Top 25 Clicking Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Clicking Quotes from famous people such as Annie Lennox, Vonda Shepard, Vaughn Monroe, Al-Waleed bin Talal, Michelle McNamara, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

For me, pointing and clicking my phone is absolutely fi

For me, pointing and clicking my phone is absolutely fine. People say that isn’t the art of photography but I don’t agree.
Annie Lennox
I thought nothing would ever happen for me. My whole life had been geared toward being a singer, and it wasn’t clicking.
Vonda Shepard
I knew that we were clicking when mimics started kidding my voice, I’ll know that I’m on the way out when they stop doing their imitations.
Vaughn Monroe
The legacy of Steve Jobs and the strength of Steve Jobs is that he established a company that’s clearly firing on all cylinders and clicking very well.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
When my family goes to sleep, I start clicking, combing through digitized phone books, school yearbooks, and Google Earth views of crime scenes: a bottomless pit of potential leads for the laptop investigator who now exists in the virtual world.
Michelle McNamara
You know, the fans, the city have embraced me. The Jazz culture and family have welcomed me with open arms. Any time you have those things clicking on all cylinders, it just makes for a great place to raise your family and be a part of.
George Hill
When you’re clicking, you’re not making mental mistakes. You’re going out there. You’re lining up fast.
Julian Edelman
I’ve had the fortune of meeting most of the ‘Kids in the Hall.’ One meeting was special in particular because this was before I had gotten anything, before anything was clicking, and I just found myself hanging out with Scott Thompson.
Thomas Middleditch
I don’t really like talking too much about myself, but I have this feeling that it’s all clicking for me. It’s all coming together.
Lukasz Fabianski
I’ve been fortunate to get involved with ‘Short Term 12.’ I was just a young teenager on the Internet, clicking on anything that had the word ‘actor’ in it. One day, someone called me in for a movie audition.
Lakeith Stanfield
Sometimes I’ll sing the same verse through the entire song, because the other verses aren’t clicking. And when they do come to me, I’m in the middle of that same verse!
Tom Araya
When you finish a poem, it clicks shut like the top of a jewel box, but prose is endless. I haven’t experienced an awful lot of clicking shut!
Kenneth Koch
When I was doing larger than life roles in action entertainers they weren’t clicking.
Selfie is referred to the new age ‘autograph’ for our fans nowadays! Also, I like clicking selfies.
Nikita Dutta
When I walked outside of my room for the first time since being placed into self-isolation for breaking the Covid-19 protocols, I heard the cameras clicking with every single step I took. The whole spectacle made me feel uneasy.
Jofra Archer
We’ve been called the soundtrack of people’s lives. There have been lots of downs, of course but mostly ups. That EW&F is still clicking at least twenty years on and has a life of its own, that the songs have stayed alive – we’re like a good book that people go back to.
Maurice White
Playing clubs is the ultimate – you see the faces; you hear the ‘clicking’ glasses – I love all that atmosphere and seeing people’s mouths singing the words to the songs.
Vonda Shepard
When I did ‘E.T.,’ it sort of solidified the only family I know are these film crews. These gypsies. These filmmakers. That was the solidification and the clicking revelations of ‘This is what I want to do with my life and this is where I’m going to survive.’
Drew Barrymore
Every artist has different priorities. Some artists I know don’t make as much music as they used to, because social media has taken over their lives. I work at what I feel is a very normal pace, and things keep clicking. It’s rewarding.
Mark Kozelek
Lyft is the fastest-growing on-demand transportation service in the United States. It’s as easy as opening the Lyft app, clicking a button, and a driver arrives within minutes.
John Zimmer
I shoot five or six times, go out and play defense and make sure everything is clicking. I’m like a transmission in a car. You can’t see me, but I make the car go.
Charles Oakley
I don’t think you can describe your ideal girl. A big part of that is just meeting someone and really clicking with them and wanting to hang out with them all of the time.
Aziz Ansari
Don’t feel bad about getting someone to click on something if the thing they’re clicking on doesn’t suck.
Hank Green
The photographers are always around. Wherever I go, they start clicking incessantly. I am always like, ‘At least give me a heads-up, as, many times, I look so disheveled. What will people think?’
Alia Bhatt
I think they’ve got to give Kevin Owens a run with the belt. He’s a veteran, and he’s really clicking on the mic, and the kid is super talented.
Stone Cold Steve Austin