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During my second draft pass on my last book I made 20,0

During my second draft pass on my last book I made 20,000 words happen in a week, which is practically supernatural for me, and it would never have been possible without three nights in a hotel in my own city.
Laini Taylor
The second draft is on yellow paper, that’s when I work on characterizations. The third is pink, I work on story motivations. Then blue, that’s where I cut, cut, cut.
Jacqueline Susann
When I finish my first draft I usually narrate it to some trusted friends who can give me feedback. All criticism is welcome.
Sriram Raghavan
Architect. One who drafts a plan of your house, and plans a draft of your money.
Ambrose Bierce
To expose a first draft to anyone’s ears other than your own is indecent.
Lawrence O’Donnell
When you’re a litigator, you write so much, so many briefs, over and over again, that you’re kind of really focused on one document and have draft after draft, and really pay attention to every single word.
Greg Poehler
Going back and getting my degree is something that I promised myself and my mom the day I called her and my dad to tell them that I was entering the draft. Not a lot of people in my family can say they got a college diploma, so I want to do that – for them and for me.
Jabari Parker
For me the writing, when I’m going to direct it myself, is really just the first draft, and I don’t change it very much; I only change it on average about two lines per movie.
John Sayles
I’m all for mayhem on draft day.
George Kittle
If you’re not a first-round pick or you’re not 6-2, they always say you can’t be the best. But the only time there’s a weight class is before the draft. This is the NFL. It’s all about what you do. I can run past guys and get done what I need to. I can do everything the big guy can do.
Antonio Brown
‘Bonfire’ was kicking around for a very long time. It was an idea I wanted to explore for a television show. Then I was given this weird gift of time when ‘Jessica Jones’ finished season one. I got really organized and just kind of banged it out, but it took a long time. It took two years to even have a first draft.
Krysten Ritter
Once I’ve got the first draft down on paper then I do five or six more drafts, the last two of which will be polishing drafts. The ones in between will flesh out the characters and maybe I’ll check my research.
Colleen McCullough
It’s not just the NFL. Every other league has a draft. It has been fundamental to the success of professional sports.
Roger Goodell
The Draft Model Police Act of 2006, as part of police reforms, provided for Special Security Zones to be created in the red corridor, which is a common development area. That means bringing together diverse political components but working through a coordinated bureaucracy.
Kiran Bedi
Coming out as a rookie, no. 4 draft pick, you expected to see some playing time.
Mike Conley Jr.
I was really mad until the 23rd pick and I wasn’t selected and my agent told me, ‘If nobody selects you, you’re going to the Lakers.’ So I was hoping to not go in the first round of the draft.
Ivica Zubac
Affirmative action is a little like the professional football draft. The NFL awards its No. 1 draft choices to the lowest-ranked team in the league. It doesn’t do this out of compassion or guilt. It’s done for mutual survival. They understand that a league can only be as strong as its weakest team.
J. C. Watts
The first draft is all about freedom, and if loyalty is in question, it is only my loyalty to the characters and situations on the page. All the worries about where the material may have sprung from or what so-and-so might think can be dealt with later.
Jill McCorkle
After I finished my first draft of ‘Salvage the Bones,’ I felt that I wasn’t political enough. I had to be more honest about the realities of the community I was writing about.
Jesmyn Ward
The experiment of the poem is mostly intuitive. I write the first draft, pulling in the various elements that interest me, in the hope that their being combined will lead to some kind of insight.
John Barton
If you had first pick in the all-free agent NBA draft, you’d take LeBron James.
Daryl Morey
I was a pitcher, shortstop and outfielder, and the Yankees tried to sign me out of high school as a first-round draft pick in 1981. I turned them down to go to college.
Bo Jackson
I don’t write a play from beginning to end. I don’t write an outline. I write scenes and moments as they occur to me. And I still write on a typewriter. It’s not all in ether. It’s on pages. I sequence them in a way that tends to make sense. Then I write what’s missing, and that’s my first draft.
Richard Greenberg
As I prepared for the 2009 draft, I vividly remember meeting with a prospective agent that told me if I put in the work, I could be a good special teams player in the league for a little bit. On one hand, thanks for the honesty, I guess. But I thought I might be capable of more.
Jason McCourty
If journalism is the first draft of history, then talk radio provides an early glimpse into how the meaning of political events will be spun for ideological and partisan purposes.
Jackson Katz
I think I realized very early on that you can spend a lot of time constructing a really perfect scene in final draft and just end up throwing it away because you didn’t figure out that mathematics of the story first.
