Why does it get assumed that Zidane is a figurehead and everything Real achieve is down to the talent of the squad?
Jamie Carragher
It is assumed in many parts of the world that democracy is a group of people facing a certain problem, who come together to solve it in a way where everyone has an equal say.
David Graeber
I was at college studying psychology, philosophy, textiles and drama. But because I wasn’t one of those all-singing, all-dancing stage-school kids, I just assumed I’d never become an actor.
Kathryn Prescott
It was very clear that this was a very, very old site.

It was very clear that this was a very, very old site. There were remains of sod walls. Fishermen assumed it was an old Indian site. Bu Indians didn’t use that kind of buildings and houses.
Helge Ingstad
America is remarkable, don’t you think so? When I came to Washington, I was twelve years old. I spoke English with an English accent. It was assumed that it would go on in that way.
Ahmet Ertegun
Science fiction in particular is often assumed to be about the future, or about some abstract technological or philosophical idea, or just about ‘adventure,’ but writers can’t build worlds out of nothing. We use bits and pieces of the real world to assemble our fictional ones.
Ann Leckie
Imams seldom condemn terror. And in their silence, in the void, acceptance – encouragement even – is assumed.
Katie Hopkins
I had assumed that I would age with all my friends growing old around me, dying off very gradually one by one. And here was a plague that cut them off so early.
Thom Gunn
I always assumed I’d be a terribly patient mum but it turns out I’m not!
Olivia Colman
Fame just ain’t a natural situation. But I shouldn’t have worried because everyone thought I was a bit famous even before I’d done anything; people just assumed I was famous.
John Cooper Clarke
When I was young, I assumed that authors must have traveled the world or done exotic things in order to tell great stories.
Kevin Henkes
For a century, everyone assumed that the iconic Tiffany lamps were conceived and designed by that American master of stained glass. Not so! It was a woman!
Susan Vreeland
I always assumed I could never make a living out of literary fiction, and I was right. When I did try, it took four years before being published.
Justin Cartwright
My mom was very religious. She might have let me buy records, but I assumed that she wouldn’t.
Leon Bridges
The lesson of my field, behavioral economics, is that we need to understand the ways in which we differ from the rational human assumed in standard economic theory.
Richard Thaler
It’s insane that, since the Beatles and Dylan, it’s assumed that all musicians should do everything themselves. It’s that ridiculous, teenage idea that when Mick Jagger sings, he’s telling you something about his own life. It’s so arrogant to think that people would want to know about it anyway!
Brian Eno
I’m a loyal guy. I’m a man of my word, and I assumed other people would be that way. That’s just not the case in life.
Tim Duncan
I never was a liner note junkie. I didn’t know who produced records or there was such a thing as a straight songwriter. I always assumed that everybody that was singing a song wrote it or made it up.
Chris Stapleton
I lost some of my friends because I got so famous, people who just assumed that I would be different now. I felt like everyone hated me. That is the most unhappy time of my life.
Haruki Murakami
I have had many more close women friends than men, and I’ve always assumed that comes from the fact that in my family there was such a disproportionate female element.
Salman Rushdie
I am a muso, and I love doing it. I assumed that would be my career for a long time. I always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t think that anyone could actually be that full-time, so I always go back to conducting and arranging and playing. If you scratch me, I’m a musician.
Jason Robert Brown
A lot of people assumed for all those years that I was the official announcer for HBO because I had done almost all their fights. I worked on all of them independently.
Michael Buffer
I always assumed scientists were free to ask any question, pursue any line of inquiry without fear or reprisal.
Ben Stein
I always assumed that my otherness was a curse – that I would be held back by my Asian and queer identities.
Eugene Lee Yang
People have assumed that I have to run the ball before I can throw it most all of my career, all the way back before high school. It’s a stereotype put on me for a long time because I’m African-American, and I’m a dual-threat quarterback.
Deshaun Watson
I assumed when I was first selling the franchises that everyone would be as excited as I was to wake up in the morning to bake bread and slice vegetables.
