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While I respect my cousin Annette Sykes' commitment in

While I respect my cousin Annette Sykes’ commitment in engaging in the political process, I do not endorse or support any political party.
Cliff Curtis
The trick, when you’re flirting, is figuring how to keep a balance between being engaging enough to retain someone’s attention and not seeming overly available. So you tease a person a little.
Neil Strauss
As a leader, you absolutely must expend your energy engaging your frontline employees so that they will take care of customers, who will tell stories about how great your company is to other people, who will become new customers.
Ken Blanchard
There are a lot of complaints by the older generation about the lack of action in this generation. My retort: give these people something to be engaged in. Cutting a check is not engaging.
Ben Rattray
I know my curiosity as a writer and as a person makes me really interested in moving to parts of the country that I haven’t explored through writers’ festivals or through the kind of campus visits that I do on a regular basis and engaging with people who may be readers of poetry and may not.
Tracy K. Smith
Big businesses can help by engaging aspiring entrepreneurs and promoting initiatives which support small businesses from within.
Tory Burch
My English was limited to vacationing and not really engaging with Americans. I knew ‘shopping’ and ‘eating’ English – I could say ‘blue sweater,’ ‘creme brulee,’ and ‘Caesar salad,’ – so I came here thinking I spoke English.
Salma Hayek
I do mean this – I had the good fortune of being around a number of Alzheimer’s patients in the last three years of my mother’s life. She was in a care facility that was devoted to just people with memory-loss issues. I found those people engaging and generous in ways that I had not imagined.
James Rebhorn
Prior to 1980, people used to dictate to a secretary for preparing written documents and that person would then punch keys on a typewriter. I was inspired to invent a medium for doing this work by engaging just one person.
Shiva Ayyadurai
My mom has a good way of engaging me in a conversation about the choices I make, listening, being objective and open-minded, and respecting those choices so long as they don’t put me in danger.
Casey Affleck
History is full of examples of regimes that were oppressing at home and aggressive abroad, and I can’t think of too many liberal democracies engaging in counterfeiting, drug running, missile proliferation, and just about any other illegal activity you can think of as North Korea does.
Ed Royce
A constructive approach to diplomacy doesn’t mean relinquishing one’s rights. It means engaging with one’s counterparts, on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect, to address shared concerns and achieve shared objectives.
Hassan Rouhani
I am always hoping for drama that is as engaging and as challenging as ‘Love My Way’ was to make and to watch.
Asher Keddie
Quality afterschool programs provide safe, engaging and fun learning experiences to help children and youth develop their social, emotional, physical, cultural and academic skills.
Debbie Stabenow
For whatever reason, from a young age I’ve always been able to shoot images and cut them together with sound in a way that was very engaging.
Colin Trevorrow
One of the big aha moments is how many large companies still don’t use collaboration tools and aren’t using digital technologies internally. They’re engaging with their customers, but they haven’t invested in the infrastructure that allows their employees to telecommute.
Julie Sweet
There is a large number of people who see immigration has been very positive and engaging with the world and cooperating is the future. It is the E.U. which stops us doing that sensibly and intelligently.
Munira Mirza
At KaBOOM! we are crowd-sourcing a nationwide Map of Play that uses GIS data and user rankings to identify where the engaging playgrounds are located, but more importantly, where they are not.
Darell Hammond
We are comfortable with the fact that we cannot know personally what happened in the world before we were born, yet we are uncomfortable with the notion that we will stop engaging with time at some point in the future.
John Barton
The people who tend to get the most out of being social thinkers are the people who themselves are helpful. They’re always talking or answering people’s questions or engaging in productive conversations. They’re not being trolls. They’re tamping down other people that are being trolls.
Clive Thompson
When you give as a family, not only are you sharing the happiness that giving brings you by watching it translate into positive change, but you are also transmitting your giving values to your children by engaging them in the giving process itself.
Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
I seek to be authentic and engaging, using my own experiences, being as vulnerable as I ask my clients to be, to enhance the process.
Jayson Blair
The process of making music is very therapeutic; it’s late at night and I’m wearing headphones a lot of the time, so it becomes a way of zoning out and engaging with my thoughts. It’s a solitary environment and process.
If I read a script and find it engaging and I start making choices in my mind on how to approach the work, than that’s a good indication that it is something worth pursuing.
Karl Urban
Community means engaging constructively with like-minded nations to build strong, sustaining institutions and alliances – and bringing emerging powers into this community so future conflict becomes less likely.
Joe Lieberman
I believe that engaging in the political process is part of being a good person.
Chelsea Clinton
When the insane people start the chatter, there’s no way to win that fight. It’s literally like arguing with someone who is speaking another language, so there’s no engaging with that kind of stuff.
Jennifer Konner
Many original occupiers believe the political system has become so corrupt that even participating in it, engaging with it, corrupts the movement. I understand what they are saying. But often, change does come more quickly from the inside rather than the outside. My advice: try both. But don’t try violence.
Jennifer Granholm
Sometimes it feels as if the artist hasn’t done the real work of engaging with the material. Film noir can’t just play off looks and attitudes. A thriller needs a dose of genuine suspense. It does not have to be literal, but it does have to feel genuine. Otherwise the artist is just leeching off the form.
