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Korean Quotes: Wisdom from the Land of Morning Calm

Exploring the Essence of Korean Culture

Korea, known as the Land of Morning Calm, is a nation rich in history, tradition, and profound wisdom. From its vibrant language to its deep-rooted customs, Korea has gifted the world with a treasure trove of insightful quotes that encapsulate its values, philosophy, and way of life. In this article, we delve into the beauty of Korean culture and present a collection of inspiring quotes that offer a glimpse into the wisdom of this fascinating land.

Korean culture embodies a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. It is a tapestry woven with respect for ancestors, a reverence for nature, and an unwavering sense of community. The Korean people find solace in simplicity, seek harmony in their interactions, and value the pursuit of personal growth and enlightenment.

A Glimpse into Korean Wisdom: Quotes that Inspire

Throughout history, Korean poets, philosophers, and scholars have gifted the world with words of wisdom that resonate across generations. Their quotes reflect the deep spirituality, introspection, and enduring values cherished by the Korean people. Below, we present a collection of thought-provoking Korean quotes that encapsulate the essence of this captivating culture, offering insights into its traditions, values, and aspirations.

Wars of necessity are essentially unavoidable. They inv

Wars of necessity are essentially unavoidable. They involve the most important national interests, a lack of promising alternatives to the use of force, and a certain and considerable price to be paid if the status quo is allowed to stand. Examples include World War II and the Korean War.
Richard N. Haass
We are Korean, so obviously they call our music K-pop. But we never thought of our music as K-pop. Our music is just our music.
American barbecue is all slow and low, you know, or low and slow, as they say down in the South, in Texas. But Korean barbecue is thinner cuts of meat.
Roy Choi
Japan continues to work closely with the United States on the issue of the North Korean nuclear crisis and has played an important and constructive role in the Six-Party talks.
Mike Simpson
I’m not sure if it’s just my pride, but I think I was able to bring out a different vibe as a Korean in Hollywood where there are many Korean Americans.
Claudia Kim
One thing that was pretty eye-opening to me was that red pepper came from the New World in the 15th or 16th century. So these things that we think of as inherently Korean actually have an even longer history than that.
Michelle Zauner
The best compliment we ever got about the show was from a Korean veteran who was unable to talk about his war experience with his wife until ‘M*A*S*H.’ While watching the show, he was able to lean over to his wife and say, ‘See, honey, that’s the way it was.’
Gary Burghoff
I like to go to a Korean salon.
Roy Choi
Most North Korean people have never seen a map of the world. They don’t even know that the Internet exists. They don’t even have electricity.
Park Yeon-mi
I was used to always having a stack of Korean television VHS tapes growing up.
Lee Isaac Chung
There will be no war repeated on the Korean Peninsula.
Moon Jae-in
I don’t think that anyone seriously fears that the world can be blown to pieces all together. But what one can fear and rightly so are regional things, like in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, borders in Africa, etc.
Hans Blix
Denuclearization and the lasting peace on the Korean peninsula cannot be abandoned or delayed, as they are the historical assignment.
Moon Jae-in
As someone of Korean descent, I am certain my road was a bit hard. I have to say anyone who’s an aspiring actor has a difficult road regardless of race.
Daniel Dae Kim
Korean cinema is very improvisational, and there is a unique power that stems from this.
Bae Doona
I believe that dialogue is necessary. We were unable to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue through only the sanctions and pressure.
Moon Jae-in
As a Korean American, I grew up yearning to see actors that looked like me. On the rare occasions I saw an Asian celebrity, I adored them unflaggingly.
Crystal Hana Kim
Jennie would speak English to me, and Jisoo helped me out with my Korean.
People think that being Korean is all one thing.
Roy Choi
So if North Korea continues present isolation, then with such economic difficulties the North Korean government must meet a very serious situation in the future.
Kim Dae Jung
A South Korean teenager, 18-year-old male, is about five inches taller than his North Korean counterpart. And there are many soldiers who are only about 4’6″. The height requirement is supposed to be 4’9″. That’s the size of my 12-year-old son.
Barbara Demick
Beijing cannot sit by and let her North Korean ally be bombed, nor can it allow U.S. and South Korean forces to defeat the North, bring down the regime, and unite the peninsula, with U.S. and South Korean soldiers sitting on the Yalu, as they did in 1950 before Mao ordered his Chinese army into Korea.
Pat Buchanan
Math and science fields are not the only areas where we see the United States lagging behind. Less than 1 percent of American high school students study the critical foreign languages of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Russian, combined.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Seoul will co-operate with the national government so that the 2032 Summer Olympics become something more than a sports festival – an opportunity to change the fate of the Korean Peninsula.
Park Won-soon
Whenever I meet a Korean, I ask about their immigration history.
John Cho
My sister is Korean and my parents adopted her about three years before I was born and that is how I grew up.
Katherine Heigl
Korean children get a lot of fuss made over them, I guess because life was tough in the old country, and it was a big deal if you survived. There’s a big party thrown when you are 100 days old, followed by another when you make it to one whole year.
Margaret Cho
The Korean government is the first to declare that if you replace people with machines you have to pay a tax. It’s a tax on robots. They make private companies internalise the social cost of unemployment. Social benefit is not the same as private benefit. We have to realise this.
Abhijit Banerjee
To realize peace on the Korean peninsula, and to develop exchange, cooperation between both Koreas, they are the, you know, immediate target of our government.
Kim Dae Jung
My sister and I thought my grandmother was not very grandmotherly compared to all of the church ladies that we knew. She was making sure we learned all the Korean swear words, just in case we needed them. Now I see what an awesome lady she was.
Lee Isaac Chung
I told my extremely conservative, uber-traditional Korean father, ‘Hey, Dad, I know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be an actor.’
Kenneth Choi
Throughout the 20th century, the Republican Party benef