Jimmy John Liautaud
When I started secondary school, it was assumed that the girls would do domestic science and the boys would do science, and I wasn’t too happy with that.
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
I think a lot of people just assumed I came to L.A. to do more television and get into show business.
Ricky Jay
I always assumed I’d marry a black woman.
Trip Lee
My mom never went to college, so she just assumed the writer identity, and that was always really inspiring to me. It’s not something you need nine levels of education for. It’s really an identity that you claim for yourself, and then you have to make yourself one.
Noah Hawley
‘The Room’ came out in 2003, really to crickets. Nobody showed up to see it. It made $1800 at the box office. Everyone assumed it was going to disappear.
Greg Sestero
When I don’t have a girlfriend, who I am answerable to, I can go out and hang with people. But whether you go for a movie with someone or a meal or a drive, it is assumed that you are dating that person.
Shahid Kapoor
My father was the editor of an agricultural magazine called ‘The Southern Planter.’ He didn’t think of himself as a writer. He was a scientist, an agronomist, but I thought of him as a writer because I’d seen him working at his desk. I just assumed that I was going to do that, that I was going to be a writer.
Tom Wolfe
I found I wasn’t asking good enough questions because I assumed I knew something. I would box them into a corner with a badly formed question, and they didn’t know how to get out of it. Now, I let them take me through it step by step, and I listen.
Alan Alda
For a lot of readers these days, a book is something yo

For a lot of readers these days, a book is something you have to agree or disagree with. But you can’t agree with a novel. For my generation, it was assumed that a book is a dramatic thing, that the eye of the book is not telling you what to think.
Howard Jacobson
What then is tragedy? In the Elizabethan period it was assumed that a play ending in death was a tragedy, but in recent years we have come to understand that to live on is sometimes far more tragic than death.
George Pierce Baker
After being raised as an evangelical Christian, I for years assumed that Christianity was the default – there were Christians, and then there were weirdos. I was shocked when, in college, I found that some people get offended when you tell them, for instance, that their recovery from surgery was a ‘miracle.’
David Wong
I knew I wanted to be an actress, but I hadn’t ever really told anyone. I’d always got quite good grades, so people assumed I would go and do a ‘normal’ job. My dad took me to my first audition for drama school and picked me up without anyone knowing, really.
Kimberley Nixon
How can any company know if its processes, products, people are safe? Only if everyone is watching and telling the truth. The first part can be assumed; the second cannot.
Margaret Heffernan
I think it’s often assumed that the role of poetry is to comfort, but for me, poetry is the great unsettler. It questions the established order of the mind. It is radical, by which I don’t mean that it is either leftwing or rightwing, but that it works at the roots of thinking.
Alice Oswald
One would be forgiven for concluding that the assumed benefits of financial innovation are not all they were cracked up to be.
Ben Bernanke
I assumed ‘Freak the Mighty’ was probably too weird and melodramatic to find a publisher. I certainly never expected the book to have a profound influence on my career as a writer, but indeed it has.
Rodman Philbrick
The early idealists and companies and governments have all assumed that the Internet will bring freedom. Yet China proves that this is not the case.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I find that people are constantly coming up to me now. There’s been a definite surge of people recognizing me and I’m not sure if it has to do with the DVDs or not, but I’ve sort of assumed that it does because the show has been off the air for three years now.
Shiri Appleby
Growing up was very interesting for me. If you were Haitian, people just automatically assumed that English was a second language. So they had a special class for my brother and I, but we spoke proper English.
Karen Civil
I felt I had to choose between being pretty or smart or athletic, and stick to it because if you try to do more than one, you have nowhere to belong. Then music was a boy’s world and a lot of times men assumed I didn’t know what I was doing because I was young and female.
Alison Sudol
Trump assumed office promising to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C. Instead, the swamp has grown wider and deeper.
Joseph Stiglitz
Power is not something that can be assumed or discarded at will like underwear.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Greece’s unprecedented fiscal effort, which was more than planned, has triggered much larger contractions of economic activity and the tax base than the original program had assumed.
