Top 22 Overdue Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Overdue Quotes from famous people such as E. P. Thompson, Ivo Graham, Henry Williamson, L. Neil Smith, Oliver Stark, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The readings of Soviet society are as many as the exper

The readings of Soviet society are as many as the experts you speak to. In my view, it’s a society that is overdue for measures of democratization and organization.
E. P. Thompson
I think having a kid is going to make me work harder in a way that’s slightly overdue.
Ivo Graham
Peace in Europe can only come through union in one economic system. The United States of Europe are overdue.
Henry Williamson
This planet is 15 million years overdue for an asteroid strike like the one that killed the dinosaurs.
L. Neil Smith
The shows which have strong female characters are long overdue. I think there should be more and I am glad to see that there are more. There are fantastic female and diverse actors all around the world. I am glad to see that they are getting more recognition and being pushed into light more and more.
Oliver Stark
There is certainly greatness in the ’60s generation. They changed our attitudes about race in America, which was long overdue. They didn’t just stand up and salute when told to go to war. Women finally began to realize a more equal place in our society.
Tom Brokaw
I am glad that our country is starting to have a serious conversation about how to repair our broken immigration system – it is long overdue.
Cory Gardner
The time is long overdue to stop looking for progress through racial or ethnic leaders. Such leaders have too many incentives to promote polarizing attitudes and actions that are counterproductive for minorities and disastrous for the country.
Thomas Sowell
It’s been clear for some time that FBI Director Comey has lost the confidence of Republicans, Democrats, and broader institutions, and his removal as FBI Director was probably overdue.
Karen Handel
I’d like to visit my friend and his family who live in Australia. That trip is long overdue.
Kenneth Choi
It is long overdue for parents to realize they have the right and duty to protect our children against the intolerant evolutionists.
Phyllis Schlafly
The insistence that the commercialisation of the body is a fit subject for political discussion and intervention is well overdue.
Susie Orbach
It is long overdue that we have a woman as a legitimate contender for the White House. But Hillary Clinton is the definition of the establishment so many are determined to reject.
Gary Johnson
I want to say a little something that’s long overdue, the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I wanna offer my love and respect till the end.
Adam Yauch
To honor our national promise to our veterans, we must continue to improve services for our men and women in uniform today and provide long overdue benefits for the veterans and military retirees who have already served.
Solomon Ortiz
I think it’s long overdue, and I believed that Doris Miller should have been honored a long time ago.
Bill Flores
We’re way overdue on a woman sitting in one of those Big Three chairs.
Elizabeth Vargas
Enforcement is the long overdue step to protect our Nation from external threats in a time of war. And then once we do that, we can effectively discuss a guest worker program.
J. D. Hayworth
Mr. Speaker, the time for an increase in the minimum wage has not just arrived; it is long overdue.
Sherwood Boehlert
Just as our roads and bridges are overdue for investment, so is the infrastructure for scientific research; that is, the body of scientific thought and the tools for searching through it.
Oren Etzioni
Iranians embraced my approach to domestic and international affairs because they saw it as long overdue.
Hassan Rouhani
A deadly sins addendum is long overdue. Life has changed since Pope Gregory the Great scribbled his initial list in the sixth century.
P. J. O’Rourke