Top 30 Ambient Quotes

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My set can get really screamo and aggressive, or it can

My set can get really screamo and aggressive, or it can be ambient and Enya-esque.
With ‘Minecraft,’ I’ve started creating serene ambiance music. As the game went on to become famous, people started identifying me as the ambient music person, which I never actually thought I was.
‘Epicloud’ is the first record that I felt confident enough to include all those things on one record, so it goes between melodic hard rock to schizophrenic heavy metal to country to really ambient stuff, and it’s all in one place.
Devin Townsend
Ambient awareness is the experience of knowing what’s going on in the lives of other people – what they’re thinking about, what they’re doing, what they’re looking at – by paying attention to the small stray status messages that people are putting online.
Clive Thompson
I am a massive fan of early electronica like Steve Reich, Pat Metheny and Thomas Dolby. I used to be a big raver, too, so anything dance. I love ambient music like Tunng. I love acoustic and classical, too.
Kate Fleetwood
I love to hear a cool ambient sound at runway shows. It creates a good energy.
Theophilus London
Ambient Devices is what I call part of the Third Wave of Internet devices.
David Rose
I’ve put out records over the years, whether it’s with Blackfield or No-Man or Bass Communion or Porcupine Tree, that are pop records, ambient records, metal records, singer-songwriter records.
Steven Wilson
Ambient Devices develops a new generation of consumer electronic products.
David Rose
I like listening to ambient music, especially in very scenic places because I think it allows for the most freedom of thought.
Caroline Polachek
With ‘Psychosis’ we didn’t want to have any silence on the record so the whole record plays like this one song. We have noises and feedback and samplers and ambient stuff. Prurient did some stuff for the record which was great.
Max Cavalera
Brian Eno is an iconic and omnipresent pioneer in the world of ambient music, but he’s gained real staying power while working behind the boards. He’s produced albums for some of modern music’s most influential artists, including Devo, David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads.
Anthony Fantano
My favorite sounds are the high, spacey ones that are very ambient.
Andy Summers
I’m a fan of FKA Twigs, The Weeknd. I love that kind of ambient R&B. I feel like it’s just another soldier in the war to blur the lines and make things to where it’s good music and bad music.
The mare set off for home with the speed of a swallow, and going as smoothly and silently. I never had dreamed of such a motion, fluent and graceful, and ambient, soft as the breeze flitting over the flowers, but swift as the summer lightening.
Richard Blackmore
Rock and ambient music might as well reside on opposite sides of the galaxy, so it’s almost shocking when a band like Deerhunter melds the two so effectively.
Anthony Fantano
When I first started making ambient music, I was setting up systems using synthesizers that generated pulses more or less randomly. The end result is a kind of music that continuously changes. Of course, until computers came along, all I could actually present of that work was a piece of its output.
Brian Eno
As for the financial world – I’ve been working in the Forbes building for eight years. You soak up a little bit of ambient stuff about all this – I know what a gold straddle is, what the Lombard rate is.
Christopher Buckley
People are fascinated, for whatever reason, by human drama, and the idea that cameras are capturing ambient stories.
Jonathan Nolan
We weren’t raised Muslim – we were born Muslim. I didn’t go to a Muslim school, but it was just the theme song. It was ambient.
Lupe Fiasco
Rage can be so common it turns ambient.
Jenny Zhang
I’d say dance is as relevant to us as, say, pop. It’s as relevant as electronica, as relevant as ambient or experimental music. I wouldn’t say it’s something we spend more time on than any other genre.
James Righton
Miles Davis is my go-to for music. There’s something so relaxing and ambient about it, and it can be a little manic in a good way.
Antoni Porowski
I don’t want to be typecast as the ‘ambient guy’ or someone who only does electronic scores. I think most of the work that comes my way is because people feel they know me musically.
Cliff Martinez
You will hear ambient in our music. You will hear trip-hop.
Steven Wilson
When I first started out, I was making really slow, psychedelic ambient music because it was all I could do.
People do dismiss ambient music, don’t they? They call it ‘easy listening,’ as if to suggest that it should be hard to listen to.
Brian Eno
If you listen to really deep ambient records that don’t move too much, very still records, long after those records are finished, you might find yourself listening for hours to the sound of the room.
Bill Laswell
For me, a great meal is a collision of company, environment, ambient temperature, the waiters, where you are emotionally.
Sue Perkins
When I started working on ambient music, my idea was to make music that was more like painting.
Brian Eno