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Ralph Ellison's essays were models for me when I began

Ralph Ellison’s essays were models for me when I began my life as a critic. Slipping cultural yokes and violating aesthetic boundaries, he made criticism high-stakes work, especially for a black critic.
Margo Jefferson
The Futurists believed in the machine, in making a great big fuss, in being young. For a brief moment, they were arguably the most influential aesthetic provocateurs in the world.
Jonathan Galassi
As writers and readers, as sinners and citizens, our realism and our aesthetic sense make us wary of crediting the positive note.
Seamus Heaney
I think taking design out of the studio and really having a relationship with the people that you’re making it for really convinced me of how powerful a thing design is. It’s not just an aesthetic decoration.
Genevieve Gorder
Advertising isn’t just the disruption of aesthetics, the insults to your intelligence and the interruption of your train of thought. At every company that sells ads, a significant portion of their engineering team spends their day tuning data mining, writing better code to collect all your personal data.
Jan Koum
My personal aesthetic is to be affected directly by everything about what you’re seeing… I don’t mind being dashed on the rocks… My most base act of defiance is to live a long time and still rock.
Jeff Buckley
I’d always liked the idea that drama acts at its best as a kind of arena for debate, not just about the thing itself, but also producing aesthetic, stylistic, political and moral discussions.
Jeremy Northam
The course hitherto pursued in musical aesthetics has nearly always been hampered by the false assumption that the object was not so much to inquire into what is beautiful in music as to describe the feelings which music awakens.
Eduard Hanslick
I don’t make records that way, where I’m trying to please the marketplace or anything. Not because I have anything against that, it’s just never been a part of my aesthetic, even when I was with the Pixies.
Frank Black
I hope to be remembered for writing books about social justice that also have enough aesthetic value to endure as works of literature.
Jonathan Kozol
My origins are I was a massive fan of Johan Cruyff, massive fan of that Ajax team, and my father was. That sort-of led me to look at the aesthetics of football, rather than just the end result.
Angelos Postecoglou
After ‘The Fellowship of the Ring,’ the films that followed it, instead of having their own unique aesthetic, they all wanted to be ‘Lord of the Rings’ as opposed to learning from ‘Lord of the Rings.’
Duncan Jones
If the universal is the essential, then it is the basis of all life and art. Recognizing and uniting with the universal therefore gives us the greatest aesthetic satisfaction, the greatest emotion of beauty.
Piet Mondrian
My aesthetic is, in short, ‘cool substitute teacher.’
Josh Gondelman
You look at women at the Republican convention and women at the Democratic convention. Republicans have a certain aesthetic beauty that involves more makeup, bigger hair, more lurid outfits.
Ron Reagan
The thing I love about being a novelist is that with each project, you invent a new world. You approach it with a different set of aesthetic and structural ideas, and you grapple with a different series of problems in figuring out how to tell the story. And yet there are certain concerns that stay constant.
Adam Mansbach
Astrology is an aesthetic affront. It cheapens astronomy, like using Beethoven for commercial jingles.
Richard Dawkins
Dramas need to have a certain aesthetic that comedy just doesn’t really seem to need to have.
Rob McElhenney
I love training, but it’s really hard to get amazing aesthetic results. And the more you diet, the more your metabolism adapts and lowers and it gets harder.
Chloe Madeley
A lot of children don’t have a developed aesthetic. I did. I made early choices in life, even about cloth; I liked flannel and not polyester.
Patti Smith
It’s great that New York has large spaces for art. But the enormous immaculate box has become a dated, even oppressive place. Many of these spaces were designed for sprawling installations, large paintings, and the Relational Aesthetics work of the past fifteen years.
Jerry Saltz
If you were to Google ‘SWAT’ right now, or Google ‘Military,’ you would see guys covered in pouches. That’s a sign of gear! We’ve got stuff in here. We carry stuff. And it’s an aesthetic.
Rob Liefeld
My mind is changing all the time. I can’t live in a space that has a fixed aesthetic. I just need a blank slate when I come home.
Petra Collins
To so enter into it in nature and art that the enjoyed meanings of life may become a part of living is the attitude of aesthetic appreciation.
George Herbert Mead
No book includes the entire world. It’s limited. And so it doesn’t seem like an aesthetic compromise to have to do that. There’s so much other material to write about.
Paul Auster
O.P.N. has always been about reaching for some kind of liminal state in which opposing aesthetic forces become entangled and confused and equal.
Oneohtrix Point Never
In our view the Olympic idea involves a strong physical culture supplemented on the one hand by mobility, what is so aptly called ‘fair play’, and on the other hand by aesthetics, that is the cultivation of what is beautiful and graceful.
Pierre de Coubertin
I’m definitely incredibly attracted to the aesthetic of what is typically deemed goth stuff, but. A lot of my experience growing up was in being around that kind of thing, and it’s just what sinks into a person’s brain.
