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Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and

Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.
William Barr
My parents were strict with school, strict with grades. I had piano classes, horseback riding, dance.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.
Valentino Rossi
You know, my dad wasn’t a photographer or filmmaker by profession, but on Sundays, he would take pictures of me and my family or his pals horseback riding, and it was a means of communication and affection, a means of not being so dysfunctional with each other.
Bruce Weber
I remember riding the Space Needle and going up in the elevator and being scared, but thinking, ‘This is going to be like going up a launch tower,’ and so I would sit there and try to face that fear.
Anne McClain
Do I wear a helmet? Ugh. I do when I’m riding through a precarious part of town, meaning Midtown traffic. But when I’m riding on secure protected lanes or on the paths that run along the Hudson or through Central Park – no, I don’t wear the dreaded helmet then.
David Byrne
My devotion stemmed from my mom’s love of horses. I have been riding since I could walk, and the fact that my mom knew everything about horses really helped my passion grow.
Bella Hadid
I’ve been pulled over with four hoopers in the car before and we’ve all been taken out and searched because we were black riding in a white neighborhood.
Bradley Beal
You’re never going to lose your sport. It’s like riding a bike to be honest.
Ellie Simmonds
One moment you appear to be riding the crest of a wave, only to have the rug pulled away from you, bringing you back down to earth with a sickening thud.
John Barrow
I did ‘Red Riding,’ which is TV in the U.K. It became a feature project in North America, but we’re in a great era of TV. We all know that, and we hear it all the time, but for filmmakers, it’s just a godsend to have your television writing and work to do on television, and the means to do it properly.
James Marsh
Sentences or solutions occur to me in the shower, or while running on the treadmill, or riding on the subway.
Karen Thompson Walker
The film I had the most fun in was ‘Back to the Future Part III.’ It had horseback riding, and all that work, all that training, was quite an experience.
Christopher Lloyd
I have seen countless colleagues struggle to come to terms with retirement. I learned a lot from Richard Dunwoody when he was riding, and I completely understand why he took off and undertook what most people consider mad challenges.
Tony McCoy
Some actors want to keep riding the horse that made them famous, but it’s not interesting to me. I like to turn an archetype on its head.
Bobby Cannavale
Riding big waves was my passion.
Garrett McNamara
I do believe my mum looks after me, and I feel so much faith thinking that she is riding with me and is with me in everyday life, whenever I need her.
Michelle Payne
You don’t know how good you are until you actually get out on a bike and get riding.
Laura Trott
What I don’t understand is these people who go on the street wearing riding clothes, and they have never been on a horse. They ought to have their heads examined, really. It’s a joke. But, let’s face it, we live in a fantasy world.
C. Z. Guest
The entrance into Jerusalem has all the elements of the theatre of the absurd: the poor king; truth comes riding on a donkey; symbolic actions – even parading without a permit!
David Kirk
Home Alone was a lot and a lot and a lot of standing and sitting and walking and running and it was physically demanding but in this, I’m doing back flips and riding ostriches. It’s physically demanding in a new way, so it’s fun.
Alex D. Linz
Although I’m a retired teenager, I remember what it was like to be one. I could have sworn I was riding an emotional roller coaster most of the time. Looking back, I’m actually amazed that I survived. Barely.
Sean Covey
I grew up in New Mexico, and the older I get, I have less need for contemporary culture and big cities and all the stuff we are bombarded with. I am happier at my ranch in the middle of nowhere watching a bug carry leaves across the grass, listening to silence, riding my horse, and being in open space.
Tom Ford
The first thriller ever? It was probably one from 1697. It was called ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’
Ashwin Sanghi
As long as I feel I’m pushing myself and my riding, then I’m where I want to be.
Scotty Lago
As time went on, I did campaign to lighten the character a little bit, to introduce some romance into the episodes, outside activities, horse riding and fencing and mountaineering.
Patrick Stewart
When I grew up, I only had two dreams. One was to be a cowboy and another was to be in the military. I grew up extremely patriotic and riding horses.
Chris Kyle
Like a cowboy saddling a bucking stallion, Republican leaders tried to tame the Tea Party while riding it to victories.
Ron Fournier
I grew up riding horses since I was eight. I rode English style and competed every weekend. I had two horses, Scout and Camille, and they were my babies. It taught me a lot about responsibility and commitment. I hope horses will always be in my life.
