Top 18 Monkees Quotes

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I loved TV, and I watched anything with music - 'Hee Ha

I loved TV, and I watched anything with music – ‘Hee Haw,’ ‘Happy Days,’ anything like that. So I loved the Monkees.
John 5
Original Monkees’ songs were produced very thinly, on purpose.
Peter Tork
Wherever I go, people still shout out: ‘Hey, hey, we’re The Monkees.’ And I never tire of that.
Davy Jones
The Monkees were never cancelled for a start. NBC wanted to do a third year.
Davy Jones
The Monkees changed my life but ruined my acting career.
Davy Jones
My guilty pleasure, to be frank with you, is ‘The Monkees.’
Edward Kitsis
The Monkees was a straight sitcom, we used the same plots that were on the other situation comedies at the time. So the music wasn’t threatening, we weren’t threatening.
Peter Tork
The only people who didn’t like The Monkees were the French, and they don’t even like themselves, so what’s the point?
Davy Jones
I grew up listening to pop; I grew up listening to ’60s pop music, the Beatles, the Monkees, Herman’s Hermits and all that stuff. So I had a very strong background of listening to great pop music.
Jane Wiedlin
I was addicted to ‘The Monkees’ TV programme – not so much because of the music but because of the commercials in between. The programme was sponsored by Yardley, and in the commercial breaks, there would be these English girls on roller skates, wearing hot pants, and I just thought, ‘God! How neat!’
Marie Helvin
I liked back in the sixties where you’d turn on the radio and go ‘Oh that’s Hendrix, that’s Creedence Clearwater, that’s The Doors, there’s The Grass Roots, The Monkees, there’s Big Brother.’ You could just instantly hear it and tell. But in the eighties and nineties there’s no way you could do that.
Creed Bratton
When I was 11 I became a massive fan of The Monkees. We had a so-called ‘band’ of kids on my street and we’d go along to people’s houses and mime to Monkees records.
Gary Numan
When I was 20, in 1957, and maybe you would say I was old enough to know better, but nevertheless, I was completely nuts about Buddy Holly. And I loved pop bands that had absolutely no intellectual pretensions whatsoever. I loved the Monkees.
Tom Stoppard
It was so much fun to do, play the blues and then play a Monkees’ set on the same night.
Peter Tork
As a kid, ‘The Monkees’ was such a cool show. I had such a thrill saying, ‘OMG, I was in a sketch with one of the Monkees.’
Fred Armisen
The Monkees are like the mafia. You’re in for life. Nobody gets out.
Davy Jones
My most favourite gigs that ever happened were solo, before The Monkees ever happened.
Peter Tork
We’ve all had our thing. I listened to the Monkees when I was little kid.
Les Claypool