Charles Dallara
I grew up in a time when I could play and bike in the neighborhood, largely because my parents assumed that if I ever needed help, I could ask a nearby adult.
Kim Brooks
What’s missing is leadership in the White House. And the story that Barack Obama does tell, forever shifting blame to the last administration, is getting old. The man assumed office almost four years ago – isn’t it about time he assumed responsibility?
Paul Ryan
Countries have largely been left alone to handle or ignore their educational problems as they see fit. In part, this was because we assumed that the contexts and challenges were so different from nation to nation that education could not be tackled at the international level.
Wendy Kopp
If you are going to describe the history of animation, you’d look at the early Disney work, then ‘Bugs Bunny,’ ‘Road Runner’ and other Warner Brothers theatrical productions. But when you got to ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle,’ you’d see they were unique: They assumed you had a brain in your head.
Ray Bradbury
Russia under President Putin is less democratic and less free today than when he assumed office. If Russia cannot fulfill its obligation to the G-8 and maintain a high standard of democratic governance then its membership should be suspended.
Vito Fossella
When I was growing up, I idolised my father. I thought his ghost followed me around the house. I had been told how he adored me, how I was funny, just like him. Because of our lovely Catholic upbringing, I secretly assumed that he would eventually come back, like our good friend Jesus.
Aisling Bea
I always assumed people wanted to hear me tell stories, but then I had ‘The Sunset Tree.’ It turned out, my own stories were the ones that registered with people the hardest.
John Darnielle
The theoretical postulate of all diplomatic discussion between nations is the assumed willingness of every nation to do justice.
Elihu Root
I don’t think that women necessarily always write like women. I was a writer on the ‘Comedy Central Roasts’ for a while, and I always wrote the jokes that people assumed the men would write.
Whitney Cummings
In Montana, where Sen. William Andrews Clark made his fortune and lost his reputation, people had assumed that all his children were long dead. After all, he was born in 1839 and was of age to serve in the Civil War.
Bill Dedman
I look back at all the contracts I’ve had, and I never assumed I would get another one. Honestly. I don’t take anything for granted. Nothing.
Alun Wyn Jones
All respect for the office of the presidency aside, I assumed that the obvious and unadulterated decline of freedom and constitutional sovereignty, not to mention the efforts to curb the power of judicial review, spoke for itself.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Novelists are too often assumed to write veiled autobiography.
Lionel Shriver
It was critical to finding a way out. I had assumed young women knew the history of feminism and must have felt gratitude to the movement for the opportunities that the work we have done has afforded them.
Betty Buckley
I called a bunch of the restaurants in my neighborhood that I had assumed served all-organic food, and so many didn’t!
Kourtney Kardashian
The idea of winning a doctor’s degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle, and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me.
Elizabeth Blackwell
The idea that my life would be something I shared with

The idea that my life would be something I shared with the public wasn’t just something that I assumed – it was something that I actively wanted. I still want it.
Caroline Calloway
It’s often assumed that British actors read Shakespeare and sonnets as we’re going to bed at night and we’re all very familiar with it.
Kate Winslet
I think we’re realizing that gay people are able to do the type of comedy that we just assumed was for straight people over the years. Whatever old boundaries there were, which were very real and still have an effect on us, in the way we socialize, I think that’s slowly becoming less important.
James Adomian
When Steve Jobs toured Xerox PARC and saw computers running the first operating system that used Windows and a mouse, he assumed he was looking at a new way to work a personal computer. He brought the concept back to Cupertino and created the Mac, then Bill Gates followed suit, and the rest is history.
Douglas Rushkoff
Sometimes, if you don’t have kids yourself, it’s assumed you won’t understand or know how to play a mom, which is kind of silly if you think about it.
Tricia Helfer
I had been feeling a little rum. I didn’t think it was anything serious because years ago I felt a lump and it was benign. I assumed this would be too. It kind of takes the wind out of your sails, and I don’t know what the future holds, if anything.