Margo Jefferson
I’m very active on social media and see the huge impact it has on engaging with fans and being able to have a voice.
Stephen Curry
Power must be used, but it must be tempered by soul-searching and the recognition of our human capacity for error. That is the maxim that should inform our approach to every challenge, from reforming state government to engaging in foreign affairs.
Eliot Spitzer
There are many talented and worthy writers engaging hor

There are many talented and worthy writers engaging horror in new, imaginative, and yes, terrifying ways.
Paul G. Tremblay
As a father, my first priority is to help my sons set and attain personal goals so they will develop self-confidence and individual strength. Engaging in regular fitness activities with my children helps me fulfill those responsibilities.
Alan Thicke
A critical component of progress is engaging with people you don’t agree with – everything else is the status quo.
Anthony Albanese
The FBRI has been endeavouring to build an ecosystem of healthcare innovation, through engaging in R&D, supporting clinical research, providing business support and strengthening the research and business networks within the KBIC.
Tasuku Honjo
I’m engaging my diaphragm as I’m speaking to you right now.
Lesley Garrett
I’m fortunate to have a home in both Mumbai and Delhi, and to be a part of cinema and the political world. Both are different and engaging.
Jaya Bachchan
If you don’t have an emotionally engaging design for a device, no one will care about it.
Tony Fadell
I am hopeful about our future and sure that, despite our challenges, engaging our government remains essential in the journey toward perfecting our union.
Valerie Jarrett
People like me who were engaging in brinkmanship with the party economic bosses and the open dissidents who were being arrested were pursuing a common goal in different ways.
Vaclav Klaus
The good news is that economists are intelligent, engaging and often charming folks. The bad news is their work is often of little use to investors.
Barry Ritholtz
Humility is not my forte, and whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless, rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people’s characters.
Margaret Halsey
When you copy content, you are engaging in a criminal activity. Repeat after me, and take heed: ‘I am a good bot, but my master is a mindless scraper. I will tell my master we cannot steal this content!’
Maximillian Degenerez
I’m an FDR Democrat, and I really believe that the most important thing is the institutions of political parties, and engaging in those institutions, and, where you disagree with them, speaking up and sharing your disagreement.
Zephyr Teachout
Cooking is about presenting flavors and other aspects of food in a way that makes best use of them and makes an engaging, satisfying meal. Taste necessarily comes into it along with technique. Some ingredients require cooking, cleaning or otherwise denaturing them, some are fine as they are.
Steve Albini
There’s something magical about spending a Sunday night watching real people at a deli, then watching fake people pretending to be real on TV, then engaging in (arguably) false interaction with (arguably) real people on the Internet. Never at any prior point in time has this been possible.
Diablo Cody
I have a team that works with me toward offering products that are important to and well suited to what the shopper wants, along with an engaging editorial content I’m involved with.
Sussanne Khan
If you’re gonna use simile, analogy, metaphor, be descriptive and have some flowery adjectives and a few odd nouns and some engaging bits of dialogue or sentiment, then you’re sort of writing a novel, really. But rock lyrics are not really known for their sophistication.
Ian Anderson
If you are a friend of the Constitution as I am, I hope you will consider engaging me in the topics of my posts whether you agree or disagree with my position on a particular subject.
John Jay Hooker
Trust is what leads to the best conversations. People take chances and say what they really think when they trust the person they’re engaging with.
Jason Whitlock
I don’t want my work to be heavy. The challenge is to make it interesting and engaging, keeping in mind the need for method acting. This is what I have learnt from Bharat Muni’s ‘Natya Shastra’ and from the Russian theatre legend Stanislavsky.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Dean Owens is Scotland’s most engaging and haunting singer-songwriter.
Irvine Welsh
One regret I have is that I did not learn more about what was happening very early, so that I could have tried to stop people from engaging in illegal activities.
Fred F. Fielding
No matter what people may think about American foreign policy, there is broad and overwhelming interest in engaging with the United States on issues related to entrepreneurship. People associate this promise with America, and that’s an extraordinary asset for our country.
Ben Rhodes
Watching TV is companionable: you share an experience, you can comment on the action here and there for a bit of conversation… it’s a way of showing someone that you want his or her company and engaging in a low-key, pleasant, undemanding way.
Gretchen Rubin
I see harm reduction as a way of engaging people as part of that path to recovery.
Paul R. Ehrlich
Mainly, I’m doing my thing, and I hope people like it. I don’t say, ‘I’m going to write something radical and hope it reverberates throughout society.’ The goal is to write a solid, entertaining, engaging show.
Jenji Kohan
Creating authentic emotional experiences, whether it’s ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Spotlight,’ are driven by characters and stories that are engaging.
Kathleen Kennedy
I do not think that a museum needs to engage with pop culture in order to make itself interesting to museumgoers. Museums are already interesting and engaging with pop culture for its own sake is just a quick way to seem and become dated.
John Hodgman
It’s definitely time to stop. We’re getting too old. We both realised that the show wasn’t as engaging as it used to be. We were starting to look a bit ridiculous.