Brit Marling
I didn’t want to miss that opportunity to be able to enjoy an afternoon fishing with my dad which is something we had done growing up a ton of times on Lake Michigan and it was funny that it kind of turned into an attention thing than I expected and even more than if I would have gone to the draft.
Joe Thomas
There is a lot of information to know, but I prepare for the NFL Draft by coming to work every day.
Rich Eisen
What do you do when you get a draft notice and you think a war is wrong? And I struggled with that for months prior to my being inducted into the army, and I’m still struggling with it, 40 years later.
Tim O’Brien
After 1960, anyone who wanted to discuss almost any aspect of U.S. public policy – from how to make cars safer to whether to abolish the draft, from how to support the housing market to whether to regulate the financial sector – had to speak economics.
Paul Romer
Draft day is just another chapter in my life.
Jameis Winston
I have no preferred team, but everyone wants to go No.

I have no preferred team, but everyone wants to go No. 1 in the draft. Even the guy who gets picked last in the draft wants to go No. 1. But I just know that whoever picks me, I’m going to be excited to play for that team, and I can’t wait to see myself in ‘Madden’ on that team.
Robert Griffin III
To have someone like Clint Eastwood come along and shoot your first draft as written is just any screenwriter’s dream. And Clint is very straightforward. If it’s good enough to get his attention, it’s good enough to produce.
J. Michael Straczynski
Whenever you’re coming out in the same draft class with anybody, you’re going to be compared to them, but I’m not super worried about that.
Joe Burrow
If you went and found my draft bio, I wasn’t supposed to play left tackle, and I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to play it for 12 years.
Andrew Whitworth
I have always been thankful that so many of our country’s greatest leaders and statesmen were able to be on this earth at the same time and place to draft the Constitution.
Bob Latta
I think early in my development as a quarterback, before I ever got a Division I college offer or anything, my brother was in the spotlight, first-round draft pick. People expected me to be him, but I was underdeveloped, undersized, unrecruited… so it was tough at that point.
Jordan Rodgers
The following year, after I had prepared my draft, the Conference of the Interparliamentary Union at The Hague decided to set up a special commission to study the problem seriously.
Ludwig Quidde
For me, and I said this even before the draft, I think being with the same team for my whole career would be something that would be very special to me because, especially at the quarterback position, that means that we won a lot of games, hopefully Super Bowls, ’cause that’s the end goal.
Sam Darnold
I draft tweets, like, 20 times.
Maisie Williams
The hardest part of writing is the first draft, and the closer you get to your deadline, the messier your workspace becomes – but that’s the same with any creative outlet.
Tess Gerritsen
Risk takes on a lot of different forms, be it financial, the draft slot, something physical.
Jerry Jones
There are producers, like the late Geoffrey Perkins, who have truly great ideas that will fire up your synapses and show you that handing in your first draft is not the end of a horrible process, but the beginning of a beautiful one.
Graham Linehan
If I want to be a basketball player and you don’t draft me, what am I going to do, quit, or keep going? Knock on the next door, knock on the next door, if one of those open I’m going to go in and display my talent.
Ben Wallace
In 2002, the Cincinnati Reds selected me with the 44th pick in the Major League Baseball draft. At 18 years of age, I began my professional career, traveling around America on buses, growing up in clubhouses that were predominantly divided between white Americans and Latinos.
Joey Votto
I have a lot of love for the Golden Bears. I was upset and disappointed with the rumors that came out when it came time for me to enter the draft. There were a lot of negative things said about me that hurt me, that I wasn’t a team player and I didn’t work hard.
DeSean Jackson
I think that many of the issues they were facing in South Africa were the same as those I was singing about. Conscription, resisting the draft, government repression – I mentioned all those things in my songs.
Sixto Rodriguez
You work every day with your player development, try to improve through the draft, you have free agency and you have trades. I think you have to be very aggressive in each area. Sitting back and waiting sometimes is not a good thing.
Tom Thibodeau
Tom Brady is Tom Brady. He was a sixth-round draft pick. A lot of people passed up on him. He’s a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP. He’s been in a bunch of Super Bowls, and he could care less about all of that. He just cares about winning the next game.
Julian Edelman
My experience of fiction was, in the beginning, so exploratory. I wasn’t sitting down to a desk at Yaddo with a month, thinking I have to have a draft of a novel.
Bill Clegg
I see myself as the No. 1 player in the draft, but it is what it is. You can just take it day-by-day, put in the work, and the draft is going to be the outcome of whatever the draft is.
Willie Cauley-Stein
I’m happy to be here at the NBA Draft no matter where I go.
