Top 202 Farmer Quotes

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My father was a tomato farmer. There is the phrase that

My father was a tomato farmer. There is the phrase that says he or she worked their fingers to the bone, well, that’s my dad. And he was a very good man.
Sidney Poitier
They’re thinking of turning the peasant into an educated man. Why, first of all they should make him a good and prosperous farmer and then he’ll learn all that is necessary for him to know.
Nikolai Gogol
Plaid is always cute and always will be. But only on the bottom. At the top, it makes you look like a farmer.
Jen Lancaster
I probably spend more on food than a lot of people, and I feel good about the whole food chain I’m supporting when I’m doing it. But even I have to remind myself. I’m always complaining about the prices at the farmer’s market.
Michael Pollan
If we as a society are willing to have a preference for organic food, the farmer can pass on the savings.
Robert Patterson
Strong communities are built around local, real food. Food we trust to nourish our bodies, the farmer and planet.
Kimbal Musk
A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields.
Norman Parkinson
I don’t do method acting. If I play a farmer, I’m not gonna spend 3 weeks on a chicken farm. That’s a bit too much for me.
Carice van Houten
It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.
B. C. Forbes
My father grew up quite poor actually in a small farming village in South India. His grandfather was a farmer, his father was a farmer, and he was expected to be a farmer as well – his life took a different path.
Vivek Murthy
I would certainly encourage young people to pursue their dreams. It isn’t always an easy path, but it’s worth going after. And I figure if a farmer’s daughter from Iowa can become an astronaut, you can be just about anything you want to be.
Peggy Whitson
My daddy wanted me to be a farmer; feel the smoothness of Alabama clay and become one of the first blacks in my town to own land. But, I was worried about my history being caked with that southern clay, and I subscribed to a different kind of teaching and learning in my bones and in my spirit.
John Henrik Clarke
My dream is to become a farmer. Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet potatoes for dinner.
Lenny Kravitz
The goal of any farmer, after producing enough to feed his own family, has always been to find the best place to sell the year’s crop.
Sonny Perdue
There is no time in modern agriculture for a farmer to write a poem or compose a song.
Masanobu Fukuoka
I’m a farmer. I always will be a farmer. When I die, I’ll be a farmer. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 8 years old. I can tell you also that I see opportunity slipping away for our kids.
Jon Tester
I am a ball player in the summer and a farmer in the winter time, and I aim to be a success at both professions.
Zack Wheat
We’ve got this cultural mentality that you’ve got to be an idiot to be a farmer.
Joel Salatin
I’m a farmer now, and it’s fantastic. My goal is to be totally self-sufficient and grow everything that I eat. There’s something about earning your dinner that’s cool.
Roseanne Barr
The first pages of any book I remember reading, in Pinner Wood primary school, were from The Beacon Readers: stories of Farmer Giles, Rover the Dog, Old Lob the shepherd and Mrs Cuddy the Cow. I was very fond of Mrs Cuddy.
Michael Rosen
I gave up everything and nearly became a farmer, walking around in headscarf and wellies for 10 years to find my confidence again.
Lisa Stansfield
I’m a farmer with a mandolin and a high tenor voice.
Bill Monroe
I inherited that calm from my father, who was a farmer. You sow, you wait for good or bad weather, you harvest, but working is something you always need to do.
Miguel Indurain
Well, you know, I had been a peanut farmer. I had – you know who was the first president – Democratic president I ever met? Bill Clinton.
Jimmy Carter
I don’t know how the other senators see me. I hope they see me as a farmer. That’s really what I am. But I don’t think they see me on a tractor or fixing equipment. I hope they see me grounded, as somebody who has common sense.
Jon Tester
There is a quiet about the life of a farmer, and the hope of a serene old age, that no other business or profession can promise.
Robert Green Ingersoll
My mom, her only dream was just to be a farmer.
Sara Evans
My dream is to be a farmer myself, but also to provide opportunities to others who don’t have the land or the resources, in order to grow food themselves and teach them how to do it.
Rose Namajunas
My secret skill is baking bread. My mother was a farmer’s daughter and still made bread every day when I was a child. She would have me knead the dough when I got home from school.
Richard Flanagan
I met musician Ken Farmer in Lorne and he lent me all of his Bessie Smith blues LPs. That’s when I started to sing.
Judith Durham
I’ve had a lot of careers in my life. When I think about it, I think every piece of that – from being a nurse, a farmer, dealing with real estate – has added to a skill set that I would have been able to use throughout my political career.
Patty Judge
The only difference between a pigeon and the American f