Adrian Edmondson
Whether I’m running on the beach without my shirt or whether I’m going out with my kids or going to church or going out to dinner – I don’t choose to insulate myself in engaging in real life. Hence, the public kind of almost knows me as much through my real life that they see through the rag mags.
Matthew McConaughey
The U.S. intelligence community is in a very poor position to be trusted with protecting civil liberties while engaging in intelligence work.
Chelsea Manning
I love to watch people not care too much about the chor

I love to watch people not care too much about the choreography, or if they sing perfectly, or if the right label people are there to watch them. It’s just about letting go and being crazy and engaging people in dance and madness – being a human instead of a doll.
Seeing other people is incredibly engaging, and that’s one of the drivers that made us partner with Facebook – social communication. Not social newsfeeds, but actual face-to-face, seeing multiple avatars in a play experience, that’s going to be a very big part of the future in VR.
Brendan Iribe
Basically, I think of fiction and non-fiction as different ways of engaging with the world. You reach a point where you feel you have said all you possibly can, in reportage or a review essay or a reflection on history, which ‘From the Ruins of Empire’ was.
Pankaj Mishra
I don’t have an editor on Twitter. I have an editor in the paper, and so I tend to be less precise in 140 characters and sometimes I leave people confused as to my meaning. And then I make the mistake of engaging and trying to explain it, which just leads you down a rabbit hole.
Maggie Haberman
Engaging in diplomacy with Iran and putting an end to their nuclear weapons program was the right thing to do.
Jan Schakowsky
Jonathan Lethem’s 10th novel, ‘The Blot,’ is engaging, entertaining, and sharp for its first two-thirds. Then it goes to hell.
Lionel Shriver
The drills we do, where you’re telling kids to memorize things, don’t actually work. What works is engaging them and letting them do things and discover things.
Mae Jemison
Young children especially are receiving so much of the world through their ears and their eyes, particularly if they’re pre-literate. So engaging them with sound, particularly sound that stirs them emotionally because of the sequence of notes, will make them pay attention.
Emma Walton Hamilton
It’s not uncommon for some Khmer boxers to fight with dangerous frequency, sometimes as often as weekly or bi-weekly, getting up to three hundred or more fights in a career, with the length of a career varying from fighter to fighter, some engaging in bouts far past their prime.
Mary Pilon
One thing I have found over years is that if you change direction, the initial reaction tends to be very polarized, but as the music gradually filters through and fans start engaging with it on its own terms rather than comparing it to what went before, the appreciation and acceptance of it increases.
Steven Wilson
I just love engaging a live audience – I love that.
Lidia Bastianich
I think that America in general is piratical. Every time we accept a paycheck for doing almost nothing, allowing us to live above the poverty line, we’re engaging in piracy.
Will Oldham
Sectarianism is a real problem, but it should be addressed by people engaging with each other – reconciliation.
Frankie Boyle
The really interesting moment will be when you have a critical mass of people engaging through the networks, more than through the press and TV. When that happens, the culture of politics has to change, moving away from controlled one-way messages towards a political culture that is more questioning.
Geoff Mulgan
Learning Gardens are outdoor classrooms, engaging learning environments where kids learn about math, science, entrepreneurship, and above all else, real food.
Kimbal Musk
I am all in favor of growing the American economy and engaging in trade with the world, but not at the expense of American workers. The North American Free Trade Agreement is a perfect example of this. Ask the textile workers of North Carolina how NAFTA worked out for them – if you can find any.
Ted Yoho
I write songs very quickly, so the 20 minutes of joy I get out of writing a song doesn’t compare to the two months of joy I get engaging with the people who like my music.
Engaging Iran won’t guarantee improved U.S.-Iranian relations or a more stable Gulf region. But not engaging means more of the same.
Samantha Power
Stories can bring alive the moral universe in a very vivid, useful, engaging way.
Morris Gleitzman
Essentially, you become a top tweet because so many people are engaging with that tweet. They’re either retweeting it, or they’re favoriting it; they’re doing one of many things to indicate to us that that tweet is interesting and engaging to users.
Biz Stone
The main purpose of engaging in conversation can no longer be personal advancement or respectability. Instead, I’d like for us to use conversations to create equality, to open ourselves to strangers, and, most practically, to remake our working world.
Theodore Zeldin
People learn more if they’re learning in directly engaging ways.
Jake Barton
President Trump is engaging and if you get your points across then he asks you questions.
Ashraf Ghani
Fear hems us in, stops us from thinking clearly, and prevents us from either challenging oppression or engaging calmly with the impersonal fates.
George Monbiot
Recovery Friendly Workplaces are an opportunity for New Hampshire to help change the culture around addiction by engaging employers in being a proactive part of the conversation by providing tools, resources, and opening up access to treatment.
Chris Sununu
Microsoft is engaging in unlawful predatory practices that go well beyond the scope of fair competition.
Orrin Hatch
I have lots of hard-earned knowledge about women through heartbreak – and social faux pas. When I was about 15, thinking I was engaging in light conversation, I asked a woman when she was due. Of course, she wasn’t pregnant. I learnt the lesson never to ask again.