Jhonen Vasquez
I feel like I am just an entertainer. It does not matter what form I take to perform and entertain. I think I deserve being called a performer because you don’t call Tyler Perry a drag queen. You don’t call Will Smith a drag queen and all the other mainstream artists who use the aesthetic of drag to entertain.
BeBe Zahara Benet
I have always been drawn to fashion from an aesthetic and consumer standpoint. I honestly never thought that I could take my business training and apply it here. I worked in retail and was into fashion. It was something I liked, and people trusted my opinion.
Imran Amed
If you are living a life that feels right to you, if you’re willing to take creative chances or a creative path that feels like it’s mostly in keeping with your sensibilities, you know, aesthetic and artistic, then that’s what matters.
Tracy Chapman
Good design for the home should be universal. A house s

Good design for the home should be universal. A house should be like old shoes, comfortable, like a good friend… The Japanese aesthetic is important to me. Very organic. They have a sense of the weight of the thing: very balanced.
Elsa Peretti
I really like Pam Grier’s whole ‘Coffy’ aesthetic. It’s just natural. It’s not even anything that they were overdoing back then. I really like that natural beauty kind of thing. But at the same time, I really like thick, winged eyeliner.
Megan Thee Stallion
If I’m seeing you, you’re going to influence me. I’m sorry – I’m just that way. I’m a big sponge. You can’t copyright an aesthetic.
Douglas Carter Beane
The Indians have such strong traditions and aesthetics, and the people are beautiful, as are their goods.
Georgina Chapman
Graphic Design, which fulfills aesthetic needs, complies with the laws of form and exigencies of two-dimensional space; which speaks in semiotics, sans-serifs, and geometrics; which abstracts, transforms, translates, rotates, dilates, repeats, mirrors, groups, and regroups, is not good design if it is irrelevant.
Paul Rand
Today, with a recording, he can hear the thing enough times until he really gets acquainted with the language, and then he can begin to make an estimate of the intrinsic, aesthetic value of that piece of music.
Leo Ornstein
Any system that sees aesthetics as irrelevant, that separates the artist from his product, that fragments the work of the individual, or creates by committee, or makes mincemeat of the creative process will, in the long run, diminish not only the product but the maker as well.
Paul Rand
Part of the beauty of Victoria’s Secret modeling is that they are called ‘Angels’ for a reason – because they’re aesthetics are supposed to be unobtainable. But so are mine. No one could ever be me. Look exactly as I do. Be exactly as I am.
Rain Dove
If I were somebody who spent the majority of my time saying things that were harsh and difficult to hear, I would want my visual aesthetic to be something soft and feminine, warm and easy to be around.
Kerry Washington
I don’t think it’s possible to touch people’s imagination today by aesthetic means.
J. G. Ballard
In judging of a beautiful statue, the aesthetic faculty is absolutely and completely gratified by the splendid curves of those marble lips that are dumb to our complaint, the noble modelling of those limbs that are powerless to help us.
Oscar Wilde
I grew up in a very celebratory town. We celebrate everything, from life to death and everything in between. So a lot of dramatics come into my aesthetic. And I’m an actor, so that adds more to the dramatic – I don’t mean over-the-top. The main thing is never to be boring.
Bryan Batt
But aesthetics is not religion, and the origins of religion lie somewhere completely different. They lie anyway, these roses smell too sweet and the deep roar of the breaking waves is too splendid, to do justice to such weighty matters now.
Rudolf Otto
I’m an aesthetic person who loves beauty.
Udo Kier
Part of being an artist is that you are achingly self-conscious about every aesthetic decision you make, and taste is at its most powerful when it’s a default, unconscious decision because that’s when all the influence of your childhood and background and society comes into play.
Grayson Perry
I’m interested in aesthetics, language, art, fashion, everything.
Chris Eubank Sr.
Novelists of a conservative or more purely aesthetic bent hold up better on the surface, but their novels go in and out of fashion according to relevance or irrelevance.
Jane Smiley
The very beginning of European aesthetics started from Florence. Everything here was beauty, money, and creativity, the power of the good money.
Alessandro Michele
I’ve handled colour as a man should behave. You may conclude that I consider ethics and aesthetics as one.
Josef Albers
Paper is a uniquely beautiful format, more so than the web, I think: you need to invest in the aesthetics.
Dave Eggers
In humans, smell is often viewed as an aesthetic sense, as a sense capable of eliciting enduring thoughts and memories. Smell, however, is the primal sense. It is the sense that affords most organisms the ability to detect food, predators, and mates.
Richard Axel
I’ve blogged since 2001 and was first attracted to the medium by its wild-west aesthetic, if simply telling the truth that corporate media wasn’t telling could be so rebellious as to be defined as ‘wild west.’
Dana Loesch
I do feel like the blogs that I follow share an aesthetic and draw a lot from ’90s influences.