Maggie Smith
As African-Americans, we don’t start with a blank slate, while other people may. In our position, there’s always some sort of stereotype that is being scrutinized or that is being assumed when we come through the curtain.
Xavier Woods
Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Curt Hennig, and I say ‘obviously’ because I just assumed that anybody would know that ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig was a legend, and someone of that stature is someone that everybody looks up to.
Rob Van Dam
I think that our future has lost that capital F we used to spell it with. The science fiction future of my childhood has had a capital F – it was assumed to be an American Future because America was the future. The Future was assumed to be inherently heroic, and a lot of other things, as well.
William Gibson
Anarchism means all sort of things to different people, but the traditional anarchists’ movements assumed that there’d be a highly organized society, just one organized from below with direct participation and so on.
Noam Chomsky
At first I assumed hate was the opposite of love. But it isn’t. The opposite of love is indifference.
Helen Fisher
I think something that really shocked me as a nanny were parents who sort of assumed the worst from the get-go. People who didn’t accept the benefit of the doubt.
Emma McLaughlin
If I were to say that I grew up in East Los Angeles in the projects, poor, I assumed that everybody understood that it came with its own reasons for being the way I am. I didn’t get that people needed to understand where my comedy came from; I thought that they knew that.
Carlos Mencia
In the periods of my life when I’ve had least contact with the Church, I’ve always assumed a belief in God is a solid thing, but clearly it’s a relationship; it has good days and bad days.
Tom Hollander
When I started creating my work for publication, I just assumed that the focus would be on the work itself and that there wouldn’t be a lot of interest in who was creating the work.
Adrian Tomine
In Japanese art, space assumed a dominant role and its position was strengthened by Zen concepts.
Stephen Gardiner
Hypotheses should be subservient only in explaining the properties of things but not assumed in determining them, unless so far as they may furnish experiments.
Isaac Newton
As a child and a teenager, my attitudes and actions assumed the superiority of my race in almost every way without knowing or wanting to know anybody who was black, except Lucy. Lucy came to our house on Saturdays to help my mother clean. I liked Lucy, but the whole structure of the relationship was demeaning.
John Piper
People have always assumed that I am privileged. And that has been a problem sometimes. When I first started modelling, and I was schlepping around London with no money, I found it rather irksome that people thought I had a private income when I didn’t.
Jasmine Guinness
If I talk to a girl, it’s assumed that I’m having a scene with her. If I don’t, then it’s assumed that I’m gay.
Shah Rukh Khan
That is sort of the backbone for ‘Star-ving.’ People just assumed that I am completely loaded. I do all right. I have to be careful.
David Faustino
I studied politics and economics at Bristol, and people always assumed that I’d go into politics or a non-government organisation when I left. I might well do this later on. I’d love to represent a West Country seat in the House of Commons.
Ben Elliot
I’ve always assumed that my parents and my in-laws would live with me when I get older and have children. I just assume it will happen and that it’s the right way to do things. It’s a deeply Indian custom – that you kind of inherit your parents and your spouse’s parents and you take care of them eventually.
Mindy Kaling
If you look at the 1960s, Hemingway was viewed on the basis of the myth of his lifestyles rather than viewing his work. Machismo was badly viewed; feminism was becoming a more noble cause. I think the feminists took him apart and assumed he mistreated women.
Jack Hemingway
Theresa May, a Remainer, assumed that all of the Brexit voters are racist, thinks we will use this to kick British citizens out of the country; it is despicable.
Claire Fox
A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health. Some even reached out to the vice-president to consider them to be his deputy because they assumed I was dead.
Muhammadu Buhari
Some struggle with medical issues – like insomnia – that make sleep hard. But for many of us, the quantity and quality of sleep come down to a matter of choice. Still, only a few enterprising economists have looked closely at this, and generally, those have assumed that we choose our hours of sleep optimally.
Sendhil Mullainathan
I just assumed that if you were a girl-child, you were supposed to grow up and write.
