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I bought my first electric guitar when I moved to Memph

I bought my first electric guitar when I moved to Memphis; a Gibson with a DeArmond pickup which I used with a small Gibson amplifier.
B. B. King
Once I picked up an electric guitar, I lost interest in piano, and I just wanted to rock. I studied piano for so long, I got burned out on it.
Juliana Hatfield
Discipline starts every day when the first alarm clock goes off in the morning. I say ‘first alarm clock’ because I have three, as I was taught by one of the most feared and respected instructors in SEAL training: one electric, one battery powered, one windup.
Jocko Willink
A Herd of Turtles’ is the only song on ‘Behold Electric Guitar’ that is not strictly instrumental. But instead of singing, I am reciting a poem. My poem is about overcoming challenges.
Paul Gilbert
My dad had been in the second world war, had electric shock treatment, suffered from anxiety and was abusive to my mum. I kept a lid on my feelings at school but, when I was 18, dropped out of everything and couldn’t even be bothered to get out of bed.
Roland Orzabal
I’m old and boring in London and get really tired around midnight. But in Berlin, I had this new lease of life because there’s something electric about the place.
Emily Berrington
I’m glad to see that BMW is bringing an electric car to market. That’s cool.
Elon Musk
I went through all my electric bills, the water bills, the phone bills, elevator contracts, and I found enough wasteful spending without reducing any programs anywhere, without reducing any services, I found enough wasteful spending to pay my entire salary for three years.
Thomas Massie
The first time I tried to write was when I was 14, after I got an electric guitar. I put a song together, and it wasn’t that bad! The writing came natural to me.
Tom Petty
Everybody recognizes that if you can make very efficient electric motors, you can make a quantum leap forward.
James Dyson
We’re investing record sums on buses and trains. We have a huge programme to encourage people to walk and cycle, and everyone up to and including the PM has been looking closely at how we can promote electric vehicles, hybrids, and other technologies.
Geoff Hoon
In terms of building consumer products, the U.S. and China are ahead of India. The interesting opportunity for India is whenever there is a disruption in technology, it gives every country a chance to leapfrog and take a lead. To take an example, China is leaping ahead in growing the China electric vehicle ecosystem.
Andrew Ng
Electric cars are not going to take the market by storm, but it’s going to be a gradual improvement.
Carlos Ghosn
An increased push for energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, electric mobility – along with the growing digitalization movement and a universal carbon pricing structure – would speed up the carbon-free future and the rise of a global middle class we desperately need. We can and must all do our part.
Joe Kaeser
If we got more efficient with electric grid capacity, we would substantially reduce our carbon footprint, and people would be likely to copy us.
Matt Gaetz
I’ll tell you who doesn’t have any personal responsibility. Companies like General Electric and others who pay absolutely no income tax.
Michael Moore
Fame came quickly. I was only 19 when I secured my initial recording contract and my first two hit records – ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ and ‘Cars’ – were number ones.
Gary Numan
There are no electric guitars. ‘Hunchback’ has arias; it’s operatic.
Dennis DeYoung
If you listen to ‘Electric,’ ‘Entourage,’ and ‘Been With A Star,’ all those records are records that I dug into the crates for to help me create that feeling of old funk. No one makes records like that anymore.
The X is an amazing car, but we kind of got carried away with the art and technology. Obviously, you want great art. You want great technology. But we did get a little distracted from our mission, which was to advance the cause of electric vehicles. And it probably delayed us a little bit with the Model 3 as well.
Elon Musk
I performed at Live Aid in front of a worldwide TV audience of 1.9 billion but I wasn’t nervous – the atmosphere was electric.
Paul Young
I felt a responsibility to present a viable alternative to the popular electric sound.
Ron Carter
The world is moving towards renewable green energy, and electric transportation is a big part of that.
Ray J
I don’t need a diet pill. I need something that gives you an electric shock when you reach for food.
Joy Behar
From our group, we’ve had joint ventures with a lot of international companies: Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Sara Lee, currently with Hershey’s and Tyson. We’ve learned a lot of the best practices.
Adi Godrej
On acoustic guitar I tend to stay in the key of D for some reason. On electric guitar I keep basic: C, G, D, and A. The key of D minor is also real good for me.
