Top 20 Omniscient Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Omniscient Quotes from famous people such as Margo Jefferson, Penn Jillette, Little Richard, Min Jin Lee, Eduardo Paes, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Even criticism is more interesting when the writer's au

Even criticism is more interesting when the writer’s authority does not only come through this omniscient narrator, but through questions, ambivalence, vulnerability. A mind questioning and on the move, not just settling down and declaring – that’s one of the most interesting possibilities.
Margo Jefferson
If I had to imagine omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent power in the universe that chose to make my mother suffer, I don’t know how I would make that make sense in the universe.
Penn Jillette
God is omnipotent, He is omniscient, and He is ever present.
Little Richard
The omniscient narrator is a bizarre technique, when you think about it, and no one uses it much anymore. But for the novels I want to write, it’s the only approach that makes sense to me.
Min Jin Lee
Google is omniscient of what people search for and do. Facebook has over a billion subscribers, meaning Mark Zuckerberg has personal information about one in every seven people on Earth. U.S.A., Brazil, Mexico, India and Indonesia are at the top of that list.
Eduardo Paes
And you cannot have a socialist revolution commandeered from the top, ordered around by some omniscient leader or group of leaders.
Ernest Mandel
The classical theory of omniscient rationality is strikingly simple and beautiful.
Herbert A. Simon
The main advantage of the omniscient approach is that it’s the easiest to handle. That’s the major reason so many writers select it.
Arthur Herzog
The third person narrator, instead of being omniscient, is like a constantly running surveillance tape.
Andrew Vachss
When you pick up a book, everyone knows it’s imaginary. You don’t have to pretend it’s not a book. We don’t have to pretend that people don’t write books. That omniscient third-person narration isn’t the only way to do it. Once you’re writing in the first person, then the narrator is a writer.
Paul Auster
Perhaps I am naive, but I believe that at this point in history, the greatest danger to our freedom and way of life comes from the reasonable fear of omniscient State powers kept in check by nothing more than policy documents.
Edward Snowden
Do you remember when you were 10 or 11 years old and you really thought your folks were the best? They were completely omniscient and you took their word for everything. And then you got older and you went through this hideous age when suddenly they were the devil, they were bullies, and they didn’t know anything.
Chuck Palahniuk
My friend Markus Zusak wrote a story from the point of view of death, ‘The Book Thief.’ I thought that’s a great idea, where your omniscient narrator is death. I’m glad he had that idea because I wouldn’t have been able to work so well with it.
Shaun Tan
God is absolutely holy and wise. His nature, attributes, and power are all holy. He is omnipresent, incorporeal, unborn, immense, omniscient, omnipotent, merciful and just. He is the maker, protector, and destroyer of worlds.
Dayananda Saraswati
But if two’s company, three’s a crowd – and that demands the omniscient point of view.
Arthur Herzog
Mystery is but another name for ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain!
Tryon Edwards
As an artist, my wheelhouse is 19th-century literature. I want to write realist novels in a Victorian sense, and the writers I admire in that style tend to do omniscient narration.
Min Jin Lee
If I was able to be omniscient and look at my career objectively, I’d be very happy.
Paul Sparks
I go to assume a task more difficult than that which devolved upon Washington. Unless the great God, who assisted him, shall be with me and aid me, I must fail; but if the same omniscient mind and almighty arm that directed and protected him shall guide and support me, I shall not fail – I shall succeed.
Abraham Lincoln
Omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous and omnipresent all begin with Om.
Ashwin Sanghi