Lauren Jauregui
Traditional paintings have few figures in them and value negative space. Japanese calligraphy and brush paintings are in black and white. Haiku is the shortest poem form in the world. These are a few examples of a minimalistic aesthetic in Japanese art and culture.
Fumio Sasaki
I’m not good at finding ‘encouraging’ features in American culture. I doubt that aesthetic literacy has much of a future here.
Philip Roth
I like absurdist aesthetics. There’s something about dream logic that’s really fascinating, how it interweaves with narrative.
Hiro Murai
An intellectual is going to have doubts, for example, about a fundamentalist religious doctrine that admits no doubt, about an imposed political system that allows no doubt, about a perfect aesthetic that has no room for doubt.
Antonio Tabucchi
Inaudible prayers, particularly of the Canon, which at first don’t seem to have anything to do with music, end up being a very important part of the aesthetic of the traditional structure of the Mass.
Richard Morris
Each season I strive to design a forward-thinking and effortless collection with a very clean minimalist aesthetic.
Francisco Costa
Steve Jobs was the greatest manufacturer of consumer products of his age. His marketing vision put him on par with Henry Ford, and his grasp of the aesthetic component to industrial design far surpassed Ford’s.
Timothy Noah
At least in part, people are attracted to subjects where they can identify at a basic level with the people who do it. The extraordinary aesthetic of the natural world is not obvious to someone who never leaves the inner city. Appreciation of the elegance and power of physical law is an acquired taste.
Margaret Geller
At Brit + Co, our mission is to unlock creativity, so w

At Brit + Co, our mission is to unlock creativity, so we look for future employees that actively flex their creative muscles. The design of your resume is the first way to let me know more about your aesthetic.
Brit Morin
In terms of aesthetics, I probably look better than I did when I played.
Gary Lineker
I make aesthetic movies which are grand and with some of the biggest stars. It’s not fair to run them down. I don’t make tacky films.
Farah Khan
Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.
Alfred North Whitehead
It is not an aesthetic misstep to make the viewer aware of the paint and the painter’s hand. Such an empathetic awareness lies at the heart of aesthetic appreciation.
John Updike
I wanted to create art that fit the Pinterest interior aesthetic, because that is so of the internet age and my platform, my celebrity.
Caroline Calloway
I have never collected an object or figure from Africa or Oceania because of anything curious about it or because of its utility or historic interest. Everything has been chosen entirely because of its aesthetic significance; its form, feeling, structure, and plastic values.
Frank Crowninshield
Fashion, for me, is anything that’s aesthetic and beautiful. Art, food, film. It’s something that I appreciate and really like.
St. Vincent
There are the aesthetic pressures for a woman to be pretty and sexy, but not sexual or have desires beyond winning a guy’s affections.
Maren Morris
Every movie that I’m in is very different in terms of aesthetic and costume. I mean, from ‘Mirror, Mirror’ to ‘Mortal Instruments,’ I went from dressy dresses to leather and heels and tight, sexy, chic outfits.
Lily Collins
I mostly associated video game storytelling with unforgivable clumsiness, irredeemable incompetence – and suddenly, I was finding the aesthetic and formal concerns I’d always associated with fiction: storytelling, form, the medium, character. That kind of shocked me.
Tom Bissell
I don’t believe that to be mainstream you have to be foolish. I don’t think you have to be a buffoon to sell. I think you can be logical, aesthetic and still work within the mainstream format.
Mani Ratnam
I didn’t have to figure out music or aesthetics or anything like that because I was just working on myself. The more I came into myself, the more I was just like, ‘I don’t have to strategize or figure out anything. I just have to be, and everything else follows.’
In the field of aesthetic theory, humans are pattern-seeking creatures. That can be seen in terms of musical structures, patternmaking, even in terms of storytelling and literature.
Kehinde Wiley
I really like black. I love wearing black, different aesthetics and shades. I like earth tones. Those are my go-tos.
Jaylen Brown
The obsession with performance left no room for the development of the intuitive or spiritual impact of space and form other than the aesthetic of the machine itself.
Arthur Erickson
Anything you do will be an abuse of somebody else’s aesthetics. I think you’re born an artist or not. I couldn’t have learned it. And I hope I never do because knowing more only encourages your limitations.
Robert Rauschenberg
Abstraction and representation are supposed to be going down two very different paths, one sociological and the other aesthetic.
Kerry James Marshall
I know people seek me out to be their mentor, and I’ve chosen a few people I’m really invested in and nurturing their career and their aesthetic and just their person.
Tanya Saracho
The aesthetic of architecture has to be rooted in a broader idea about human activities like walking, relaxing and communicating. Architecture thinks about how these activities can be given added value.
Thom Mayne
I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty.
Miuccia Prada
I’m a visual person, and I love visual extremes and aesthetic discipline.