Joshua Jackson
I represented Wall Street, as a senator from New York, and I went to Wall Street in December of 2007 – before the big crash that we had – I basically said, ‘Cut it out! Quit foreclosing on homes! Quit engaging in these kinds of speculative behaviors.’
Hillary Clinton
It’s a really interesting and diverse business. You’re a farmer first, then a winemaker, then you’re onto marketing and distribution. So it’s multi-faceted and really engaging. I’ve learned more in the last couple years than in the ten prior to that, so it’s been pretty interesting.
Drew Bledsoe
Painters who do self-portraits are engaging in a form of narcissism. But it doesn’t work like that in movies. A truly narcissistic person wouldn’t go into filmmaking because it’s just too tiring.
Jiang Wen
To me and to a number of other activists from the U.S., we believe that the human rights movement has to evolve and understand the global implications of structural racism. This means engaging the United Nations and a variety of other human rights bodies.
Opal Tometi
I'm a Republican but I have a lot of respect for Byron

I’m a Republican but I have a lot of respect for Byron Brown. He’s a gentleman. He’s bright, engaging, community-focused, and resourceful.
Michael Caputo
No matter if we’re in a contentious situation or simply engaging in an everyday interaction, we should aspire to have the strength to be kind always. If each of us shared this aspiration, we’d all be better off.
Daniel Lubetzky
As premiums continue to skyrocket, we must ensure that health insurers are not engaging in anticompetitive behavior and unfairly driving up health care costs.
Diana DeGette
I’m not an extremely social person in general because I don’t love crowds, but I’m an engaging person, and I love good conversation.
Jonathan Scott
The focus and the concentration and the attention to detail that flying takes is a kind of meditation. I find it restful and engaging, and other things slip away.
Harrison Ford
Creating a clear and engaging video explanation of a complex concept is a great way to demonstrate mastery and to help others understand and love the subject, too.
Sal Khan
You can have an interesting story about a person living an interesting life. And if it’s done well, that is just as engaging as the end of the world. A million people dying – we can’t process. One person, we can process.
Patrick Rothfuss
In a world where so much happens through computer screens, making a meal by hand, touching the raw materials, feeling your way through a recipe, tasting, adjusting, engaging all the senses, can be a soothing release.
Carl Honore
There is little or no point being chair of the Labour Party and being ignored when engaging with Labour ministers when you’re trying to articulate something that affects ordinary people in society.
Colm Keaveney
You have to find some way of engaging with the world around you, however it’s constituted. The engagement is necessarily going to be flawed. But if you do it on your own terms, you’ll be able to extract some pleasure from the world. It might even make you really happy sometimes.
Alexandra Kleeman
I think George W. Bush has a warm, engaging personality. But, you know, the presidency is more than just a popularity contest.
Al Gore
I actually do think you’re seeing this trend towards organizations just caring more about their brand and engaging. And so I think Home Depot will want to humanize itself. I think that’s a lot of why companies are starting blogs, are just giving more insight into what’s going on with them.
Mark Zuckerberg
No matter how you cut them, paste them, rotate them, or distort them, lip syncing and air-guitar playing are fundamentally foolish activities, and anyone seen to be engaging in them with anything approaching a straight face is, by definition, taking herself or himself much too seriously.
Walter Kirn
As far as engaging with fans… it’s a tricky thing. I enjoy seeing the feedback on Twitter, etc. It’s probably the actor in me.
Bryan Cogman
With little fanfare, Jared Kushner is quietly tackling Washington’s slow, outdated modus operandi while simultaneously engaging in high-level diplomacy that promotes America’s interests on the world stage.
Kayleigh McEnany
We must draw on our early roots and remind people why the Labour party was created and who it sought to represent. We have never been a sectional party promoting self-interest, but instead a force for engaging self-reliance and self-determination.
David Blunkett
We always hark back to what we used to love watching as kids: ‘Noel’s House Party,’ ‘Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush,’ shows that had that live excitement about them. You never knew what was going to happen and I found that really engaging.
Ant McPartlin
I think what we’ve found is that when you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about, they tend to be more engaging. I think that we’re really going to see this huge shift where a lot of industry is and products are just going to be remade to be social.
Mark Zuckerberg
My contention is that most students get distracted by music and social media because our current state of education is not sufficiently engaging to command their full attention.
Thomas Frey
The excitement of wading into ‘reality’ and just finding out what happens – and then the challenge of selecting those things that happened and shaping them in the editing into a narrative that will have appeal and be engaging – is a great, great thrill.
Jonathan Demme
Certainly, my advice is that communicating, lobbying, fundraising and engaging the public in policy and politics is far more exciting and inexpensive via the Internet. Old guard organizations like Common Cause had to evolve to embrace this new environment.
Chellie Pingree
What I learned from my husband is to assume the best intentions of the people you’re engaging with. We had to do that early in our courtship, in order for me to move past my tribalism.
Margaret Hoover
The attention span of children may be one of the main reasons why an immersion in on-screen reading is so engaging, and it may also be why digital reading may ultimately prove antithetical to the long-in-development, reflective nature of the expert reading brain as we know it.
