Top 25 Psychiatrists Quotes

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My mother sent me to psychiatrists since the age of fou

My mother sent me to psychiatrists since the age of four because she didn’t think little boys should be sad. When my brother was born, I stared out the window for days. Can you imagine that?
Andy Kaufman
Psychiatrists always say, Oh, we’re very professional. I use exercise as my medication.
Trisha Goddard
In London, ‘Equus’ caused a sensation because it displayed cruelty to horses; in New York, because it allegedly displayed cruelty to psychiatrists.
Peter Shaffer
Psychologists and psychiatrists send me cards and say, ‘Hey, I love your books.’
Joe R. Lansdale
Psychiatrists don’t solve anything from one day to the next.
Victoria Abril
They had taken me to an exhibit called ‘Psychiatry: Industry of Death’ on Hollywood Boulevard, where a Scientologist told me psychiatrists set up the Holocaust. I feared I was being brain-washed. And then I lost it – big time.
John Sweeney
Even academic elites are drawn to the figure of the murderer, which has long been a focus of attention for psychiatrists, sociologists, and criminologists.
Eric Schlosser
The psychiatrists examine you and ask you about your life and work, and then they decide whether your film can be shown or not. It’s a horrible experience.
Dario Argento
As a dancer, you dance and you shut up. You don’t open your mouth. I started using the media as psychiatrists, I guess, they were someone to talk to.
Sergei Polunin
Teachers are expected to be teachers, psychiatrists, nurses, sociologists, psychologists, surrogate moms or dads, as the case may be.
John Kennedy
Yes, women are stronger than us. They face more directly the problems that confront them, and for that reason they are much more spectacular to talk about. I don’t know why I am more interested in women, because I don’t go to any psychiatrists, and I don’t want to know why.
Pedro Almodovar
I first wanted to be a psychiatrist. I decided against that in medical school when I discovered that psychiatrists didn’t, in reality, do what they did on TV.
Ben Carson
The usual comment from psychologists and psychiatrists was that it’s best not to encourage people to look at their dreams because they are liable to stir up problems for themselves.
Henry Reed
So we had psychiatrists and counselors and therapists around the set regularly, especially for those scenes in which Jason would be dealing with a patient to make sure we were doing it all appropriately.
Alan Thicke
I learned so much in Zimbabwe, in particular about the need for humility in our ambition to extend mental health care in countries where there were very few psychiatrists and where the local culture harboured very different views about mental illness and healing. These experiences have profoundly influenced my thinking.
Vikram Patel
When I visited Guantanamo Bay several years ago, I met a team of psychiatrists treating the detainees. When I asked how they distinguished between, say, schizophrenia or bipolarity and a bedrock religious commitment to holy war, they couldn’t answer.
Monica Crowley
The major tragedies in life, there’s just no compensation. But the minor ones you can always write about. It’s my way of dealing, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than psychiatrists. The story, you see, will get you through.
Octavia E. Butler
Writers, not psychiatrists, are the true interpreters of the human mind and heart, and we have been at it for a very long time.
Florence King
Sometimes it’s said that psychiatrists are doctors who are frightened by the sight of blood. I might have fallen into that category.
Robert Jay Lifton
By design were meant to eat fish and fish is good for you. Psychiatrists and therapists recommend it for depression, especially the omega-3 oils in mackerel.
Robson Green
Sigmund Freud was a novelist with a scientific background. He just didn’t know he was a novelist. All those damn psychiatrists after him, they didn’t know he was a novelist either.
John Irving
Most psychiatrists assume that mental illnesses such as depression are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, which can be treated by drugs. But most psychotherapy doesn’t address the social causation of mental illness either.
Mark Fisher
I don’t like psychiatry. I don’t believe it works. I believe psychiatrists are neurotic or psychotic, for the most part.
Kirstie Alley
In Italy the censor is very old and there are many judges and psychiatrists who analyse you.
Dario Argento
Medicine was certainly intended to be a career. I wanted to become a psychiatrist, an adolescent ambition which, of course, is fulfilled by many psychiatrists.
J. G. Ballard