Violet Chachki
It would be great to do another television show that was a multi-camera because the hours are so wonderful and you can be a good mom at the same time. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of multi-camera shows that I personally like. My aesthetic is more geared toward single-camera shows.
Kaitlin Olson
I have a lot of passion and experience with aesthetic surgery and look forward to helping men and women all over the world.
Farrah Abraham
My impulse is to create an aesthetic that’s about a humanistic approach to a world and trying to create compassion for all the characters.
Mike White
Aesthetic freedom is like free speech; it is, indeed, a form of free speech.
George Edward Woodberry
I do appreciate the ’80s as an era, the general sounds and aesthetics of the era. The Cure, that whole kind of image is really kind of amazing, I think. The power ballads and how everything sparkles and words are really dramatic. Huge drums, things like that. I do really find it inspiring.
Charli XCX
Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
E. O. Wilson
Actors aren’t stupid, mostly, and if there’s a sensibility and an aesthetic that a director’s going for, if you’re aware of that too, you can do things to help that.
Alan Cumming
I was a late bloomer, but I had a career as a contemporary dancer before that, so I had some kind of connection to this world. But I was always a little more in love with the drama of dancing than the aesthetics, so I thought, ‘Why don’t you give it a chance if you think you can do it a little different?’
Mads Mikkelsen
I fell in love with R&B music at a young age. The energy and aesthetic of that genre strike an emotional chord with me.
Sid Sriram
'Heartbeats' is a film on people magnifying and sublimi

‘Heartbeats’ is a film on people magnifying and subliming reality when they’re in love. Hence the overstylized look, the aesthetics, the robes, the dresses, the vintage, hipster-ish look: All of this is voluntary. I’m not a hipster. I’m not!
Xavier Dolan
The logic of Palladian architecture presented an aesthetic formula which could be applied universally.
Stephen Gardiner
It honestly affects my mental health, social media, on a really profound level. Because I’m constantly being bombarded with an image of femininity that I feel I have to adhere to. And I think there’s a lot of pressure in this industry, as well, being constantly discriminated on your aesthetic appearance.
Esme Creed-Miles
You have to approach something with indifference, as if you had no aesthetic emotion. The choice of readymades is always based on visual indifference and, at the same time, on the total absence of good or bad taste.
Marcel Duchamp
My mother loved fashion and always had a great aesthetic. But she also considered the cost of it, with the kids, that it wasn’t something to allow herself.
Olivier Theyskens
The distinction between a gallery and a museum is enormous. The gallery is about looking at a thing of beauty; the purpose of the activity is an aesthetic response. The museum is actually about the object that lets you get into somebody else’s life.
Neil MacGregor
Very early on in this journey, I uniquely found not just an aesthetic, but also a voice. I found the ability to communicate with people, which has turned out for me to be a far more meaningful platform. To talk to them about not just what’s on their body, but also on their minds.
Kenneth Cole
I love the English aesthetic; in a way, I feel it is close to my own, a beautiful chaos; it is a powerful mix of the past and the present.
Alessandro Michele
Fashion for my mother was about asserting and demonstrating you had aesthetics, tastes, sensibility, manners, beauty – qualities that black people were always trying to prove they possessed, because it was often assumed that we didn’t.
Margo Jefferson
Protecting a border is not a nice thing. It is not a matter of aesthetics; it cannot be done with flowers and teddy bears.
Viktor Orban
My grandmother has a great aesthetic sense. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit it.
Ginevra Elkann
My manager got the script for ‘Under the Dome,’ and I read it and just fell in love with the character. I grew up on Stephen King, and I love his whole aesthetic of the classic American story with supernatural events happening, so it just made sense.
Alexander Koch
Ellison was prominent on the lecture circuit even in the Black Aesthetic days of the Sixties when his defiantly pro-American and prickly-proud intellectual act met with some hostility.
Darryl Pinckney
Many of our greatest musicians abandoned all of their aesthetic objectives to try to become pertinent. And, at the end of the day, they never became pop stars. I counter stated that very strongly, and I continue to do that.
Wynton Marsalis
We believe that when prosperity comes to any country, people want to look and feel better. Hence the demand for aesthetics medicine would increase.
Subhash Chandra
I will try to account for the degree of my aesthetic emotion. That, I conceive, is the function of the critic.
Clive Bell
My own personal aesthetic is all to do with real actors and real locations and a kind of almost hyper reality and actuality to things. But the digital world, I explore that through other mediums, with music videos and commercials. Even ‘The Road’ was a real learning curve for me with digital effects.
John Hillcoat
My cultural identity is obviously a huge part of my design aesthetic.
Masaba Gupta
One does afford oneself the luxury to come into the studio and all day, every day, spend one’s life making aesthetic propositions. What an immense luxury.