Tommy Shaw
We believe that electric vehicles can transform transportation completely in India by enabling lower cost of operation and ownership.
Bhavish Aggarwal
Led Zeppelin is what made me buy my first electric guitar: the Jimmy Page guitar sound.
King Diamond
My songs used to be significantly more bizarre. I used to play a big electric piano and a loop pedal. I was really into Regina Spektor, and I liked her narrative lyrics that were quite off the wall. I used to layer things up and try and replicate what I’d been doing with my bedroom recordings.
Dan Smith
I did buy an electric guitar while shooting ‘Split.’
Anya Taylor-Joy
The moment I say I’m going into scooters, they say, ‘You’re crazy.’ Six months later, when BMW comes out with an electric scooter, it’s fine. But when Anand does it, because he’s some small guy in India, it’s not fine.
Anand Mahindra
If I had a robot friend, he or she would be electric.

If I had a robot friend, he or she would be electric.
Kat Dennings
The time is right for electric cars – in fact the time is critical.
Carlos Ghosn
One of the first things electric I ever saw was a guitar. I was living in a house with no electricity until, at 7, we moved to a house that had it. It had electric lights, but the previous owners had even taken the light bulbs with them when they moved.
George Benson
When gasoline and rubber are rationed, electric power and transport facilities are becoming increasingly scarce, and manpower shortages are developing, it is difficult for people to understand their increased use for other than the most vital needs of war.
William Lyon Mackenzie King
The Queen and Electric Light Orchestra harmonies are so distinct and fit in our songs so well sometimes, but we don’t know how to do them properly.
Nate Ruess
The thing I find frustrating about rock music is, how different can you make an acoustic drum kit sound, an electric guitar and vocals?
The Indian audience is so passionate, they know all the tunes and love to party. The atmosphere is always electric.
Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.
Napoleon Hill
I know everyone has a different taste as far as personal technology – like, smartphones are maybe the most personal decision you can make – so I don’t know if I can recommend one thing for everyone. But, I do like the idea of everyone moving, eventually, to an electric car.
Marques Brownlee
You incubate a product in an atmosphere where that product is best incubated. So, for example, we incubated our electric scooter in California. Because it’s low-volume manufacturing but high-intelligence, intensive manufacturing, we are starting in Michigan.
Anand Mahindra
I bought an electric scooter in sixth grade. Bankrupted me.
Zac Efron
I think there are more politicians in favor of electric cars than against. There are still some that are against, and I think the reasoning for that varies depending on the person, but in some cases, they just don’t believe in climate change – they think oil will last forever.
Elon Musk
I’m not talking ideas, or even presentation. It’s like in politics: You have to sell something to become an electric player – like your skin or your heart.
Keith Jarrett
During fire season and heat waves, power can go out or electric utilities may shut off power to avoid sparking fires or creating systemwide blackouts, both of which mean that hospitals have to run on their generators.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Look at countries like China, they are determined to dominate all clean technology areas, putting lots of money into wind, solar, electric vehicles and battery storage. America’s political impotence, caused by their terrible partisanship, will see them left behind.
Malcolm Turnbull
Cars have a large engine in the front and you have a gearbox, which is cumbersome. Electric cars don’t have this problem. The motor is much smaller, the battery is below you. This will allow you to play with different shapes.
Carlos Ghosn
Gibson has been making the finest electric guitars the world has ever witnessed for over 70 years. They are as American as God, guns and rock and roll.
Ted Nugent
Just because I’m a successful singer who’s loved and has been loved for years doesn’t mean I’m sitting behind electric gates in my own fantasy land.
Ian Brown
When I was in junior high school, the teachers voted me the student most likely to end up in the electric chair.
Sylvester Stallone
The first thing you realise very quickly when you decide to do an acoustic version of an electric song is your solo either becomes either very truncated, very different, or non-existent, because even if you play a clean solo, it’s different with the Kryptonite… with the acoustic.
Joe Bonamassa
When do you suppose the electric guitar was invented? If you thought the 1950s, you’d be wrong. If you can muster a recollection of hearing electric guitar in Lionel Hampton’s big band in the 1940s and date it to that decade, you’d still be off – by more than 30 years.
Daniel Levitin