Derrick Favors
When I’m writing a first draft of a script, I can disappear into that for two, three months exclusively.
Simon Kinberg
In 2007, when I was a lawyer for the public interest group Free Press, I helped draft the complaint to the FCC against Comcast for secretly blocking BitTorrent and other technologies.
Marvin Ammori
The type of athletes we draft still need types of versatility on the defense side of the ball, run the offense. You should still be concerned on the offense side of the ball.
Isaiah Thomas
I once read Updike after writing a first draft, and I wanted to put my own book on the fire. I’ve since learned to read utter crap while I’m writing: pulp is the thing.
John Niven
Writing the first draft is like hitting the beach on D Day. You don’t stop to mourn the dead or comfort the wounded. You get off the beach because, if you don’t, you’ll die there.
Matt Hughes
I’m not a fast writer, and I find the process of writing a first draft to be painful and frustrating. Usually, I start with a character, a premise, and some image that gives me a particular feeling.
Holly Black
I don’t fiddle or edit or change while I’m going through that first draft.
Nora Roberts
I read every draft of every episode of every series produced at FX.
John Landgraf
I think I wrote the first draft of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ in ’79. No one wanted to buy it. Nobody. I felt very strongly about it, so I stayed with it and kept paying my assistant and everything. At a certain point, I was literally flat broke.
Wes Craven
It’s hard to change a roster around. You’ve got to hit your draft picks right, you’ve gotta hit free agency right, and a team’s got to fit together.
Jeff Van Gundy
I'd get rid of it, just get rid of the draft altogether

I’d get rid of it, just get rid of the draft altogether. We’d just deal with the salary cap.
Stan Van Gundy
Everything with the draft process, from the combine to visits to pro days, that’s great but it’s not football.
Luke Kuechly
I have watched the NBA draft just about every year, so to see myself up there, that is something I am excited about.
Derrick Favors
I learned that Yao Ming broke his navicular bone like five days before the 2009 draft. From that moment on, all I thought about was going from zero stars to one star. How do you do it?
Sam Hinkie
Not until the final draft do I force myself to remember that I’m going to have to think about how it will affect other people.
Anne Tyler
To be honest, after the draft, I’m always excited.
Robert Kraft
The requests for blurbs seem to come in waves. I’m not sure what precipitates them. I think it must be excruciating for editors to draft those elaborate letters asking for a blurb, and I know it’s torturous for us writers to ask directly. But publishers encourage us to. Rock and a hard place.
Miriam Toews
When I’m my own editor, there’s very little difference between the first draft and the final. I write what feels right to begin with. I rarely make any major changes.
Len Wein
I hated the draft, but at the same time, it’s something that made every American take war seriously.
Tim O’Brien
Everything I write, I’ve written the first draft in Austria.
Peter Morgan
When I finish a first draft, I often look back at first chapters I wrote and laugh at them. They’re like pictures of yourself in middle school. You’re embarrassed to see them.
Scott Westerfeld
I finished the rough draft of ‘Crying in H Mart’ in July of 2020. My editor had it for five to six months, so I was free from it for a little while. I decided to take that time to start working on a new album.
Michelle Zauner
I love the draft process. I love the regular season. I love preparing for the games. I just love football.
Tony Khan
I draft things on Twitter five or six times now, where as five, six years ago, I probably would just post and not really censor myself as much. But now I’m like, well, I don’t want to post that I ate at McDonald’s because then I’m going to get someone telling me I’m fat.
Lauren Ash
The first draft of ‘Ex Machina’ is extremely different than the finished film. That would be like 10% of the original draft stayed into the shooting script.
Alex Garland
When you’re 20 and going to the draft, everybody is telling you what you should wear. I kind of succumbed to peer pressure on that one.
Baron Davis
When you get a draft pick right, you should be given full credit.
Jeff Van Gundy
I had expected that at some point during the first draft a light would go on, and I would understand, finally, how to write a book. This never happened. The process was akin to blindly walking in the dark, feeling my way only by touch, and only recognising dead ends when I smacked into them.
Hannah Kent
Write with abandon and no constraints for first draft. Cut brutally and save in separate files on second draft. Add conflict; don’t be afraid to make your characters suffer. Read what you love. Write what you love. Love.
Francesca Lia Block
Some writers sit down without a thought of what they are going to say, and they go through draft after draft.
Alice Walker
I remember during the draft I went to see a lot of organizations. But after you play in New York, you don’t really want to go anywhere else. The people around are so cool.
Enes Kanter
The baseball draft is very different from the NBA or the NFL.