Anish Kapoor
This aesthetic quality, then, is what politics is all about. It’s authenticity that separates winners from losers, good politics from bad, and he-man leader-types from consultant-directed puppet-boys.
Thomas Frank
I think we need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection, intuition and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for.
Deepak Chopra
I actually taught perceptual psychology at N.Y.U. when I was younger. I was interested in the aesthetic impulse in lower primates. But what really interested me in Dian Fossey was that she made a difference – she saved the gorillas.
Arne Glimcher
For reasons historic, aesthetic, and political, we Jews are most attuned to the anti-Semitism of the far Right – and we find the most sympathy among our progressive allies when these are our attackers.
Bari Weiss
Nearly all of the advances in structural and aesthetic innovation is coming from abroad.
Arthur Erickson
If you cut me open, you would find bits of me looking at things with an aesthetic eye, also with a historical eye. But mostly at the way things have transported themselves through time.
David Linley
A Tagore surname signifies an association with aesthetics and all the best things of life. It’s enriching both personally and professionally.
Sharmila Tagore
Many of the elements associated with storybook mythology and gothic aesthetics are actually not expressive.
Caroline Polachek
Buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants and that promotes their good health.
Robert Evans
Reality shows are all the rage on TV at the moment, but that’s not reality, it’s just another aesthetic form of fiction.
Steven Soderbergh
It’s funny, because, yes, there’s a Marvel aesthetic, and yet no one ever said to me, ‘we have to do a Marvel aesthetic.’ So it was probably me more self-policing to make sure I was going to stay inside the box a little bit.
Kari Skogland
A part of sexuality may go to research, and a much larger part must lead to aesthetic creation. The art of the future will, because of the very opportunities and materials it will have at its command, need an infinitely stronger formative impulse than it does now.
John Desmond Bernal
As a child brought up in Paris, I dreamed of America, t

As a child brought up in Paris, I dreamed of America, that lost world my parents had left behind – it was in my genes. Plus, American music has always been close to my own aesthetic, because of the mix of symphonic music with jazz.
Alexandre Desplat
My main focus is performance. I want to put on better matches in the ring and stay injury-free, so it’s not about aesthetics.
Pete Dunne
Half the shows on Comedy Central are just multi-cam blue sets, and they kind of look like game shows from the ’90s. It’s like, ‘Why do such a bland corporate aesthetic when the sky’s the limit with what you can do?’
Eric Andre
I’ve always been attracted to the darker things in life. I was never one to go for light, airy stuff, even as a child. My whole aesthetic has always been one of the darker side. That rings true also in my tastes in music. It’s just always something I’ve gravitated to naturally.
Kirk Hammett
My first buildings, when I was about 30, were rejected for aesthetic reasons.
Peter Zumthor
It was a very strange time in the late 1950s/early 1960s, when people were putting things in space, but that language of spacecraft hadn’t really congealed yet. A lot of artists at that time were looking at them as aesthetic objects.
Trevor Paglen
Since my kitchen is the most important part of my home, I want to be creative and innovative, not only in its aesthetic, but also in the tools that I’m using to cook.
Blake Lively
Let architects sing of aesthetics that bring Rich clients in hordes to their knees; Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease.
R. Buckminster Fuller
The main reason why men and women make different aesthetic judgments is the fact that the latter, generally incapable of abstraction, only admire what meets their complete approval.
Franz Grillparzer
It’s hard with ballet because your aesthetic really is important. It’s different from acting and from film. Nobody wants to watch somebody who is sickly thin. And it’s interesting because I have danced with people who are ill, have eating disorders, and a light goes off within them.
Amanda Schull
That said, we don’t approach these improvements as only a surface aesthetic. The producers and we think that these men are helped with their inner needs when they pay attention to their externals.
Kyan Douglas
It annoys me when contemporary films and television shows create artificial tensions that could easily be resolved by a quick email or the use of a search engine. ‘La La Land’ was guilty of this several times, as well as a more generalised aesthetic nostalgia.
Sally Rooney
Design must be functional, and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained.
Ferdinand Porsche
I get a real thrill for being ‘overtly queer’ in my aesthetic.
Olly Alexander
What goes on in abstract art is the proclaiming of aesthetic principles… It is in our own time that we have become aware of pure aesthetic considerations. Art never can be imitation.
Hans Hofmann
Aesthetic emotion puts man in a state favorable to the reception of erotic emotion. Art is the accomplice of love. Take love away and there is no longer art.
Remy de Gourmont
Might we… be doing something with our brains that cannot be described in computational terms at all? How do our feelings of conscious awareness – of happiness, pain, love, aesthetic sensibility, will, understanding, etc. – fit into such a computational picture?
Roger Penrose
There is a certain aesthetic pleasure in trying to imagine the unimaginable and failing, if you are a reader.
A. S. Byatt
Even though my shoes are different from Ferragamo’s aesthetic, which is more classic, I learned the importance of fit and quality. We were making shoes like they used to, by hand, and I carried that with me.