The only difference between a pigeon and the American farmer today is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a John Deere.
Jim Hightower
Agrarian reform should not merely subdivide misery, it must raise living standards. Ownership raises the farmer from his, but productivity will keep him on his feet.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
I know there’s a farmer out there somewhere who never wants a PC and that’s fine with me.
Bill Gates
When I was a kid, my dream was to be a farmer and marry Charlie Brown. I wanted to rescue him and make him happy. Besides, he was always lusting after the little redhead girl.
Alicia Witt
This assumption that the blue collar crowd is not supposed to read it, or a farmer in his overalls is not to read poetry, seems to be dangerous if not tragic.
Joseph Brodsky
Browsing our local farmer’s market is one of my family’s favorite weekend activities. Make it a relaxing, healthful habit for your family, and you’ll reap the nutritional rewards.
Suzanne Somers
My last name’s kind of interesting – Farmer. I don’t really think it’s interesting for the stage. I think Lynne kind of had a better ring to it.
Darci Lynne Farmer
Times change. The farmer’s daughter now tells jokes about the traveling salesman.
Carey Williams
If you make a film about a pig farmer in Wales and you are a huge hit as the pig farmer’s wife, the next thing is you’ll be asked to do a film about a sheep farmer in Scotland.
Kristin Scott Thomas
People need to seek out some diversity in their life. One of my friends is a pig farmer in Michigan, and even she has black friends. She’s in the middle of nowhere – the closest airport is, like, three hours away – and she manages to connect with black people.
Luvvie Ajayi
I wanted to be a farmer’s wife. I thought it would be quite fun to wake up of a morning, collect eggs and have sheep and pigs as pets. I know now that it would also involve having to sleep with the farmer, but at the time I wasn’t thinking about the sexual implications – I was 11.
Miranda Hart
My grandfather was a persuasive man who made friends with people at every level of influence. In order to fight against our tribe’s termination, he went to newspapers and politicians and urged them to advocate for our tribe in Washington. He also supported his family through the Depression as a truck farmer.
Louise Erdrich
Soil is a living ecosystem, and is a farmer’s most precious asset. A farmer’s productive capacity is directly related to the health of his or her soil.
Howard Warren Buffett
I’m still a farm boy at heart. If I hadn’t suffered from asthma as a child, I would be a farmer today.
Jim Davis
I come from the family of farmers. I am a son of a farmer.
Pankaj Tripathi
Is there anything sadder than the foods of the 1950s? Canned, frozen, packaged concoctions, served up by the plateful, three meals per day, in an era in which the supermarket was king, the farmer’s market was, well, for farmers, and the word ‘locavore’ sounded vaguely like a mythical beast.
Jeffrey Kluger
Never answer a question from a farmer.
Hubert H. Humphrey
My father was a man who didn’t consider himself learned. He was a man who liked to be a farmer. He enjoyed his dairy farm and felt the calling. So there was a dedication. I was dedicated as a child to the service of God, and so there was this continual centering of a greater purpose than your own.
Phil Jackson
I know there’s a farmer out there somewhere who never wants a PC and that’s fine with me.
Bill Gates
When they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up, in kindergarten, I always said I wanted to be a farmer.
Rose Namajunas
Whether some may like it or not, I am still the farmer that I was born as and will continue to be one.
Sharad Pawar
I like to give pennies to children, but unfortunately, a man cannot do these things if he lives in a small village or town where his face is known and seen every day. For children take advantage, as I know to my cost, and would gather round him like hens around a farmer when he scatters grain.
W. H. Davies
A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus.
E. B. White
Just as we would have no need of the farmer’s labor and toil if we were living amid the delights of paradise, so also we would not require the medical art for relief if we were immune to disease, as was the case, by God’s gift, at the time of Creation before the Fall.
Saint Basil
Every farmer in Punjab grows paddy and wheat besides cotton in the south western districts.
Amarinder Singh
They’re thinking of turning the peasant into an educated man. Why, first of all they should make him a good and prosperous farmer and then he’ll learn all that is necessary for him to know.
Nikolai Gogol
The biggest challenge of being a pastry chef is that, unlike other types of chefs, you can’t throw things together at a farmer’s market. When you’re working with baking powder and a formula, you have to be exact. If not, things can go wrong.
Carla Hall