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I'm a fan first and foremost. I get caught up in the dr

I’m a fan first and foremost. I get caught up in the drama, the emotion of what is happening, whether it’s a boxing match, an MMA fight, a kickboxing contest, or a WWE matchup. I want to tell the story and paint more pictures.
Mauro Ranallo
I think because we’re such a trading nation, I think Canadians understand that first and foremost we’re part of the global economy.
Stephen Harper
First and foremost, Wenger saw us as human beings and he had a lot of faith in us, which is why he stood by us.
Per Mertesacker
I have no problem if you bought a Justin Timberlake ticket and you decide to go sell that ticket to somebody. We would first and foremost want to make sure that the first ticket sold, that the fan has a shot to buy that ticket.
Michael Rapino
First and foremost, you have to remember that restaurants are businesses and they have to stay in business. And though everyone thinks they want grass fed beef, most people actually prefer the taste of corn fed – it is less dry, more marbled, and less gamey, not to mention much less expensive than grass fed.
Gail Simmons
The Heartland Institute, which people mostly only know in terms of the fact that it hosts these annual conferences of climate change skeptics or deniers, it’s important to know that the Heartland Institute is first and foremost a free market think tank. It’s not a scientific organization.
Naomi Klein
First and foremost, the duty of a representative is to represent the interests of his constituents.
Chuck Fleischmann
I want to win football games first and foremost. But I also want to be enlightened and educated on issues and just keep an open mind, keep a listening ear.
Kirk Cousins
I think progressives understand that we are Americans at the same time as we are global citizens. We are interested first and foremost in creating peace and prosperity here at home, but we aren’t blind to the fact that injustice anywhere in the world is meaningful, important, and worth thinking about.
Chris Murphy
I have to please me, personal foremost, I have to do work that I find interesting, that pleases me, by and large.
Konkona Sen Sharma
Poetry, first and foremost, is the lyric. It’s the music.
Robin Coste Lewis
I would never sign on to a project that was male-bashing, because first and foremost I’m a man… what guy would sign on for that?
Michael Ealy
First and foremost comes my family and my life with Brad. We have so much joy in raising our children and teaching them about the world that nothing really compares to that.
Angelina Jolie
We’ve never been ashamed of the fact we are, first and foremost, a pop band.
James Righton
But foremost, I do not subscribe to the view that Islamic culture and democracy cannot be reconciled.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
You want to represent Christ well with doing you job, first and foremost, because that’s what you’re there to do.
Ben Zobrist
I want to make sure everybody in this state understands that I am going to prioritize the education of our young people first and foremost.
Tate Reeves
‘Line Of Duty’ is first and foremost a thriller. But I hope it will also be seen as a revisionist commentary on 21st century policing.
Jed Mercurio
I’m an interior designer, first and foremost. I can do one thing really well, and I’m going to stay in my little niche.
Candice Olson
I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better.
Travis Scott
We recruit our people for personality. We look for the people person, with innate warmth, sweetness, and intelligence. These are the people who are sending your message out to the customers and potential customers, so we recruit for personality first and foremost.
Steve Wynn
I am, first and foremost, a proud Louisianan.
John Bel Edwards
I have an immensely understanding partner who does something creative herself, and we both need a lot of time alone. I structure my life around getting my work done, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. That’s the only way I’ve been able to do it.
Tom Bissell
First and foremost, I think it’s just such an incredible gift as an actor when you’re presented with a notion of essentially playing two characters in one – which is kind of how I approached Timmy in this version of The Craft.’
Nicholas Galitzine
First and foremost, I want to play well.
Memphis Depay
First and foremost, I married for love.
Kim Kardashian
I’m a physician first and foremost. I will always be a physician.
Raul Ruiz
We built TransferWise focused on customer innovation. That means we build our product based first and foremost on our customers.
Taavet Hinrikus
I think, first and foremost, Marie Antoinette was intellectually impoverished. She really had never been introduced to the notion of abstract thinking – of thinking at all in any profound way.
Kathryn Lasky
My mother and father raised their eyebrows at first when I said I wanted to be an actor because I was in this industrial city. My dad had done a bit of boxing on the side, but he was a welder first and foremost. I was 17, and I said, ‘I want to be an actor.’ They worried it was a waste of time.
