Top 20 Housing Market Quotes

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The financial crisis of 2008 was not caused by investme

The financial crisis of 2008 was not caused by investment banks betting against the housing market in 2007. It was caused by the fact that too few investors – including all of the big investment banks – bet too heavily on the housing market in the years before 2007.
James Surowiecki
The housing market has bottomed. It’s not too late to get involved.
John Paulson
Eviction comes with a record. Just like a criminal record can hurt you in the jobs market, eviction can hurt you in the housing market. A lot of landlords turn folks away who have an eviction, and a lot of public housing authorities do the same.
Matthew Desmond
So much value has been lost in the housing market that people are now buying. If there’s any activity in the housing market, it’s because values have plummeted to such depths that the 47% can now afford to live in a government-purchased house, or something like that.
Rush Limbaugh
Although housing sales and starts have cooled to more typical levels, the housing market remains strong and sound. Without the expansion of homeownership and the strength of our housing market, our nation would not have the economic growth we are experiencing today.
Randy Neugebauer
I’m not a housing market expert, and I don’t want to pretend to be one.
Eric Maskin
I had begun to worry about the housing market back in 2003, when lenders first resurrected interest-only mortgages, loosening their credit standards to generate a greater volume of loans. Throughout 2004, I had watched as these mortgages were offered to more and more subprime borrowers – those with the weakest credit.
Michael Burry
The housing market will get worse before it gets better.
James Wilson
The Seoul city government has been cooperating with the central government to stabilize the housing market, and we plan to brainstorm all possible ways with the government to better counter the issue.
Park Won-soon
The impact of the downturn is starting to feel very real. House prices and the housing market have been taking the knock for some time and that’s affecting people.
Lucy Powell
Although not well known outside Wall Street, Freddie Mac and its corporate cousin, Fannie Mae, are two of the world’s largest financial institutions and play a crucial role in the housing market.
Alex Berenson
After 1960, anyone who wanted to discuss almost any aspect of U.S. public policy – from how to make cars safer to whether to abolish the draft, from how to support the housing market to whether to regulate the financial sector – had to speak economics.
Paul Romer
Student loans are delaying retirements. They’re suppressing the housing market. They’re suffocating new business formation. They’re even leading young people to delay getting married and having children.
Annie Lowrey
In 2007, in the early 2007, everybody saw the housing market was falling, and at any given moment a lot of people thought it was going to fall more, and a lot of people thought it was going to rebound. You just didn’t know.
Lloyd Blankfein
Too-easy credit and millions of bad loans made during the U.S. housing bubble paved the way for the financial calamity and Great Recession that followed. Today, by contrast, credit is too tight. Mortgage loans are particularly hard to get, creating a problem for the housing market and the broader economy.
Mark Zandi
President Obama has basically avoided or not done any attempt to intervene in any positive way in the housing market. I think in the financial crisis that’s been a shame.
Glenn Hubbard
For resident stability, I fully agree with the government’s stance that stabilizing the housing market should be the first and foremost step.
Park Won-soon
Our economy isn’t going to recover until the housing market finds its footing.
Mark Zandi
A significant number of people over the age of 65 would like to downsize into more suitable accommodation, yet they are unable to do so. This causes a bottleneck in the housing market that ripples down to first-time buyers.
Damian Green
Much of the blame for the Great Recession lies with abuses in the housing market – namely the creation of risky and unsustainable home loans that were packaged and sold as quality investments around the globe.
Lisa Madigan