Top 20 Deterrence Quotes

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A proper criminal justice system exacts justice - that

A proper criminal justice system exacts justice – that is, punishes criminals for their crimes. Rehabilitation and deterrence are worthy goals, but they are secondary to retribution.
Michael J. Knowles
So, we need to delegitimize the nuclear weapon, and by de-legitimizing… meaning trying to develop a different system of security that does not depend on nuclear deterrence.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Deterrence is still fundamentally about influencing an actor’s decisions. It is about a solid policy foundation. It is about credible capabilities. It is about what the U.S. and our allies as a whole can bring to bear in both a military and a nonmilitary sense.
C. Robert Kehler
The present basic philosophy is nuclear deterrence.
Joseph Rotblat
The way that one feels about the story line of ‘Deterrence’ can tell us, I believe, about each person’s conservatism or liberalism and precisely how tolerant he or she is of racism.
Rod Lurie
Obviously, the Philippines or any regional state can never match Chinese defense spending, but we will have to develop minimum deterrence capabilities that allow us to resist and inflict sufficient retaliation if China continues to undermine Philippine territorial integrity.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
The whole idea of deterrence is to convince your enemy that you are willing and able to make it so painful for them to continue on a threatening or bellicose course that they change their behavior.
Martha McSally
NATO’s deterrence has always been adequate, and I’m not worried about the physical security of my country. Not at all.
Kersti Kaljulaid
The Blue and White government, led by me, will assemble the strongest security cabinet against terrorism and restore deterrence.
Benny Gantz
What has kept the world safe from the bomb since 1945 has not been deterrence, in the sense of fear of specific weapons, so much as it’s been memory. The memory of what happened at Hiroshima.
John Hersey
A great amount has been talked and written about what constitutes a sufficient balance and what really is meant by the concepts of ‘balance’ and ‘deterrence’.
Alva Myrdal
When you talk about peace through strength, what you’re talking about is the concept of deterrence.
Chris Gibson
Since most cyberwar is conducted covertly, governments avoid any public acknowledgment of their own abilities and shy away from engaging in any sort of ‘cyber diplomacy.’ Statecraft conducted in secret fails to create public norms for deterrence.
Jared Cohen
We have got thousands of nuclear weapons in order to achieve deterrence.
John Spratt
We defended our allies in Europe for 40 years during the worst days of the Cold War – very threatening days of the Cold War – and nothing happened. So deterrence does work.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
The purpose of nuclear weapons is to deter. The mission of deterrence to make all parties in possession of nuclear weapons never, ever use them.
Rick Wilson
It is deterrence that has prevented the use of nuclear weapons by all states that possess them since 1945.
Tom Malinowski
Democrats always assure us that deterrence will work, but when the time comes to deter, they’re against it.
Ann Coulter
The only thing that kept the Cold War cold was the mutual deterrence afforded by nuclear weapons.
Chung Mong-joon
Deterrence itself is not a preeminent value; the primary values are safety and morality.
Herman Kahn