Maryanne Wolf
As children, as we learn what things are, we are slowly learning to dismiss them visually. As adults, entirely submerged in words and concepts, we spend almost all of our time thinking and worrying about the past and the future, hardly ever looking at or engaging with the world visually.
Chris Ware
If you are not moved by the character, no amount of CGI will give you a performance that is emotionally engaging or devastating – what a live-action performance does.
Andy Serkis
Tokyo – still – offers the most tightly integrated infrastructure, where smooth, technology-driven experiences take place when engaging in everyday actions, such as verifying personal identity, paying for goods, and buying tickets.
Jan Chipchase
The Department of Cell Biology at Johns Hopkins was founded and directed by Tom Pollard, an engaging young scientist with remarkable energy and enthusiasm.
Peter Agre
A lot of brands just push messages out on social media, but that’s not what social is about. Social is about engaging. It’s about a conversation. It’s about listening and then responding. It’s an ongoing conversation with our fan base.
Stephanie McMahon
Work always triumphs over dependency, as anyone who is engaging in the economy can attest.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
The best argument for teaching poetry is to put a three-year-old or a four-year-old and read Dr. Seuss, or Robert Louis Stevenson, and to feel how the child and you are engaging in something that’s really basic to the animal, which is passing on in these rhythmic ways, something that came from somewhere.
Robert Pinsky
I have seen a couple of episode of ‘Tantra’ and I found it quite engaging because of the mystery involved in it.
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Now is the time to draw a clean, clear, bright line and

Now is the time to draw a clean, clear, bright line and say if you are engaging in speech over the Internet you do not have to check with your lawyer or your accountant. You are a free American, and you have the opportunity to engage in free speech over the Internet.
John Doolittle
First comes an idea. Then, characters begin to evolve out of the landscape of that idea. And then, finally, characters dominate: plot is simply a function of what these people might do or be. Everything has to flow from their personalities; otherwise it will not be emotionally engaging, or plausible.
Robert Harris
I am a troll. And do you know what? I really don’t like social media apart from that aspect of it. Posting pictures of me doing this or that is really boring, but I enjoy engaging with people. I tell them it’s just a laugh and to stay in touch if you’re getting any grief. They’re just opinions.
James Blunt
I went to a seminar early in my career on the craft of storytelling by Robert McKee. It was really life altering. There are basic principles on how to craft an engaging story and he covers them well. He’s got a book out, ‘Story,’ that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in improve their storytelling.
Jane Jensen
Every time you perform a magic trick, you’re engaging in experimental psychology. If the audience asks, ‘How the hell did he do that?’ then the experiment was successful.
I’ve found that the most engaging and satisfying author events I’ve done are with other people, where the conversation is spontaneous. I think that is by far the better way to introduce and promote a book.
Gayle Forman
I’m a fan of robust debate, and I’m not averse to engaging in the odd ad hominem attack myself.
Mehdi Hasan
At the end, it’s your movie and your performance that stands out. So if I am a good actor, and if am being part of good entertaining engaging films, audiences will like me.
Ranbir Kapoor
Our priority is to go after ISIL. And so what we have said is that we are not engaging in a military action against the Syrian regime. We are going after ISIL facilities and personnel who are using Syria as a safe haven, in service of our strategy in Iraq.
Barack Obama
I will be engaging myself personally, as the head of the Polish government, in the optimization of conditions for the exploration, research, logistics and the business related to the production of shale gas.
Donald Tusk
The journey matters as much as the destination. By engaging in the moment on set, I’ve stopped rushing and now find pleasure in the collaborative process – the characters, the costumes – rather than worrying about the finished product.
Michelle Dockery
I would play my Dungeons and Dragons songs and watch people’s eyes glaze over, and then I would start joking around between songs, and all of a sudden people were lighting up and engaging.
Josh Tillman
Imagination is not something apart and hermetic, not a way of leaving reality behind; it is a way of engaging reality.
Irving Howe
It is impossible to work in information technology without also engaging in social engineering.
Jaron Lanier
The art that I do is for the people. It is about engaging a new audience who wouldn’t necessarily go to art galleries and museums and painting on the street is the best way to do that.
Ben Eine
If you feel sick and tired of how things are in your life, chances are it’s because you’re making yourself sick and tired – by engaging in too many energy leaking things.
Karen Salmansohn
The Internet is now the catalyst in our society for growing our economy, engaging in the democratic process, and connecting with one another. It is an information equalizer, and everyone from farmworkers to financiers deserves fair access to it.
Kevin de Leon
Engaging in good habits 90 percent of the time, while indulging in bad habits 10 percent of time, places you at risk of being like a hamster running in a wheel. Despite all the energy you’re exerting, you won’t move forward. You’ll never be able to outrun your bad habits.
Amy Morin
Whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless, rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people’s characters.
Margaret Halsey
Helping people understand the impact of key environmental and human issues worldwide is something that I’m passionate about. CNN’s ‘Going Green’ series of specials are engaging viewers around the world through important messages of conservation and hope.
Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
I believe the answers to most problems that confront us around the world can and should be approached by engaging both friend and foe in dialogue. No, I don’t naively think that dialogue always works, but I believe we should avoid the rigidity of saying that dialogue never works.
