Top 30 Antiques Quotes

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I think the reason I love 'Antiques Roadshow' is that i

I think the reason I love ‘Antiques Roadshow’ is that it is sort of like the lottery. There’s the chance a regular Joe could walk in with anything and come out close to a millionaire. There’s the thrill of the find.
Lara Spencer
When I did my first price guide in 1979, publications weren’t interested in mentioning it. Now I get phone calls weekly if not daily from publications and television shows who want to know what’s hot, how to get started in antiques, and the best way to buy antiques.
Judith Miller
Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
I travel a lot; I go hunting for antiques.
Dimple Kapadia
I love history… everything is inspired by history, so that’s why I love vintage and antiques.
Kelly Wearstler
When you’re visiting an antiques fair, turn left once you’ve passed through the entrance. Everyone else will turn right, which means you can get to the bargains before them.
Judith Miller
I like cluttered, old, dark-wood antiques. I like character.
Martha Plimpton
The thing is, if you come on the ‘Roadshow’ we are not going to humiliate you. The thing about the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ is not to humiliate people.
Fiona Bruce
My house is very serious. It’s a lot of antiques, and the way I decided to liven it up is, I paired it very vibrant colors and – bugs… I think that they’re pretty. And I think that they’re fascinating and they’re natural.
Emily Procter
My own valuation moment: When I started ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ John Benjamin looked at my engagement ring, which is Victorian. I sat there as a visitor would and he dated it, talked me through the stone, which is an opal, and which mine it would have been from.
Fiona Bruce
For me, antiques are a passion.
Dimple Kapadia
I collect traditional Aubusson tapestries that you can hang on a wall. The last lot I bought were from an antiques fair in London.
Bonnie Tyler
I’ve got a stag weekend coming up and I’ve said I’m not doing anything more than a few drinks. I won’t have it. I’ll go home and watch Antiques Roadshow.
Martin Freeman
My mom decorated with lots of antiques. I never liked it when I was a little girl – I wanted to live in a modern house. But now I love it.
Paris Hilton
I love Steve Harvey on ‘Family Feud.’ I love ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and ‘Fixer Upper.’ Anything that’s mind-numbing.
Margo Martindale
Antiques Roadshow’ is a public service. It reflects the nation back to itself, as does ‘Question Time.’
Fiona Bruce
I don’t know anything about antiques. I do buy them now, but I have a little knowledge, and great enthusiasm.
Fiona Bruce
I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful.
Broderick Crawford
In 1990, I was in ‘The Three Sisters’ at the Royal Court and won the Clarence Derwent award for my supporting role as Natasha – the prize was £100. I could have paid the gas bill, but I ended up buying a porcelain and silver Bavarian coffee set in an antiques shop in Penzance.
Lesley Manville
It doesn’t take money to have style, it just takes a really good eye. Sometimes you can find amazing culinary antiques that will make it feel like an old French kitchen.
Tyler Florence
I have no particular interest in antiquities or antiques, but I like things to meet a certain aesthetic.
Stephen Bayley
Neither of my parents are involved in theater or acting, but they are very artistic. My mom is a painter; she’s an artist. She went to school for fashion illustration. My father is into collecting antiques and fine wine, so they’re both really creative people.
Elena Kampouris
I collect objects I fall in love with more than antiques per se. Value is not a criteria that attracts me to something.
Dries van Noten
I’m not a big fan of antiques shows or ‘Cash In The Attic.’ I don’t care about the rubbish in your loft! I don’t find it stimulating in any way.
Emma Willis
My family were wheeler-dealer class. They were their own bosses and very glamorous. We lived in a beautiful, big townhouse in Arklow, in Ireland, that we couldn’t afford to heat. My father had a business fitting bar furniture, and my mother is an antiques dealer.
Roisin Murphy
I can talk about sports and stuff, but I have a season pass for ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on my TiVo.
Paul Rudd
The 19th century became the age of the museum. Objects were scrambled for, specimens seized, and friezes and antiques grasped.
Kate Williams
My flat is a bit like an oriental bazaar. It’s filled with the oddest objects from all my travels, and you can’t really move in it. I love collecting antiques and often spend weekends driving around bric-a-brac markets.
Mark Shand
Californians are not so precious about their antiques, not so nervous about what others will think if they mix classic with modern, old with new.
David Linley
I’m inspired by antiques. I look at things that have a wink to the past but are also reinterpreted in some way and made to feel modern… and maybe that’s what I am.
Jessica Chastain