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Failure's not a bad thing. It builds character. It make

Failure’s not a bad thing. It builds character. It makes you stronger.
Billy Dee Williams
I might defend the reviewing trade, but a handful of haughty hired hands no longer having the last word on books is not a bad thing.
Lionel Shriver
We’re becoming slaves to our social networks – and that’s not a bad thing. You like your favorite networks, so do you friends, and pretty soon you have market winners.
Max Levchin
If the price of continuing my political career is to be complicit in a really bad thing then that’s not a price I’m prepared to pay.
David Gauke
I went through a phase where all I was doing was commercials, and not that it was a bad thing, but I was referred to as ‘the Allstate guy’ as I was walking the streets. Someone comes up to you on the street, you would like them to know your name.
Dennis Haysbert
Everybody gets too drunk sometimes; and even if everybody didn’t, I have gotten too drunk sometimes. I haven’t hurt anybody. In Ireland we drink a lot. It’s part of our culture. I like drinking. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
Andrea Corr
Melancholy is no bad thing.
Fame is very agreeable, but the bad thing is that it goes on 24 hours a day.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
In Hollywood there’s a great openness, almost a voracious appetite for new people. In England there’s a great suspicion of the new. In cultural terms, that can be a good thing, but when you’re trying to break into the film industry, it’s definitely a bad thing.
Christopher Nolan
Flexibility isn’t a bad thing.
Steve Bruce
In Massachusetts, scientists have created the first human clone. The bad thing is that in thirty years, the clone will still be depressed because the Boston Red Sox will still have not won a World Series.
Craig Kilborn
Oprah’s got good politics, she’s got a good heart, and she’ll have us all up Jazzercising at six in the morning. This cannot be a bad thing, and reading a book while we’re Jazzercising. So America would be better off if Oprah were president.
Michael Moore
If you look at sculptures from hundreds of years ago, everyone’s naked. It’s not a bad thing.
Gigi Hadid
Seeing someone else perform and letting me be the critic for once… that’s not a bad thing.
Mats Sundin
I am the product of hustlers who taught me how to do it. They gave me a hustler’s ambition. Not a bad thing to get from your parents. But hustling only gets you so far. You have to trust yourself. And you have to be ready to fall on your face and be okay when it happens.
Jay Pharoah
I went through a phase where I thought nostalgia was a bad thing.
Dario Argento
Now that I think about it, I was arrested in 1992. Some people may think of that as a bad thing, but I feel good about it. I chained myself to the gate of a phone book factory, a GTE factory in Los Angeles. They were using thousand-year-old trees to make phone books. I think that’s a total waste of a tree.
Winona LaDuke
Debt certainly isn’t always a bad thing. A mortgage can help you afford a home. Student loans can be a necessity in getting a good job. Both are investments worth making, and both come with fairly low interest rates.
Jean Chatzky
The big difference between league football in England and Spain is that more teams compete here. In Spain, it is usually only two teams going for the title, which is not necessarily a bad thing because you get great matches between the two, but I think the English league is better for being more competitive.
David Silva
Being a great founder or early team member is a difficult dialectic – you have to be a bit overconfident, and a big ego isn’t always a bad thing. To change the world requires pushing really, really hard and believing you and your team know something others don’t.
Joe Lonsdale
I believe that God’s dream is that we be successful in our careers, and that we be able to send our kids to college. I don’t mean that everyone is going to be rich, and I preach a lot on blooming where you’re planted. But I don’t have the mindset that money is a bad thing.
Joel Osteen
It’s such an insult that foul gas comes out of a hole in our butt with a sound to announce itself. It’s the ultimate bad thing about being a person.
Kate McKinnon
I think doing things that scare you a little is a good thing. A little bit of fear is never a bad thing. A healthy amount of fear makes everything taste better.
Most of my players have come through academies with clubs. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s very different to what I grew up with.
Sol Campbell
I like shooting locations just because too much control on the stage can be a bad thing.
Hiro Murai
Occasionally if I look back at something I’ve written I’ll find one of those that I don’t understand, but that’s a bad thing – the unconscious has dealt me a bad hand.
