Top 25 School Days Quotes

Words matter. These are the best School Days Quotes from famous people such as Amish Tripathi, James Marsh, La La Anthony, Hazel Keech, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I loved history in my school days, and I have always be

I loved history in my school days, and I have always been a voracious reader. But in India, you end up doing MBA, engineering or medicine.
Amish Tripathi
I remember from my school days Archimedes jumping into his bath and displacing water and coming up with his famous principle, and of course Isaac Newton being hit on the head with an apple. In other words, this realm of human knowledge – which is mathematical, essentially – can have a playful visual element to it.
James Marsh
As a mom, I know how important it is for my son Kiyan to stay healthy so he doesn’t miss school days.
La La Anthony
I would participate in stage shows during my school days.
Hazel Keech
I go back to the old school days of that Attitude Era stuff. Everybody knows when I speak of the Attitude Era, my favorite stuff is of the mid-’80s, all that NWA stuff, the World Class stuff, the stuff that Bill Watts was doing.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom, as we were taken on countless theatre visits and trips to places of interest.
Alan Bennett
Our government and its social policies, its tax breaks, the way school days work, so much of the country we live in is built for married couples with a male breadwinner and a female domestic laborer. Government needs to be massively altered in order to serve this population.
Rebecca Traister
I enjoy writing personal essays in the way of Charles Lamb because it goes back to the school days when I was good in writing essays.
Ruskin Bond
Extroverts never understand introverts, and it was like that in school days. I read recently that all of us can be defined in adult life by the way others perceived us in high school.
Neil Peart
I played piano back in my elementary school days and I sang a cappella back in college.
Masi Oka
I studied voice and piano fairly seriously during my elementary and high school days, and as such, I became very attuned to rhythm and cadence and voice.
Sarah Weinman
I never understand when people say, ‘School days are the best of your life.’ So it’s all downhill from 16? How depressing.
Marsha Thomason
I had been acting right from my school days; naturally, I had a passion for dancing.
Shakti Mohan
During my school days, I’d tell my friends that one day I would be a television star. But my parents weren’t too keen about me venturing into acting. Eventually, they gave in and allowed me to start modelling.
Tripti Dimri
I was a good dancer from my school days, and that’s why I entered reality shows.
S. Sreesanth
In my school days, everyone thought I’m too tall for a Chinese girl.
Liu Wen
School days were very special to me as I never found the time to complete my graduation.
Pankaj Kapur
We knew we were different, even from our elementary school days. We were the class clowns; we engaged with people differently. We knew there was something out there that was meant for us.
Drew Scott
I’d been bumming around in bands since my school days.
Rick Astley
I directed my music to the teen-agers. I was 30 years old when I did ‘Maybellene.’ My school days had long been over when I did ‘School Day,’ but I was thinking of them.
Chuck Berry
Had I not got into acting and modeling, I would have been a part of the national cricket team. I’m a right-handed batsman and a pace bowler and have won lots of awards during my college and school days.
Sonu Sood
During my school days, I was doing a play, and my costume fell on the stage. I really wish it didn’t happen.
Virat Kohli
Athletics is the mother of all sport and every child must try out it once during his school days.
Milkha Singh
My closest friends are from my high school days.
Peyton Manning
I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life.
Cara Delevingne