Top 25 Recluse Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Recluse Quotes from famous people such as Rahul Roy, Maya Angelou, Y’lan Noel, Chris Lowe, Sridevi, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I have always been a recluse, but 'Bigg Boss' was one p

I have always been a recluse, but ‘Bigg Boss’ was one place I could share with the country the person I am.
Rahul Roy
I’m happy to be a writer – of prose, poetry, every kind of writing. Every person in the world who isn’t a recluse, hermit or mute uses words. I know of no other art form that we always use.
Maya Angelou
I’m just a monk, I’m like a recluse.
Y’lan Noel
If I could, I’d be a recluse. I do want to be one. I’m trying really hard. But it’s a difficult thing to pull off in this job.
Chris Lowe
When you are a public personality, you can’t afford to be a recluse.
I am essentially a recluse who will have very little to do with people wherever he may be. I think that most people only make me nervous – that only by accident, and in extremely small quantities, would I ever be likely to come across people who wouldn’t.
H. P. Lovecraft
I’m kind of a recluse when it comes to going outside.
Erykah Badu
I do become a recluse once in a while. It’s so nice to just be at home and to not have to deal with the outside world.
Kourtney Kardashian
I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. It got me as I was coming out of the shower. I’d never seen that kind of spider before, I’m from Canada and we don’t get those types up there.
Elisha Cuthbert
My temper is of a recluse and contemplative cast; had it been otherwise, I should, perhaps, on some former occasions, have entered into the active concerns of the world and not have been connected with it merely as a writer of books.
William Godwin
I think, to be a successful author, you’ve got to be part recluse and part show-off.
Morris Gleitzman
I’m not like a total recluse who lives in the woods or anything.
Ben Howard
I tend to avoid things like award shows and panels and interviews, not remotely because I feel I’m above them or wish to cultivate the image of the intriguing recluse. I’m just not very good at them.
Christopher Lloyd
I have always been a bit of a recluse, but I really was after the heart thing. And everyone knew.
Bob Mortimer
I feel akin to the Platypus. An orphan in a family. A swimmer, a recluse. Part bird, part fish, part lizard.
Trevor Dunn
I’m happy to feed the illusion that I’m a lazy recluse.
Julian Casablancas
I don’t really go out that much, if I’m honest. I’m quite a recluse. If I had my way, I’d probably be at home most of the time with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine.
Amber Le Bon
A recluse without books and ink is already in life a dead man.
Alfred Nobel
I wouldn’t call myself a recluse, but I am quiet and reserved.
Barun Sobti
‘Recluse’ is a code word generated by journalists… meaning, ‘doesn’t like to talk to reporters.’
Thomas Pynchon
I wasn’t a nerd or a recluse, but I didn’t grow up too fast.
Helene Yorke
I’m a quiet person. It’s only when I am cued to talk that I talk. Otherwise, I’m reserved and a bit of a recluse.
Fawad Khan
The older I get, the more of a recluse I turn into. I love the social aspect of my work. It’s like a commune and gets very intense and very sociable. Then when I am not working, I shut myself away, so I can see myself living up a mountain.
Ben Daniels
I’ve been called a recluse. There’s definitely truth in that. I like to spend time alone.
Kendrick Lamar
I’m far from being reclusive. I have 30- or 40-year friendships that I prefer to meeting new people. I go to an occasional party, but just because I don’t go to a lot of events, and I’m not out in public all the time doesn’t mean I’m anti-social or a recluse.
Kirk Kerkorian