Edgardo Osorio
It would be foolish to suggest that government is a good custodian of aesthetic goals. But, there is no alternative to the state.
John Kenneth Galbraith
My particular aesthetic of light and color and design wouldn’t change as a result of working with computer graphics rather than with slit scan or miniatures.
Douglas Trumbull
Painting is the aesthetic side of the object but it has never been original, has never been its own goal.
Kazimir Malevich
I didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder. I really wanted to make albums that had a different aesthetic every album and a different sound.
Yung Lean
I’m very interested in how visual artists think because I think the way that I think about music is similar. I’m very inspired by aesthetics and space.
St. Lucia
Climbing is more of an art than a sport. It’s the aesthetics of a mountain that compels me. The line of a route, the style of ascent. It is creative.
Reinhold Messner
It may well be, of course, that America’s pop culture is on balance better than our high art. I don’t think so, but you can certainly make a case that the best of it aspires to a degree of aesthetic and emotional seriousness that is directly comparable to all but the very greatest works of high art.
Terry Teachout
It’s a magpie aesthetic: If something is hideous, that’s interesting. It’s kind of the same sensibility that Andy Warhol had. He was interested in everything and soaked up what he saw like a sponge.
Marc Jacobs
While the majority of my career has relied on my aesthetics and how I look, I worked hard at keeping a spiritual connection with what was most important, what is inside me.
Yolanda Hadid
The fact that the colors in the flower have evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting; that means insects can see the colors. That adds a question: does this aesthetic sense we have also exist in lower forms of life?
Richard P. Feynman
It’s time for the aesthetics of upwardly mobile feminist respectability to make room for the aesthetics of survival, particularly trans survival.
Hari Nef
Design certainly has a cosmetic, aesthetic aim. It always aims at making things beautiful. But relevance is just as important. I often say, ‘If it isn’t ethical, it can’t be beautiful. But if it isn’t beautiful, it probably shouldn’t be at all.’
Yves Behar
In addressing a task, one almost always has several pos

In addressing a task, one almost always has several possible options, sometimes only a few, and they may all be practical and functional. But they lack the aesthetic aspect that raises it to architecture.
Arne Jacobsen
Contemporary paganism gives me a subjective lens through which the world in which I live can be interpreted on an aesthetic and an ethical basis. I’m interested in narrative, myth, and story, in folklore and the way we connect to the turning of the seasons and the natural world.
Liz Williams
I’m attracted to the rag & bone aesthetic – classic and effortless with an edge.
Haley Bennett
With dancing, I think the reason it’s worked for me, and I love it so much, is because I’ve trained my entire life. Once you train, you develop your own aesthetic and your confidence. So I think, as I grow, I’m learning how to be a singer. I’m training my voice and being on stage and singing and dancing.
Jillian Hervey
Novels usually evolve out of ‘character.’ Characters generate stories, and the shape of a novel is entirely imagined but should have an aesthetic coherence.
Joyce Carol Oates
There is no denying the aesthetics of a well-made, well-loved book.
Michael A. Stackpole
It’s my own personal unconscious that ultimately creates the novel’s aesthetic facade.
Manuel Puig
I believed in the Catholic position, the Catholic view of ethics and aesthetics, for a long time. But I wanted something not intellectual, some conviction not mental – in fact I wanted faith.
Joyce Kilmer
I enjoy going for brunch at Granger & Co. in Notting Hill and having my all-time favourite: poached eggs and avocado on toast. I love the aesthetic of the space and the fresh, modern approach in the dishes.
Emilia Wickstead
I am a very aesthetic person.
Alain de Botton
No student of history can fail to see the moral interest of the Middle Ages, any more than an artist can fail to see their aesthetic interest.
Goldwin Smith
The language that photography has is a formal language. Any photographer is doing something formal. If it’s formal, then it must be an aesthetic way to communicate.
Sebastiao Salgado
All of Vegas is false. There’s a false Paris, a false Venice, a false Baghdad – in fact, all of the early Vegas aesthetic is Baghdad, which is also the irony. It’s ‘Aladdin,’ the sands, ‘One Thousand and One Nights.’
Robert Lepage
My mum was obsessed with dress… so, in my house, there was always the obsession about aesthetics. She was obsessed with the idea that a beautiful movie is the one where you’re so involved you won’t go to the toilet during it, or you’ll fall asleep with your make-up on after.
Alessandro Michele
The central question driving literary aesthetics in the age of the iPad is no longer ‘How should novels be?’ but ‘Why write novels at all?’
Garth Risk Hallberg
Aesthetic matters are fundamental for the harmonious development of both society and the individual.
Friedrich Schiller
We Americans have always considered Hollywood, at best, a sinkhole of depraved venality. And, of course, it is. It is not a protective monastery of aesthetic truth. It is a place where everything is incredibly expensive.
