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I am astonished but not discouraged by my enormous resp

I am astonished but not discouraged by my enormous responsibility. Devoted both from affection and duty to the cause of the people, I shall combat with equal ardor aristocracy, despotism, and faction.
Marquis de Lafayette
I’ve been very active all my life. I was a combat instructor in the Israeli Army.
Gal Gadot
As combat infantrymen and special operators, we received thousands of hours of firearms training.
Stanley A. McChrystal
If we think about physical strength and that women lack in it, we must understand that in a tough situation, mental strength is more important than physical power. So, women are equally strong for combat roles.
Rahul Dev
I graduated from college December of 2017 and looking ahead and thinking about potentially starting a book, I just kept getting hung up before even starting because I didn’t want to write a book that only people that have served in the military or that have been to combat could understand.
Kyle Carpenter
We will continue to look for innovative solutions to combat the climate crisis, grow our economy, and leave behind a healthier world for our children.
Sharice Davids
I think we as a society, a global community, we as governments, need to figure out ways to combat ISIS, not just as a military force but as an idea.
Matthew Heineman
It’s not like I’m going to go out and change the world and convert everyone into MMA fans. There’s going to be fans out there who are fans of combat sports and fans of contact sports but not everybody’s going to be converted.
Dana White
As a California state legislator, I supported our cap-and-trade law to force polluters to pay for releasing harmful greenhouse gases to combat climate change.
Jimmy Gomez
In China we need to do our own part to try to combat global climate change.
Ma Jun
To combat the confusion and depression that assault me when I come off the road in the middle of a tour, I seek the most oblivionated music possible. When it’s the ‘way out there’ that I seek, I go right to my stash of amazing music from Japan.
Henry Rollins
As a former competitor, robot combat is near and dear to my heart. I enjoy the mix of creativity and mayhem that are essential to this sport.
Grant Imahara
Our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to Iraq’s future is not.
Barack Obama
I loved ‘Gladiator,’ and I thought its depiction of gladiatorial combat, although it was an aggrandizing picture, was cleverly and expertly done.
Mary Beard
I studied at the Hebrew University Medical Faculty, graduated, and was an Israel Defense Forces’ combat physician on a Navy ship.
Aaron Ciechanover
Posture for combat is so vital.
Conor McGregor
How do you combat a man with a firearm? You don’t combat him with a golf club, baseball bat or a knife. You combat him with another firearm.
Luke Scott
You can hit the bags, the pads, and you can run and do your fitness and your weights as much as you want, but if you don’t spar you just don’t have that true experience, that true knowledge of how to beat a man in one-on-one combat.
Chris Eubank Jr.
Russian membership in the World Trade Organization has the potential to strengthen the rule of law, combat corruption, and give Russia a stake in better relations with the outside world.
Richard N. Haass
I investigated post-traumatic stress disorder. I’ve been to a unit where people are suffering from it, and I read a lot of literature. I looked at footage of soldiers in the combat zone. I found ‘Restrepo’ to be unbelievably useful.
Damian Lewis
As a Marine officer in combat, I was responsible for the lives and safety of all the Marines who served with me.
Oliver North
I had medevacked so many women off the battlefield that I knew that it was a misnomer to say that women weren’t in combat. I had friends that were Marines that were taken to fight the enemy. They weren’t just firing in defense of their position.
MJ Hegar
Just as the music industry couldn’t combat the financial impact of digital piracy, major corporations will have to rethink how to maintain margins when many of their most profitable items can be easily manufactured at home.
Jay Samit
It may be that learning to do creative work of any kind – not just direct imagery exercises – may help combat writer’s block.
Maria Konnikova
For those who have served in combat, life is never the same. It puts the most stressful civilian situations into a whole different context.
Todd Wilcox
It is good to see women doctors and lawyers and executives. I can visualize a woman president. If I were British, I would have supported Margaret Thatcher. But no benefit to anyone can come from women serving in combat.
Jim Webb
The general public perception is that fighting robots were popular, and then went away for a long time, but in reality, there have been live robot combat events happening continuously since 1994. And all the while, the robots have been getting better and meaner and tougher.