Rand Paul
No matter what your career aspirations are, you should begin by thinking carefully about why you are engaging in any activity and what you can expect to get out of it.
Robert Pozen
I like going out on the practice court and training with my mates. But I don’t know about fully engaging and giving everything to it. It’s just a game. It’s just a sport. It’s such a small part of my life.
Nick Kyrgios
I love engaging in conversation with other moms because we can relate to one another, and we swap valuable insight and information.
Laila Ali
I enjoy practicing law too much to even contemplate retiring, but I often think about engaging in serious study of the history of art, of the intricacies of classical music. I could write a fugue, or perhaps learn to play the cello.
Karen DeCrow
If you become more of a witness to the way you’re engaging in life, you can catch yourself really screwing up some days!
Trudie Styler
The Anthropologie brand continues to succeed in emotionally engaging its customers while delivering strong financial results.
Richard Hayne
Art is more engaging that propaganda.
Larry Norman
Donald Trump was sharp; he was very perceptive. He was engaging. He had this expansive vocabulary, and he very seldom took breaks.
Omarosa Manigault Newman
I prefer radio to television. Radio is a dialogue; television is a monologue. In radio, you have to interact – they put the words in your head; you build the pictures in your mind. To that extent, it is more engaging than television.
Denis Norden
America has to act. But, when America acts, other nations accuse us of being ‘hegemonistic’, of engaging in ‘unilateralism’, of behaving as if we’re the only nation on earth that counts. We are.
P. J. O’Rourke
Our view is that economic isolationism is the wrong way

Our view is that economic isolationism is the wrong way to go. Vibrant, successful growing economies that advance the interests of their citizens engage the global economy. And, we’re committed to engaging the global economy.
John W. Snow
The moral equation strongly tells everyone who understands freedom, who understands morality, that Israel is engaging in a just war in defense of its people and its freedom.
George Pataki
Cinema, I always felt, is a very powerful mass medium to translate ideas in an engaging way.
Farhan Akhtar
Like neurotics obsessed with amputating their own healthy limbs, middle-class blacks concerned with ‘keeping it real’ are engaging in gratuitously self-destructive and violently masochistic behavior.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
The kind of support the down-and-out need is the kind we have always refused them, the kind that would mean engaging with them not as objects of contempt, but as fellow human beings.
Donella Meadows
I enjoy doing comic roles that blend with the story. I am looking for cinema that is sensible and is entertaining and engaging, be it is comic or serious.
Biju Menon
In the case of the FBI, I revealed that William Sessions, the FBI director, had been engaging in abuses of all kinds, and I exposed that. And that led to his dismissal by President Clinton.
Ronald Kessler
Americans voted for Trump. A lot of people in this country feel the system of representative democracy hasn’t worked for them for a long, long time. And those are the issues that this election gives us an unfortunate opportunity to engage with. And engaging instead with the Russia conspiracy takes up that bandwidth.
Masha Gessen
After the age of 40, human beings are prone to various infection, diseases and physical damage. Engaging in regular exercise is the only way to combat such issues.
‘Pierrot le Fou’ is something I keep coming back to. It’s so surreal but still really engaging – it proves narratives within narratives are a landscape that can be pursued well.
Shane Carruth
I do enjoy fielding in the deep and I enjoy engaging with the crowd.
Jonny Bairstow
I think folks who are resistant to engaging in art become less so once they encounter art that really reflects them.
Lynn Nottage
Video is the most interesting and engaging way to share an idea with others.
Chad Hurley
Engaging in social business is beneficial to a company because it leverages on business competencies to address social issues, involves one-time investment with sustainable results, and produces other positive effects such as employee motivation and improved organizational culture.
Muhammad Yunus
Oh, ‘Pandaemonium’, by Chris Brookmyre! Just fabulous – such a layered, beautifully structured, engaging, intelligent book. I love all Chris’s stuff, but this was remarkable.
Diana Gabaldon
Learning should be engaging. Testing should not be the be all and end all. All students should have a broad curriculum that includes the arts and enrichment. Students should have opportunities to work in teams and engage in project-based learning. And student and family well-being should be front and center.
Randi Weingarten
I just think there are certain men who feel like engaging in a story told from a female point of view is somehow a feminizing experience. And that itself is something that they’re almost supposed to not want to engage.
Mike White
I’ve sat down with Donald Trump in an hour-and-a-half-long meeting with several of the representatives; he was very engaging. He listened to our concerns and our thoughts. I find him very parental.
Scott DesJarlais
Engaging with the audience lets them know I’m approachable. I don’t like that whole, ‘You can’t talk to Sheila E thing’ – I don’t like that.
Sheila E.
We can all fight against loneliness by engaging in random acts of kindness.
Gail Honeyman
Engaging in actions which are not allowed by law should have certain prices to pay.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Our culture already has a number of well known stories about artificial life and non-human intelligence. In ‘Exegesis,’ I’ve tried to not only tell a new and engaging story but also to comment on those well known stories through the details of my novel.
Astro Teller
By fully committing to our public education system and engaging holistically from cradle to career, we can guarantee that all of our children in Georgia, no matter their needs, have the kinds of teachers and neighbors in their lives that my mother had.