Paul DePodesta
Unfortunately, when we had a No. 1 draft pick, there wasn’t an Andrew Luck out there. A lot of that’s pure luck.
Bob McNair
If you’re tanking to get a higher draft pick, you really shouldn’t be playing hockey.
Connor McDavid
When I came out in the draft, people kept asking me, ‘So are you a small forward or a power forward?’ and I was like, ‘I’m a basketball player.’ Period.
Draymond Green
LeBron had a pretty bad draft suit.
Julius Randle
At the combine and at my workouts, I tried to be the perfect player. I tried to promote my strengths and conceal my weaknesses, and on paper, I kind of succeeded: I was the first pick in the draft. And with that, I inherited this big shiny trophy that I carried around, and it had one word engraved on it – anxiety.
Alex Smith
Back then I said to myself ‘screw football.’ Actually I just took part in this camp as there was nothing better for me to do. They also didn’t draft me because they thought I was too wild and undisciplined.
Ed O’Neill
I watched myself get drafted by myself. I walked out of my own draft party because I was a little frustrated.
Lou Williams
I’ve been a lot of places and worked with a lot of different guys. High draft picks. Low draft picks.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
I draft quickly and then revise, a lot.
Erin Morgenstern
I was fortunate enough to do a docu-series throughout t

I was fortunate enough to do a docu-series throughout the draft process, but I did that to show the behind-the-scenes stuff.
Baker Mayfield
Do I consider the 2003 Draft class the best ever? Yes, absolutely!
Kyle Korver
My mom was sarcastic about men. She would tell me Adam was the rough draft and Eve was the final product. She was a feminist minister, an earth mom who wore a bra only on Sundays.
Daphne Zuniga
In the draft plan, we’re looking at recycling 20 percent of our garbage by 2010.
Michael E. Mann
I’m never going to forget draft day.
Jordan Clarkson
The first draft often is really fast, and I’d be terribly ashamed if anybody ever saw it.
Jonathan Dee
We just have fun with our NFL Draft coverage because we understand that it’s a long process, and there can be technical glitches that we don’t profess to ignore. During our late coverage of the Draft, we sometimes get slap-happy and distort the heads of our analysts.
Rich Eisen
I had friends around campus and great teammates. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t expect to be regarded and scouted as such a high pick, so it was a crazy twist to reality. I’d always wanted to make the NBA. It was my dream. Then all of a sudden, people were telling me I’d be the fourth pick if I entered the draft.
Chris Bosh
Basically I started to jot notes, lots of faxes back and forth to my writer, we faxed ideas throughout the whole first draft, and started all over again.
Bruce Boxleitner
I have to do draft after draft… It takes me a long time, but I love doing it, and I have to do it every day, or I feel slack.
Donald Hall
You have to constantly work on your script if it needs it. You don’t accept, ‘Oh, I did a draft and…’ No, it’s your responsibility to work on the script as much as possible and make it better and better.
Whit Stillman
My own feeling is that one should refuse to participate in any activity that implements American aggression – thus tax refusal, draft refusal, avoidance of work that can be used by the agencies of militarism and repression, all seem to me essential.
Noam Chomsky
Let me back up a little and tell you why I prefer writing to real life: You can rewrite. A novel, for example, can be cleaned up, altered, trimmed, improved. Life, on the other hand, is one big messy rough draft.
Harlan Coben
During the Vietnam era, more than 30,000 draft dodgers and deserters sought harbor in cities like Montreal and Toronto, where public opposition to the war was strong and most residents didn’t question their motives.
Wil S. Hylton
Some people like to purge out a draft and just let it go and then go back and fix it, but I’m a writer-rewriter. I can’t move on until I feel like it’s presentable.
Jim Rash
I do try to deliver a solid first draft, meaning it’s my tenth or twentieth draft and then I call it ‘first’ and hand it in, much to the chagrin of the studio sometimes when they look at the contract and go, ‘You’ve passed your deadline.’
Dustin Lance Black
Sometimes you can line up with a quarterback after getting traded or going to a new team, whether it’s the draft or whatever, and it not go smooth.
Amari Cooper
The research is the easiest. The outline is the most fun. The first draft is the hardest, because every word of the outline has to be fleshed out. The rewrite is very satisfying.
Ken Follett
My first draft is always way too long; my books start out with delusions of ‘War and Peace’ – and must be gently disabused. My editor is brilliant at taking me to the point where I do all the necessary cutting on my own. I like to say she’s a midwife rather than a surgeon.
