Top 20 Giddy Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Giddy Quotes from famous people such as William Shakespeare, Ashley Monroe, Lana Condor, Charles C. Mann, Helen Skelton, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.

He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.
William Shakespeare
One of my favorite things to do is sit around and listen to old records… You’re forced to listen to the whole thing. And it’s so cool digging through the bins trying to find them. I get giddy about records.
Ashley Monroe
I think that’s very important, that a friend makes you laugh, and you’re just giddy around them all the time.
Lana Condor
Artificial lighting, air-conditioning, and automobiles, all powered by fossil fuels, swaddle us in our giddy modernity. In our ergonomic chairs and acoustical-panel cubicles, we sit cozy as kings atop 300 years of flaming carbon.
Charles C. Mann
I was lucky to spend so long on ‘Blue Peter’ and ‘Newsround’ and if you are a bit giddy, like I am, a bit daft, like I am, and you are the kind of person who makes lots of public mistakes, like I do, then it’s sometimes hard for people to take me seriously.
Helen Skelton
In the Children’s Zoo, Enrichment meant presenting the goats with a trash can smeared with peanut butter or dangling keys at the end of a broomstick in front of the cow. The goats would knock their heads around the inside of the can and emerge giddy, peanut butter drunk.
Ben Dolnick
Roman Polanski is one of my favorite filmmakers, and John Phillips one of my favorite songwriters. I had the honor to meet each of these men and was almost giddy to be blessed with the chance to tell each artist what his work meant has to me.
Allison Anders
That which has not a real excellency and value in it self, entertains no longer than the giddy Humour which recommended it to us holds.
Mary Astell
My friends in the TV news business are in a state of despair about Donald Trump, even as their bosses in the boardroom are giddy over what he’s doing for their once sagging ratings.
Campbell Brown
California club pop chirper Dev’s debut is as stark as it is sweet. This is owed partly to the casually giddy lightness of her talk-singing – familiar from her slizzered 2010 cameo on Far East Movement’s smash ‘Like a G6,’ and around-the way-girl frisky like 1980s Latin freestyle.
Chuck Eddy
I’ve been on Prozac for 12 years and I’m off it now. I know what it feels like to be excited and sad again. I haven’t felt like this in 12 years; I’m like a giddy little kid.
Jonathan Davis
I love Madonna! If you want to see the Madonna I know, just go on YouTube and you’ll see those early interviews before the record came out. She was giddy and wonderful and giggly and happy and so excited looking towards the future.
Nile Rodgers
I get easily distracted and become a bit of a giddy giggler. I’m not good at taking myself seriously, and laughing at myself helps ease the pressure.
Maxine Peake
When I have an evening out I like to see big musicals where the whole audience is encouraged to giddy up out of the seat.
Graeme Souness
I am giddy with enthusiasm when my companies are doing well. And my heart hurts when they’re not. Maybe that sounds very cheesy, but that’s the reality of my life right now.
Kirsten Green
If I’m ever in a position where I’m serving to win a grand slam, I’m sure that I will be feeling giddy inside. I will have sweaty palms.
Johanna Konta
A good restaurant just makes me giddy. I can go all day with anticipation just knowing where I’m going to eat. Sometimes it’s well planned, sometimes it’s spontaneous. Either way works.
Gayle King
I’ve always told my wife, ‘Anytime I have an opportunity to be on something that I would watch even if I wasn’t on it, that’s when I get really, really giddy.’
Sterling K. Brown
I’ve been through heartbreak and uncertainty and giddy crushes and everything. We all have.
Anna Faris
If you look at footage of the Newfoundland Regiment, you see they are at rest and giddy and being silly with one another. Silliness is the antidote to trench warfare.
Michael Winter