William Gibson
I really didn’t even have time to get that many lessons, to be honest, because I was suddenly on the road. I was kind of thrown in the deep end. But that wasn’t a bad thing when I look back at it.
Caroline Corr
I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to have internal debate between coach and leading players.
Joachim Low
Apparently, there’s a little red demon dwarf that haunts the city, and before every major bad thing that’s happened, it’s appeared to somebody. Last time, he appeared in a Cadillac.
Meg White
I wish I could unknow this, but there is a perception of me that I’m super-sensitive and fragile. And I am super-sensitive, and I don’t think that that’s a bad thing. To do what I do, I have to remain open.
Winona Ryder
Growing up as a young kid, I was in a restaurant. So, you know, I always had a very good understanding of the nuances. And in a way, that was a bad thing. Because it kind of programmed me to believe that if you’re going have a restaurant, this is what you need to do, and this is the way it’s going to be run.
Grant Achatz
But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happ

But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happening everywhere in the world, cable news makes life seem like it’s just an endless string of disasters – when, for most people in most places today, life is fairly good.
Gregg Easterbrook
Being stubborn can be a good thing. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it.
Willie Aames
There are always people who are into the old way of doing things. I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily, but things change – nothing stays the same. If you can stay true to yourself, you’re always going to be legendary.
Lil Uzi Vert
If you join the Boy Scouts without understanding the underlying agendas and biases of the organization, you might grow up to believe that being gay is a bad thing.
Douglas Rushkoff
I am an ambitious person. In the West, being ambitious isn’t a bad thing. You work hard and you have a purpose in life. But in North Korea, you can never be individualistic. You can never live for yourself. You have to live for the regime.
Park Yeon-mi
Everyone who’s recognized me has been very nice, which I’m very grateful for. It’s kind of thrust me into this world of being known, which is a good thing and a bad thing.
Bella Ramsey
You can just start shooting things and see how it goes. But time is still money, so you have to know when you are finished. It’s not like painting a picture which you could go on refining for 20 years – with a film you have to stop at some point, and that is no bad thing.
James Ivory
I love how feminism is often blamed for giving women too many choices. Like this is a bad thing.
Justine Musk
It is not a bad thing that children should occasionally, and politely, put parents in their place.
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
I want people to understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it’s meant to be, which is fun and entertaining.
Michael Jordan
Yeah, I’m certainly a lot more confident on this one than I was one the last one, which I think can be a good thing and a bad thing. But, at least I slept while making this film.
Guy Ritchie
America used to say that hip-hop was a cancer. Then it embraced that cancer and realized, ‘Hey, this isn’t a bad thing. It is part of us, just more America.’
Charlamagne tha God
I was told at first that being different was a bad thing. Everywhere I went, it was just, ‘You’re too different’… And it turned out that being different was the best thing that ever happened to my career. It is why people travel to my shows. It’s why people want to hear my story and buy my book.
Lindsey Stirling
You can tell when a writer moves out of a place of struggle and into a place of comfort, and it’s always a bad thing.
Eleanor Catton
The only bad thing is that we didn’t win at Tennessee. Kiffin left that program in a bad position.
Malik Jackson
I don’t think I look like a boy, but I don’t think androgyny is such a bad thing.
Katherine Moennig
When I went up there it was with one goal was to win a championship. Obviously that didn’t happen but I don’t have one bad thing to say about my time in Boston.
Al Horford
People say jargon is a bad thing, but it’s really a shortcut vocabulary professionals use to understand one another.
Erin McKean
Oftentimes, my career as a model is based around glamour or creating a fantasy world. That in itself is not a bad thing, as I think art and inspiration has its place in society.
Coco Rocha
I think we will always have the impulse towards visual poetry with us, and I wouldn’t agree with Bly that it’s a bad thing. It depends on the ability of the individual poet to do it well, and to make a shape which is interesting enough to hold your attention.
James Laughlin
It’s not a bad thing for independent traders to come into a high street to mix things up, but what shouldn’t happen is that the traders who were there before are priced out.
Sadiq Khan
Listen: when you work for an employer for six years, are you gonna sit here and tell me you ain’t gotta bad thing to say about them?
Enzo Amore
If all the economists in the world were laid end to end, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Peter Lynch