Top 25 Record Store Quotes

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I became Iggy because I had a sadistic boss at a record

I became Iggy because I had a sadistic boss at a record store. I’d been in a band called the Iguanas. And when this boss wanted to embarrass and demean me, he’d say, ‘Iggy, get me a coffee, light.’
Iggy Pop
My days of being the tardy employee at the record store gave me a cultural and musical understanding that was more unique than if I’d just listened to garbage-y pop on the radio my entire life.
Sophia Amoruso
Whether it’s spending more time and money at thrift shops for threads (anti-consumerist threads, mind you), or combing the record store for the most unknown/least coherent band they can find, there’s one thing that hipsters constantly want you to know: that they are better than you.
Steven Crowder
One of the first things I picked up when I was very, very young out of a record store was work from Peter Saville – the early things he used to do for Factory Records.
Raf Simons
I couldn’t afford to go to the record store to buy new tapes, so I’d tape everything off the radio. Just hit record when my song came on. I used to take my mom’s tapes and tape over them. I had a nice little collection. Had my own Stephen Jackson mixtapes off the radio!
Stephen Jackson
Before I was a reporter, I worked at a record store in New Jersey.
Susannah Cahalan
If people come to a record store, and they can’t find your album, they buy something else.
Boots Riley
I’m the type, when I used to go to the record store I used to buy two or three copies of certain records so I’ve got a pretty large selection of a lot of 12 inches.
Lil Jon
I did find some time to go to a record store and check out ‘Headstrong’ actually in the racks. It was pretty cool; I never thought I’d see my own CD sitting there with everyone else’s. I made my Mom take lots of pics!
Ashley Tisdale
If I get to a place early in the morning, I try to walk around by myself. I still try to find cool places to go to, like a record store in St. Louis or some restaurant in Chicago.
We had a simple 8-track studio set up in the record store where I worked. And just staying after work and experimenting, realizing what was possible with recording – that’s why my project was called The Microphones at first. Because it wasn’t even songs really. It was just sound.
Phil Elverum
Even as a kid, if I would come across something cool in the record store, that would be how I found out about bands. It’s kind of the same way these days. In a way even less because there are no record stores to go to anymore.
Scott Ian
I have so many photos of myself in my room when I was a kid; I had one wall that was all TLC posters that I got free at some record store, then another wall was all Public Enemy, and the last wall was all ‘90210.’
I go to the local record store to buy my albums.
Sonny Sandoval
iTunes is my favorite record store.
Perfume Genius
I have to admit to being a music snob. I think, in a parallel universe, I pretty easily could have been Jack Black’s character from ‘High Fidelity,’ working in a record store and snidely commenting on everyone’s purchases.
Paul G. Tremblay
I don’t think radio is selling records like they used to. They’d hawk the song and hawk the artist and you’d get so excited, you’d stop your car and go into the nearest record store.
Herb Alpert
I used to work in a record store. I’m kind of a record nerd.
Patrick Stump
Because of technology, there’s no longer the social shaming that goes on if you’re a black kid walking into a record store to buy Nirvana.
Rick Famuyiwa
I always knew I’d be in music in some sort of capacity. I didn’t know if I’d be successful at it, but I knew I’d be doing something in it. Maybe get a job in a record store. Maybe even play in a band. I never got into this to be a star.
Bryan Adams
The idea of ‘Freedom’s Goblin,’ to me, leads to a wild conversation. I would hope that father and son, driving home from the record store, could have a conversation about what that title means. Because to me, it’s the duality of being free: the evil and the good, and how it’s a constant paradox.
Ty Segall
Whether I’m doing music or I’m walking down the street or I’m in a record store buying a record or I walk into a comic store and I’m buying comics or having a drink with my friends, it’s the same me.
Glenn Danzig
Every record store and record chain has folded; they don’t exist. They do not exist. And the only two outlets that would still sell CDs were Best Buy and Wal-Mart. They now have stopped selling it. There’s nowhere you can go into a store and buy a CD in America. That’s how it is.
Yngwie Malmsteen
I used to get a huge kick out of walking into a record store and finding something I didn’t know was out.
M. Shadows
I miss the experience of walking into a record store and find old stuff without expecting to.
Mark Hoppus