Julia Glass
On draft day, I wasn’t really nervous at all. Then you turn on the draft, the first five picks go by, and then you still thinking, ‘Oh man, I don’t know where I’m going to go.’ It’s really just, by the time draft hits, that’s when you get nervous.
Kyle Kuzma
Everyone said I would be a second-round pick or undrafted guy – that’s all I heard coming to the draft – but I had a higher faith. I knew I was way better than that, better than how people pegged me.
Kyle Kuzma
There’s a lot of really good players in the draft and we’re all looking to make a name for ourselves at the next level. I guess we’ll find out 10 years down the road and there’s gonna be discussions throughout time about it, but we can’t control that.
Joe Burrow
Let go of the idea that somehow you can outsmart a first draft. Because I have never met anybody who can.
Leigh Bardugo
A lot of young guys coming up in this league, they’re given the spotlight right away, depending on draft stature or whatever the case may be.
DeSean Jackson
When I graduated from Utah, I was headed into the biggest job interview of my life, the NFL Draft.
Alex Smith
I write an actual script rather quickly – a draft will take me two weeks – but I write a lot of drafts. My big thing is I don’t re-read. When I write, I never re-read back. I’ll send it, because if I re-read back, it will cripple me.
Abi Morgan
I believe an invitation from the Commission on Presidential Debates is similar to a draft notice – a civic responsibility.
Jim Lehrer
I’ve been saying it before the lottery, before the Phoenix Suns even had the No. 1 pick. I’ve just been talking it into the existence. I’m not saying I’m the best player in the draft and trying to be cocky like that, but I was just saying I’m going to be the No. 1 pick, regardless.
Deandre Ayton
I have worked out with the Thunder, Lakers, Knicks, Grizzlies, Spurs, and a few others before the draft. I have worked out primarily against shorter and supposedly faster players in these workouts.
Jeremy Lin
It is crystal clear to me that if Arabs put down a draft resolution blaming Israel for the recent earthquake in Iran it would probably have a majority, the U.S. would veto it and Britain and France would abstain.
Amos Oz
The draft is one of my favorite events because it is about football. People are focused on how their teams improve. It’s a celebration of football. And most importantly, it represents a very important time in the lives of these men who are entering the NFL, and their families.
Roger Goodell
I was just 18 years old, excited about being drafted to

I was just 18 years old, excited about being drafted to the N.B.A. I felt like all of Houston was watching me. My high school was watching me. I think they had a draft party at my coach’s house. I’ll never forget that day, being in the green room with my family and my agent.
Rashard Lewis
Often as a writer, you get your first draft out, and then you look and think, ‘Now, what have I got here.’ You’re really just throwing mud at the wall and then going, ‘Oh, there’s a pattern there.’
Chris Chibnall
For me, when you’re going in the late rounds you just always have that chip on your shoulder. At the end of the day, every team that didn’t draft me – including the team that took me 203rd – everybody passed me a few times. And, for me, that kind of fueled me over the years.
Jason McCourty
If you look historically at the draft at quarterbacks in the top 10, about half of them flame out very quickly.
Joe Thomas
I normally keep a series of draft in a catalogue type of book in which I scribble, sketch and draw ideas.
Jonathan Shapiro
Need always plays into your decisions more as the draft unfolds.
Bill Cowher
I remember the day I found out my draft status. I was really floored and kind of staggered around in a daze. It just hadn’t occurred to me that I could end up in Vietnam.
Parker Stevenson
I was pretty darn lucky to be selected by the Steelers. A round earlier or later in the draft and I might have been with a team that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.
Mike Webster
Heart had originally relocated to Vancouver because Mike evaded the draft to protest the Vietnam war. We had to deal with a lot at that time – it was a tough period for the band.
Nancy Wilson
It’s still scary every time I go back to the past. Each morning, my heart catches. When I get there, I remember how the light was, where the draft was coming from, what odors were in the air. When I write, I get all the weeping out.
Maya Angelou
From watching the draft and following the NFL closely, anything can happen in the draft. But to me, it’s not where I get drafted that matters to me, to be completely honest.
Saquon Barkley
I hate first drafts, and it never gets easier. People always wonder what kind of superhero power they’d like to have. I wanted the ability for someone to just open up my brain and take out the entire first draft and lay it down in front of me so I can just focus on the second, third and fourth drafts.
Judy Blume
I was halfway through a rough draft of ‘The Sisters Brothers’ when it came time to start the ‘Terri’ adaptation.
Patrick deWitt
I will take a draft to the Yankees or to the Mets. A draft for president is not conceivable.
Mario Cuomo
Cleveland was the only visit I made. I had a good feeling they were going to draft me, but I was still shocked when they jumped up to the second round.