Jane Hamilton
I’d always assumed that I would die at about the same age as my dad – he was 45. I am five years in credit now. I can’t get my head around the fact that I am older than he was – ever.
Ian Hislop
Ring Kuot, a 15-year-old Sudanese boy, was rumored to be eight feet three. And until Leonid’s emergence at eight feet four inches last spring, people generally assumed that Radhouane Charbib of Tunisia, at seven feet nine, was the tallest documented man in the world.
Michael Paterniti
Protestantism came to America to make America Protestant. It was assumed that was to be done through faith in the reasonableness of the common man and the establishment of a democratic republic.
Stanley Hauerwas
It was always assumed I would be a professor. I grew up

It was always assumed I would be a professor. I grew up thinking it.
Daniel Kahneman
I merged those two words, black and feminist, because I was surrounded by black women who were very tough and and who always assumed they had to work and rear children and manage homes.
Toni Morrison
As God commands us men to teach your wife, to teach your children – to be the spiritual leader of your family – you’re acting as a priest. Now, unfortunately, unfortunately, in too many Christian homes, the role of the priest is assumed by the wife.
Rafael Cruz
Elementary considerations led me to the conclusion that a medium, composed of layers of different dielectric constants, must behave as a uniaxial crystal if it is assumed that the layer thicknesses are only a fraction of a wave-length.
Karl Ferdinand Braun
Here in Davos, it is generally assumed that there is now only one god – the market.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen.
George Washington
Throughout Yorkshire’s history, the committee had not been known for its visionary approach. They just assumed that because Yorkshire had been fantastic in the past, and the county was full of kids wanting to play cricket, everything would be okay.
Geoffrey Boycott
It was sort of assumed, from the time I was born, really, that I would go to college. That’s sort of the way that Jewish families in New Jersey handled things; that was the norm.
Alan Guth
In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyone in America assumed that there would be wars to follow – wars over the reunification of Germany, over the nations within the sphere of Soviet influence, and more. There weren’t, because George H. W. Bush’s policies and diplomacy prevented that.
Ben Domenech
Originally, theater was my life. It was what I assumed I’d spend my working life doing – if I was lucky. Then along came movies.
Alan Rickman
That the Jews assumed a right exclusively to the benefits of God will be a lasting witness against them and the same will it be against Christians.
William Blake
When I wrote ‘Marley & Me,’ I had a clear audience in mind. And it did not include children. I wrote my book for adults and assumed only adults, and possibly teenagers, would be drawn to it.
John Grogan
Even in Australia, where I’ve had success, I never assumed that people would follow me because of who I am.
Angelos Postecoglou
In every union roles are assumed, some traditional, some not. My husband used to pay his own bills, I used to call my own repairman. But as marriages progress, you surrender areas of your own competence, often without even knowing it.
Ayelet Waldman
Because everybody always encouraged me to sing, I assumed that I wasn’t bad at it. It felt like it was obvious what I was going to pursue. I thought I was good for as long as I can remember.
I had absolutely no trauma in my childhood. If anyone ever assumed that my books were autobiographical, they’d be sorely disappointed, because none of these things happened to me.
Jodi Picoult
It may be assumed as an axiom that Providence has never gifted any political party with all of political wisdom or blinded it with all of political folly.
John George Nicolay
The material particle nature of primary cosmic radiation has been confirmed, although the processes turned out to be extraordinarily more complicated than we had assumed.
Walther Bothe
When Peace Corps was first proposed, some in Congress assumed that only men would be volunteers.
Elaine Chao
It’s assumed that light-skinned women have no problems or issues, but they are judged before you know who they are.
Bill Duke
I’ve had this terrible stomach problem for years, and that has made touring difficult. People would see me sitting in the corner by myself looking sick and gloomy. The reason is that I was trying to fight against the stomach pain, trying to hold my food down. People looked me and assumed I was some kind of addict.
Kurt Cobain
If every gay person were to come out only to his/her own family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers, within days the entire state would discover that we are not the stereotypes generally assumed.
Harvey Milk