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One of the ways we interact with other human beings and

One of the ways we interact with other human beings and form social bonds is through touch, and probably most of us are not aware of the extreme importance of touch.
Leonard Mlodinow
You have to be able to interact with people whose politics you disagree with.
Khaled Hosseini
How families interact is not some abstract concept of mother, son, father, daughter; it has to do with economic circumstances, the work they do, the time they can spend with each other.
Ken Loach
I am not aware of any sensible theory of how classical gravity could interact with quantum matter, and I can’t imagine how such a theory might work.
Alan Guth
Our kids are reflections of us. How we interact with others, even in a hostile situation… how we respond and our children see that is how they are going to respond.
Martin Luther King III
Digital books are still painfully ugly and weirdly irritating to interact with. They look like copies of paper, but they can’t be designed or typeset in the same way as paper, and however splendid the cover images may look on a hi-res screen, they’re still images rather than physical things.
Nick Harkaway
My entrepreneurial spirit happened all day long because I got to think of things that kids would interact with. I was in front of my customers for 6-8 hours a day. I got to see what they like, what they don’t like, what they connected with, and most importantly, did they learn something from this?
Steve Spangler
I really loved getting to interact with an animal or a baby or a kid in a scene because they don’t really know that you’re acting. They don’t know that this isn’t reality.
Maya Hawke
Now that I’m in the position I’m in now, I like to take all my creative ideas and put ’em on the Internet for my fans to interact with. Give ’em something to do.
Soulja Boy
I work with refugee families in Hackney in my local area in east London. Sport brings them together. A lot of the children come from different countries and speak different languages. It’s difficult to find things they can all connect and interact with that are non-verbal. Sport is it.
Vick Hope
As for my friends, I do have friends that aren’t in the entertainment world at all but do interact on social media. I think that’s an innate human thing now, to connect via those channels.
Grace Helbig
I used to interact with the fellow prisoners during recreation activity; I used to conduct an interactive session that we named ‘Rajpal Ki Paathshala.’
Rajpal Yadav
As nature discovered early on, vision is one of the most powerful secret weapons of an intelligent animal to navigate, survive, interact, and change the complex world it lives in.
Fei-Fei Li
Rahul Dravid is my role model. I always used to watch him on the television. Now I get to interact with him up-close.
Ajinkya Rahane
Bricks and mortar Berlin has become a kind of network across which visitors and residents interact as if on some sort of comfortable global platform.
Rory MacLean
Chiral receptor sites in the human body interact only with drug molecules having the proper absolute configuration, resulting in marked differences in the pharmacological activities of enantiomers.
Ryoji Noyori
We talked to the referees before the game; there’s always new situations to adjust, for the refs and for us as well. Even on the ice, it’s good for players to talk and interact with the referee.
Peter Bondra
From the time that I was a child, I loved interacting with people. I would go around door-to-door and sell candies and gift-wrapping paper, and it was a great way to interact with people and communicate with people.
Jeff Koons
I love Facebook and Twitter. Twitter helps me understand and interact with my fans, and Facebook is more for keeping up with my close friends and family.
Sammi Giancola
If we are so holy and so perfect and never interact with people that may not go to church or may not be where we think we are, then how will they ever get light?
Kirk Franklin
Sites need to be able to interact in one single, universal space.
Tim Berners-Lee
I have always been interested in exploring how we can leverage our knowledge about everyday objects, and how we use them, in order to interact with our digital world.
Pranav Mistry
You have to look at the effects of something like ‘Little Britain,’ of how the stereotypes it pushes has impacted society and the way people interact with each other.
Lolly Adefope
Social media affords me an opportunity to interact with fans on a daily basis, not just for a few seconds apiece at a science-fiction convention.
George Takei
People are very surprised when they see me. Here is this crazy Gothic woman, but when they speak to me in person, they realize I’m a nice girl. I love to interact with my fans.
I have had strange animals as pets all my life. I was shy growing up, and shy people tend to interact better with animals than people. Animals are direct, not duplicitous.
