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I think I've earned a reputation of being fair and that

I think I’ve earned a reputation of being fair and that I’ll hear all sides from the entire political spectrum.
Jason Chaffetz
Literature is a beautiful way of keeping the imagination alive, of visiting worlds you would never have time to in your day-to-day life. It keeps you abreast of a wider spectrum of human activities.
Abraham Verghese
I’m a lesbian. That’s how I identify myself, but I think there’s a massive spectrum for everyone.
I’m a great example of somebody who is gay but exists on a very complicated gender spectrum. I’m okay with that uncertainty, and I’m okay with existing in a gray area and not always being sure.
King Princess
Syria is the proud heir of an ancient civilization that has a unique spectrum of minorities that encompasses Muslims and Christians of various denominations. There are at least ten such ethnic and religious groups.
Ahmed Zewail
There’s a wide spectrum of possibilities in how to deliver a song.
Kurt Elling
If the spectrum linking everyday depression to Major Depression sometimes hinders understanding of it, it also offers an opportunity for empathy. Because almost everyone, at some point, experiences feelings of sadness, of hopelessness, of emptiness, not to mention lethargy and irritability.
Gayle Forman
I met Donald Barthelme when I was 30, and it’s fair to say that before that moment, I was pre-modern, and after I met him, I was nudged rather forcefully towards this other end of the spectrum.
Padgett Powell
You look at my audience, and it proves what Congress thinks America is, is wrong. I get people across the political spectrum. Parents and kids come and they’re all punked out, and there are these other guys in John Deere caps.
Lewis Black
I’ve worked with tons of people that I know who are on the spectrum – but now I think severe autism has really increased.
Temple Grandin
The Internet is a really big tent. In theory, it can support the full range of models, one of which is, ‘Here’s my information and I’m happy you can use it,’ and the other one is, ‘Here’s the information and you can’t have it unless you pay me for it,’ and perhaps some things in-between. There is a full spectrum of models.
Vint Cerf
And understand that scarce spectrum is used today for example for cell phone operators, they have to pay for the airwaves they use, for their services.
Robert McChesney
One of the great things about an open system like Android is it addresses all ends of the spectrum. Getting great low-cost computing devices at scale to the developing world is especially meaningful to me.
Sundar Pichai
No country should waste wireless spectrum. Especially not India, where the cellphone has become the personal computer.
Ram Shriram
We are a spectrum of colors in our family and that’s what makes us so special.
Mandira Bedi
My hope is that we would begin to have a dialogue in this country about the importance of civility. We can have strong differences, but it does seem to me that most of the country believes it’s gone to critical mass in what I would call the professional class across the political spectrum – left and right.
Tom Brokaw
My job as Labour Home Secretary is to ensure people are prepared to listen to us when we take on our opponents across the political spectrum.
David Blunkett
I can assure you that the United States intends to pursue the best course of action to meet its own spectrum needs.
Michael O’Rielly
Actors, who have no real sense of who they are or what they want, have long known that not just their gender but every aspect of their identity is on a spectrum. They can be anything they are asked to be. They aspire to a protean state, shape-shifting like high summer clouds.
Tom Hollander
Hearing loss has not affected my vocal range. I can still pitch perfectly, but without the hearing aids, I don’t hear the intricate high parts of the actual spectrum.
Roger Taylor
For me, I know my capabilities and the spectrum I can cover as an entertainer.
Seth Rollins
I look at a lot of shows. I look at a really broad spectrum; I look at everything from David Lean to Lina Wertmuller. I look at a really unique and very arty spectrum.
Kari Skogland
Whether you’re six or sixty, if you go on a diet and lifestyle program and feel constrained, you’re likely to go off it sooner or later. Offering a spectrum of choices is much more effective; then, you feel free and empowered.
Dean Ornish
As a professional cellist, I go to mostly classical concerts because that’s the music I play, but I am also always trying to find out who the voices of our time are. I attend a spectrum of concerts that are close to classical – anything from Wynton Marsalis to Renee Fleming.
Jan Vogler
I like roles that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum, and there’s special appeal in exploring these slightly forgotten plays that people might think of as subjects for academic term papers instead of live theater.
Geoffrey Rush
My thing is, I’ve yet to meet a well person. The spectrum is unbelievably wide, the triggers for depression and manic depression.