David Mamet
One of the threats to Christianity in the 21st century is this idea that religion is best understood as a kind of aesthetic experience, and that you can get all your morality from that.
John Cornwell
I get nonplussed by all the Fifties retro-revival aesthetic. Would we really want to be in our pinnies in our kitchen weeping? I find the kitchen, housewifey aesthetic repugnant.
Romola Garai
Our conception of 1950s underwear is a lovely vintage aesthetic, but actually, wearing stockings with no elastic and a girdle was heavy duty.
Romola Garai
I think I just have a natural operatic aesthetic. I can’t help it.
Zack Snyder
I like anything with my face on it, just from an aesthetic point of view.
Martin Freeman
I’ve always felt like an outcast. My aesthetic is very high-end, but I still get classified as streetwear. There’s really no other reason for than other than my age, the way I look, and where I’m from.
Kerby Jean-Raymond
For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.
Friedrich Nietzsche
It’s really been important for me for all these years to stay with my aesthetic – the everyday classic piece that you’re not going to get sick of.
Jennifer Meyer
I would describe my aesthetic as definitely personal and harmonious with an eclectic yet bohemian sensibility.
Lisa Marie Presley
I think a scientist’s job is to explore the Universe, to explore the cosmos around us. People always want to know – why is that useful? Well, on just pure fundamental grounds, on some level it’s like art, it’s like umm, music, it’s aesthetics, it’s like philosophy. You want to know where you are in the Universe.
Brian Schmidt
I had always wanted to expand to beauty, but I knew I wanted to be able to translate my design aesthetic in an authentic way.
Charlotte Ronson
There’s intense personal gratification in finding a mountain and becoming inspired by the aesthetics of an unclimbed line on that mountain, especially if that line has been tried by a lot of people who couldn’t do it, and you get to set yourself up against the history of it.
Jimmy Chin
I find the aesthetics of the 20th century hopelessly barren.
Twyla Tharp
So much of my aesthetic was formed by my dad.
Ron Perlman
As artists, we have the luxury of experimenting with ex

As artists, we have the luxury of experimenting with extra crazy things, but I feel like my aesthetic is very street-style and high-low.
Justine Skye
People who like progressive music tend to sneer at the idea of a kind of punk aesthetic, and people who like alternative indie rock or punk rock tend to sneer at what they see as the pretentiousness and pomposity of progressive music.
Steven Wilson
You don’t have to conform to a very specific aesthetic today, whereas 1950s women definitely had to.
Romola Garai
We don’t want to be a design line. Ultimately, we want to be a platform that houses many design aesthetics.
Alexa Hirschfeld
Although people often equate them, glamour is not the same as beauty, stylishness, luxury, celebrity, or sex appeal. It is not limited to fashion or film; nor is it intrinsically feminine. It is not a collection of aesthetic markers – a style, as fashion and design use the word.
Virginia Postrel
Our look evolved from the fact that we bought thrift-store clothes. It wasn’t like, ‘Let adopt a thrift-store aesthetic.’ We just didn’t have any money.
Fred Schneider
In fashion design, you can divide people into two groups. You have people who come with an aesthetic that is there forever, even if it evolves. Then you have people I call ‘jumpers.’ One season it can be this; the next season it’s completely something else. I always knew I am more of a jumper.
Raf Simons
I was a screenwriting and studio art major in college, so even though I don’t have any training as a floral designer, I have a very particular visual aesthetic.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
All my films have been larger-than-life. And since I’ve sat on almost all the scripts of the films I’ve produced, I do not compromise on aesthetics and visuals that could add to a scene.
Sajid Nadiadwala
When applied to politics and taken to its extreme, kitsch is the mask of death. Fascism was all aesthetics. There was no core principle to it. There was no truth to it.
John Cusack
The philosophy of individualism owes a great deal to the tradition of novel-writing and novel-reading. In its development and in its aesthetics, the novel is not politically neutral; it has been a participant in history all along.
Sally Rooney
We have received a heritage of craftsmanship, of aesthetics, of taste, of identity. Our brands have the beauty to preserve and perpetuate it.
Antoine Arnault
I’ve always put a lot of stock in aesthetics and visuals. I truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words and that fashion and glamour have the power to transport and transform someone.
Violet Chachki
I think every city and every drag queen has a different aesthetic or set up, but in the end, it’s mutual respect for one another.
Bianca Del Rio
I like going to Church for aesthetic reasons, rather than spiritual ones.
Andres Serrano
When my French side thinks of ‘bohemian,’ it imagines Montparnasse authors and absinthe – that kind of aesthetic. The American definition might be more tied to American history and culture.
Camille Rowe
Obviously, there’s more to aesthetic appearance than just race, but that is going to be the first thing that someone notices when they look at a picture.