Josh Gordon
Six years after I wrote the first draft of ‘Plan B,’ I received my first paycheck as a writer. It included both the $3,000 in deferred option money as well as half the fee for performing the initial rewrite. The amount was scale according to the Writer’s Guild guidelines, but a lot, according to me.
Lisa Lutz
In early draft it never satisfied me, and that was when it clicked into place and it went so well as a diary.
Colleen McCullough
Going to the draft, I took two years off to serve my church and my God. There were no secrets, there was no deception; I didn’t ask anyone to be drafted No. 2.
Shawn Bradley
The first draft of everything, I write longhand. One of the nice things about that is that it makes you keep going. If you write a bad sentence on the computer, then it’s very tempting to go back and fidget with it and spend another 20 minutes trying to make it into a good sentence.
Jonathan Dee
The draft’s crazy. Everybody knows that.
Andy Dalton
I’m sharpest early, and though I can rewrite any time, day or night, I’m useless after noon when it comes to writing first draft.
Hallie Ephron
The Iraq war was fought by one-half of one percent of us. And unless we were part of that small group or had a relative who was, we went about our lives as usual most of the time: no draft, no new taxes, no changes. Not so for the small group who fought the war and their families.
Bob Schieffer
I listen to a lot of different stuff, from Mozart to Johnny Dowd to Monster Magnet. I don’t listen to music while I’m writing a draft, but I do listen to it when I’m revising.
Donald Ray Pollock
The draft is like game day on a 3rd-and-5. You have a lot of plays you can choose from. You go with your gut, pick and play and hope it works.
Bill Cowher
To a lot of people, I might just be the guy who went No. 1 in the draft. Or the guy who lost his job to Colin Kaepernick. Or the guy who helped turn a 2-14 Chiefs team into a back-to-back division champ… but then couldn’t put them over the top.
Alex Smith
Like any year, any year with any team, you’re always going to look to the draft to help strengthen your roster and free agency.
Zac Taylor
After finishing a draft, no matter how rough, I almost always put it aside for a while. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story or a novel, I find that when it’s still fresh in my mind I’m either thoroughly sick of its flaws or completely blind to them. Either way, I’m unable to make substantive edits of any value.
Leslie Jamison
First, you need to write the script, re-work on lots of things. First draft, second draft, once the final script is ready then you visualize which actors fits the role in that the particular script they’ve written.
Sonu Sood
There was a story that came out that Jimmy Garoppolo was one of the first guys to text Trey Lance. That’s just the type of guy Jimmy is. He’s not going to shy away from adversity, shy away from a draft pick.
George Kittle
Draft day is a hectic day, especially for draftees and, more or less, for management.
Kyrie Irving
If you’re having trouble finishing a book, it might be that you’re trying to fix it as you go. Just finish the story, no matter how terrible you think that first draft is. Then let it cool off. In other words, don’t look at it for a while. Then you can rewrite it.
Kimberly Willis Holt
It's a great opportunity to get picked top 10 in the dr

It’s a great opportunity to get picked top 10 in the draft. It’s just a dream that I’ve always had.
Michael Carter-Williams
The main reason why I would even potentially go to the NFL Draft is for my family.
Chad Kelly
Even the draft dodgers are not pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets, most of them… unless they are breaking Canadian laws .. are getting American dollars from Ma and Pa at home to spend here.
Gordon Sinclair
I have always had great respect for those who served. In my time, we had the draft.
Bill Cowher
I was thinking about the NBA after my fourth year, but I also realized I could get my master’s paid for and have another year on the court to raise my draft stock even higher. I felt if I could do those things, I could have my cake and eat it, too.
Malcolm Brogdon
A peacetime draft is the most un-American thing I know.
George Wald
My grandfather, on my father’s side, helped to draft one of the first constitutions of China. He was a fairly well-known scholar.
Maya Lin
I had that mindset that I feel that I am the best prospect in the draft, but everything happens for a reason.
Teddy Bridgewater
You want to be in the first round. That’s the dream. That’s what you see on draft night.
Patrick Mahomes
With TV, your first draft just doesn’t matter. It’s a skeleton, and then there’s draft after draft after draft, and so many other factors influence it. It’s just a whole different kind of storytelling.
Sarah Pinborough
After I graduated from Tuskegee with a masters in nuclear engineering, the draft was on so I signed up for ROTC. I figured if I had to go into the military, I’d rather go in as an officer.
Lonnie Johnson
The NBA is sometimes a crazy business, and we’ve seen crazy trades and crazy stuff happening the same night of the draft.
