Top 19 Kafka Quotes

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Authors I've longed to write like - but realize I actua

Authors I’ve longed to write like – but realize I actually can’t even begin to – include Poe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kafka, Daniil Kharms, Witold Gombrowicz, Emily Dickinson, Robert Walser, Barbara Comyns, Ntozake Shange, Camille Laurens, Zbigniew Herbert, and Jose Saramago.
Helen Oyeyemi
If you have to deal with our friends at ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it’s like a Kafka novel. Files just disappear.
Jeb Bush
I was first introduced to Kafka’s writing during my compulsory army-service basic training. During that period, Kafka’s fiction felt hyperrealistic.
Etgar Keret
As far as I can see, the best writers in the last two hundred years have been Whitman, Rilke, Proust, Kafka. Their best works: ‘Leaves of Grass – 1855;’ ‘Duino Elegies;’ ‘The Captive & The Fugitive;’ ‘The Castle.’
Jesse Ball
Whoever utters ‘Kafkaesque’ has neither fathomed nor intuited nor felt the impress of Kafka’s devisings. If there is one imperative that ought to accompany any biographical or critical approach, it is that Kafka is not to be mistaken for the Kafkaesque.
Cynthia Ozick
I don’t want to turn 50 and say, ‘Gosh, I wish I’d lived in that part of the world for a time. I wish I’d read that book by Faulkner.’ I want time to delve back into Thoreau and Kafka.
Charlie Trotter
Kafka’s inevitable tropism for the allegorical puts him in marked opposition to the realism that dominated the literary world of the first half of the 20th century.
John Kessel
In Hollywood, you still have wonderful actors, but it’s so hard to work there. To work becomes a Kafka nightmare – it’s the last communist country!
Gerard Depardieu
But if I were to say who influenced me most, then I’d say Franz Kafka. And his works were always anchored in the Central European region.
Vaclav Havel
The writers we tend to universally admire, like Beckett, or Kafka, or TS Eliot, are not very prolific.
John Updike
My main ambition as a teenager was to somehow resurrect the dark-minded writer Franz Kafka and become his girlfriend.
Amy Gerstler
I did my dissertation on Kafka.
Jessie Ware
Kafka: cries of helplessness in twenty powerful volumes.
Mason Cooley
Many of the writers I admire – Melville, Dickinson, Kafka – were virtually invisible during their lifetimes. Art, I think, often has to dance around in the void.
Jerome Charyn
Kafka truly illustrates the way the environment oppresses the individual. He shows how the unconscious controls our lives.
Manuel Puig
If you look at the literature of the 19th century, you get things like Kafka and Dostoevsky, who basically write about feeling bored and alienated. That’s because we lost contact with the important things in life like work that you enjoy, or the garden, nature, your family and friends.
Tom Hodgkinson
When I was 21, I wanted to write like Kafka. But, unfortunately for me, I wrote like a script editor for ‘The Simpsons’ who’d briefly joined a religious cult and then discovered Foucault. Such is life.
Zadie Smith
Contrary to what Kafka does, I always like to refer all of my fictions to the level of reality, He, on the other hand, leaves them at an imaginary level.
Manuel Puig
Kafka is still unrecognized. He thought he was a comic writer.
Leslie Fiedler