Halston Sage
Riding uses so many different muscles. I ride two to three horses a day, and I ride almost every day when I’m not working or traveling. You use your legs, your arms, your back. It’s a very complete sport.
Charlotte Casiraghi
One day I’m riding a bicycle in my neighborhood, the next day I auditioned for Menudo and was on a plane to perform in front of 200,000 people.
Ricky Martin
I've had so many letters from people saying I've inspir

I’ve had so many letters from people saying I’ve inspired them to take up riding, and that’s an amazing feeling.
Charlotte Dujardin
My father got a phone call to bring me in to meet with Spielberg for ‘E.T.,’ partially because they knew I was a physical kid, and I was known in the business somewhat as a stunt kid, and I could do all the bicycle riding.
C. Thomas Howell
I am very puzzled by the fact that young people are getting infected again. They don’t take precautions despite an enormous amount of information. It’s like riding a race car at 200 kilometers an hour. Some people like the risk.
Luc Montagnier
I love riding halfpipe. This is an amazing job to have.
Hannah Teter
If you see me out on the street, you would see me in jeans and cut-off shirt riding a motorcycle.
The Undertaker
Adele was introduced to me by a guitarist named Mike Hartnett that plays for a band called Rehab. We was just riding around, and he was like, ‘Man have you heard this soul singer Adele?’ and I was like ‘Nah!’ and we just rode to the whole CD, and it got to ‘Hometown Glory,’ and I was like, ‘Man I have to sample that!’
Big K.R.I.T.
I remember, when I was a kid, my summers were pretty much running around, riding your bike, and then complaining about you were bored.
Wanda Sykes
If I have to move up in a building, I choose the elevator over the escalator. Because one time I was riding the escalator and I tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.
Demetri Martin
You can find us fishing in Miami offshore somewhere, riding jet skis, and doing fun stuff like that. My brother likes to ski and get out in the snow. We really are nature boys, and when it comes to getting out there and being in nature, there’s not too much we don’t like.
Jermell Charlo
I don’t mind a little Sturm und Drang. When I was doing ‘Riding in Cars With Boys,’ I wouldn’t smile at anybody, because my character, Bev, was angry at the world. I’m the opposite. Inside my head I’d be like, God, I’ll explain to you at the end of shooting that I’m not this person.
Drew Barrymore
Bike riding is great for your thinking. I can’t say I’ve written an entire tune while cycling, but riding has definitely inspired songwriting ideas.
Allan Holdsworth
Bike riding is great for your thinking. I can’t say I’ve written an entire tune while cycling, but riding has definitely inspired songwriting ideas.
Allan Holdsworth
Two kids riding their bikes to an empty lot? It never ends well.
Karen Kilgariff
I did grow up next door to Steve McQueen, who was a very famous movie star at the time, but as a kid it didn’t impress me. We always had great fun with him. He would take us out on Sundays on his motorcycles, riding around in the desert; he was like a second father.
Herb Ritts
Evil comes in through the cable and through the Internet. We look forward to the advent of driverless cars. But they can be hacked. You could be riding along, and some 14-year-old in Romania takes over your car, so you end up running the lights and losing your brakes or, worse, listening to Eminem. What’s the purpose?
Richard Cohen
We’ll all be riding that streetcar of desire.
Bob Dole
I’m Ric Flair! The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!
Ric Flair
I am on my bike daily, and most of the locations, warehouses and specific residences from ‘The Cut’ were found while I was riding.
George Pelecanos
When I was 18 at the Santa Ana River Jetty is where I put my first board in the water that I ever got from Joe Quigg. I was just riding the whitewater in, and I was just in heaven.
Dick Dale
I felt like the world of baseball in 1919 was much closer to what A-ball would be now – guys riding buses, there’s no training staff, and there’s a lot of paranoia.
D. B. Sweeney
You have to list all your special skills on a form when you get an agent. There’s fencing, stage combat, horse riding, motorbike riding, Spanish, French, German, whatever. I just ticked everything. I talk about 10 languages according to that form. I even ticked the extreme sports box.
Isla Fisher
I also love horseback riding in New Jersey.
Eva Herzigova
I dreamed of a future as a muscular, tanned, kibbutznik, who plowed the fertile fields of the Jezreel Valley in the day, sang religiously in the dining hall in the evening, and fiercely guarded the farmland at night, riding a noble horse.
Shimon Peres