Danilo Gallinari
Your generation and mine have had very little real experience; we’ve been severed from the direct experience of war by some very good things. By the end of the draft, and by the defeat in Vietnam.
Michael Ignatieff
Writing, yeah. Me and my friend Scott Bloom just finished the first rough draft of a script. It’s taken us three years to do, but we finally got a first draft. And we’ll see whatever happens with that.
Ethan Suplee
I carried around a lot of weight and anxiety – expectations of being a top draft pick and fulfilling those. It was really burdensome and not fun. Stressful. I had to go through some things before I finally turned that around and got back to playing for the right reasons.
Alex Smith
When I volunteered for the draft as a 20-year-old, mischievous guy at the height of the Vietnam War, most thought I was destined to pass from this earth early!
Dan Pena
In high school, I told my trainer Keith I wanted to be the No. 1 player in the country and the No. 1 draft pick.
Markelle Fultz
I used to tell people that in 2012 when I was trying to understand where am I most likely to be drafted and who are the three or four teams that have pursued me the most and it would make sense that they would pick me, I never thought of who would be least likely to draft me.
Kirk Cousins
As a matter of policy from the beginning with our team, there have been three things we’ve said we won’t draft a player: if they’ve been involved in domestic violence, drug abuse, or if they show lack of respect for authority.
Bob McNair
I want to stay with the Tennessee Titans. They are the ones that took a chance on me – 31 teams passed on me on the draft and they selected me.
Derrick Henry
It’s been a dream of mine to play in the NFL, so whenever I hear my name being talked about in someone’s mock draft or whether or not he should stay or go, it’s always interesting to listen to, but at the same time, I don’t take it for granted.
Sam Darnold
You should always go through the first draft of a book all at once, I think, to get the best results. You can take time off after the first draft and come back to it fresh.
Judy Blume
In L.A., we have a saying – ‘What do you do?’ It’s less of a question and more of a self-defense mechanism for wayward screenwriters looking to slip you a first draft, or the occasional actor looking to get in on the latest shoot. But I hate the question because of my own answer – I write about games.
Rob Manuel
In 1969, we decided we had to do certain things technically to win, and we decided to do them then, even though we knew some of the personnel couldn’t do it. In other words, instead of adapting the system to the players, we just installed our system. Then we set out to fill our team through the draft.
Chuck Noll
I find getting the first draft down to be the biggest challenge. Every word, every punctuation mark, every plot point is a decision. It’s much more fun to play with something that already exists.
Cynthia Leitich Smith
I wrote the first draft of my first novel at Michigan, and then I wrote the first draft of ‘Salvage the Bones’ at Stanford. So I workshopped the entire thing.
Jesmyn Ward
The benefit of this kind of outlining is that you discover a story’s flaws before you invest a lot of time writing the first draft, and it’s almost impossible to get stuck at a difficult chapter, because you’ve already done the work to push through those kinds of blocks.
Stephen R. George
In a first draft, I concentrate on moving forward and trying not to panic.
Kate DiCamillo
I think as you’re approaching Draft day, you’re thinking about all of the possibilities, and you know that’s one way you can improve your club.
Tom Thibodeau
It’s 2010. I’m forty-three years old. I’ve just turned in the final draft of what will be my third novel when I decide I want a tattoo. Maybe it’s a middle-age thing. Or maybe now that my kids are nearly grown and I have a career in place, I’m finally coming into my own.
Therese Fowler
I have plans of becoming a director soon. I just finished my script. I don’t know when I’ll direct the film. It is ready and has reached its third draft.
Arvind Swami
I don't know if six picks in a draft is a record, it's

I don’t know if six picks in a draft is a record, it’s not the kind of thing I would look at, but it’s unusual.
Sam Hinkie
First of all, I want to thank the Buccaneers for giving me the opportunity and for picking me in the draft. This is the nature of the beast, though, and this is a new start for me. I wish them the best of luck, and I am just glad to be a Bear.
Gaines Adams
In 2012 there was a megafoolish, if well-funded, effort by a group called Americans Elect to raise an independent Cincinnatus to run for president via an Internet draft. It flopped, spectacularly.
Joe Klein
Fox came to us with the concept for ICE AGE and they came to us with the first draft of the script. They also gave us a mandate to make it into a comedy from what was previously a rather dramatic action concept.
Chris Wedge
I have to write a first draft with a fountain pen before I type it up as a second.
Colm Toibin
I didn’t care about the draft. I didn’t want to do the workouts – they put you in two-on-two full-court drills with guards. That’s not going to help me.