Richard Ashcroft
I have Asperger’s, I’m on the autism spectrum, so I don’t really care about social codes. It makes you think differently.
Greta Thunburg
The laws of nature are structured so that we grow and change, and get to experience the full spectrum of biological existence.
Robert Lanza
You look around our audiences, and you see the spectrum – old fans and young people.
Rickey Medlocke
On the other end of the spectrum, these women who do live long enough to collect Social Security face the challenge of being disproportionately dependent on the Social Security system for retirement income.
Ginny Brown-Waite
When I began my work on how morality varies across the political spectrum, there was a partisan, manipulative element to it. I wanted to help the Democrats win.
Jonathan Haidt
No matter what side of the spectrum you're on, you like

No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, you like to see your team fighting for the principle.
Bob McDonnell
No agent/publisher is in a position to create across a spectrum of media and distribution what major publishers can accomplish for authors.
Robert Gottlieb
I like the full spectrum of roles.
Carol Kane
I loved the opportunity to just transform my voice. I loved the idea of doing impressions and mimicking and playing around with the spectrum of your own voice. That’s what I enjoy most about doing voice-overs.
Justin Long
From a scientific standpoint, Aspergers and autism are one syndrome. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum, not a separate disorder.
Temple Grandin
During my captivity, I felt abandoned by everyone apart from my family and supporters, because there was no part of the political spectrum that would want me released.
Ingrid Betancourt
Going to Southeast Asia for the first time and tasting that spectrum of flavors – that certainly changed my whole palate, the kind of foods I crave. A lot of the dishes I used to love became boring to me.
Anthony Bourdain
Government must make spectrum free. There should be free network, but it is not happening.
Sunil Mittal
Am I a girl, or am I boy? It’s a spectrum.
I wanted to create this dialogue between music and visual art and vice versa. No matter what part of the spectrum they fill, whether it’s visual, music, or whatever, artists are interested in other art forms. Your brain is already kind of firing in that way.
Mike D
Trouble is, I’m definitely on the spectrum somewhere – there’s a dysfunctional side.
Keith Flint
Quite frankly, my constituency crosses a very wide swath of the political spectrum.
Vermin Supreme
To this day I get mail from women who say, I went to law school because of your song. But I would hate to think out of the wide spectrum of things I have done in my career, that’s all I would be remembered for.
Helen Reddy
At some point, I realized that you don’t get a full human life if you try to cut off one end of it; that you need to agree to the entire experience, to the full spectrum of what happens.
Jane Hirshfield
My theory is the spectrum: there’s a spectrum of sexuality.
Lauren Jauregui
I’m fanatical about movies: African, European, Viking, Roman. I got into witchcraft and magic from watching ‘Bewitched’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ which shows in some of my outfits. I dress to reflect the whole spectrum of the universe.
Afrika Bambaataa
I used to be a wannabe Genghis Khan and will always be that. He never lost any battles. Then I swung to the other side of the spectrum and settled on Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Now I realise I should identify myself with those who strengthen my argument.
Kamal Haasan
Some cancers are curable, while others are highly incurable. The spectrum is enormous. Metastatic pancreatic cancer is a highly incurable disease, whereas some leukemia forms are very curable. There is a big difference between one form and another.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
Jake Green isn’t just Jake Green. Jake represents all of us. The colour green is the central column of the spectrum and the name Jake has all sorts of numerical values. All things come back to him within the film’s world of cons and games.
Guy Ritchie
Gender is great, and Im happy for anybody to celebrate wherever they are on the gender spectrum. Its got amazingly much easier in my lifetime.
Grayson Perry
I mean, the type of art that I enjoy is art that – I enjoy a very broad spectrum, but I especially like art that leaves me a little confused and uncertain as to what just happened.
Reggie Watts
Growing up, I loved Morticia Addams and Lily Munster on one hand, and Jeannie from ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ on the other. Two completely different ends of the spectrum, kind of like me.
Sarah Shahi
Folks across the spectrum wants more efficient management of their tax dollars.
Jon Ossoff
I enjoy working with shows, which appeal to a wide spectrum – from children to the adults.
Javed Jaffrey
I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved.
Norman Finkelstein