Top 30 Learner Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Learner Quotes from famous people such as H. P. Lovecraft, Scott Cook, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Barnes, John Updike, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

All attempts at gaining literary polish must begin with

All attempts at gaining literary polish must begin with judicious reading, and the learner must never cease to hold this phase uppermost. In many cases, the usage of good authors will be found a more effective guide than any amount of precept.
H. P. Lovecraft
Dig for feedback on yourself. You need to have the courage to ask for feedback. You need to learn how you can learn how to grow. It is important that you are going to be a lifelong learner.
Scott Cook
Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
New managers have to come from somewhere, everyone has to be a learner at some point.
John Barnes
Every marriage tends to consist of an aristocrat and a peasant. Of a teacher and a learner.
John Updike
I’m not the angry, rebellious child that I was. You can remain a child for a long time. I certainly did. I was a slow learner.
Patti Davis
I’m a visual learner, so with hand-eye coordination, I was a natural.
Katrina Adams
My aim in homeschooling is to give my children the ability to be an adult learner, a skill set that will last the rest of their lives.
Nancy Pearcey
I’m very slow. I’m a slow learner.
Joel Grey
I’m a slow learner. When people are so talented or facile at picking up an instrument and playing covers, like Yo La Tengo, I admire that. But I could never do that.
Kim Gordon
Gary Speed was honourable, trustworthy and a joy to manage. He was honest, he was a role model and he was a great bloke. An avid learner, he recognised responsibility and he was always fully committed.
Howard Wilkinson
One of my delays was in speech and speech pronunciation, and also the auditory processing issue just means I really struggle as an auditory learner.
Amanda Gorman
When Ron Howard does ‘Rush,’ he has to learn and steep himself in F1 culture and European racing culture, and that’s part of the fun of the gig. You learn to learn. Your real skill as a director is being a learner and an observer. You’re constantly learning another thing in context.
Jon Favreau
To learn to ride a bicycle, as with the other great noble human inventions, is a hugely complex activity. Generally, it requires three things: the learner, the teacher and the bicycle, all in the same place at the same time, most often outside someplace.
Chris Raschka
I’m a sponge, man. I’m a learner.
Jamaal Bowman
Somebody asked me – you know, how come it took you so long to win a national championship? And I said, ‘I’m a slow learner; but you notice when I learn something, I have it down pretty good.’
John Wooden
It is glorious to become a learner again at my time of life.
Bruno Walter
I want to be the best teammate I can be, the fastest learner, the hardest worker, and just go out there in any way that I can help in each game.
Donovan Mitchell
I’m a learner and I’m a go-getter.
Artem Lobov
I learned how to be a learner. When you get in a job, the tendency is to say, ‘I’ve got to know it. I’ve got to give direction to others. I’m in this job because I’m better and smarter.’ I always took a different view, that the key was to identify the people who really knew and learn from them.
Anne M. Mulcahy
There is – I will just say that there was a disastrous day where I discovered really what radioactivity is and that just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not everywhere, so – Yeah. I was a slow learner for sure.
Pardis Sabeti
For a highly motivated learner, it’s not like knowledge is secret and somehow the Internet made it not secret. It just made knowledge easy to find. If you’re a motivated enough learner, books are pretty good.
Bill Gates
You never know about team speed until you get out there. You don’t know who is a slow learner. A kid may not be very bright or he may be real bright but he doesn’t know football. You’ve got to find out all those nuances and how they learn.
Bruce Arians
I’m a learner. I just soak things up.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
I have always been a learner because I knew nothing.
Sidney Poitier
I am a learner and always learning. I want to push myself to the farthest limits.
Payal Rohatgi
Niang is very good in front of the goal, and he’s also a quick learner. He is a versatile striker who can play both as a centre forward and as a second striker.
Massimiliano Allegri
If you are a certain kind of hands-on learner and have been in a writers room and know how scripts get made, and you know what pre-production is, then mostly it’s making sure the actors get what they need, and you are providing creative oversight while allowing room for everyone else to own the material, too.
Nic Pizzolatto
I’m actually – believe it or not, for an academic – an aural learner.
Condoleezza Rice
I used to be really insecure about my self-education. I’m definitely always learning. But there’s many ways to learn. There are many, many ways to always be a learner.
Maggie Grace