Sam Yagan
I think when someone knows who they are and is comfortable and confident with that, I think a lot of the typical, aesthetic things sort of fall by the wayside.
Matt Bomer
There’s a higher place that I have no illusions about reaching. There’s a sophistication and aesthetic about composers who only write only for the music’s sake.
Bill Conti
The film is a direct mirror of the director. If your director doesn’t know how to dress, there will be an aesthetic of the film that won’t come through – whether it’s in the costumes if he doesn’t know exactly what he wants or the look of the film.
Channing Tatum
I try to get the hip-hop aesthetic, most times without an MC. I don’t use a rapper or a DJ to give it the hip-hop style; it’s strictly the band that makes that music, which is a lot harder to do.
Robert Glasper
I don’t really think there’s much difference between a character actor and a leading man besides aesthetics.
Jeremy Renner
Everybody comes in with a certain goal. Some are performance, some are aesthetic. Even athletes have aesthetic goals, but first and foremost, they have performance goals, and those need to be addressed. They have weaknesses that need to be shored up. You have to manage expectations sometimes.
Gunnar Peterson
Before Julius Erving, being a stylish basketball player meant 13 ounces of pomade in your hair and color coordinating the belt in your shorts with your canvas sneakers. Dr. J was a transcendent figure athletically, but he also changed the aesthetics of the sport.
Sean Evans
The film’s dramatic requirements should always take precedence over the mere aesthetics of editing.
Edward Dmytryk
I think the New Aesthetic is a series of observations. I think most of the trouble people have had with it comes from a misunderstanding of it as a movement.
Warren Ellis
Aesthetics – rather than reason – shapes our thought processes. First comes aesthetics, then logic. ‘Thinking in Numbers’ is not about an attempt to impress the reader but to include the reader, draw the reader in, by explaining my experiences – the beauty I feel in a prime number, for example.
Daniel Tammet
Trump Tower is a beacon of aesthetic appeal by comparison to what the oligarchs build in their so-called cottages outside of Moscow. So he fits right into their aesthetic, he fits right into the way they think and the way act. Except of course they’re more powerful than he is.
Anne Applebaum
Cycling is based so much on form, on aesthetics, on class – the way you carry yourself on the bike, the sort of technique you have.
David Millar
Some of football’s gaudiest displays of manliness are purely aesthetic. It’s not what players do, it’s how they look doing it.
J. R. Moehringer
It’s for all the women who embrace my aesthetic, but can’t afford a Vera Wang dress. If women can get anything out of it – a little bit of me or a lot of me, that’s what’s important.
Vera Wang
Murakami's ability to deconstruct and his aesthetic and

Murakami’s ability to deconstruct and his aesthetic and conceptual freedom have been totally inspiring for me.
Virgil Abloh
I used to always say – and I think a lot of artists think of it this way – that when you see a black figure, the way the critical establishment operated, you can only imagine that figure having a sociological value. They never say the ways in which their aesthetics were equally worthy of consideration.
Kerry James Marshall
It is an extremely difficult task to make an entertaining movie, which is completely aesthetic and you can watch again and again.
Farah Khan
After its hothouse incubation in the seventies, appropriation breathed important new life into art. This life flowered spectacularly over the decades – even if it’s now close to aesthetic kudzu.
Jerry Saltz
I’m not about either entertaining or instructing. The entertaining and instructing are secondary fallout from the fundamental thing, which is basically to create an aesthetic object.
Samuel R. Delany
It’s something we, guys, have all done. Made tapes for girls, trying to impress them, to meet them on a shared plane of aesthetics. Read them someone else’s poetry because they do poetry better than you could do it, because you’re too awkward to do it.
John Cusack
I love art dealers. In some ways, they’re my favorite people in the art world. Really. I love that they put their money where their taste is, create their own aesthetic universes, support artists, employ people, and do all of this while letting us see art for free. Many are visionaries.
Jerry Saltz
The art of living demands that our interest in bringing forth flowers in our family life equal the interest we take in bringing them forth in our window gardens. So long as their home-life aesthetics have not become ethics, women need not expect husbands, children, or servants to feel happy in the homes of their creation.
Ellen Key
Outside of hip-hop, it was in comics that I most often found the aesthetics and wisdom of my world reflected.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I always think of my films within the context of where aesthetics meet economics. That’s the nature of making art – not being naive about what is possible and getting what you need to tell the story you want to tell.
Ira Sachs
When you’re talking about Tim Burton, you’re talking about a guy that has such a visual sense, an aesthetic, a storytelling style. It’s like he’s got his own genre.
Jackie Earle Haley
For me, dance is about the aesthetics and the hard work that goes into creating something so beautiful. Motivation and dedication to the craft is what pushes me to do my best, to always strive to do better, and the outcome is always worth it.
Yuan Yuan Tan
I couldn’t put any kind of label on my production aesthetic.
Lindsey Buckingham