Grant Imahara
It is my idea that the public needs to be better educated about the nature of scientific inquiry and how the scientific process works. I firmly believe that this is the only effective way forward to combat the widespread distrust in facts and science.
Priyamvada Natarajan
That’s why I created Smart Girl Club in the first place because I really wanted to combat the non-inclusion that I felt in a lot of places.
Princess Nokia
History offers no evidence for the proposition that the assignment of women to military combat jobs is the way to win wars, improve combat readiness, or promote national security.
Phyllis Schlafly
Part of the mission of Nash Icon is taking away some of the day-to-day, hand-to-hand combat that you have to do to continue the mainstream country-radio relationship.
Scott Borchetta
I flew a full string of 35 combat missions over some of

I flew a full string of 35 combat missions over some of the most heavily defended targets in Europe. We were hitting Hitler’s oil refineries, his tank factories, his aircraft factories, his railway yards. Those were our prime targets.
George McGovern
Talking about what any one section of our society has to do to combat racism just stops people outside that group asking difficult questions of themselves. We keep looking at symptoms and not treating the cause.
John Barnes
I’ve seen some folks with Olympic backgrounds go into combat sports and it just not being for them. You know, doing Judo or something else you might excel, but as soon as a punches are flying, they’re out.
Josh Barnett
A military is built to fight. Our military must regard combat capability as the criterion to meet in all its work and focus on how to win when it is called on.
Xi Jinping
Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. But what is most truly is is disguised combat. For all its gentility, its almost leisurely pace, baseball is violence under wraps.
Willie Mays
Can we be against anti-Semitism and understand that it’s at the root of white supremacy? So you can’t tell me to combat anti-Semitism if you’re not ready to join me and tell me, ‘Let’s end white nationalism and white supremacy,’ which is really the real threat on all Americans.
Linda Sarsour
Luckily I don’t have to buy shoes anymore, because I design them! I’m off tour, so I can dive in and create the shoes that I want for my line. But okay, I did buy a pair of vintage combat boots because they were so beaten up – I had to have them.
I enjoy just the raw human visceral reaction of jumping into the arena and just swinging the hammer and seeing what is left over afterwards. Twitter is just modern-day gladiatorial combat.
Mike Cernovich
Trans justice calls on us to combat the blend of prejudices that demean the lives and diminish the autonomy of another person.
Sarah McBride
My younger brother is a decorated combat veteran and was a platoon leader in Iraq.
Michael Hastings
In combat operations in places like Afghanistan, we often confronted the specter of dangerous people with powerful weapons who were a threat to their community and to our soldiers. Our aim was to quickly determine who in that community was a legitimate actor who could be trusted with a firearm and who was not.
Stanley A. McChrystal
What is forgiveness? An emotion? A coping mechanism? An element of deepest faith? A way for the heart and soul to combat the type of hate, anger, rage and a thirst for revenge that could ultimately consume a person? All of those and more?
Mike Barnicle
In combat sports, personalities are what draw.
Daniel Bryan
It was only by luck and the blessings of God that my soldiers did not encounter an assault, that we did not run over an IED. And to dishonor our service by saying we’re not worthy of being called combat veterans is insulting to the majority of men and women who serve their country honorably.
Joni Ernst
I think all members of Congress are very concerned about the fact that, while we want to see our law enforcement agencies have every means they can possibly have to combat terrorism, we’ve got to remember that we’ve had a Constitution in place for 225 years, and it has served us well.
Saxby Chambliss
The legions of reporters who cover politics don’t want to quit the clash and thunder of electoral combat for the dry duty of analyzing the federal budget. As a consequence, we have created the perpetual presidential campaign.
Hugh Sidey
When you think about martial arts here in the states, kickboxing was here in the ’70s, and it kind of ran its course. But I always felt there was a place in combat sports for kickboxing.
Scott Coker
It seems like such a terrible shame that innocent civilians have to get hurt in wars, otherwise combat would be such a wonderfully healthy way to rid the human race of unneeded trash.
Fred Woodworth
Thirty years ago, in 1976, the notion of organized activity to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was an extremely controversial one.
Robert Brady
The only way to find out why someone decides to engage in armed combat is to look at their individual personality.
Salman Rushdie