Yvonne Craig
In an organization that is unwilling to change, find the opportunity to talk and interact with people – figure out why they don’t want to change. It could be habits. It could be people’s personal equities and reputations are defined by the role they’re in or the process they’ve mastered.
Stanley A. McChrystal
It’s always a lot of fun to get to interact with people and meet different fans.
Wherever you interact with people, you have the opportunity to influence people. This isn’t something you necessarily jam down somebody’s throat, but it is something you can – gently and over time – begin to cultivate wherever you are.
Tim Ryan
I prefer to connect with fans from the stage. Like, I don’t have a Twitter page, or anything like that. So for me, that’s what the show is about. For me – is a way to interact with fans; being up onstage and showing them, through music – which is all I really know – the best way to say thank you.
Nate Ruess
In New Orleans, we like to interact with the crowd. We don’t like people sitting down.
Trombone Shorty
Anyone who watches a lot of television, or listens to p

Anyone who watches a lot of television, or listens to pop music, is familiar with a certain vision of America. If not exactly colorblind, this America is one in which different races easily interact, in which a white person might have an Asian boss, Hispanic stepson, or African-American frenemy.
Wesley Morris
I honestly believe that if you are able to entertain and interact with the crowd, it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you may be.
Kofi Kingston
Foucault is one of many who want a new conception of how power and knowledge interact. But he is not looking for a relation between two givens, ‘power’ and ‘knowledge.’ As always, he is trying to rethink the entire subject matter, and his ‘knowledge’ and ‘power’ are to be something else.
Ian Hacking
The live setting is always better for me. I usually thrive at live. I feel like having a band behind me and being able to interact with the crowd helps boost my energy up.
Naima Adedapo
I go to the lab and in order to interact with my postdoctoral students and try to see if I can shape them to not copy but to ask questions and to think. We have to have a little dialogue because you don’t pretend to be the fountain of all wisdom.
John B. Goodenough
I feel like I have a job to do, like I constantly have to reinvent myself. The more I up the ante for myself, the better it is in the long run. I try to interact with my fans as much as possible. It’s good that the person I’m being onstage isn’t really an act. It’s really me.
Kevin Hart
I get really scared about how the Internet is shifting and changing everyone’s minds, and the way we see ourselves and interact online. Everything is so diluted now.
The thing that has appealed to me most about this career is getting to encounter and interact with the unexpected.
Rege-Jean Page
Be personable to everyone you interact with.
Neil Blumenthal
As touch-screens have become more popular, they have retrained how we interact with images we see on many surfaces.
Jan Chipchase
I think you always have to find where the boundary is in relation to the context in order to be able to kind of articulate how you want the space to interact with the viewer.
Richard Serra
Whenever I write, I write very dialogue-heavy things because I love to force my characters to interact with one another.
Lauren Ashley Carter
Receiving far less attention are the working class heroes, who go about their solitary work routines with quiet dignity, come home from another grueling day, yet still find time to interact with their children.
Armstrong Williams
I use Twitter pretty much exclusively to interact with fans. There’s no, ‘I’m having breakfast wherever.’ I don’t think people care where I’m having breakfast.
Charlie Weber
I will make the greatest efforts to seek a way for Taiwan and mainland China to interact that is mutually acceptable to both sides. I will not be provocative; there will not be any surprises.
Tsai Ing-wen
There are moments in time when the coincidence of art and reality interact to allow us a glimpse into the context of history. The release of the Christopher Nolan film ‘Interstellar’ a few days after two catastrophes in our space endeavor gives us one of those moments.
Rick Tumlinson
VaynerMedia filters the world how humans interact. This is how people are going to make buying decisions.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Technology has allowed me to reach my fans directly. Social media: it has been a complete revolution of how to interact, promote and share things.
Tony Hawk
After forty years in the lab, I was asked in 1991 to become president of The Rockefeller University. Unlike a working scientist, being president for seven years provided an opportunity to interact with scientists in many different fields and broadened my scope of the natural sciences.
Torsten Wiesel
My writing is a product of how I would interact with things that have happened to me or things that have not happened to me but have happened to somebody else.
Rupi Kaur