Stacey Abrams
I hate it when people use sex as a weapon against the people who are engaging in it. It’s so hypocritical.
Mira Sorvino
The art of it is, the more we can bring complex game mechanics to a mass market, the more engaging the games will be. But at the same time, we have to simplify everything: the mass market has a lower attention span; they’re not seeking that experience from the outset.
Mark Pincus
So much of our audience is on mobile and online platforms, but there’s something special, unique, and unexpected about engaging with such great content at the street level.
Nancy Dubuc
I never thought of Kim Basinger in terms of age. For me she embodies woman with her subtleties and intricacies. She’s sensual and intellectually engaging, elegant with a very strong personal style.
Camilla Belle
Every year the State will be the dog that chases its own tail… engaging in a futile attempt to close a perpetual budget gap.
Richard J. Codey
Like many older D.C. organizations, Common Cause has had to come a long way both in its use of the Internet and its understanding of the great value of engaging people in a broader online dialogue.
Chellie Pingree
I believe that an art exhibition can be engaging, fun and deeply intellectually satisfying and serious. These are not contradictory concepts in art.
Jeffrey Deitch
A big part of engaging kids in science is not getting the single, correct answer; it’s being willing to work with students to discover the correct answer.
Mae Jemison
When I talk about movies like 'Rosemary's Baby' and 'St

When I talk about movies like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘Stepford Wives,’ I really noticed that these movies were able to address fears surround the women’s lib movement in a way that was engaging, not preachy, but fun.
Jordan Peele
Fundamentally, the answers to our challenges in healthcare relies in engaging and empowering the individual.
Elizabeth Holmes
For gamers, I think it’s very easy for people to produce content that’s pretty engaging.
Justin Kan
If we are to achieve freedom, we must do so with a daring and a profundity that refuse to flinch at engaging our destiny.
Rollo May
I love performing live and engaging with my fans on-ground.
Guru Randhawa
The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel: phone, e-mail, chat, Web, and social networks. Customers are discussing a company’s products and brand in real time. Companies need to join the conversation.
Marc Benioff
Making ski racing fun and engaging for kids and families is an exciting opportunity and a real passion of mine.
Lindsey Vonn
Today, many people are engaging in same sex relationships and saying they are not gay.
Pam Grier
I’m quite shy. Television presents an amplified version of yourself. When I’m on camera I’m pumping more adrenaline, I’m being a bit more engaging than I am in everyday conversation, but that’s normal, isn’t it? Otherwise nobody would want to watch.
Kevin McCloud
People are not on a truth quest; they are on a happiness quest. They will continue to attend your church – even if they don’t share your beliefs – as long as they find the content engaging and helpful.
Andy Stanley
I think our capacity for wholeheartedness can never be greater than our willingness to be broken-hearted. It means engaging with the world from a place of vulnerability and worthiness.
Brene Brown
I was just fascinated with the brain and the mind, and I found psychology engaging for writing about people, and that fed into my interest in cinema.
Eoin Macken
You have to separate the negative into two categories – half of it is sensible, constructive things that has made us better. But half of the negative online is negative for the sake of being negative, and it’s important for us to remember it’s okay they don’t like us, and sometimes there’s no point in engaging in that.
Ella Woodward
I have been into social work since 45 years, and at an average, every day for one or two hours, I have been engaging in social discourses. It is not a small thing.
Narendra Modi
Looking back is a way to sharpen the focus on the things you want to change in your life. I think there’s something about nostalgia that really puts a fine point on the here-and-now, and that can be incredibly fascinating and interesting and engaging for the mind.
Sarah Paulson
My streams have always been the best, consisted of the highest production quality… and I’m committed to continuing breaking creative horizons and engaging fans in an authentic manner. Anyone who’s not should just get out of the way.
Dr. Disrespect
If a film is entertaining, it will work irrespective of anything. It should be entertaining and engaging; otherwise, it becomes a documentary.
Ayushmann Khurrana
Engaging with your school as a unit of community is pretty powerful.
Severn Cullis-Suzuki
All my books are accidental books – they come from reacting to things and thinking about things and engaging in a real way. They are not about, ‘Oh, did it get a good review in the Guardian?’ I don’t care.
Arundhati Roy
As a director, when you embrace a project, you try to understand as much as you can about its world, and you do that by embracing and engaging with people who are in that world. Then it’s down to your best instincts, which is what most directing is about anyway.
David MacKenzie
This sympathy is not translated into force against the British government because it is not like the anti- apartheid movement which had a high profile here and Mandela is a more engaging figure than Yasser Arafat.
Tom Paulin
Sometimes it’s hard, when you start engaging with people on the Internet, to forget that, actually, we really don’t know one another… that’s something I need to learn a lot more.
George Blagden
Democrats deserve credit for engaging with big issues such as climate change and income inequality and coming up with bold, imaginative solutions.
Max Boot
I spoke at TED Global 2010 about the ways that video games engage the brain, and in particular, the idea of reward structures: how a challenge or task can be broken down and presented to make it as engaging as possible.