Sean Bean
In broadcasting, there’s a lot of longevity offered to people like Griff Rhys Jones and Stephen Fry, who are polymaths more than comics. We’re comics first and foremost.
Bob Mortimer
Jill Eisenstadt is a writer of many admirable gifts. Fo

Jill Eisenstadt is a writer of many admirable gifts. Foremost among them are a sharp eye for people, a playful love of language, and, it’s probably safe to assume, nearly boundless energy.
Stephen McCauley
My goal first and foremost when I walk into that boxing ring is to get home safe to my missus and three children, because they’re all in life that need me, and they really do need me.
Tony Bellew
I’d like to think I’ve become a better leader, first and foremost, a more vocal leader on the court. More of a playmaker, a more all-around player.
Brook Lopez
We live unto Him, so committing our service to the Lord is the first and foremost priority of our lives. We can start with our reasonable service: prayer, studying, fasting, tithing, fellowshipping, and witnessing.
Monica Johnson
First and foremost, Indiana will always be a basketball state.
Reggie Miller
First and foremost, I’m human. I’m a person.
Big Freedia
Energy legislation in Congress and the focus on energy legislation is first and foremost about creating good jobs. In Florida, where solar and biofuel and wind and so many other areas are important and so many in the private sector continues to pursue these, we need policies that will encourage that.
Ted Deutch
I was first and foremost a fellow Gamecock and friend before a Medal of Honor recipient.
Kyle Carpenter
My top styling tips for brides are, first and foremost, to be careful not to go overboard with makeup. The goal is to look like yourself, just a bit enhanced!
Reem Acra
Part of calling ourselves Live Nation was about starting to shift the way we think, to be first and foremost fan-focused.
Michael Rapino
People are first and foremost Republicans, first and foremost Anarchists, first and foremost a man or woman, and that is a mistake. It hurts the individual and it hurts the whole.
Peter Krause
I’m a director first and foremost, and I hope that the fact that I’m female is just one of the many things that informs my unique perspective on the world.
Karyn Kusama
Certainly I’m a Christian first and foremost. But I do believe in religious tolerance and finding the commonality between all of us. I think that’s how we’re all going to come together.
Dennis Quaid
First and foremost, I love the job I’m in. I’m proud to be England manager.
Gareth Southgate
I am a rugby player and first and foremost I am a man.
Gareth Thomas
We love BlizzCon. It’s great. It’s our favorite thing to do. But first and foremost, we’re a game company, and we have to make sure we deliver good quality games for our players.
Michael Morhaime
‘Andhadhun’ is the most challenging film and character. For playing the role, first and foremost I had to learn how to play the piano and then how to emulate gestures of a blind pianist.
Ayushmann Khurrana
A great scale should be accurate first and foremost, but also easy to clean, intuitively designed, simple to read, and convenient to store. These are the qualities that will have you reaching for a scale every time you portion meat for burgers or whip up a batch of fresh pasta.
Sohla El-Waylly
I consider myself a writer, foremost – a nonfiction writer.
Mike Cernovich
First and foremost, it’s got to be on the page. It starts with the writing.
Miguel Ferrer
It is first and foremost very hard work! But I have a wonderful part and I do have fun. The company, cast and crew of ‘Passions’ are wonderful to work with.
Juliet Mills
I’m a music fan first and foremost. I can find the beauty in Jellyfish and U2 just as much as Opeth and Lamb of God, just as much as I can with Rush and Yes.
Mike Portnoy
You can never judge any music by their audience. That’s the main reason people in England have a prejudice against someone like Skrillex. You judge people by their music. That’s always been first and foremost.
And the reason for that I think is that in Australia our films don’t get the exposure, so the process is foremost. But anyway, I love being part of the team and hate being stuck in a corner somewhere.
Jacqueline McKenzie
At HBO, you’ve just basically got a studio full of artistically driven smart guys and women who really care about the quality first and foremost.
Todd Haynes
First and foremost, I am a husband and a father, which is a full-time job.
Martellus Bennett
First and foremost, I would like to start off by saying that just because my husband is an entertainer, that does not mean that our personal business is for everyone’s entertainment purposes.
Kim Mathers
My criteria for doing theater has always been slightly different than my criteria with movies, in that there are a lot of reasons to do films, having to do with location, money, and first and foremost having to do with script and role and director.
Stephen Lang