Marc Gasol
When Pearl Harbor was bombed, young Japanese-Americans, like all young Americans, rushed to their draft board to volunteer to fight for our country. That act of patriotism was answered with a slap in the face. We were denied service and categorized as enemy non-alien.
George Takei
New Yorkers should know that no one in the Administration, at the Department of Defense, or at the Selective Service System is advocating the reinstatement of the mandatory draft in any form.
Jim Walsh
The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one.
Jean de la Bruyere
I talk about the NFL Draft on a daily basis because this is the sport I cover – this is the show I do – and I talk about everything that’s taking place every single day.
Rich Eisen
I have never written anything in one draft, not even a grocery list, although I have heard from friends that this is actually possible.
Connie Willis
When the draft comes and goes, there’s a certain set of players you acquire and there’s a whole bunch of others you had interest in acquiring. That doesn’t die.
Sam Hinkie
The Iraqis have once again failed to meet a deadline for a final draft of the constitution.
Matt Lauer
Francisco Garcia could have been a high draft choice last year, probably in the 20s. He’s the best wing player I’ve ever coached. But he’s done it the right way. He knew he had to work on his body to become a good pro. When he goes into the pros, he’ll be physically ready.
Rick Pitino
I will never support a draft.
Michael Capuano
I still wake up thinking about draft choices we should have made that would have impacted the franchise for a long time, but I don’t wake up thinking about one individual player move.
Theo Epstein
Any time you have defensive ends going above you in the draft, when you know you put up numbers that were equal to better, you just have to use that as motivation. Whenever you’re the underdog, you have to have the right attitude and just go out there and be yourself; just play.
Justin Tuck
While the web is very much the first draft of history, a rough-cut, it still has to be good journalism, well-sourced, reliable. Clearly, the printed form is going to have more effort put into it, going to be more reflective and relevant.
Lionel Barber
My philosophy is that you don’t motivate players with speeches; you have motivated players that you draft. That’s where they come in, and those are the guys that are competitive. You can not teach competitiveness.
Phil Jackson
I’m the only one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that has Final Draft on my computer. Then you show up and go to any coffee shop in L.A., and there are a hundred people your age with Final Draft.
Bill Hader
You have to build your core nucleus of your team through your draft. What that does is you basically introduce them to your culture and your environment. Then, as guys begin to perform and play to that level, then you say, ‘You know what? You guys deserve an extension, so here it is.’
John Dorsey
‘Rent’ was a special project for me. It was my first notable screenplay job. I worked with two wonderful directors on it, starting with Spike Lee in the summer of 2001. I wrote a draft for Spike and he was really good to me.
Stephen Chbosky
I want to warn anyone who sees the Peace Corps as an alternative to the draft that life may well be easier at Fort Dix or at apost in Germany than it will be with us.
Sargent Shriver
I write until the first draft is finished, and then I feel that I can get out. But, during the time of the writing of the first draft, I don’t go out. I’m just locked away, writing. It’s a time of meditation, of going into the story.
Isabel Allende
The biggest takeaway from a memoir is that you have to play fair. Within the first draft, I was writing very angrily because I had a lot of resentment and a lot to process. Through revision is where a lot of learning happened and a lot of forgiveness happened.
Michelle Zauner
In theatre, previews are the first draft of a show. I strongly believe that. The only way we can truly tell whether that draft works is by having an audience present.
John Tiffany
I’m not a believer in bringing back the draft. But I am a huge proponent of national service.
Seth Moulton
The NCAA model is outdated. If Steve Serby’s a great player in high school, and an agent wants to represent you and wants to advance you money as a loan based on the fact that you’re gonna be a high draft choice, so be it.
Dick Vitale
I get really tense during the first draft. Really tense. That’s not great for my family, because the first draft usually takes about a year.
Gillian Flynn
Once my junior year finished at Florida State, I won the Rhodes Scholarship and I was also projected as a second-round draft pick.
Myron Rolle
Writing can flow out when I’m feeling something strongly, whether that’s joy, pain, fear, desire or anything else. The challenge is actually later, in the second or third or 100th draft of the music, when it can be so easy to cover up the original sentiments by making the music more ornate or cloaked.
Anoushka Shankar
I have just finished my novel (rough draft). It is to b

I have just finished my novel (rough draft). It is to be called ‘Anacoluthon.’ This will make the public think it is an historical romance.
Louis MacNeice
The Bucks and John Hammond chose me in the draft, got me in the NBA, kept me in the team with a role from my very first season, and they are my basketball family.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
I just want to win. I want to mess up the draft. I don’t want the first pick.
Derek Carr