Throughout the 20th century, the Republican Party benefited from a non-interventionist foreign policy. Think of how Eisenhower came in to stop the Korean War. Think of how Nixon was elected to stop the mess in Vietnam.
Ron Paul
Culturally, I’m not 100 percent Korean. I’m very mixed and very open.
After years of failure, I do think that President Trump has shown a lot of wisdom in reaching out his hand to the North Korean leader and to suggest to them that there might be a different future for the North Korean people.
Gina Haspel
Most people in the country didn’t – and might still not – know about how powerful the United States is. They think North Korean weapons are the best in the world, and they’re very proud of them. They believe they can protect the country from anyone.
Lee Hyeon-seo
When I was six, the Korean War broke out, and all the classrooms were destroyed by war. We studied under the trees or in whatever buildings were left.
Ban Ki-moon
Even North Korean people who are not necessarily happy with economic policies are still loyal to the state itself. It’s a military-first state, so whether it does very well on the economic front or not, is not central to public support for it.
Brian Reynolds Myers
I think the thing that allows me to go into so many markets is that I can speak all the languages. Korean, Chinese, English, whatever. Thank you, my parents, for teaching me all the languages.
Henry Lau
I wanted to write about the Korean War, but I had no entry into it that made the kind of sense it needs to make for a novelist.
Chang-Rae Lee
Many homosexual couples in Korea are already together. They are not legally accepted yet, but I believe the Korean Constitution allows it. We are guaranteed the right to the pursuit of happiness. Of course, there may be different interpretations to what that pursuit means.
Park Won-soon
The men and women who serve this great nation, whether they are stationed in Iraq, Fort Riley, or the Korean Peninsula, or they serve us at home as our community first responders, serve because they believe in America.
Kathleen Sebelius
My dad started to watch westerns at dollar cinemas in Seoul and felt like America was a miraculous place. His family had lost a lot of land during the Korean War and the Japanese occupation. That affected him a lot as a kid. He always felt like he needed to come to the U.S. and get land.
Lee Isaac Chung
Korean, yes, I am now fluent in Korean. I was not always. When I got to Korea, I was constantly put on TV shows not knowing what was going on. So that forced me to learn Korean so I could stop looking like an idiot.
Eric Nam
I was drafted during the Korean War.
Clint Eastwood
I want to help promote Korean music around the world.
Swizz Beatz
A lot of people are very interested that a Korean director has made a western. But when I look at the reactions of the audience, I realise the points at which people laugh are the same for a Korean audience and an international audience.
Kim Jee-woon
We’d only speak Korean at home. They wouldn’t let us have sleepovers and sent us away to Korean church camp during the summers. We had weird food concoctions, too, so instead of spaghetti bolognese, we had rice bolognese with kimchi.
Jamie Chung