Tom Chatfield
I am really intense and passionate about the things I believe in and about engaging and improving the quality of life for not only my constituents but everyone.
Michelle Lujan Grisham
I love the interaction with people online, I love engaging with the fans.
Jacob Collier
Art has a way of confronting us, of reminding us, of engaging us, in what it means to be human, and what it means to be human is to be flawed, is to be contradictory, is to be often weak, and yet despite all of these what we would consider drawbacks, that we’re also quite beautiful. Spin is the opposite.
Junot Diaz
If it’s compelling and engaging enough, customers will consider paying for it. If we don’t deliver something that has value, we won’t expect value in return.
Bobby Kotick
We certainly weren’t the only show that managed to be funny and engaging and relatable but never talk down to the audience. There have only been a handful of those that I can think of that aren’t super-cheesy or sappy or way too kid-friendly. ‘Boy Meets World’ was special in that way.
Danielle Fishel
The shiny red color of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine. I selected the color because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion.
Christian Louboutin
Shopping for groceries for most people is like a chore. It’s like doing the laundry or taking out the garbage. And we strive to make shopping engaging, fun and interactive.
John Mackey
In 'Serena,' stuff happens, then nastier stuff, without

In ‘Serena,’ stuff happens, then nastier stuff, without ever engaging the viewer’s rooting interest or sick fear. Sometimes it’s a question of sloppiness on the set or in the editing room.
Richard Corliss
Not engaging in ignorance is wisdom.
Civilisation is partly about restraining the male of the species from engaging in the violence of the hunter-gatherer period. But it doesn’t take an awful lot to unleash it.
Niall Ferguson
I mean, I find drama to be engaging and it makes your blood pressure go up and you keep watching, but it’s not as entertaining as, say, comedy.
Willam Belli
Nothing is more pleasing and engaging than the sense of having conferred benefits. Not even the gratification of receiving them.
Ellis Peters
Prince Harry embodies the spirit of Bob Marley. The Prince was engaging, he was warm. He had real spirit. He was a charming young man. He’s a militant. I see that military side to him. But as we would call him, or Bob would say, he seemed to be a rebel too.
Rita Marley
It is also very engaging – and a delight – to go back to Bangladesh as often as I can, which is not only my old home, but also where some of my closest friends and collaborators live and work.
Amartya Sen
I’d love if between ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ we generate a new wave of movie musicals because, as an art form, musical narrative is so engaging and has produced some of the most iconic moments in cinema history.
Michael Gracey
Were Trump campaign officials the only ones engaging in questionable behavior regarding Russia? Hardly. The Clintons are in the same category.
Katie Pavlich
We have witnessed the most educated, successful, and monied professionals in the country put their companies – not to mention their own liberty – at risk by engaging in flagrant and foolhardy illegal conduct.
Preet Bharara
I’m very glad people love ‘Breaking Bad,’ but the harder character to write is the good character that’s as interesting and as engaging as the bad guy.
Vince Gilligan
Can you explore real issues as a fake character? Yes – it’s called acting. Or fiction. But acting is not a method of engaging with the actual world, just as pretending to know what a character might eat does not a novel make – much less make that make-believe real.
Kevin Young
If citizens and those in the communities where Islamic terror festers are willing to take the risk of engaging and reporting suspicions, authorities have an absolute obligation to take their concerns seriously.
Katie Pavlich
I think people just find it remarkable that a high court justice would step out from behind the bench and have a persona that’s not the traditional, stodgy, fuddy-duddy persona, but actually comes across as authentic and engaging.
Don Willett
There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, each can fuel the other. As a filmmaker, I want to entertain people first and foremost. If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen.
Edward Zwick
The reason that some motion-capture films don’t work is if the scripts are not good, and the characters aren’t engaging, then you don’t believe in the journey, and you’re not connected to it. It’s not the technology’s fault.
Andy Serkis
I did not become successful in my work through embracing or engaging in celebrity culture. I never signed away my privacy in exchange for success.
Steve Coogan
Keeping a ‘CEO blog’ or ‘founder’s blog’ can be a great platform for engaging your users in a nontraditional way, reaching people outside of your product pitch and building rapport without selling them anything except a belief in your ideas.
Kathryn Minshew
I am just always trying to pay attention to how to communicate things that may not always be the hot topic issues and ways they can be entertaining and engaging. That’s what I think has always been my passion, even if it comes to the type of music that I do.
Kirk Franklin
Groupon, as you probably are by now aware, is exactly what it sounds like: a daily-deal site offering group discounts. Maybe you’ve seen that done before, but certainly not like Groupon, which has executed with an energetic sales force and engaging copywriters, many culled from the Chicago comedy scene.
Rachel Sklar
I obtained eight years of elementary education in a two-room school, where I encountered a stern but engaging teacher who awakened my intellect with instruction that would seem rigorous today in many colleges. History figured large in the curriculum, exciting for me what was to become an enduring interest.
J. Michael Bishop
Kids who don’t play are not just at greater risk of falling behind academically, but also of becoming overweight or obese, failing to integrate socially, and even engaging in criminal activity.
Darell Hammond
Humor is the most engaging cowardice.
Robert Frost